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Dating scammer livewith1234-Safo-markus kirchner


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Name: livewith1234-Safo-markus kirchner



Other Comments:
Contact over friendscout 24, But we found out,that something must be wrong with that profile. Motherlanguage German and located in NY(see pic 1). No possiblitiy to call that guy the first 2 days. After 4 days it was possible to call him - in Ghana. Before we got a mail where the IP showed Ghana known scammer.

The guy we had the first time on the phone in Ghana and who stated to be Mr.Markus Kirchner could speak German. Not fluently.But he told that he is from Luxembourg.

Another guy named James arrised in that scenario and a further called Safo.

We tried to get all 3 to a webcam session and failed. After 2 weeks here the result:

markuskirchner11 (25.1.2009 07:40:16):
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:02:07): good morning
markuskirchner11 (25.1.2009 08:02:40): good morning honey
markuskirchner11 (25.1.2009 08:02:52): how are you doig this morning
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:02:53): Sorry for yesterday, but I was busy
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:02:56): boring
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:02:59): really boring
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:03:09): when I heard the story yesterday of Markus
markuskirchner11 (25.1.2009 08:03:41): i know you will get bored
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:03:53): what do you think?
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:04:05): that is fake at its best
markuskirchner11 (25.1.2009 08:04:10): because sabine always wants to push me into trouble why is she doing this to me
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:04:20): she will not do it.
markuskirchner11 (25.1.2009 08:04:32): i came to love you not markus
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:04:49): James, you must know: I am not mad. But all the stories you tell to me are just lies
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:05:13): nobody will love a person who he don't know personal
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:05:23): that is a behaviour like a child
markuskirchner11 (25.1.2009 08:05:28): i know you will thinking that am lier and i dont speak the truth
markuskirchner11 (25.1.2009 08:05:43): then why should we be online dating
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:05:51): once again: you lied when you got in contact to Sabine. Right?
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:06:06): you lied about Marcus to me. There was never a Marcus.
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:06:13): and there were never a safo
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:06:18): but there was a James
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:06:23): and that I can accept
markuskirchner11 (25.1.2009 08:06:44): okay
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:06:50): am I right?
markuskirchner11 (25.1.2009 08:07:33): you are right because i am james no one is james again in contact with sabine
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:08:19): ok. Then Markus and Safo are fakes. Fakes of your phantasy because you were under pressure by Sabine and me on the phone. Right?
markuskirchner11 (25.1.2009 08:09:38): okay
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:09:46): am I right?
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:10:14): once again. I am not mad. And nothing will happen to you. I only want to understand you.
markuskirchner11 (25.1.2009 08:11:13): okay you are right
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:11:40): good. Thank you that you told me now the truth. James, I am so glad about.
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:12:02): James, another question to you: are you in Ghana or are you in Nigeria.
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:12:10): I am quite sure you are in Nigeria.
markuskirchner11 (25.1.2009 08:12:42): thank you too ,if it was sabine i think by now she has got me deleted so i do not want her to go
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:13:02): I will talk to Sabine as well. Don't be afraid.
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:13:17): once again. In which country are you.
markuskirchner11 (25.1.2009 08:13:22): am from ghana
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:13:27): ok
markuskirchner11 (25.1.2009 08:13:33): ghana
markuskirchner11 (25.1.2009 08:13:33): am james nartey
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:13:45): yes you wrote it to me. And I do believe it now.
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:13:48): thanks, James
markuskirchner11 (25.1.2009 08:13:56): thank you too
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:14:20): James, I know from the embassady in Accra that the men behind you scammers from Ghana are mostly from Nigeria.
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:14:32): is that right?
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:14:44): do you have a master to pay in Nigeria?
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:14:59): means you have to pay a percentage to him.
markuskirchner11 (25.1.2009 08:15:43): well is true that nigerians brought this to ghana
markuskirchner11 (25.1.2009 08:15:53): and mostly they are on it
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:16:08): thanks - an honest answer.
