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Dating scammer carmen strogan


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Name: carmen strogan



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Posted: Thu Dec 11, 2008 1:25 pm Post subject: A male mugu calling himself Carmen LOL


Message name is Carmen ...i am single and ready to mingle.i don't know how to sweet talk a woman but i know how to love her.I appreciate decency and sincerity in a relationship­ between a man and a woman. The inner beauty is more important for me than the beauty of appearance.b­ut i must say you are pretty!! I live in Ga,Atlanta but i am originally from UK,i got to Ga cos my mom couldn't take care of me after my dad died and i had to move to my aunt's in Ga...i deal in buying and reselling of antiques and right now i am in Nigeria ....but i will like to know you better before i get back to the states...i will like us to talk more on my Im on yahoo..or you can mail me at cammyhulk@y­­...i will be expecting your reply
What doesnt kill you makes stronger... Nietzsche

He started on me Dec 9. I almost fell for it, but I ran a USSEARCH.COM on him and they couldn't find a thing. I am on so I looked for his birth cerificate. I couldn't find it. Early on he 'wrote' a poem that I googled. i have been challenging him for the last few days so he knows I am on to him. I figured I would know on Monday, he says he is leaving Lagos to go back to Atlanta on Monday. I just couldn't wait that long. I dug and dug until I found him on a scammer site just posted a week ago. so he is new out there. BEWARE, all I lost was some phone charges. Are they that ignorant that they don't think we will do checks? I told him I do a background check on everybody. lol


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2008-12-21, 17:02:48   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2008-12-21, 17:02:48   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2008-12-21, 17:02:48   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2008-12-28, 23:11:24
According to a Dr in Nigeria he is in the hospital and had to go through various surgeries after being hit by a car. The Dr had emailed me and called me because my information was the only stuff they could find in his personal belongings. I have checked out this Dr and so far he is real. I have talked with him at the hospital directly and they have a Carmen Strogan there and yes he matches the pictures on this site. They gave his room number and I told him about this information and he was upset that someone was doing this to him. He has been in the hospital since the beginning of December in a coma and someone had stolen his wallet and passport and other information from him before Thanksgiving. I have been talking with him since Sept. and he has never asked for anything. He was on his way to the airport to fly to see his daughter Linda, then fly to meet me when he got hit by the car. His family has been in contact with the hospital. So I don't know who has been using his stuff to do this to everyone, but I know he said he is sorry about it and when he gets out of the hospital and can get back home he is going to have the authorities look into this.
2008-12-29, 16:25:54
You are all insane to fall for these dating scammers why dont you just meet people normally, are you that ugly that you have to be contacted by someone in Nigeria for self validation! You deserve to be scammed if you think that you are going to find true love from someone like this, what are you thinking and the one that posted the last comment dont you realise you were being scammed by him with fake doctors etc oh gee a doctor from Nigeria emails you because he was so in love with you, your the only info he had on him......get real, get off the computer ladies, go outside and meet some real men!!
2009-01-03, 07:59:20
anonymous from United States  
Ok Carmen is one real nice guy who has had his stuff hacked through. People do this every day. I speak with carmen and I no he would never do such a thing. I you check further other people everyday have identy theft. It did not seem this man was asking for money. Like I said a speak with him daily and he is a real person and upset with all this mess.
Walk in his shows mabe it will makeyou think!
2009-01-03, 10:31:07
anonymous from United States  
Carmen and I have been talking every day for months. He was in a accident. One thing for sure I spoke with the Doctor and carmen is very sick. I spoke with his mother she is at her witts end. This person is real and hackers all over are using information that was in his computer during the accident. personal stuff only few could no. I'm not stupid and challenge anyone who has the most information thus far on this man. MY Big question has he asked any of you for money? The carmen I know will not do that. We have made plans to fly him home to Atlanata or Ohio I plan to help him get his life pulled together I love him very much and who ever is posting anything regarding his child that is just wrong.
Bad people are doing this to regular people daily.

