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Dating scammer Roger Thompson


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Name: Roger Thompson



Other Comments:
From:Roger T
Date:Jan 25, 2009 1:03 AM
Subject:Hello Beautiful

Ever wondered why someone you have never seen will say something that really touches you....when he says hello, could it be something out of the ordinary, or a sincere and heartfelt greeting? Or could it be a ploy at just getting your attention? But when I say Hello its because of the deep conviction that theres more to that beautiful smile that says so much about who you are and what it will be when I get to know you a little more. My sincere desire is to always see that smile on your face no matter what the day brings your way.Just know that your smile is one that makes another persons day worth-while. I hope to have a chat with you and we can get to meet no matter where you are...

You re free to write me through my personal or add me to enable us have instant conversation

Date Time From To Message
26.01.2009 13:04:42 *** Roger T Hello
26.01.2009 13:04:48 *** Roger T nice to meet you
26.01.2009 13:04:51 Roger T *** Hi
26.01.2009 13:04:55 Roger T *** you welcome
26.01.2009 13:04:58 *** Roger T thank you
26.01.2009 13:05:02 *** Roger T how are you?
26.01.2009 13:05:23 Roger T *** I am fine
26.01.2009 13:05:29 *** Roger T good to hear
26.01.2009 13:05:49 Roger T *** where are you from ?
26.01.2009 13:05:57 *** Roger T from Germany
26.01.2009 13:06:40 Roger T *** wow, i am so happy we could have the chance to communicate
26.01.2009 13:06:44 *** Roger T yes
26.01.2009 13:06:53 Roger T *** whats your full name
26.01.2009 13:07:07 Roger T *** I am Roger Deco Thompson and you ?
26.01.2009 13:07:11 *** Roger T my full name is Ute Mayer
26.01.2009 13:07:39 *** Roger T located in Stuttgart
26.01.2009 13:08:39 Roger T *** i see,
26.01.2009 13:08:56 Roger T *** once more, it's nice meeting you Ute
26.01.2009 13:09:07 Roger T *** so tell me, what do you do for a living ?
26.01.2009 13:09:37 *** Roger T I work as a doctor for traditional Chinese Medicine
26.01.2009 13:10:10 Roger T *** Oh i see
26.01.2009 13:10:20 Roger T *** have you got kids?
26.01.2009 13:10:21 *** Roger T and you?
26.01.2009 13:10:33 *** Roger T yes I have 2 adult sons,aged 35 and 37