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:16:32): ok. James, were you educated and introduced to that business from an Nigerian?
markuskirchner11 (25.1.2009 08:17:10): no
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:17:18): ok
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:17:36): means that your master is from ghana you have to pay?
markuskirchner11 (25.1.2009 08:17:42): i am in school and i wish to go forward to my level of education and get anew work
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:17:58): yes I understand the reason why you are doing it.
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:18:24): But I think you are also an intelligent young man: What you are doing is bad for the reputation of your country abroad
markuskirchner11 (25.1.2009 08:18:36): and in my dreams i wish to scool in germany
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:18:36): and not help will come from outside when you are in need.
markuskirchner11 (25.1.2009 08:18:45): school
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:18:47): yes I understand, James
markuskirchner11 (25.1.2009 08:18:55): yes nobody will help you
markuskirchner11 (25.1.2009 08:19:27): will never get helped
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:19:28): But the way I see is: go to school and finish it in Ghana. And then take the advantage to get a stipendium to study abroad. Ask your new government how to handle it.
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:19:42): James, to scam is never a way to get the help you need.
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:20:23): and it must be boring to talk all the time about love and don't feel it. Or you have a beautiful girlfriend who you love from the bottom of your heart
markuskirchner11 (25.1.2009 08:20:29): but is really in my dreams to be in school now at germany
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:20:43): now is not possible. You must learn German first.
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:20:57): James, one step after another. And not all the same time.
markuskirchner11 (25.1.2009 08:21:03): no am not in contact with girls
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:21:26): you are a young man and you need contact to girls in your age.
markuskirchner11 (25.1.2009 08:21:35): when am studying i do not want girls to be witth me
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:21:39): It is important that you grow as a man
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:22:02): yes. But to drink a coffee together is not too bad and will help you a lot when you once meet the lady you want to marry.
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:22:28): You must learn to communicate in real and not only via net
markuskirchner11 (25.1.2009 08:22:33): and i wish to be with you if only am liked
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:23:00): James, one thing: I am not looking for a man in my life even such a young man.
markuskirchner11 (25.1.2009 08:23:18): okay
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:23:24): I am getting 60 this year and a granny. And I am responsible enough
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:23:30): to be honest to you.
markuskirchner11 (25.1.2009 08:23:36): i hope you will not live alone
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:24:08): I have my family, my dog and a wonderful man in France which I meet from time to time. A man in my age.
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:24:37): But he has to stay in France the next years due to his work. In our age you cannot find another job in another country.
markuskirchner11 (25.1.2009 08:25:20): okay
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:25:24): And: he gives me strength to my work all the days.
markuskirchner11 (25.1.2009 08:25:52): what about jasmin
markuskirchner11 (25.1.2009 08:25:58): sorry sabine
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:26:03): and that I wish you also with a young lady in your age. Do you understand?
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:26:16): Sabine is alone. And still looking for a soul-mate.
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:26:47): But Sabine is disappointed by you because of your lies in the beginning. But I will talk to her on the phone today.
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:27:01): and then we will see, how she is when I talk about you.
markuskirchner11 (25.1.2009 08:27:10): please do it for me
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:27:15): I try to help you with Sabine
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:27:35): but cannot promise any result. It is her thing to decide not mine.
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:27:43): so be patient-
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:27:48): and wait and see.
markuskirchner11 (25.1.2009 08:28:26): okay
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:28:39): James, when you are honest, you are such a nice guy
markuskirchner11 (25.1.2009 08:28:56): but do you know i stoped it when i had sabine on my list
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:29:08): James, now you make me laugh.
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:29:16): You did not. I found another profile from you.
markuskirchner11 (25.1.2009 08:29:22): hahhahaha
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:29:26): yes
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:29:44): you don't know what I know
