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Dating scammer Brian Cole


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Name: Brian Cole


City: Ikotun / Ikeja
State: Lagos
Country: Nigeria

Other Comments:
Phone: 234 80 2723 2025 / 234 70 8517 9526

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2009-09-13, 09:48:20
I.H.S. from United States  
Well, Ladies, this Brian Cole also scams by the name Jamie Grant, from Norfolk, Virginia, self-employed construction project manager, stranded in Copehagen, Denmark because he was paid by check instead of cash. It's true that hundreds of scammers use the same scripts but once you read enough actual scammer IMs, emails, etc. you can easily identify the scammer(s) you were dealing with. And the following came from my scammer, who called himself, Jamie Grant:

hello love,
I love you so much and would want to believe that you know that...
I would love to tell you that you are like my worst possession though i never really had you, you were really out to destroy my life with your lies...
The same you told me that your son was sick and that you would still send the money if you have the address of the bank. Now i did all that i can, i had sleepless nights to get the addresses that i sent to you and all that you would pay me back with is turning your back obn me and telling me to my face that you have too many problems just cause your son is having fever and would not be able to help me put my life back on track.
I chose to believe you at first when you told me that you would send me the money and latter you came up with stories that you have been told by some friends and then you now made me cry and weep like a baby... i did all i could to show you that i am real just cause i loved you so much and would not want to loose you also because you are the only one that i see being able to help me out now... but all that yopu can help m,e with is tell me that you would help and then latter tell me that you are not going to do it again for reasons that i consider frivolous... just know that my God is the onlyn one that i have now, i am leaving far away from home with all my life at the prot with out being cleared...
It is sure at this point that even if a miracle happens and you decide to help me i would be recording a lose of about 200450dollars on those goods just because of 500dollars.. This whole thing is like a miracle to me and i really can not fantom why all this is happening to me now. Even when my heart tells me that your lies have allways been from thw start i chose not to believe, i gave my heart to you and you broke it, even though you had promised that you would always be there for me, whats happening now JO? Where do you put all the sweet things and promises you always made to me? You swear to me that our love is for better for worst, why are you telling me to go and die now that i am having this problem? Does it mean that those good times mean nothing to you anymore?
Baby, all i need now is for you to prove to me what you really are. What i mean to you.
I have not been able to call you because the guy whose phone i have been using got robbed and his phone was stolen.
I would try risking calling you from a pay phone to let you hear my voice and cause i would like to hear your voice of deciet.
Even after all this, I LOVE YOU STILL. YOU ROCK MY WORLD.
With a broken heart from.
P.S. Arnold is so dissappointed in you and he cant hide it that he once asked me- 'does Mom still love you?' Why then does a lover watch her love cry?' Would you like to make me cry?'
Inqusitive child, i just keep telling him- 'God would make her help us someday, 'cos she still loves us too'
To me i feel i am lieing to the poor boy, but soon i would have no choice but let him know how things are.

It's as if I'm reading an IM from Jamie. Just names, place, situation changed. Jamie always asked me why 'we' should lose $3.7 mil because I won't send him $1,500 to pay the hotel manager. Jamie was paying someone to use a laptop (instead of a telephone). Jamie claimed to have 2 kids but used his daughter most to try and manipulate me. When I would tell him to stop contacting me he would say 'omg, what am I going to tell my kids'. His 'daughter' would IM me and call me Mom and plead with me not to hurt her Dad. He cried a lot. He always called me 'my love', 'sweetie' 'dear' 'baby' 'my wife', 'Mrs. Grant', 'my sweet love', etc.

Jamie used God all the time, he was to come home back to the States to marry me and build a church that we would pastor together, he would ALWAYS turn the tables and put the blame on me proclaiming undying love for me, that he would show up at my door just to prove he was real. Always wanting me to prove myself, my love for him. LOL, when it should have always been the other way around.