have you ever been on vacation and lost something or it was stollen this type of crime could happen fast. Dont bring down Carmen bring down the Hackers that stole all his information.
Think please, It is hurts families children and peoples lives.
2009-01-09, 16:53:37 from United States  
carmen strogan watch out everyone he will scam you I have notified they have all the information I lost money I was stupid and feel bad but one thing for sure I don't want anyone else to have to go through this.
People ask how you can get scam- First you think you can out think these people they are good. I first also was testing him calling him at all time day night so forth got him every time. Then he was so nice problem after problem Money needed for this that.
I spoke with him every day. We had plans to meet in Atlanta well that was all bull.
was in a car accident, Need to pay bill for that. Some one called and acting like his mother called and Doctor called it was so bad. Please if you see anything on match with his picture notify them asap.
2009-01-11, 04:00:53
[hidden] from United States  
I ran a USSEARCH.COM Paid $40 for it. There is no such person. No birth certificate in the UK or in the USA. I also have talked to one of the Nigerian men using this identity. There are several. He told me these pictures are his friend. ALL OF US were fooled. I didn't lose any money, Just some self respect and some phone charges. His business Lindyart or whatever does not exist. Lies, Lies. He 'loves' me too. hahahahaha.
He started on Interpals and and was busted on Interpals within one day. He is also listed on I have a bunch of stuff saved from him. (them)
but you can keep living in your fantasy that you are going to 'bring him' to wherever. Did he ask you to be the mother for his daughter too because the mom left her alone so she could buy drugs and got busted so his mom has Linda in UK? I wish for your sake that it was all true, what he says, but I feel you will just be hurt.
2009-01-11, 04:03:41   (updated: 2009-01-11, 04:47:49)
[hidden] from United States  
didn't mean to double post. sorry
2009-01-11, 05:58:35
[hidden] from United States  
I am still on 'speaking terms' with my Carmen Strogan. I have been gathering info on how this all works. He knows he is exposed. Never told him where. but I am going to ask him about the hospital story and the theft. and that Carmen is still active. This story has gotten more intriquing. I have not checked this page since I originally posted him here. I posted the pics.

I will report what I find out. I wish i hadn't deleted his phone number because I would like to compare with the number others have used. If you would be willing to post it I would recognize it. thanks lsm
2009-01-11, 13:31:15 from United States  
I am sure the deluded will not believe this. and let me make it clear that I NEVER have given him a single letter of any scammer site I have posted him on. so here is my conversation from this morning. He will probably see this but I don't care.

lorism1965: I need to talk to you!!
cammyhulk: hi
lorism1965: hi
cammyhulk: i am listening..
lorism1965: hey question
cammyhulk: whats the ?
lorism1965: so who is this guy Carmen strogan
cammyhulk: i formed the name,..
cammyhulk: why??
lorism1965: you must still be actively using it then
lorism1965: someone is
lorism1965: and the pics
cammyhulk: its another guy..
cammyhulk: thats not his name..
lorism1965: he is making money
cammyhulk: why all this question??
lorism1965: because I came across a bunch of stuff about him on a scammer site
lorism1965: he says he was hit by a car and some woman is planning on flying him to Ohio to nurse him back to health
cammyhulk: that same site that you put a comment ,,..
cammyhulk: have you forgotten..
lorism1965: says she talks to him everyday
lorism1965: there are many sites out there
cammyhulk: thats the same site you told me about ealier right..
lorism1965: I never told you the site but
lorism1965: not the one I found you on a difffent one
cammyhulk: really.,
cammyhulk: give me the site..
lorism1965: I cannot do that sorry
lorism1965: your ips are blocked from most of those sites
lorism1965: they are smart and I cannot
lorism1965: but anyway
lorism1965: at least three women say they talk to him everyday
lorism1965: how many of you were using that name?
cammyhulk: i have to see this
lorism1965: like I said one says she got emails from the doctor and talks to his mother WTF
cammyhulk: thats the same site..
cammyhulk: scroll up and you will see your comment..
lorism1965: oh from dec 9
lorism1965: when I didn't know for sure yet
cammyhulk: your comment is the second comment on that page..
lorism1965: I said I wasn't sure but pretty sure right
lorism1965: I was so naive
lorism1965: so anyway off topic going there
cammyhulk: well..
cammyhulk: it thhier bussiness.
cammyhulk: i dont care..
lorism1965: okay
cammyhulk: i havent gotten money from any woman ...
cammyhulk: it was from my old id....spyhulk2...
cammyhulk: it got hackeds and since then some hackers have been using my id to scam better than me.
lorism1965: oh
lorism1965: so someone hacked you and basically stole your thunder
cammyhulk: yeap..
cammyhulk: and made money that i never made..
lorism1965: no honor among thieves
lorism1965: that's an old saying
lorism1965: you shouldn't have picked me
lorism1965: might have done better
cammyhulk: i dont use this id anymore.
cammyhulk: its cos of you i come online here..
lorism1965: i know