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:29:55): but it is not important
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:30:20): I will call sabine in 2 hours and ask her and then come back in the chat and give you the informations.
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:30:27): would that be ok?
markuskirchner11 (25.1.2009 08:30:43): okay i will be very glad
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:30:53): good. Then it is settled now.
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:31:12): James, when you get informations about Nigerians working in Ghana. Please let me know.
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:31:22): I will protect you as my informant.
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:31:35): But it is important to stop that scam-tourism to your country.
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:31:52): and make them in Nigeria more rich then they are.
markuskirchner11 (25.1.2009 08:32:08): okay
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:32:13): thanks my dear.
markuskirchner11 (25.1.2009 08:32:20): they are here so plenty and more
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:32:28): yes I know.
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:32:53): and it is a large problem for you in Ghana as well. They will get power in your country.
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:33:02): and I think they should not get.
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:33:42): They hide their dirty business in your country and nobody thinks they could be Nigerians and no persons from Ghana.
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:33:45): It hurts me
markuskirchner11 (25.1.2009 08:34:48): but my problem is what i have told you only if i ot to continue my education outside ghana and should be in germany i will be very great about thata
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:35:00): You must know one thing: I love Africa and the people over there. And I love Nigeria.
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:35:04): yes I understand.
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:35:23): Perhaps we can make a deal: No lady in Germany to scam again.
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:35:47): and then it doesnot bother me at all.
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:36:28): because you were honest to me at least.
markuskirchner11 (25.1.2009 08:37:00): thank you
markuskirchner11 (25.1.2009 08:37:21): and what deal is that can i something about that
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:37:42): you don't scam ladies in Germany. That's all.
markuskirchner11 (25.1.2009 08:38:25): okay is that the deal
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:38:29): yes
markuskirchner11 (25.1.2009 08:38:35): then is accomplished
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:38:41): thank you James.
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:38:48): that is a reaction of a friend.
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:38:57): We keep in touch?
markuskirchner11 (25.1.2009 08:39:35): what pains me is that my fellow people here are not willing to got school but to scam
markuskirchner11 (25.1.2009 08:39:35): is not good
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:40:08): yes. But it is normal: They earn a lot of money and when they are used to have a lot of money - education is no longer important
markuskirchner11 (25.1.2009 08:40:21): but sometimes when you are having chats with them check their english and spellings but they always says they are english
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:40:33): but education is the most important in a life
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:40:46): yes I know that.
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:41:35): James, it makes me sad that so much people think English is the only language on earth. Do you know the beauty of your own language and dialects?
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:41:51): you are more impressive than in English. Like I am more impressive in German.
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:42:27): have you ever heard that wonderful sound of the different yoruba languages spoken over there?
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:42:37): it is music in my ears
markuskirchner11 (25.1.2009 08:42:53): yea
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:43:28): how poor must a person feel when he has to forget his own language?
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:43:40): I am so sad about for you.
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:44:30): James, perhaps you think about a proposal in my mind. I know a guy in Kenya. He started like you in a cyber cafe
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:45:05): 3 years ago. He learned there a lot about computers. He build up a little company, he made an east african dating site.
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:45:31): now he is married, have a good income and meanwhile a little son with 6 weeks.
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:45:49): That could be a way for you as well to install in Ghana.
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:46:09): Please think about. That would be more honest than scamming. Or what do you think?
Jasmina Pankwitz (25.1.2009 08:49:26): Will be online in 2 hours again. I think the line is broken. Bye c u later, James