26.01.2009 13:10:55 Roger T *** oh i see
26.01.2009 13:11:09 Roger T *** i am a widower, i have 1 daughter she 7 yrs of age
26.01.2009 13:11:14 Roger T *** how old are you ?
26.01.2009 13:11:27 *** Roger T oh wonderful,a little pricess
26.01.2009 13:11:31 *** Roger T sorry princess
26.01.2009 13:11:52 *** Roger T I am 59 and in automn I will become60
26.01.2009 13:11:54 Roger T *** It's ok
26.01.2009 13:12:04 Roger T *** Oh i see thats lovely
26.01.2009 13:12:14 *** Roger T hey that's not so lovely to get older
26.01.2009 13:12:21 Roger T *** so tell me have you met with anyone yet?
26.01.2009 13:12:26 *** Roger T no
26.01.2009 13:12:36 Roger T *** age is notting but a number ok
26.01.2009 13:12:45 *** Roger T there was not that guy among who could be my alter ego
26.01.2009 13:13:10 *** Roger T I see it similar,if you are young in mind there is no problem
26.01.2009 13:16:58 *** Roger T are you off?
26.01.2009 13:20:39 Roger T *** you there
26.01.2009 13:20:41 *** Roger T I am here but only for a few minutes
26.01.2009 13:20:48 Roger T *** so sorry i got booted
26.01.2009 13:20:48 *** Roger T because I have then to work again
26.01.2009 13:20:52 *** Roger T yes I understand
26.01.2009 13:21:07 Roger T *** i have added you in my msn
26.01.2009 13:21:11 *** Roger T thanks
26.01.2009 13:21:13 *** Roger T like I did
26.01.2009 13:21:16 Roger T *** did you get my adds?
26.01.2009 13:21:21 Roger T *** you welcome
26.01.2009 13:21:25 *** Roger T ??
26.01.2009 13:21:29 *** Roger T which adds?
26.01.2009 13:22:00 Roger T *** hotmail
26.01.2009 13:22:33 *** Roger T ok
26.01.2009 13:30:27 *** Roger T am here
26.01.2009 13:30:29 Roger T *** having problem with my connection
26.01.2009 13:30:46 *** Roger T yes I see
26.01.2009 13:30:58 Roger T *** add me up to your msn list
26.01.2009 13:31:08 Roger T ***
26.01.2009 13:31:16 *** Roger T yes I will
26.01.2009 13:31:19 *** Roger T here is mine
26.01.2009 13:31:27 *** Roger T
26.01.2009 13:31:31 Roger T *** ok
26.01.2009 13:34:41 Roger T *** did you get my add?
26.01.2009 13:34:51 *** Roger T could not look
26.01.2009 13:34:57 *** Roger T am on the phone
26.01.2009 13:35:03 *** Roger T and have to start work now
26.01.2009 13:35:04 *** Roger T sorry
26.01.2009 13:35:24 Roger T *** It's ok
26.01.2009 13:36:06 *** Roger T fine
26.01.2009 13:36:10 *** Roger T c u later

