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Dating scammer Mark Wood


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Name: Mark Wood



Other Comments:
uses the same pictures like male scammer Olivier Hugo. see here on the site as well.

The guy with this IP address scammed a lady on March 14,2009 in Stuttgart off 500 Euros.

His actual header from today:

RE: christina möchte Sie zu Windows Live Messenger hinzufügen.‏
Von: mark wood (
Gesendet: Montag, 16. März 2009 18:08:25

Thanks so much for ur replay well l still have intrest on you ok, we can find time to chatt and know each other ok pls am looking forword to know each other pls tell me the particullar time you will come online ok bye see you soon take good care of urself.


The header:
X-Message-Delivery: Vj0xLjE7dXM9MDtsPTA7YT0xO0Q9MTtTQ0w9MA==
X-Message-Status: n:0
X-SID-PRA: mark wood
X-SID-Result: Pass
X-Message-InfJGTYoYF78jEeFDEaX/ cCYrY1BNjBz0uXmi18WCnXp6axOtgzjuK
Received: from ([]) by with Microsoft SMTPSVC(6.0.3790.3959);
Mon, 16 Mar 2009 10:08:24 -0700
Received: from BLU130-W20 ([]) by blu0-omc2-s19.blu0. with Microsoft SMTPSVC(6.0.3790.3959);
Mon, 16 Mar 2009 10:08:24 -0700
Content-Typmultipart/ alternative;
X-Originating-IP: []
From: mark wood
Subject: =?Windows-1252?Q?RE:_christ?= =?Windows-1252?Q?ina_m=F6chte?=
=?Windows-1252?Q?_Sie_zu_Wi?= =?Windows-1252?Q?ndows_Live?=
=?Windows-1252?Q?_Messenger?= =?Windows-1252?Q?_hinzuf=FCge?=
Date: Mon, 16 Mar 2009 10:08:23 -0700
Importance: Normal
MIME-Version: 1.0
X-OriginalArrivalTime: 16 Mar 2009 17:08:24.0093 (UTFILETIME=

Content-Type: text/plain; charset='Windows-1252'
Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable

When I put that header into a parser: a result came up shown in picture 1.
I tried another one: the result shown in picture 2.

So that is what we remark the past 3 weeks.These guys do have a clean IP and if you search-you find that result of pic. 2.

Here the chat I had just now with him:

Datum Uhrzeit Von An Nachricht
16.03.2009 19:10:02 christina mark Hello Mark
16.03.2009 19:10:21 christina mark nice to meet you.
16.03.2009 19:10:57 mark christina Hello christina
16.03.2009 19:11:08 mark christina you are welcome
16.03.2009 19:11:13 christina mark thank you
16.03.2009 19:11:15 christina mark you too
16.03.2009 19:11:33 mark christina how are you doing?
16.03.2009 19:11:44 christina mark really fine
16.03.2009 19:11:46 christina mark and you?
16.03.2009 19:11:56 mark christina am cool
16.03.2009 19:12:01 christina mark good to hear
16.03.2009 19:12:03 mark christina well where are you now
16.03.2009 19:12:07 christina mark in Germany
16.03.2009 19:12:10 mark christina where are you from?
16.03.2009 19:12:17 christina mark from Germany
16.03.2009 19:12:24 christina mark and you are from UK?
16.03.2009 19:12:48 mark christina nope
16.03.2009 19:12:56 mark christina am from U.S
16.03.2009 19:13:04 christina mark I see
16.03.2009 19:13:15 mark christina but l do travel cos of my job
16.03.2009 19:13:20 mark christina ok
16.03.2009 19:13:43 mark christina last year am in U.K for my project
16.03.2009 19:13:54 christina mark oh sounds interesting
16.03.2009 19:14:34 mark christina am a civil engineer
16.03.2009 19:14:42 mark christina and you?
16.03.2009 19:14:57 christina mark I am working as a manger in Human Research
16.03.2009 19:15:10 mark christina ok that is good
16.03.2009 19:15:20 mark christina can l see your pic ?
16.03.2009 19:15:23 christina mark yes - but sometimes stressy
16.03.2009 19:15:33 christina mark it is on
16.03.2009 19:15:42 mark christina do you see me on display here?
16.03.2009 19:15:56 christina mark yes of course
16.03.2009 19:15:59 mark christina l cant see you
16.03.2009 19:16:01 christina mark and you?
16.03.2009 19:16:04 christina mark my pic is on
16.03.2009 19:16:11 christina mark oh what a mess
16.03.2009 19:16:19 christina mark but the picture is up here on my screen
16.03.2009 19:16:29 christina mark I will send you my pic by mail after the chat
16.03.2009 19:16:38 mark christina ok
16.03.2009 19:16:47 mark christina send true yahoomail
16.03.2009 19:16:49 mark christina ok
16.03.2009 19:16:52 christina mark yes
16.03.2009 19:16:54 mark christina woodmark15
16.03.2009 19:17:01 christina mark
16.03.2009 19:17:13 mark christina yes
16.03.2009 19:17:18 christina mark ok I will do that
16.03.2009 19:17:28 mark christina can you tell me much about you pls?
16.03.2009 19:17:36 christina mark much?
16.03.2009 19:17:53 christina mark in short divorced, no kids,
16.03.2009 19:18:02 christina mark single and looking for the other part of my soul
16.03.2009 19:18:05 mark christina go ahead
16.03.2009 19:18:06 christina mark my alter ego
16.03.2009 19:18:11 christina mark one dog
16.03.2009 19:18:17 christina mark that's all
16.03.2009 19:18:46 mark christina how old are you now?
16.03.2009 19:18:53 christina mark I think too old for you
16.03.2009 19:18:55 christina mark 59
16.03.2009 19:19:20 mark christina am 50
16.03.2009 19:19:34 mark christina do you have cam pls
16.03.2009 19:19:55 christina mark no I haven't
16.03.2009 19:21:09 mark christina ok
16.03.2009 19:21:34 mark christina well how long have you been in parship?
16.03.2009 19:21:42 christina mark only one month
16.03.2009 19:22:50 mark christina ok
16.03.2009 19:23:00 christina mark and you? Are you still there?
16.03.2009 19:23:25 mark christina nope since l wrote you l delate my profile there
16.03.2009 19:23:40 christina mark oh -you didnot know me?
16.03.2009 19:23:48 christina mark and deleted your profile?
16.03.2009 19:24:20 mark christina l just pick one person and l know that you will respond to me
16.03.2009 19:24:36 christina mark you are optimistic
16.03.2009 19:25:13 mark christina yes that is my faith
16.03.2009 19:25:22 christina mark I see
16.03.2009 19:25:27 mark christina tell me where do you live in germany?
16.03.2009 19:25:37 christina mark I live in the south in Munich
16.03.2009 19:25:50 mark christina ok
16.03.2009 19:26:15 mark christina well am presently in west african right now
16.03.2009 19:26:21 christina mark oh I see
16.03.2009 19:26:30 mark christina am doing my project there
16.03.2009 19:26:31 christina mark and how do you feel in Africa
16.03.2009 19:26:37 christina mark are working in Oil?
16.03.2009 19:26:46 christina mark sorry are you working in oil?
16.03.2009 19:26:46 mark christina like l said am a civil engineer
16.03.2009 19:26:56 mark christina no
16.03.2009 19:27:22 christina mark could be they need in the oil civil engineers as well
16.03.2009 19:27:22 mark christina contructing bridge a road and company
16.03.2009 19:27:24 mark christina ok
16.03.2009 19:27:35 christina mark ah I understand now better
16.03.2009 19:27:36 christina mark Thanks
16.03.2009 19:28:02 mark christina ok
16.03.2009 19:28:23 christina mark in which country are you now if you don't mind?
16.03.2009 19:28:46 mark christina nigeria
16.03.2009 19:29:00 christina mark wow interesting
16.03.2009 19:29:07 christina mark in Lagos?
16.03.2009 19:29:12 mark christina pls apear online
16.03.2009 19:29:35 mark christina you show offline
16.03.2009 19:29:48 mark christina in abuja
16.03.2009 19:30:04 christina mark yes I am online
16.03.2009 19:30:08 christina mark oh the main town
16.03.2009 19:30:27 mark christina yes
16.03.2009 19:30:34 mark christina have you been there before?
16.03.2009 19:31:09 christina mark no
16.03.2009 19:32:30 mark christina but you mention some area there
16.03.2009 19:32:58 mark christina how do you know lagos?
16.03.2009 19:33:25 christina mark don't you know anything about other countries ?
16.03.2009 19:33:52 mark christina nope
16.03.2009 19:34:19 christina mark what a pity -you should when you travel a lot
16.03.2009 19:35:02 mark christina what are you talking about
16.03.2009 19:35:12 mark christina l cant understand sorry
16.03.2009 19:35:45 christina mark ok your business needs to travel you told