Geständnis Teil 2

markus kirchner (25.01.2009 07:40:27):
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 09:37:33): how are you
Sabine (25.01.2009 09:37:41): tired
Sabine (25.01.2009 09:37:59): Some idiot called very early
Sabine (25.01.2009 09:38:23): on a sunday, the only day Icould sleep a little longer
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 09:38:25): who was that idiot
Sabine (25.01.2009 09:38:36): I fear it was you
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 09:39:16): oh why
Sabine (25.01.2009 09:39:27): it was your number
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 09:40:07): okay
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 09:40:16): so you did not picked it
Sabine (25.01.2009 09:40:28): yes but to late
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 09:41:09): okay
Sabine (25.01.2009 09:41:50): You didn't come back yesterday
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 09:42:03): has jasmina called you
Sabine (25.01.2009 09:42:12): Couldn't you catch some white man?
Sabine (25.01.2009 09:42:32): to act as a Markus Kirchner, or what
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 09:43:50):
Sabine (25.01.2009 09:44:27): No I just stood up
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 09:44:50): why
Sabine (25.01.2009 09:45:17): why what?
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 09:45:50): i dont get you
Sabine (25.01.2009 09:46:22): My dear james, what's up
Sabine (25.01.2009 09:46:43): You know what I want
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 09:46:49): yes
Sabine (25.01.2009 09:46:53): okay
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 09:48:48): am here
Sabine (25.01.2009 09:48:56): I'm waiting
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 09:49:27): am afraid
Sabine (25.01.2009 09:50:02): why?
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 09:51:52): has jasmina called you
Sabine (25.01.2009 09:51:58): No
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 09:52:42): okay she will call you
Sabine (25.01.2009 09:52:57): I said I 'm just standing
Sabine (25.01.2009 09:53:03): why
Sabine (25.01.2009 09:53:36): Why have I to wait for jasmina
Sabine (25.01.2009 09:54:06): What is between you and jasmina
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 09:54:50): she will call you
Sabine (25.01.2009 09:54:55): No
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 09:54:59): am afaraid to say it on here
Sabine (25.01.2009 09:55:05): Why
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 09:55:34): you will leave me
Sabine (25.01.2009 09:56:10): I will leave you, if I hear the truth from a third person
Sabine (25.01.2009 09:59:06): hello
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 09:59:12): am here
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 09:59:48): call jasmina
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 09:59:57): she will tell you something
Sabine Harms (25.01.2009 10:00:14): And you can't
Sabine (25.01.2009 10:00:16): ?
Sabine (25.01.2009 10:01:19): I have to get the confirmation, about what I also imagin from a third Person?
Sabine (25.01.2009 10:01:32): That is what I don't want or need
Sabine (25.01.2009 10:01:37): Good bye
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 10:02:16): you angry now

Sabine (25.01.2009 10:10:46): No I'm not angry
Sabine (25.01.2009 10:11:21): I spoke tojasmina and I know we haven't any future together
Sabine (25.01.2009 10:11:46): You lied to me,again and again
Sabine (25.01.2009 10:12:07): I gave you a lot of chances to be honest to me
Sabine (25.01.2009 10:12:23): I'm deeply hurt now
Sabine (25.01.2009 10:12:43): More hurted by you, than by my first scammer
Sabine (25.01.2009 10:14:14): Another piece of my heart is dying now
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 10:17:41): please forgive me
Sabine (25.01.2009 10:18:17): After all this?
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 10:18:27): please
Sabine (25.01.2009 10:18:38): Al boring 'forgive me'
Sabine (25.01.2009 10:18:40): ?
Sabine (25.01.2009 10:19:15): How many times did I say, that I knew all
Sabine (25.01.2009 10:19:34): How many times i begged for the truth?
Sabine (25.01.2009 10:20:12): You uses a software to change your IP right?
Sabine (25.01.2009 10:20:25): used
Sabine (25.01.2009 10:20:57): You misuse a pic from a past victim right?
Sabine (25.01.2009 10:21:10): And his name
Sabine (25.01.2009 10:21:35): A man like I am a woman
Sabine (25.01.2009 10:21:51): alone searching for his soul mate
Sabine (25.01.2009 10:22:12): falling into a trapp
Sabine (25.01.2009 10:22:34): sending his photo to a woman,which doesn't exsist
Sabine (25.01.2009 10:22:42): Tell me is it so
Sabine (25.01.2009 10:22:46): ?
Sabine (25.01.2009 10:23:01): show me that you can be honest
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 10:23:30): okay

