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Dating scammer Terry Antonio (Wilson)


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Name: Terry Antonio (Wilson)


Georgia Augusta

Other Comments:
Hello Beautiful,Thanks for your mail...It's really nice to read from you and sorry for my late response to your mail sunshine...Well here is a little about me....I'm Terry Antonio,I live in Georgia Augusta,I'm 51 yrs old,I have a 11yrs old son that lives with me,His name is Timmy..I'm 5 ft 8 tall Light brown short hair.Blue eye ball.Love life and I love people,Most of the time its mutual. I have a lot of varied interests and can have fun doing just about anything and i love woman with good sense of humor.I have a full life great friends but they all cheated on me i caught my best friend with my ex,I would love to have a loving family and a job and social life that I adore but I am missing a love relationship......

I export Romanian handmade products like:600- 700 hundred yrs old Romanian Golds,And Antiques,glassware, pottery/ceramics, woodcarving, painted barks, watches, little houses, icons, lamps, vases, jewelry boxes, perfume bottles,crucifixes, wickerwork, weaving & knitting (wool & cotton items) etc and I also work as a self employed and can i supply Oil direct to my buyers in any country,grantee supply and very good price,1 or 2 litre bottle,And i only deal with the buyer directly,products in europe, imported, registred brands, drect imports and sale, offer profesional advice for obtain capital for my business projet investment.....I am really just looking someone who is ready for a serious relationship that will lead us too something good in life.I love to read, love to dance, love good wine and intelligent conversation and I love serving other people,I am a very passionate person,easy going.God fearing,I can be strong willed and strong opinoned but can admit when I am wrong. I dont have a real 'type' that I am looking for a caring woman who is not here to play games or hurt anyone feelings,I will know it when I meet her because looking forward to the future.That being at peace with yourself is the first component needed to be a good partner....

I would love to relocate if i find that special one to spend the rest of my life with her as lovers.Loyalty and commitment to the person you have chosen to build a life with must be top priority .Being creative and attentive to the ongoing process of maintaing love and passion is vitally important so that the love does not grow stale.I am looking for someone who shares some of my same qualities and interests and likes to hang out and have fun,Whether we are at home or out.When you find that special person, you should be able to have fun no matter where you are! I am looking for someone who wants a boyfriend that can also be their best friend....

I think we're all tired of those.I would like to meet a woman who is intelligent, attractive, affectionate,has a good personality and a great sense of humor.She should be confident, honest, caring, trustworthy,easy-going and family-oriented.We should also be able to communicate well and keep each other smiling. I feel that all of these qualities are important to have in any relationship.My late parent would describe me as a very independent,sociable,sweet, easy going person (No drama or baggage),with a friendly and fun personality and i always give 110% in all of my relationships....

I am an honest, respectful, dependable,who has a great sense of humor and is very easy to talk to. I come from a close Italian family,Some things that I enjoy are being outdoors, romantic evenings at home, making people laugh, going to the movies, walking along the beach and boardwalk, watching and betting on sports(especially football), watching t.v., casinos,concerts, cooking, exercising, shopping, relaxing at home,cluddling with that special someone and listening to all kinds of music.....

I love to watch sports.In fact, Sundays are football days for me. I try to watch as many of the games as I can. I even subscribed to the DIREC TV NFL Sunday ticket package. I like dressing up to go out,comfortable clothes and sneakers when I am at home. As you can tell, I'm up for just about anything that my match and I decide to do. I also LOVE dogs and have 2 of my own. I am the kind of person who could have fun doing just about anything.I have learned a lot from past relationships.......

You can never change a person. The older the woman, the more likely it is that she is set in her ways. Money cannot buy happiness but it can buy comfort. Money isn't everything. The truly rich are rich in love. If they are yours they will always hold you dear. If they are not whole hearted in love with you and you want them to be give them the time and space to find it within themselves. Sometimes they will. Sometimes they won't.No matter what you will both be better people for giving the time and space to find out..An ideal relationship is unconditional love and respect for one another. It also involves time and space and loyalty.......
As well as never forgetting to always keep each other special.Never stop dating each other and making time for one another. If I am with someone, I usually spoil them. I love kissing and just holding each other when you are two people that are in love, and cooking together and just the passion of being in love and never wanting to be apart (but do and love the wait of intense passion of being together and just enjoying life.) I need some space but require attention if that makes since. If you know you are loved and you know you are desired the space and time only strengthens the relationship.Here are my recent pictures and i hope to hear from u tell me more about urself and send me some of ur pics Ok.....
Please try to get Yahoo ID and download Yahoo Messenger so we can both chat on Yahoo Messenger this is my ID.. Terrywilson53355 add me on your list..


This is the Shipper Information (Western Union Money Transfer)
Donnerstag, 20. November, 2008 20:34 Uhr
Dieser Absender wurde von DomainKeys geprüft und bestätigt
'Terry Wilson'
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Name;Molly Nichol
Address; 756 Groton Rd
Zipcode; 13073

Content-type: text/html


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2009-10-12, 07:27:42
Miss Marple from Sweden  
@Agent 86

I only wanted statue an exampel,what my oppinion stands in this matter,
and wanted to show how i feel about this thing..
I will write to Peter and make an request for an removal of this pictures
that for me is clear case that is an child o these photos..

I made this statement not to make an debate on this matter only to show my opinion
because it was an request of this issue..and it is very imporant that these things
comes to the surface,as you said that many woman and others dont want to come to this site because of this things with nudity,pornographic photos and pictures of children and minors here at this site.