16.03.2009 19:35:55 mark christina yes
16.03.2009 19:36:38 christina mark so you know a lot about countries
16.03.2009 19:37:09 mark christina yes l know alot about country l have gone to
16.03.2009 19:37:29 christina mark and now from Nigeria as well=
16.03.2009 19:37:40 mark christina is last week l came here
16.03.2009 19:37:58 christina mark ah I see
16.03.2009 19:38:10 christina mark Mark, I think nothing of what you tell me here is true
16.03.2009 19:38:33 mark christina what do you mean ?
16.03.2009 19:39:09 christina mark Listen
16.03.2009 19:39:15 christina mark I know your pictures
16.03.2009 19:39:59 mark christina you know my pic
16.03.2009 19:40:01 christina mark yes
16.03.2009 19:40:08 christina mark since one year
16.03.2009 19:40:16 mark christina what happen to my pic ?
16.03.2009 19:40:25 mark christina hahahahahaha
16.03.2009 19:40:28 christina mark hahaha
16.03.2009 19:40:33 mark christina you are sick
16.03.2009 19:40:34 christina mark I know that pics under the name
16.03.2009 19:40:38 christina mark of Olivier Hugo
16.03.2009 19:40:43 christina mark He was my scammer last year
16.03.2009 19:40:43 mark christina not me '
16.03.2009 19:40:53 christina mark and you are another one using the same pictures
16.03.2009 19:41:05 christina mark and you scammed a lady in Stuttgart last week
16.03.2009 19:41:13 christina mark I know all about that case
16.03.2009 19:41:18 mark christina oooooohhhh my God
16.03.2009 19:41:24 christina mark so I think it is time to tell me the truth
16.03.2009 19:41:27 christina mark not omg
16.03.2009 19:41:50 christina mark what do you think your IP has shown to me?
16.03.2009 19:42:22 christina mark I think I must inform Mrs.Waziri
16.03.2009 19:42:26 christina mark about your behaviour
16.03.2009 19:43:32 mark christina see let me tell you something
16.03.2009 19:43:40 christina mark yes please I will listen
16.03.2009 19:43:44 mark christina l dont know anything about this
16.03.2009 19:44:02 mark christina cos l can even show now on cam
16.03.2009 19:44:23 christina mark yes with streamer technique
16.03.2009 19:44:31 christina mark listen: you are not the man on the picture
16.03.2009 19:44:39 christina mark you are a young black guy
16.03.2009 19:44:44 christina mark a yahoozee
16.03.2009 19:44:53 christina mark so don't tell me further lies
16.03.2009 19:44:55 mark christina should l profe my self
16.03.2009 19:45:06 christina mark you cannot proofe
16.03.2009 19:45:14 mark christina you call me a lier
16.03.2009 19:45:19 christina mark yes I do
16.03.2009 19:45:26 mark christina l can not proof
16.03.2009 19:45:36 christina mark and I must say the guy I had with that pictures was smater than you
16.03.2009 19:46:10 mark christina hahaahahahha
16.03.2009 19:46:19 mark christina ooohhh my God
16.03.2009 19:46:20 christina mark not hahahah.It is true
16.03.2009 19:46:24 christina mark smile
16.03.2009 19:46:35 christina mark so -come on and tell the truth
16.03.2009 19:46:41 christina mark I am not mad on you
16.03.2009 19:46:48 christina mark but I want to know the truth
16.03.2009 19:47:05 mark christina can l see you pls ?
16.03.2009 19:47:08 mark christina on cam pls
16.03.2009 19:47:17 christina mark I have no cam as I told you
16.03.2009 19:48:01 christina mark ask your Oga what you should do now
16.03.2009 19:48:37 mark christina Oga
16.03.2009 19:48:42 mark christina what do you mean
16.03.2009 19:48:52 mark christina l dont understand pls
16.03.2009 19:48:53 christina mark you know it -it is the boss
16.03.2009 19:49:07 mark christina pls dont let me get mad
16.03.2009 19:49:07 mark christina ok
16.03.2009 19:49:18 christina mark you have no reason to get mad
16.03.2009 19:49:33 christina mark otherwise you will get me mad
16.03.2009 19:49:46 christina mark and that would be not so good
16.03.2009 19:50:42 christina mark so tell the truth or I quit
16.03.2009 19:51:20 christina mark ok- you prefer to be liar.
16.03.2009 19:51:21 christina mark bye
16.03.2009 19:51:57 mark christina ok l want to see you on cam and l want profe my self
16.03.2009 19:52:01 mark christina ok
16.03.2009 19:52:14 christina mark once again: I have no cam.
16.03.2009 19:52:22 christina mark I am using a company pc
16.03.2009 19:52:37 mark christina ok
16.03.2009 19:53:35 christina mark you are silent and thinking about.
16.03.2009 19:53:43 christina mark When you know to tell the truth let me know
16.03.2009 19:53:49 christina mark but that is not the way I prefer.
16.03.2009 19:53:50 christina mark bye
16.03.2009 19:54:04 mark christina bye
16.03.2009 19:54:13 mark christina am not a lier
16.03.2009 19:54:16 mark christina ok
16.03.2009 19:54:28 mark christina l dont have anything to say
16.03.2009 19:54:30 christina mark you are.Using stolen pics.Or what do you call it
16.03.2009 19:54:31 mark christina bye
16.03.2009 19:54:42 christina mark ok then you will have to answer to the EFCC:
16.03.2009 19:54:43 christina mark bye

founder of a German contra romance scam group in the web


2009-03-20, 23:25:29   (updated: )
[hidden] from Germany  

2009-03-20, 23:25:29   (updated: )
[hidden] from Germany  

2009-03-20, 23:25:29   (updated: )
[hidden] from Germany  

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Olivier Hugo
Dating scammer Olivier Hugo

2015-08-02, 12:56:16
anonymous from United States  
I got hit last evening from In a matter of 30 minutes as a new subscriber I was hit 4 times...all had the same story. I live in Ghana, father died, no family, etc. I unfortunately sent a few pictures of myself to the first responder before some of the details came out and the pattern developed.

The following picture is of me not the person that I believe will be trying to steal my identity.

The person I received contact from was called; another was, etc.

The next posting willhave the faces of what I believe to be scammers.




Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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