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Dating scammer Simon W or jeffery44


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Name: Simon W or jeffery44



Other Comments:
a normal picture in a profile at and on friendscout. But 2 different profilenames,

And what they do since Christmas in Germany: they write German mails with a language tool. Foolish texts but the translation into English makes a bit more sense:

From:Simon W
Date:Jan 7, 2009 1:56 PM

Kompliment für die neue Saison, und ich weiß, jedes einzelne hat einen Beitrag, um auf Leben und jede Person, die er in Berührung kommt mit. Jeder Mensch braucht liebevolle. Ich glaube, dass kann man in die wahre Liebe bedeutet dies auch, unabhängig von der Entfernung, der Rasse oder der Sprache. Denken Sie daran, die wahre Liebe ist keine Erde geboren ist. Es ist eine Rarität, es ist eine Art. Wahre Liebe ist eine Liebe, die gibt und nimmt, nie zu sterben und zu töten kann nur von der einen ist es Ausdruck. Wenn die Liebe ist auf ein starkes Fundament der Respekt und die Bewunderung und wächst Stück für Stück mit kleinen Taten der Freundlichkeit hält sie fest, - mit Rücksicht auf das Wohl der beiden Personen, dann die Liebe wird ewig leben und unsterblich. Vielleicht ist es nicht zu spät für uns beide, aber wir wissen, und unsere Zeit erzählt die wahre Liebe ist es, ich muss wissen, dass Sie hat einen Freund zum einen deshalb, weil ich gerne lesen, was ich in Ihrem Profil und wird, wie ich hoffe, dass die Pflege-und Lesen Sie schon bald wieder aus ok.


That could be the original if you translate the German text back via languagetool of google.

Compliment for the new season and I know each has a contribution to life and every person he comes in contact with. Everyone needs love. I believe that can be seen in true love, this means that regardless of distance, race or language. Remember that true love is not a planet was born. It is a rarity, it is an Art True love is a love that gives and takes, never to die and kill only one of it's expression. When love is on a strong foundation of respect and admiration and growing piece by piece with small acts of kindness, it points out - with regard to the welfare of two people, then the love is eternal and immortal life. Maybe it's not too late for both of us, but we know our time and tells the true love is, I must know that you have a friend on the one hand because I like to read what I see in your profile and will I hope that the care and read you soon again ok.

The IP: wants to add you to Windows Live Messenger‏
Möglicherweise kennen Sie den Absender nicht.Als sicher markieren|Als unsicher markieren
Gesendet: Donnerstag, 8. Januar 2009 14:17:40

IP Country Parse Result Research UNITED STATES Routing Country not found. Routing GHANA True X-Orig IP

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Location: Unknown

ARIN says that this IP belongs to AFRINIC; I'm looking it up there.

% This is the AfriNIC Whois server.

% Note: this output has been filtered.

% Information related to ' -'

inetnum: -
netname: IL13-20050711
descr: Internetghana's Dial-up IP-Address Pool
country: GH
admin-c: RAB1-AFRINIC
admin-c: LT1-AFRINIC
tech-c: RAB1-AFRINIC
tech-c: AQ1-AFRINIC
tech-c: SA5-AFRINIC
tech-c: MS6-AFRINIC
source: AFRINIC # Filtered
parent: -

person: Leslie Tamakloe
address: P.O. Box AD 84, Adabraka
Accra-Ghana, West Africa
phone: +233244316835
phone: +23321251878
fax-no: +23321251877
e-mail: **************
nic-hdl: LT1-AFRINIC
remarks: This person is one of Internetghana's
remarks: Administrative contacts
source: AFRINIC # Filtered

person: Raymond Akuetteh Bill
address: Internetghana Ltd
Mama Abui Plaza
Box AD 84, Adabraka
Accra, Ghana
phone: +23321251872
phone: +233208139918
fax-no: +23321251877
e-mail: *********
nic-hdl: RAB1-AFRINIC
remarks: This personnel is an admin/tech contact
remarks: for Internetghana Ltd.
source: AFRINIC # Filtered

person: Mike Sai
address: P.O Box A 176, La, Accra
Ghana, West Africa
phone: +233244623212
fax-no: +233(21)251877
e-mail: ***
nic-hdl: MS6-AFRINIC
remarks: This is one of the technical contacts of Internetghana Ltd.
source: AFRINIC # Filtered