Here is an email I received from Jamie when I tried to break it off with him 1 week after we 'met' (the scam lasted another 5 weeks and I lost $3,000):

so you ask me to go away from you , see if you ask me for all the details am gonna provide you as well..but if you want me to go away is all you want its ok by me ..but i need to let you know this that am gonna show up to prove myself to sound like you never trust me.. you fail your believe in God..dont tell me this is God want but its your own want because of lil problem i have you ran away from even when we are married you can never bear anything with me..Now i understand your point...hey i must show up there and surprise you and also bring that 100 bulk you send to the orphanage to you ...its good that you doubt me early ..I know the Lord will be with me and i will rather stay single for the rest of my life because i thought i have found a woman of God but she never has the strong believe as she said she does , omg what do i tell my kids ..well let me tell you this [my name removed], i dont need your fucking money love is all i need and your believe in God but now you prove yyourself to me as a woman that can bear lil problem with a man....Glory be to God .this will never change my believe in God ....i will really surprise you am gonna show up there and by God grace i will find somewhere to build my own church close to the area you live so that each time you get to see me your mind will always ask you what you have done to hurt me..well thanks for asking me to go away from you ..May the Lord be with you and bless you abudantly, But i need to tell you this , i am writing this with a big tear coming from my eye ..YOU WILL NEVER FIND A MAN THAT WILL CARE FOR YOU AS I DO..Only Christ bear the witness that i care but you never understand..i will never tell you to go or goodbye because God dont want us to say that..I thought you know alot about the will of God i never expect you to say goodbye but you goes on ..God say we human being flow like river and we can meet somewhere someday so never say Goodbye to anymore but i am ok with what you say ....i love you and i care about you

May the Lord be with you always

Take good care of yourself and have a wonderful day at work and please dont stress yourself much at work because the lord will always guide you through



Jamie found me on MySpace but I've have him removed (at least his Jamie Grant profile is gone). My research shows he is Jamie G on
2009-10-01, 03:59:32   (updated: 2009-10-01, 04:10:02)
i have been duped a large sum of money for the last 3 months by a person whose name is brian lennon allegedly an engineer/oil refinerer from sanfo, widow with 10 yr old son named wayne. sending emails with romantic interludes but in between had one problem after the other while in nigerian and amsterdam(bta payment, hotel bills, customs tax for the supposed oil and gas he bought, hospital bills coz of a near fatal accident, airwaybill and customs clearance charges, flight tickets, expired travel docs, kidnapped by militants and another flight tickets)....i am sure this fellow brian cole and brian lennon are one and the same person(he alleged to have a friend named kenneth cole)....used different names of people to claim money i sent thru western union. HOW I WISH THEY BE TAKEN BY THE LORD AS EARLY AS NOW COZ HE/THEY ARE EVIL.

2009-10-03, 21:02:25
anonymous from United States  
Just got scammed and lost $500. Was too late when I learned about him (kelly Jones) and tried to stop the release of the $500 in Nigeria
2009-10-04, 02:05:44
wanwan from Japan  
@2009-10-03, 21:02:25
anonymous from United States

I am sorry you have got scammed.
Please try to file a complaint to your local FBI.
And contact The Nigerian embassy in your town.
Do you contact your money transfer bank like Western Union or not?
It is very important for you to know the place where your scammer picked up your money.
And if you are ok,
please put full infos about your scammer on here.
At that time please edit your personal infos out,ok?

Thank you for your posting (I know it is a bitter experience to you ).
2009-10-04, 02:08:13
wanwan from Japan  
@2009-09-13, 09:48:20
I.H.S. from United States

Great job !
Keep up your good work !
2009-10-26, 01:02:52
anonymous from Philippines  
hello.... i was the one who wrote about scammer brian lennon and here is my update: i can be very sure that a nigerian scammer by the name of akindele ogunsiji and ogunsiji olatundi abosede is one and the same person and used another person's name and pic (brian lennon with email add to fool and scam people like me. i was able to trace akindele ogunsiji's facebook account with email add is set private) (i sent money twice on these names with address at 5 olorunisola st, ikeja lagos nigeria. Ladies beware, im sure the perpetratror behind all these american names is this nigerian scammer-akindele ogunsiji. he must have gained huge amount of money doing his evil ways.

i sent him email saying i knew him already, he didnot replied or reacted but after few days his tagged account (brian lennon) is already deleted...

i filed a complaint in writing thru internet via FBI under internet crime complaint center but they have not replied yet.