Thank you that you took youre time to read this

Regards //Miss Marple//

2009-10-14, 15:55:44
anonymous from Germany  
who are you????
Great Susanne
2009-10-14, 16:22:52
wanwan from Japan  
@2009-10-14, 15:55:44
anonymous from Germany

Little Susanne !
I am waiting for you for a long time !
What do you want ?
I know you are trying to destroy YOUR thread .
But I know you are one of scammer.
And you are not German !
You pretend to be German ,but you are a Scammer.

Never put your poor messages on this thread.
Write to the site admin !
Go away !
Scammer Susanne !
Or prove you are not a SCAMMER !
1000 %%%%% proofs on here !
It is MY turn !


2009-10-14, 17:09:42
Miss Marple from Sweden  
@anonymous germany




YOU SUCKS.....!!!!!!!!

2009-10-16, 12:54:00
anonymous from Mnchen, Germany  
Können Sie mir helfen, gibt es diesen Terry Wilson irgendwo als sammer?
meine mail, langsam glaueb ich das wirklich.
Mein Bild ist nun weg. Diese Bilder von dem angeblichen Terry Antonio sind noch im Netz
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Terry Antonio
Dating scammer Terry Antonio
Dating scammer Terry Antonio

2009-10-16, 14:58:20
Miss Marple from Sweden  

Now you are here again!!

You are talking bad German why??

You talk also bad English why??

Why you put youre pictures on sites like these??

And also youre Mailadress???

I dont believe you at all Susanne ore whatever youre name is!!!

You are a SCAMMER youre self ???????

Otherwise put proof here!!!




2009-10-17, 13:44:44
wanwan from Japan  
(translator ↑)
Can you help me, there is somewhere that Terry Wilson as Sammer? my mail, I slowly glaueb really.
My picture is now gone. These images of the alleged Terry Antonio are still in the network

@2009-10-16, 12:54:00
anonymous from M�nchen, Germany

Wenn Sie eine unschuldige Person sind, können Sie ein Schreiben an die administrator.He kann deutsch lesen.
Und Sie müssen beweisen, dass Sie nicht-schuldig.
Wir brauchen nicht Ihre Aussagen.
Wir brauchen Ihre Beweise sind Sie nicht ein Betrüger.
Tragen Sie sich einfach nicht schuldig Beweise hier.

@Miss Marple

Good job & thanks !

2009-10-26, 15:48:38
anonymous from Germany  
Über die Bilder muss ich langsam nur lachen. Es ist weder mein Mann Terry Wilson noch ich Susanne K. ein scammer. Was soll das????
Hi Hi
2009-10-26, 17:00:22   (updated: 2009-10-26, 17:02:15)
Miss Marple from Sweden  


We have told you many times to write to the administrator for this site
we have told you to write in german in english...because you mix with the
languages that no one can understand at all?????????

You havent put any proof that this Terry Wilson is just serve us with
GARBAGE...and what are you laughing about???
My skills in german and english is good that i see that you are writing terrible
german also..!!!!!




This image was also posted here:
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Dating scammer Terry Antonio
Dating scammer Mark Humphrey
Dating scammer Marino Ampelio
Dating scammer Ben Fischer Ridwan
Dating scammer Tatyana (photos: Raven Riley)

2009-10-26, 21:33:00
anonymous from Japan  

About the pictures I have slowly but laugh. It is neither my husband nor I Terry Wilson, Susanne K. a scammer. What is this??
Hi Hi

@2009-10-26, 15:48:38
anonymous from Germany

Sie helfen niemandem.
Sie unterstützen nicht alle.
Geh weg und komm nie mehr zurück.
Put 1000%%% proofs on here or go away !

@Miss Photoshop in Sweden !
Good job !
mata-ne !

2009-10-26, 21:46:47
wanwan from Japan  

2009-10-26, 22:07:12
wanwan from Japan  
@2009-10-26, 15:48:38
anonymous from Germany

See below !

2009-11-14, 08:41:26
anonymous from Munich, Germany  
So what you mean exactly with 2 threads.
Moreover, I am Germans and our language speaks absolutely perfectly.
How do you come to these pictures?????
2009-11-14, 13:25:43
wanwan from Japan  
@2009-11-14, 08:41:26
anonymous from Munich, Germany

You are one of paranoid !
Again I tell you
We need PROOFS ! Can you hear me ?
We don't need your poor statements ,it is OK ?
Are you sure ?

This image was also posted here:
Another dating / chat scam - USA/ Nigeria connection
Dating scammer Olga
Dating scammer ekaterina meteleva
Dating scammer Gallina P
Dating scammer Anna Ogannisyan
Dating scammer Nancy Milman from Accra, Ghana
Dating scammer Andre Gareth
Dating scammer Osai Williams from Ghana

2009-11-14, 15:41:38
Miss Marple from Sweden  
@ Germany...

It is my lucky day that you get across this site...
I have a really bad day today...

You have translated directly to english from german???
when i put the text into my translator this text you posted
into german ican see that,but when i put into the translator
back to english i see the english is also better how come????

Translation to german:

Also, was meinst du genau mit 2 Fäden.
Außerdem, ich bin Deutsche und unsere Sprache spricht absolut perfekt.
Wie kommen Sie auf diese Bilder ?????

and this text to english:

So, what do you mean exactly by 2 threads.
Also, I'm German and speak our language, perfectly.
Where do you get these pictures ?????

And the posting:

So what you mean exactly with 2 threads.
Moreover, I am Germans and our language speaks absolutely perfectly.
How do you come to these pictures?????

I just give you an advice that you just leave this site!!!
You are just an bad spammer and a thread destroyer!!!
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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