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Dating scammer Harry Beacon


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Name: Harry Beacon


On be2 it said he is from Arlington
I believe he said he lived in Ireland
then went to Quator on business
then flew to W. Africa for business

Other Comments:
I met Harry on be2 and he tried to charm me but it was so obvious that he was a scammer. He is supposed to be 40 years old, have a Doctorate Degree, an Engineer, no children.

Intro email on be2:

Am Harry..How are you?I was browsing through and i came across your profile...Found it quite interesting....So i thought maybe i should drop a note saying was thinking,maybe we should get to know each other more...if that's ok by you..I am a single,calm and positive guy who loves life..Hope to hear from you soon...Would be happy to read from you soon...Take care...And God Bless


Warmly Harry..

I swear he must have landed in Quator and told me on at least 3 separate occasions, I guess they forget what they say to us. Then he told me that he would be there for quite a while but would be able to come to USA to meet me Christmas week. Then it changes as he must fly to W. Africa for important business. He got a little upset when I questioned him on this, said I seemed to know too much about Africa.
Harry pops up on my Messenger today and tells me off for not leaving him any messages asking how he was, those Nigerians are SO arrogant. We got into it and he started in with the Yorba insults. I could post them here but not sure many would know what they mean. I have the picture that he had on be2, but he had two others he would show on Messenger but he never gave them to me, only what he showed me on Messenger, one of a hunk of a guy rock climbing it seemed and another far back standing there, not clear at all in the little Messenger window.
Beware of this idiot and stay far away from him. He tells me he is quite good at what he does and thinks we are all OLD and UGLY, as I'm sure he is a young Nigerian man.
Here was his final statement to me: Harry Beacon: Ok,later now..My mission with you is complete


2008-12-23, 14:59:19   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2009-01-08, 02:22:34
this is useful as there are lots of people out there doing this kind things. hope they taste their own medicine!!! so arrogant these Nigerians really!!!
2009-01-31, 17:28:25
anonymous from United States  
Thats the same man in the picture of the Harry I met on - same story, archeologist in Ireland - said he travels a lot, was born in Arlington, VA, no kids, never been married, fiancee killed in car accident last year, never talked to anyone else before online, offered to buy me a $7000 fur coat (I declined), yadda, yadda, yadda.

He then told me that his 65 year old mother had a heart condition and he had to send her $80,000 from Ireland and that she was going to Germany to stay with her sister. I asked him what the heart condition was, why did he need to send her $80,000 when she's on Medicare and even with all the treatment imaginable, Medicare will pick up most of the bill - no answer.

The next day he IM'd me saying he couldn't access his offshore funds in the Caymans (BIG red flag), I told him he's a smart guy, he'll figure something out. I played into it wondering if this was a scam and 1 day later, I was away from the computer for a couple hours and when I came back there was a yahoo IM that repeated 3 times, 'Hi Angel . . . send me $2500 to get to [where you live] . . . .' My response was, 'Harry, there's a sucka born every day, but I ain't it today.'

A month later, he appeared on yahoo IM again and said he wanted to be with me, he fell in love with me, he wanted my forgiveness but he was in a bad way and he'd make it right. WHATEVER! I basically told him off in a very sarcastic, nasty way and his last comment was something to the effect of he was wasting his time and I'm not the woman he thought I was. MORE bull to try to counteract the previous bull and try to guilt me into thinking I had made a mistake - trying to see if he can get anything else.

WARNING TO ALL ONLINE DATERS, MALE & FEMALE: Google EVERYONE, even if they say they are local. If ANYONE mentions stuck in a foreign country, THEY ARE LYING! If someone is kidnapped or whatever, WHAT criminal is going to allow access to a computer to someone they're hurting?

Good luck to you all!
2009-07-28, 01:20:48
The guy who contacted me was Cartlon Kirkwood. The number he gave was 323-992-6785. IP addy Nigerian 0002348057126008. Was raised in Ireland since he was 5 and moved to the states when he was 19. When I talked to him I noticed that he did not have a irish accent rather more of an African accent. He said that he had been abandoned at 5 and was found by an Irish woman how later died. No family members. He said that he was a construction engineer and that he had work in Nigeria. Once in Nigeria he called to say that he made, then called the next day to say he was leaving the hotel for a meeting, and then called saying that he was snatched from the car robbed and beaten. He said all his documents were stolen and he had no id. He said he was badly beaten and the so called dr insisted that I send money b/c he could not treat him for free. When I questioned it the phone hung up. He was supposedly crying and in so much pain.

When I got off the phone I looked this guy up and saw his name on romance scam. He has been scamming women for years. I am so glad that he only took a week before deciding to ask for money b/c I would have gotten sucked in and fell for this guy. I didnt send money, I did not have inappropriate conversations yet I felt so violated b/c I did share things about myself (nothing personal). There were red flags like the name, why would an irish person name a child Carlton Kirkwood. When we talked he claimed to live alone but I could hear voices in the back ground. I later found out that they go to cafes so this is what i hear. He claimed to be very emotional and sensitive (that i didnt like or buy). He claimed to be educated and a business owner but his grammer was horrible. His accent did not match. His accent did not match. His accent did not match his upbringing. He said he was white but the pic clearly looked greek or italian. This was some Nigeria man posing as a white man. We cant be mad at the people in the pics b/c it is not them. They steal these photos. Our first clue should be how professional the pics look. Guys please stop sending them money and please dont talk to them. I have removed all profiles off the site and reported him. The profile was removed from Christian Cafe but I am sure he has posted another by now.

He continues to call but I dont answer, I blocked him from my messenger. He will not email b/c I told him that I reported him to the FBI. I posted his photo, emails, phone number, and user name on ever scam reporting site and agency I could find. Its been a week and I still am getting over what this guy tried to do to me so I can only imagine how the ladies feel who have dealt with these guys for months.




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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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