so there you have it. Nigeria full of liars and thieves. I have no reason to lie. I will post my email address. I have about 5-6 other saved conversations about this stuff with this guy.
2009-01-11, 17:06:09
anonymous from United States  
I would like to no more about him please post more information. I have a phone number 2347025528775 I also have two other numbers Please post yours and all of the people who are scammed can compare.

We all must stand! We have more power than you think. trust lorisom she is telling the truth.

Thieves are making us all not see the full picture compare notes trust me we all have some kind of information that will stop others from getting hurt, moneylost, Most important taking away your self image. Keep safe ladies and keep posting!!
Like I say the Truth will always come out.

2009-01-12, 04:39:32
anonymous from United States  
0112348025662016...or +2348025662016

these were the numbers I used to call him. I have 6 or 7 conversations, I sent them to one of you who asked for discretion. I wanted her to compare the writing style. if anyone else would like to email my yahoo addy I will share them with you.
keep the faith.
2009-01-13, 05:33:27
anonymous from United States  
this avenue of info will be dried up. I wish those of you talking to the other one would realize what is going on here.

cammyhulk: hi
lorism1965: how are you today
lorism1965: where is abuja?
cammyhulk: why?
lorism1965: traced an email there IP address [?]: [Copy][Whois]
IP address country: Nigeria
IP address state: Abuja Capital Territory
IP address city: Abuja
IP address latitude: 9.175800
IP address longitude: 7.180800
ISP of this IP [?]: Wireless Broadband Internet service
Organization: VSAT
Local Time of this IP country: 2009-01-13 12:06

lorism1965: i am not going to stop talking to people but the ratio of truthful to liars is tipped to the liar's side
cammyhulk: including me??
lorism1965: i still talk to you
lorism1965: what are you doing with your day?
cammyhulk: why did you put our conversation on that site..
lorism1965: to help people
lorism1965: it doesn't id you
cammyhulk: help who?
cammyhulk: this is the last time i am talking to you...cos you betrayed me..
lorism1965: the other women who think they are talking to carmen strogan
lorism1965: fine
cammyhulk: bye
lorism1965: who betrayed who
lorism1965: who lied to who
cammyhulk: leave me alone..
cammyhulk: if you liked me you wouldnt have pasted our conversation..
lorism1965: i told you I was talking to other women who had been scammed and I thanked you for your help
lorism1965: I had done it
cammyhulk: i dont have to talk to you..
lorism1965: if you didn't know who was scamming them then it wouldn't affect you but you must know them
lorism1965: no you don't
lorism1965: you started all this by LYING TO ME
lorism1965: you started all this
lorism1965: you
lorism1965: i didn't contact you
lorism1965: i never lied to you
cammyhulk: that why you had to repay me by pasting our conversation?
lorism1965: i am who i say i am
lorism1965: you shouldn't even be able to see that site
lorism1965: but is any of it a lie
lorism1965: did I lie
lorism1965: i took out some of our personal stuff
lorism1965: but i didn't lie
cammyhulk: bye
lorism1965: whatev
cammyhulk: its not propal.
lorism1965: it's not what?
cammyhulk: bye
lorism1965: you aren't a real person anyway
lorism1965: you make stuff up
lorism1965: have it your way
lorism1965: you have changed my life in such a bad way
lorism1965: I distrust everyone I meet out here
lorism1965: even the ones down the street
lorism1965: I will never be the same
lorism1965: I told you that
lorism1965: bye
lorism1965: sorry it worked out this way
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