person: Senanu Afoh
address: P.O Box AD 335, Adabraka, Accra
Ghana, West Africa
address: Internetghana Ltd.
P.O Box AD 84, Adabraka
Accra-Ghana, West Africa
phone: + 233 (21)251879
phone: +233(20)8139917
fax-no: +233(21)251877
e-mail: *******
nic-hdl: SA5-AFRINIC
remarks: This is one of the technical contacts of Internetghana Ltd.
source: AFRINIC # Filtered

person: Anthony Quarshie
address: P.O. Box AD 449, Adabraka
Accra-Ghana, West Africa
address: Internetghana Ltd.
P.O Box AD 84, Adabraka
Accra-Ghana, West Africa
phone: +233208118009
phone: +23321251872
fax-no: +23321251877
e-mail: ******
nic-hdl: AQ1-AFRINIC
remarks: This person is one of Internetghana's technical contacts
source: AFRINIC # Filtered[/small)

and now the chat between a member of the German contra romance scam group and the webcam session with the real face behind the profilename jeffrey.
Ich hatte ihn im chat und vor der cam.
Und es ist zum heulen.
Ein wirklich hübscher Junge.

Datum Uhrzeit Von An Nachricht
09.01.2009 00:24:31 Trude hello are you doing?
09.01.2009 00:25:01 Trude i hope to meet you there for a chat
09.01.2009 00:25:42 Trude so tht we get to know more about each other ok
09.01.2009 00:26:41 Trude hope to meet you here soon..i just arrive home from work ok ....see you later byee
09.01.2009 04:33:17 Trude I'm so sorry but , I was so busy. Itry so see you later
09.01.2009 19:55:54 jeff willy Hello dear
09.01.2009 19:56:22 jeff willy how are you doing?
09.01.2009 19:57:01 jeff willy are you there sabine?
09.01.2009 19:57:28 jeff willy am here waiting for you ok
09.01.2009 20:31:56 willy jeff Sorry Itook a shower
09.01.2009 20:32:12 jeff willy oh ok dear
09.01.2009 20:32:27 willy jeff How are you doing?
09.01.2009 20:33:10 jeff willy am doing great
09.01.2009 20:33:47 jeff willy just came back from lunch
09.01.2009 20:34:05 jeff willy how are you doing sabine?
09.01.2009 20:34:31 willy jeff I'm fine
09.01.2009 20:34:53 jeff willy oh nice
09.01.2009 20:35:03 jeff willy what is the time there now?
09.01.2009 20:35:14 willy jeff 8.35pm
09.01.2009 20:35:53 willy jeff And at you?
09.01.2009 20:36:37 jeff willy oh ok it is 1:35pm here ok
09.01.2009 20:37:21 jeff willy so how was your day dear?
09.01.2009 20:37:38 willy jeff Oh it was great
09.01.2009 20:37:50 willy jeff Are you stillon work?
09.01.2009 20:38:05 jeff willy oh yes
09.01.2009 20:39:00 willy jeff What are you doing for living?
09.01.2009 20:39:01 jeff willy i will be going for a business meeting at 3pm ok dear
09.01.2009 20:39:09 willy jeff oh I see
09.01.2009 20:39:19 jeff willy oh am a contractor
09.01.2009 20:39:33 jeff willy a civil engineer
09.01.2009 20:39:47 willy jeff Oh , can you tell me whar acontractor is doing?
09.01.2009 20:40:21 willy jeff Sorry my keyboard is a little tricky
09.01.2009 20:40:29 jeff willy i us to build estates and road etc..
09.01.2009 20:40:36 willy jeff ohwow
09.01.2009 20:41:08 willy jeff than you could build me a new house with an own road
09.01.2009 20:41:12 willy jeff great
09.01.2009 20:41:14 willy jeff Smile
09.01.2009 20:41:17 jeff willy i will be going for a contract meeting at 3pm ok
09.01.2009 20:41:30 willy jeff Yes you told already
09.01.2009 20:41:47 jeff willy oh dear
09.01.2009 20:42:17 jeff willy can you tell me something bit about your self sabine
09.01.2009 20:42:39 willy jeff Yes
09.01.2009 20:43:08 willy jeff I'm 46 years old, Living apart from my husband since june last year
09.01.2009 20:43:24 willy jeff will be divorced in July this year
