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Dating scammer DavidBrownChris


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Name: DavidBrownChris



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He is fast.He seems to be mean if he doesn't have what he wants.I got rid of him in a little over a week.He will wait for u to come on line.He kept me on line till 4 or 5 in the morning.I was only getting 2to 4 hours of sleep.This is the first im I had with him.

davidbrownchris: Hello this is david
sbarney45: hello this is Sharon
davidbrownchris: Sharon how are you
davidbrownchris: this is david
davidbrownchris: Happy New Year to You
sbarney45: I am fine TY
sbarney45: How r u?
sbarney45: Happy New Year
davidbrownchris: Ok
davidbrownchris: lets talk and get to know more about each other
davidbrownchris: first tell me what is the time there now
sbarney45: 3:15
davidbrownchris: Ok
davidbrownchris: why are you up early
sbarney45: I stay up late because I work till 12:00 am
davidbrownchris: Oh ok
davidbrownchris: What do you do for living
sbarney45: I work 2nd shift in a factory
davidbrownchris: Ok
davidbrownchris: what do you work as in the factory
sbarney45: i am a machine operator
davidbrownchris: Ok
davidbrownchris: Do you have kid
sbarney45: 3
davidbrownchris: Ok
davidbrownchris: Do they live with You
sbarney45: 1
davidbrownchris: Ok
davidbrownchris: How old are you Now
sbarney45: 51
davidbrownchris: Ok
sbarney45: brb
davidbrownchris: ok
sbarney45: what do u do for a living
davidbrownchris: i buyand sell crudeoil
sbarney45: ok
sbarney45: where do u live
davidbrownchris: Is that your daughter with you in this picture
davidbrownchris: I live in Ky in grand river
sbarney45: yes
davidbrownchris: k she looks just likeyou
sbarney45: ty
davidbrownchris: I am a single father of just one son, he is all i have
sbarney45: what is Ky in grand river
davidbrownchris: I am the one taking full custody of him
sbarney45: ok
davidbrownchris: I have been single for long time, now.. for 15yrs now i have been alone
davidbrownchris: All i am looking for in a woman is for me to settle down with her, Love her with all my heart, Give my trust to her, Give her all my heart , all i have , make her My queen
sbarney45: nice what are u looking for in a woman
davidbrownchris: I would like her to have the ability to handly any family matters with me , share things together, be honest, have the trust in us.. a christian, someone who is ready to settle down, someone who is serious, someone who can always be there for me , a simple and nice woman with a heart of loving
davidbrownchris: Life is too short to be alone
sbarney45: does this include honesty,loality which i believe in highly
davidbrownchris: All i want is someone to Love me and share things together, someone that i can slow dance with, walk on the beach with her, someone i can cuddle around with, in bed, making love together,
davidbrownchris: Yes
sbarney45: i like the sounds of that
davidbrownchris: I need a partner, now
sbarney45: i might step on ur feet slow dancing
davidbrownchris: I believe its high time , i be with the right woman, to give her my love and always be there for her
davidbrownchris: lol yes
sbarney45: why a partner now? why so fast
sbarney45: don't u want to know the woman first
davidbrownchris: Just trying to let you know i need someone i can call all mine
davidbrownchris: Of corse i must know some certain qualities with her
sbarney45: ok
sbarney45: how old is ur son
davidbrownchris: he is 11yrs old
sbarney45: ok
davidbrownchris: do you have a cam there
sbarney45: no why
davidbrownchris: wanted to see you
sbarney45: oh
davidbrownchris: what are you doing now
sbarney45: talking to u and figuring my bills out
sbarney45: what are u doing
davidbrownchris: its already morning here almost 10 am down here
davidbrownchris: I am talking to you
davidbrownchris: when you finished figuring your bill let me know
sbarney45: ur 6 hrs ahead
davidbrownchris: Yes
davidbrownchris: its almost 4am where you are right now
sbarney45: yes
davidbrownchris: ok
sbarney45: it's getting late here
davidbrownchris: so tell me what else i need to know about you
davidbrownchris: I want you in my life
sbarney45: what else should i tell u
davidbrownchris: I want to know some certain things about you
davidbrownchris: what you like to do for fun
davidbrownchris: what you want your man to be like
davidbrownchris: what turn you on and off
davidbrownchris: what kind of music do you listen to
davidbrownchris: do you attend church
davidbrownchris: what is your favorite color
sbarney45: Fun- I like to walk,hike,parks,explore,learn new things,stay home sometimes and spend time with my family,watch movies at home and cuddle,I like attention.
davidbrownchris: ok