markus kirchner (25.01.2009 10:23:44): is true

Sabine (25.01.2009 10:23:56): thank you, james
Sabine (25.01.2009 10:24:03): That makes me hope
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 10:26:28): talk with me
Sabine (25.01.2009 10:26:42): yes
Sabine (25.01.2009 10:27:21): James, I must say something that touch me
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 10:28:09): please say it
Sabine (25.01.2009 10:29:01): James, i can't say, but I think a lot about you
Sabine (25.01.2009 10:29:38): How old are you really
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 10:29:50): am 34
Sabine (25.01.2009 10:29:54): ok
Sabine (25.01.2009 10:30:29): And are you really single?
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 10:30:40): yes my dear
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 10:30:49): am all alone in here
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 10:30:59): i do my things all by my self on here
Sabine (25.01.2009 10:31:23): James i want you to know, that I have every nigth bad dreams
Sabine (25.01.2009 10:31:56): Dreams about men i talk to, who never have faces
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 10:32:55): i know my dear ,how it pains and feels
Sabine (25.01.2009 10:33:20): Men, who drags my heart out of my chest, and I hear them laughing
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 10:33:55): am so sorry about what i have done to you
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 10:34:13): i also like you but always i do not know the right thing to do
Sabine (25.01.2009 10:34:59): A german word, do what your heart tells you
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 10:35:17): please be with me
Sabine (25.01.2009 10:35:30): James, I try
Sabine (25.01.2009 10:36:10): please give this situation more reality an honest
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 10:36:24): okay i will
Sabine (25.01.2009 10:36:24): honor
Sabine (25.01.2009 10:36:43): Let'make a videochat
Sabine (25.01.2009 10:37:00): but let's make it on MSN
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 10:37:30): okay
Sabine (25.01.2009 10:37:46): Because my cam doesn'T work yahoo
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 10:38:02): i have got an msn too ..but no one is in it
Sabine (25.01.2009 10:38:16): James you make me very glad
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 10:38:31): thank you so much
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 10:39:31): your msn id my dear
Sabine (25.01.2009 10:40:07):
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 10:42:17): okay
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 10:42:53): but i was not feeling good when you said you have a man in nigeria it really pains my heart
Sabine (25.01.2009 10:43:18): He is my friend
Sabine (25.01.2009 10:43:46): I like him very much, because he was honest
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 10:43:56): okay
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 10:44:21): but do you need him in relationship now
Sabine (25.01.2009 10:44:49): No, i need my soulmate
Sabine (25.01.2009 10:45:29): And my soulmate will meet me in an honest way, without any lies
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 10:45:35): please will you like me because my heart tells me i like you so much
Sabine (25.01.2009 10:46:05): I don't understand myself
Sabine (25.01.2009 10:46:24): Because I should hate you, but I can't
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 10:47:01): i know that but is no problem if you hate me sabine because i have lied and lied
Sabine (25.01.2009 10:47:43): Yes, but it's never to late to turn to honor
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 10:48:48): okay
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 10:49:04): please will you like me as i like you sabine
Sabine (25.01.2009 10:49:13): We'll see
Sabine (25.01.2009 10:49:35): Give me 30 min. I have to support my daughter, ok
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 10:49:46): okay honey
Sabine (25.01.2009 11:13:18): i'm back
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 11:17:29): honey are you back
Sabine (25.01.2009 11:17:38): yes, I'm here
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 11:17:59): okay i hope that everything is done
Sabine (25.01.2009 11:18:13): for the moment yes
Sabine (25.01.2009 11:18:39): I just took a look at my profile on tagged
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 11:18:47): your daughter with you
Sabine (25.01.2009 11:19:02): No, she is in her room
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 11:19:27): okay
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 11:19:42): whats the age
Sabine (25.01.2009 11:19:46): 13
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 11:19:53): oh so young haha
Sabine (25.01.2009 11:19:59): yes
Sabine (25.01.2009 11:20:10): I was late
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 11:20:44): okay no problem on that
Sabine (25.01.2009 11:21:31): No, I wanted to say Iwas late to have a baby, when I became pregnant
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 11:21:56): oh what happened then
Sabine (25.01.2009 11:22:35): I think I take not the right words
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 11:22:50): yeah it seems so
Sabine (25.01.2009 11:23:23): I wanted to say, i was older than usual a woman should be, when she has her first baby.
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 11:23:48): ahhh okay
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 11:23:59): sorry iunderstand you now
Sabine (25.01.2009 11:24:06): ok