09.01.2009 20:43:35 willy jeff I have an 13 years old daughter
09.01.2009 20:43:49 willy jeff and I'm a veterinarian
09.01.2009 20:43:59 willy jeff My parents are still allive
09.01.2009 20:44:18 willy jeff I have two younger brothers
09.01.2009 20:44:19 jeff willy oh nice
09.01.2009 20:44:29 jeff willy oh ok
09.01.2009 20:44:31 willy jeff And I drive a ford focus
09.01.2009 20:45:24 jeff willy tht is really wonderful about your self
09.01.2009 20:46:16 willy jeff By the way would you please send me a pic?
09.01.2009 20:48:38 jeff willy am jeff am the only son of parent..i live alone with my own house and work as civil engineer..i have two sister parent are not alive the pass by
09.01.2009 20:50:48 jeff willy we are a happy family together here in TX
09.01.2009 20:51:05 willy jeff oh i see
09.01.2009 20:51:12 willy jeff what about the pic?
09.01.2009 20:51:31 jeff willy oh i will ok
09.01.2009 20:51:45 willy jeff thanks
09.01.2009 20:52:39 willy jeff Are you busy?
09.01.2009 20:53:10 jeff willy oh no i was on phone ok
09.01.2009 20:53:43 willy jeff ok
09.01.2009 20:53:46 jeff willy so tell me the kind of man you want to be in future ?
09.01.2009 20:54:11 willy jeff Oh I'm glad to be a woman!
09.01.2009 20:54:27 willy jeff And I don't want to change it!!
09.01.2009 20:54:57 jeff willy ok
09.01.2009 20:55:25 jeff willy what type of man are you seeking in your life now ?
09.01.2009 20:55:39 willy jeff oh, sorry now I understand
09.01.2009 20:55:41 willy jeff Ok
09.01.2009 20:56:17 jeff willy ok sabine
09.01.2009 20:56:34 willy jeff I want an honest easy going, truthworhty man with a good sense of humor.Everytime with me for the rest of my life
09.01.2009 20:56:51 jeff sendet 150791575.img(2).jpg
09.01.2009 20:57:49 jeff sendet MtI0c4034614-02.jpg
09.01.2009 20:57:55 Sie haben 'C:UserswipelechhDocumentsMeine empfangenen Dateien150791575.img(2).jpg' von jeff erfolgreich erhalten.
09.01.2009 20:58:41 Sie haben 'C:UserswipelechhDocumentsMeine empfangenen DateienMtI0c4034614-02.jpg' von jeff erfolgreich erhalten.
09.01.2009 20:58:51 willy jeff Intelligence
09.01.2009 20:59:33 willy jeff You are a very nice guy
09.01.2009 20:59:34 jeff sendet giXY4U165135-02.jpg
09.01.2009 21:00:35 Sie haben 'C:UserswipelechhDocumentsMeine empfangenen DateiengiXY4U165135-02.jpg' von jeff erfolgreich erhalten.
09.01.2009 21:00:46 willy jeff Wow, thank you
09.01.2009 21:01:36 jeff willy thanks
09.01.2009 21:02:23 willy jeff Tell me do you speak German?
09.01.2009 21:02:46 jeff willy can i see you picture too
09.01.2009 21:03:14 willy sendet C:UserswipelechhPicturesPicturesPicturesPicturescasioCIMG0978.JPG
09.01.2009 21:04:02 jeff willy oh no sabine
09.01.2009 21:04:05 jeff willy i think you will teach me hahahaha
09.01.2009 21:05:37 willy jeff Why did you write your native language is German
09.01.2009 21:07:03 Die Übertragung von 'CIMG0978.JPG' wurde ausgeführt.
09.01.2009 21:07:07 jeff willy mmmmmmmmmm one of my friend help me to do tht i don't really know i think it was a mistake ok sabne
09.01.2009 21:07:25 willy jeff mmmmmmmmm
09.01.2009 21:07:29 willy jeff ok
09.01.2009 21:07:53 willy jeff Jeff I think It wasn't a mistake.
09.01.2009 21:08:46 willy jeff I think you did it to give german woman a kind of courage to talk to you
09.01.2009 21:09:07 jeff willy what kind of hobbies do you like best?
09.01.2009 21:09:27 willy jeff Because the most of us have learnned english at school,but havn't the courage to use it
09.01.2009 21:09:48 jeff willy hahahaha i think tht was why my friend did sabine