Date Time From To Message
31.01.2009 18:05:52 Roger D. *** hi
31.01.2009 18:06:03 *** Roger D. Hello Roger
31.01.2009 18:06:14 *** Roger D. how are you?
31.01.2009 18:07:46 *** Roger D. am here
31.01.2009 18:07:58 *** Roger D. the connection is today really bad from here
31.01.2009 18:08:00 Roger D. *** it been awhile
31.01.2009 18:08:03 *** Roger D. yes
31.01.2009 18:08:14 *** Roger D. where have you been all the time?
31.01.2009 18:08:46 Roger D. *** actually i have been depressed
31.01.2009 18:10:19 *** Roger D. why
31.01.2009 18:10:23 *** Roger D. what happened?
31.01.2009 18:11:44 Roger D. *** Its about my business
31.01.2009 18:11:55 *** Roger D. oh
31.01.2009 18:13:06 Roger D. *** it has been weighing me down for some days now
31.01.2009 18:13:26 *** Roger D. do you want to talk about?
31.01.2009 18:14:07 Roger D. *** hang on sone is at the door
31.01.2009 18:14:16 *** Roger D. ok
31.01.2009 18:19:14 Roger D. *** i am back
31.01.2009 18:19:22 *** Roger D. good
31.01.2009 18:19:32 Roger D. *** ok
31.01.2009 18:20:05 Roger D. *** so tell me, how has your day been ?
31.01.2009 18:20:14 *** Roger D. smile
31.01.2009 18:20:24 *** Roger D. you don't want to talk about your business.
31.01.2009 18:20:35 *** Roger D. my day was goo
31.01.2009 18:20:37 *** Roger D. d
31.01.2009 18:20:44 Roger D. *** nice to hear
31.01.2009 18:20:50 *** Roger D. yes
31.01.2009 18:21:00 *** Roger D. made some walks with my dog
31.01.2009 18:21:13 *** Roger D. was on the market shopping vegetables and fruit
31.01.2009 18:21:19 *** Roger D. and relaxed a bit
31.01.2009 18:21:27 Roger D. *** thats good
31.01.2009 18:21:30 *** Roger D. ja
31.01.2009 18:22:07 Roger D. *** I flew down to Ghana for purchase of raw gold directly from the local miners known locally as (galamsey). have readily available (in container), 285kg of 22.5karat raw gold dust.
31.01.2009 18:22:46 *** Roger D. oh gold dust.Sounds not so goo
31.01.2009 18:22:49 *** Roger D. d
31.01.2009 18:23:24 Roger D. *** Its a good business
31.01.2009 18:23:25 Roger D. *** Commodity type Alluvial gold dust AU
31.01.2009 18:23:54 *** Roger D. yes I know.But in Germany the market is down
31.01.2009 18:24:13 Roger D. *** Its Origin is in Ghana
31.01.2009 18:24:23 *** Roger D. yes I know
31.01.2009 18:24:36 *** Roger D. so what happened with that shippment?
31.01.2009 18:24:37 Roger D. *** Quantity 285kgs
31.01.2009 18:24:44 *** Roger D. yes I se
31.01.2009 18:25:49 Roger D. *** i need to give you detail about the product to enable know what i am going through
31.01.2009 18:25:51 Roger D. *** quality 22.5 karat
31.01.2009 18:26:06 *** Roger D. yes
31.01.2009 18:26:11 *** Roger D. I will listen
31.01.2009 18:26:39 Roger D. *** Purity 92.7%
31.01.2009 18:26:45 *** Roger D. yes
31.01.2009 18:27:19 Roger D. *** and i believe you know what category that stands when it arrive the state of orgin
31.01.2009 18:27:29 *** Roger D. ja
31.01.2009 18:28:44 Roger D. *** I have a contianer at about 200,000 kilo gram of Raw gold Dust held by custom authorities at transit
31.01.2009 18:29:01 *** Roger D. ok
31.01.2009 18:29:26 *** Roger D. why?
31.01.2009 18:29:33 *** Roger D. there must be a reason
31.01.2009 18:30:36 Roger D. *** I usually take the raw gold to a Hong Kong refinery - but they cannot accept new orders until May 2010. And i am thinking of engaging a PRC mainland gold refinery to refine the raw gold and then pay us for the fully refined gold. This will involve importing the raw gold into PRC mainland. Would any import duty be applicable
31.01.2009 18:31:10 *** Roger D. so where is the problem?
31.01.2009 18:31:28 Roger D. *** I am writing you an email
31.01.2009 18:32:21 *** Roger D. ok
31.01.2009 18:32:21 Roger D. *** hang on my msn is acting up
31.01.2009 18:32:28 *** Roger D. yes I see
31.01.2009 18:32:35 *** Roger D. have a nice evening.
31.01.2009 18:32:53 Roger D. *** I am still online
31.01.2009 18:32:59 *** Roger D. good
31.01.2009 18:33:15 Roger D. *** I will have to reconnect ok so hang while the message comes in
31.01.2009 18:33:24 *** Roger D. yes
31.01.2009 18:33:28 *** Roger D. I will