sbarney45: I want my man to show me love,affection,not judge me let me be who I am,honest,loyal,passionate,trusting.
davidbrownchris: ok
davidbrownchris: good i'm impress
sbarney45: m favorite color is red
davidbrownchris: ok
sbarney45: i like most an music.i do not like metal or rap
davidbrownchris: I Like just about everything about you, i have never told anyone about how i feel but its happening so fast with you
sbarney45: i go to church.i started going back to church this past summer
davidbrownchris: Ok
davidbrownchris: Good
davidbrownchris: I like that
davidbrownchris: I really want you know that.. if you give me a chance i would prove to you how i really want to be with you. Be there for you, give my heart to You
davidbrownchris: Love you and get Romanced each day
sbarney45: tell me about u
davidbrownchris: Ok
davidbrownchris: I am a simple person in life
davidbrownchris: I like to listen to music, like rock, country, christian rock, R&B
sbarney45: what do u like 4 fun
davidbrownchris: I like to go shopping, get busy with my home trying to make it clean and good looking
sbarney45: how old are u when is ur birthday
davidbrownchris: i am 50 yrs old, i next birthday is march
davidbrownchris: on the 27th
davidbrownchris: and you..?
davidbrownchris: My favorite color is Pink, silver, NavyBlue,white and red
sbarney45: My birthday is July 9
davidbrownchris: ok
davidbrownchris: I want us to meet when i leave here
davidbrownchris: I would like to book a direct flight if its ok by you to come over and meet you
sbarney45: when do u leave there
davidbrownchris: If not for the holiday i could have been home by now
sbarney45: what did the holiday have to do with u getting home
davidbrownchris: Yes because all things down here have been closed, when i came down here, i came to learn about alot of things,
davidbrownchris: I have bought the crude oil .. the shipping company i want to use to have it shipped has been close, they would resume on monday
sbarney45: oh ok
davidbrownchris: I want to meet you
davidbrownchris: i want us to spend some time together , have conversation, have dinner and lunch together
sbarney45: when are u leaving there
davidbrownchris: I would be leaving as soon as i have met with the shipping company because they would resume by monday, then i would go and sign a ship contract with them then make arrangement on how the crude oil would be shipped
sbarney45: ok
davidbrownchris: Immediately after that , i would be leaving the next available flight to come see you
davidbrownchris: Do you have other pics
sbarney45: no
davidbrownchris: Its just this one you have
davidbrownchris: i wanted to see you
sbarney45: our pics disappeared off computer
sbarney45: i will have to find some and download
sbarney45: one other on taggs profile holding m granddaughter
davidbrownchris: ok
sbarney45: every pic i have someone else is in it.
davidbrownchris: ok
sbarney45: my kids or some relation
davidbrownchris: ok
sbarney45: why do u want to see me
davidbrownchris: I have never felt this way for any other woman but you, I believe so much in true love..i have faith in you
davidbrownchris: and i believe you deserve the best, and the best is whati am going to give to you
sbarney45: ty
sbarney45: it makes me feel good
davidbrownchris: I hate seeing people geting hurt, pls i would be very honest, loyal and faithful to you
davidbrownchris: I want to always see that we are together
sbarney45: i like that
davidbrownchris: I want to give all my love to you,
davidbrownchris: I want same from you
davidbrownchris: I don;t want heart breaks at all
davidbrownchris: I would not like it when i am heart broken again
davidbrownchris: I don;t ever want that to come between us
davidbrownchris: All i want is for us to have a foundation that is builld with the Love
davidbrownchris: A solid Foundation of Love that would always keep us together
sbarney45: I don't want to be heartbroken again.
sbarney45: Would u be willing to do all that?
davidbrownchris: That is the reason why i am so happy right now with you
davidbrownchris: Because i want to always love you forever
sbarney45: That's what i want.
sbarney45: brb
davidbrownchris: ok hun
sbarney45: i'm back
davidbrownchris: ok
sbarney45: sweetie can we talk later. I'm tired and need to get some sleep. It's almost 5:00
davidbrownchris: ok
davidbrownchris: i would leave the messenger on
davidbrownchris: and i would keep looking for you when you are on ok
sbarney45: ok
davidbrownchris: Sleep well , would be thinking about youso much ok
sbarney45: ok nite nite
davidbrownchris: Ok Nite Hun
davidbrownchris: Kisses and Hugs to you
sbarney45: kisses and hugs to u


2009-01-19, 16:52:26   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2009-01-19, 16:52:26   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  




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