Sabine (25.01.2009 11:24:28): My english isn't perfect, I know that
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 11:25:13): hmmm alright is good
Sabine (25.01.2009 11:26:35): okay
Sabine (25.01.2009 11:26:41): The door bell rang
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 11:27:10): okay so you have seen the person at the door now
Sabine (25.01.2009 11:27:37): yes it was a school friend of my daugter
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 11:28:11): okay then it seems am going to see more kids greeting me good morning when am there hahha
Sabine (25.01.2009 11:28:26): could happen smile
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 11:29:01): hmm i feel so good to be with school chldren because i like teaching them new things
Sabine (25.01.2009 11:29:09): hohoho
Sabine (25.01.2009 11:29:59): Tell me, look iI like a man on this foto?
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 11:30:29): i dont understand what you wrote
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 11:30:51): you like the man
Sabine (25.01.2009 11:31:13): I told you I had a look on my profil on Tagged
Sabine (25.01.2009 11:31:36): And there wrote a girl from Dakkar a message.
Sabine (25.01.2009 11:31:54): Seems like a scammer thought I'm a man
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 11:31:54): okay i understand you
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 11:32:01): hahhahahhaha
Sabine (25.01.2009 11:32:05): wait
Sabine (25.01.2009 11:32:48): From:Faith J To:Me Date:Jan 25, 2009 9:54 AM
Sabine (25.01.2009 11:33:08): Message: ong relationships.That's the thing i desire most of all, Nothing in life can change it, neither money or anything else.I am an ordinary girl with a big and lonely heart... I don't have very high demands to the second half, I want my man to be sensitive, caring, attentive and understanding.I want to give my love and tenderness to the only man, and after reading your profile,i decided to contacted you and if you are looking for a woman, if you are lonely too or your heart misses warmth and attention,you can find me here and write a note to me
Sabine (25.01.2009 11:34:02): SHE has a really sweet pic on HIS Profile
Sabine (25.01.2009 11:34:32): African girls are really beautifull
Sabine (25.01.2009 11:35:40): Ican really understand, a lot of German men walk right into those traps
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 11:39:51): are you here
Sabine (25.01.2009 11:40:03): Yes and you?
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 11:40:11): am here too
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 11:40:32): i saw jasmina was online but she just went off
Sabine (25.01.2009 11:40:43): ok
Sabine (25.01.2009 11:41:03): You want to talk to her?
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 11:41:09): no
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 11:41:15): because she is offline
Sabine 25.01.2009 11:41:19): ok
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 11:42:36): sabine i like you so much
Sabine (25.01.2009 11:42:45): Thank you
Sabine (25.01.2009 11:43:43): Can we chat later again?
Sabine (25.01.2009 11:43:53): I have to prepare lunch now
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 11:44:03): okay but will continue to miss you from now
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 11:44:04): ok
Sabine (25.01.2009 11:44:09): ok
Sabine (25.01.2009 11:44:25): 
Sabine (25.01.2009 11:44:25): Your buddy has sent you a cool Emoticon, to get it click$V=2,S=102219601$%5c@TCEE
Sabine (25.01.2009 11:45:00): Let's make than a cam chat ok?
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 11:45:12): ok
Sabine (25.01.2009 11:45:18): at 5 pm?
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 11:45:27): you mean german time
Sabine (25.01.2009 11:45:30): yes
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 11:45:40): ok then is 6 on here
Sabine (25.01.2009 11:45:54): ok, is it ok for you?
Sabine (25.01.2009 11:46:05): Or prefer you another time?
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 11:46:12): okay your choice is my wish
Sabine (25.01.2009 11:46:26): hohoho
Sabine (25.01.2009 11:46:55): Turn into a 46 year old man with a lot of horses
Sabine (25.01.2009 11:47:03): hahahahahaha
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 11:47:26): hahhahahhaa
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 11:47:41): oh agae is just numbers said by a scammer
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 11:47:44): hahahhaha
Sabine (25.01.2009 11:47:49): yes
Sabine (25.01.2009 11:47:51): hahahahaha
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 11:47:58): ok so turn into 100n
Sabine (25.01.2009 11:47:59): But horses not
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 11:48:00): now
Sabine (25.01.2009 11:48:09): ok
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 11:48:15): hmmm
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 11:48:40): okay honey when am back online i call you ok
Sabine (25.01.2009 11:48:45): ok
Sabine (25.01.2009 11:48:52): bye for now
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 11:48:56): bye
markus kirchner (25.01.2009 11:48:59): kiss for you


2009-02-10, 00:44:07   (updated: )
[hidden] from Germany  

2009-02-10, 00:44:07   (updated: )
[hidden] from Germany  

2010-01-04, 00:00:41
anonymous from Germany  
We have got a very seldom document where the scammer group around that so called Markus Kirchner is showed on a little video

made during a chat by a wonderful lady from northern Germany. Thanks to her.

founder of



Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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