2009-10-27, 00:52:40   (updated: 2009-10-27, 00:53:44)
wanwan from Japan  
@2009-10-26, 01:02:52
anonymous from Philippines

Good job !
Never give up !

2009-11-03, 15:58:57
anonymous from United Kingdom  
This scammer next names are: Barry Greenfield, Henry Mills, Smith Anderson.....
2009-11-03, 19:33:08
anonymous from United States  
David Wayne, online dating scam artist, says he is in jewelry business and lives in Atlanta, orginally from Canada. Goes to Ghana Africa for business trip. Romances you day and night, text, im, email, phone. He has Ghana number and stays at 'Ritz Hotel', they have a fake phone there when you ask for him they say this is the ritz hotel. He says he drops his laptop and gets you to send a replacment thru Fed Ex. He is very convincing. Photos, local cell number, etc. I got him to give me his address, rode by the house and realized he is not real, etc. Luckily I did not send laptop! Be careful

2009-11-04, 00:28:18
anonymous from Victoria, Canada  
Robert Cliford from UK, says he is civil engineer and has a daughter Jenny. He loves you by the fourth correspondence and has a contract in Nigeria. His daughter is having her birthday and he asks for you to send her presents and iphone, games for her as he forgot to back them. She has to stay in the hotel room all day alone by herself and has nothing to do while he works on his contract. Shortly thereafter, he is ready to come and be with you and you are his beloved one and only wife and Mom to his daughter. (her mother died at childbirth) Now the tax man comes and shuts down his project and he needs $20,000 usd and he is telling you in the meantime to look to buy a house somewhere around 2Million. Now he can't access his funds and his client won't help him and shortly they are almost starving and need help. If you don't, then you are a destroyer and liar. He also has at least 3 women on the go at onece as we caught him, because he left his share contacts on...bright...the other women and myself contacted each other, swaped pics and leathers, and my goodness.. almost identical..while he was starving in Nigeria with me, he was in the UK just getting ready to leave for Africa...same day...and he had not eaven gotten the contract yet with another during the same time period.. all of us were to buy gifts and send them priority post. He inquired in the beginning about if we owned our house, how big it was, the average cost of housing in the area.. He stalks and is a very nasty piece of work... his e-mail and chat is
Be careful and be aware..he will even ask you to put a line of credit on your house.
2009-11-04, 19:30:36
Scam Artist: David Koman of Lagos, Nigeria, but claiming to be from Rhode Island, Houston, Texas, and Ohio.
Partner: Charles Brandon of Lagos Nigeria, but claiming to be from Ohio.
These men are claiming to be Architects in Nigeria, but they are just young men with no jobs and love scamming people.
Email Adresses:,,

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer David J. Carter

2010-03-20, 06:12:29
anonymous from Richmond Hill, United States  
Courtney Roy from 65 Byslips Road South Bedforshire or Bedfordshire Dunstable UK from sight MATE1

Be aware she is a scammer and uses Brian Jones as the Customs agent to call and demand the suppose ' BTA' ( Basic Travel Allowance-Does not exist request 1000 pds or $2000 us)

Anyway She is coniving has no money for a taxi and ticket - no phone and lives on a farm with 2yr old make believe daughter - Ok Need I say more . Iwas dupped she said all the right things and all the right words etc,,, I fell for it send her the taxi money western union and used some freq flyer miles to issue a tkt ( cost me nothing for tkt) on the day of travel low and behold Brian Jones calls from private # need 1000 pds to release her to travel Please FU I was like no way let me talk to your supervisor as expcted hung up no more calls called Interpol and Bristish Embassy filed complaint with FBI- Be aware of thi Courtney Roy as expected emailed from her same day please help me I need to travel to US and be with you BS. PLease BS all the way around be aware of this woman as she is part of the scam

I recouped my miles non exchangeable ok I lost the cab money - I should of knew better
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