09.01.2009 21:10:12 willy jeff And I think also you are not the person on that photos
09.01.2009 21:10:35 willy jeff And I know you are not in Uk , you are in Ghana
09.01.2009 21:10:52 willy jeff And you are a young black man
09.01.2009 21:12:21 jeff willy what are you saying /
09.01.2009 21:12:21 jeff willy ?
09.01.2009 21:12:31 jeff willy i don't understand you
09.01.2009 21:12:38 jeff willy wht?
09.01.2009 21:12:39 willy jeff Oh come on
09.01.2009 21:12:51 willy jeff All times the same stories
09.01.2009 21:13:07 willy jeff I heard this a lot times.
09.01.2009 21:13:25 jeff willy mmmmmmmmmmmmm
09.01.2009 21:13:30 willy jeff about 70 guys contacted me under faked profiles
09.01.2009 21:13:37 jeff willy from where?
09.01.2009 21:13:45 willy jeff All young black me
09.01.2009 21:13:53 willy jeff Westafrica
09.01.2009 21:14:00 jeff willy mmm
09.01.2009 21:14:12 jeff willy so what did you do to them
09.01.2009 21:14:18 willy jeff All told meat first they were from UK or USA
09.01.2009 21:14:24 willy jeff Talk to them
09.01.2009 21:14:25 jeff willy don't you like them
09.01.2009 21:14:53 willy jeff Told them that white woman don't hate them because of the colour
09.01.2009 21:14:59 jeff willy then wht next
09.01.2009 21:15:01 willy jeff I like them
09.01.2009 21:15:28 jeff willy mmmmmmmmm
09.01.2009 21:15:36 willy jeff But I can't fallin love to someone, who start with a lie
09.01.2009 21:16:00 willy jeff And iot's allthe same if he is black, white yellow or red
09.01.2009 21:17:06 jeff willy oh ok
09.01.2009 21:17:06 jeff willy i really understand you ok
09.01.2009 21:17:35 willy jeff I still have contact to a few of them like to a penfriend
09.01.2009 21:18:10 jeff willy mmmmmmmmmmm
09.01.2009 21:21:11 willy jeff But because of this way you are trying to find a woman and also of romance scamming, all thinks black people from Africa are betrayers.
09.01.2009 21:22:13 willy jeff These photo of these guy I know with the name Simon W
09.01.2009 21:23:49 jeff willy i just want old lady to date tht is why ok
09.01.2009 21:24:09 jeff willy i have to confence to you ok
09.01.2009 21:24:13 willy jeff old lady?
09.01.2009 21:24:16 willy jeff smile
09.01.2009 21:24:22 jeff willy am a black man i should tell you now
09.01.2009 21:24:29 jeff willy ok
09.01.2009 21:24:31 willy jeff I know, my dear
09.01.2009 21:24:42 willy jeff And you are very young
09.01.2009 21:24:54 jeff willy do you want to see me on cam
09.01.2009 21:24:56 willy jeff And let me guess
09.01.2009 21:25:25 willy jeff Wait I install minet oo
09.01.2009 21:25:28 jeff willy oh not really ok dear
09.01.2009 21:25:39 jeff willy can we share webcam pls
09.01.2009 21:25:44 willy jeff yes
09.01.2009 21:25:59 willy jeff I have just to install wait a min
09.01.2009 21:26:40 jeff willy ok dear
09.01.2009 21:27:16 willy jeff ok invite me
09.01.2009 21:27:55 jeff lädt Sie ein, 'Webcam-Übertragung ansehen' zu starten. Möchten Sie die Einladung Annehmen (Alt+X) oder Ablehnen (Alt+Y)?
09.01.2009 21:28:01 Sie haben die Einladung angenommen, 'Webcam-Übertragung ansehen' zu starten.
09.01.2009 21:28:16 Video-Unterhaltung mit jeff ... Auflegen (Alt+Q)
09.01.2009 21:28:28 jeff hat Ihren Anruf angenommen. Auflegen (Alt+Q).
09.01.2009 21:29:39 willy jeff I's loading
09.01.2009 21:30:01 willy jeff Oh your cam doesnt work?
09.01.2009 21:30:45 jeff willy and your too
09.01.2009 21:30:49 jeff willy let us try again ok
09.01.2009 21:30:57 willy jeff ok
09.01.2009 21:31:13 Video-Unterhaltung mit jeff ... Auflegen (Alt+Q)