Here the mail mentioned in the chat:

I am confused.‏
From: Roger D. Thompson (
You may not know this sender.Mark as safe|Mark as unsafe
Sent: Saturday, January 31, 2009 6:39:31 PM

Dearest Mayer,

I so much appreciate your audience listen to my situation regarding the exportation of my raw gold container that was held by the custom in Holland, after TERMS OF PAYMENT: concluded with the local miner known as (galamsey).which my intentions was to export the container to the usual Hong Kong refinery buyers - which I usually supply but unfortunately I got a call from the refinery, informing me that they cannot accept new orders until May 2010.Immediately I engage a PRC mainland gold refinery to refine the raw gold and then pay me for the fully refined gold. During this period of time I got in touch with a very reliable source in Risdon (Hobart) Zinc Refinery to refine the raw gold and then pay me for the fully refined gold. That involves importing the raw gold into PRC mainland. Import duty was applicable.

After the raw gold tested, I made The payment of the product available to the miner's to enable the raw gold container get to the refinery destination after refinery, however, A contract agreement was made between I and Risdon Hobart stipulating that 8.5%% of the total cost will be paid by the refinery to me, to cover Export Expenses and documentation, immediately the raw gold container gets to its destination in Australia Risdon {Hobart} zinc refinery.

After an agreement was made between me and Risdon {Hobart} i instructed the local miner to carry on with the shipment, After a contract agreement stipulating terms and conditions of this transaction was legally obtained and signed between me and the local miners all relevant documents was provided regarding the shipment to Australia last 2 weeks which was suppose to have effected to the destination Risdon {Hobart} refinery Australia within 72 hours.

After some days got a call from Risdon {Hobart} informing me that the container haven't arrived Australia, I tracked it up and I found out that it was held by the Netherlands custom agency, all document requested by the custom was provided such as letter Of Intent {LOI}

1) Certificate of Origin
2) Certificate of Ownership/Origin Export permit
3) Certificate of Non-Criminal
4} Buyer and Seller signs sales and Purchase Agreement
5} copy of your export documents

After all verification was made on the document tendered, I was asked to pay for custom duty before my container could be allowed to pass by, already I have invested all physical cash in buying and providing all documents regarding shipment. I tried as much as I could to raise the charges but still yet my best was not good enough.


Der Header:

X-Message-Delivery: Vj0xLjE7dXM9MDtsPTA7YT0xO0Q9MTtTQ0w9Mw==
X-Message-Status: n:0
X-SID-PRA: Roger D. Thompson
X-Message-Info: JGTYoYF78jG52jL0v0Ldneic0KrtCL0PuKpiNvG1//WGGno24+tWRo4T6+jz0/maft1mn/HB5d/iLHeQp0PNd6u+ZBosQNJp
Received: from ([]) by with Microsoft SMTPSVC(6.0.3790.2668);
Sat, 31 Jan 2009 09:39:31 -0800
Received: from [] by with NNFMP; 31 Jan 2009 17:39:31 -0000
Received: from [] by with NNFMP; 31 Jan 2009 17:39:31 -0000
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X-Yahoo-Newman-Property: ymail-5
Received: (qmail 23123 invoked by uid 60001); 31 Jan 2009 17:39:30 -0000
DomainKey-Signature: a=rsa-sha1; q=dns; c=nofws;
X-YMail-OSG: MLPCrq0VM1le6Q.jZKfptcHC6Ynm800Suvrn7yqjYysGe_MbAGEkH
Received: from [] by via
HTTP; Sat, 31 Jan 2009 09:39:30 PST
X-Mailer: YahooMailWebService/
Date: Sat, 31 Jan 2009 09:39:30 -0800 (PST)
From: 'Roger D. Thompson'
Subject: I am confused.
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: multipart/alternative; boundary='0-1433510457-1233423570=:22191'
Message-ID: <>
X-OriginalArrivalTime: 31 Jan 2009 17:39:31.0652 (UTC) FILETIME=[DFB40840:01C983CA]

Content-Type: text/plain; charset=iso-8859-1
Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable

Dearest=A0 Mayer,


Gefundener whois-Eintrag von :
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Query string: '-V Md4.7'

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country: EU # country is really somewhere in African Region
admin-c: AFRI-RIPE
tech-c: AFRI-RIPE
mnt-routes: RIPE-NCC-RPSL-MNT
source: RIPE # Filtered

organisation: ORG-AFNC1-RIPE
org-name: African Internet Numbers Registry
org-type: RIR
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admin-c: AFRI-RIPE
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mnt-ref: RIPE-NCC-HM-MNT
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admin-c: AFRI-RIPE
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nic-hdl: AFRI-RIPE
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remarks: to AFRINIC's whois database,
source: RIPE # Filtered

% Information related to ''

origin: AS36954
mnt-by: MLTL-INT-MNT
source: RIPE # Filtered

Why to hell is a shipment from Ghana on the way to China in the Netherlands? It is absolutely unlogical. The direct way from Ghana around the cape and straight to China.


2009-03-12, 00:05:56   (updated: )
[hidden] from Germany  




Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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