09.01.2009 21:31:22 jeff hat Ihren Anruf angenommen. Auflegen (Alt+Q).
09.01.2009 21:31:47 willy jeff oh it's dark
09.01.2009 21:32:06 jeff willy can you see me
09.01.2009 21:33:14 jeff willy can you see me dear
09.01.2009 21:33:37 jeff willy you are such a great woman dear
09.01.2009 21:33:42 willy jeff Yes but just the half of you
09.01.2009 21:34:15 willy jeff You are wearing a hat?
09.01.2009 21:34:24 jeff willy oh really
09.01.2009 21:34:27 jeff willy can you see my face well dear
09.01.2009 21:34:28 willy jeff why great?
09.01.2009 21:34:46 jeff willy oh yes dear
09.01.2009 21:34:58 willy jeff You are a very nice young guy
09.01.2009 21:35:14 jeff willy thanks dear
09.01.2009 21:35:27 willy jeff And you have a very nice smile
09.01.2009 21:35:40 jeff willy and you are also a lovely lady
09.01.2009 21:35:54 willy jeff And I wished I would be a lot of years younger
09.01.2009 21:36:42 willy jeff Search with your own photo
09.01.2009 21:36:55 jeff willy oh it will be cool with me ok
09.01.2009 21:37:12 willy jeff I believe it as soon
09.01.2009 21:37:14 jeff willy am really seeking for a lady who is more older than me ok
09.01.2009 21:37:21 willy jeff but I'm really to old
09.01.2009 21:37:41 jeff willy if you don't mind ok
09.01.2009 21:37:44 willy jeff You have a good face
09.01.2009 21:37:51 jeff willy you are soo beautiful lady
09.01.2009 21:38:01 willy jeff oh thank you
09.01.2009 21:38:32 jeff willy oh i know tht dear
09.01.2009 21:39:03 jeff willy age is just a number and i don't mind if you say yes to me i will be glad to be with you ok dear
09.01.2009 21:39:15 willy jeff I really wished I would be younger
09.01.2009 21:39:33 willy jeff Not age is not just a number
09.01.2009 21:39:37 jeff willy if you only want to be in a good relations
09.01.2009 21:39:51 willy jeff It doesnt work
09.01.2009 21:40:04 jeff willy i really like you soo much dear
09.01.2009 21:40:07 willy jeff Not in my society
09.01.2009 21:40:09 jeff willy haahaha
09.01.2009 21:40:28 willy jeff People accept a mixed couple
09.01.2009 21:40:56 willy jeff but if the man is so much younger, this won't be accept my dear
09.01.2009 21:41:49 willy jeff I see it every day
09.01.2009 21:42:49 jeff willy am just thinking about you dear
09.01.2009 21:43:04 willy jeff Ok, I have to go now
09.01.2009 21:43:18 jeff willy i wish to have you as my lover
09.01.2009 21:43:26 willy jeff It'slate here and I have to prepare work
09.01.2009 21:43:47 willy jeff Yu are very nice
09.01.2009 21:43:49 jeff willy oh ok dear
09.01.2009 21:44:00 jeff willy thanks you
09.01.2009 21:44:04 willy jeff bye
09.01.2009 21:44:19 jeff willy when will you be here again dear
09.01.2009 21:44:44 willy jeff Tomorrow at 3.00pmmy time
09.01.2009 21:44:58 jeff willy oh ok
09.01.2009 21:45:09 willy jeff tomorrow 3.00pm my time
09.01.2009 21:45:11 jeff willy i will be expecting you ok
09.01.2009 21:45:15 willy jeff ok
09.01.2009 21:45:17 jeff willy kisses

Here the webcam-video of the guy behind the pics here.


2009-01-13, 01:39:01   (updated: )
[hidden] from Germany  

2009-01-13, 01:39:01   (updated: )
[hidden] from Germany  

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Simon W or jeffery44

2009-01-13, 01:39:01   (updated: )
[hidden] from Germany  

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Simon W or jeffery44

2009-01-13, 01:39:01   (updated: )
[hidden] from Germany  

2009-01-13, 01:39:01   (updated: )
[hidden] from Germany  




Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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