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Dating scammer Mike Connor


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Name: Mike Connor



Other Comments:
A really smooth scammer using a picture of a really gorgeous man. Though smooth and maybe gorgeous, not really the brains of his operation apparently.

'How are u doing..i am planning my way back to the state right now..i know u don't want to talk to me anymore but i want to come and see u finally and talk to you,i need ur understand,baby i am in sme little problem with my BTA fees right now baby meaning if BTA(basic travel allowance)baby i need to pay the money to the airport before i can leave Nigeria Friday and they are charging me for 900$ baby ..also i have finish with my late father funds here in Nigeria and the money we are talking abt here is 1.5m$ here in banco gulf bank here in Nigeria..i will be transferring the money to my private account in the state..BANK OF AMERICA but i need to be home to do clearance bfr the funds we be release to me in america..that why i am down right please help me i need ur to help me with 900$ baby please baby please i am going to pay u back saturday when i get home,i love u so much and i need ur help me..please call me if u can ...or drop me ur mobile # i will call you and explain to you better baby please i know u are nt happy with me..but please allow me home to you and speak to you in ur face ..i love u and i will never stop loving you....i am waiting for ur mobile my wife..please don't give up in me...u are the best..i wish u have a soft heart for me...'

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2009-12-05, 01:09:22
anonymous from United States  
I posted the original comments with the pictures. I think it's important to note that while communicating, ladies should watch for a shift in the language. There were times where I was communicating with someone who spoke in broken English through email (definitely on the phone it was broken English). There were other times when it was sort of eerie in retrospect - I think a woman was writing stuff that a woman would want to hear. There were definitely times in the communication where the English was perfect and then it was broken. My opinion, but if you can get past the 'love' stuff and realize something different is going on then maybe you will be one of the ones that don't send send money to this person! For what it's worth. This person feeds off of women who are vunerable. I marked my profile as 'widow' because that's what I am. Beware ladies. We can be and are smarter than he thinks - even if you're in a vunerable spot!
2009-12-08, 17:45:17
He is now back on BlackPeopleMeet...user name is TALLSUN, email address is story, except he's not buring his father in Nigeria, he's there on business...
2009-12-17, 20:08:54
anonymous from United States  
Well I am glad I do google people I encounter. I just received the exact email that some one else above received from Andrew Conner, I met him on Black People and he said he was 41, widower with 1 child living with the grandmother. Difference is that he is in Nigeria on business, he did send me a Nigerian cell phone, which is same number I see in another post. But I was not calling anyone in Nigeria, he would have to call me when he got back in US. I did not understand if he were on business in Nigeria why he would turn off his US cell phone. I travel and Verizon does not work outside US, but my phone is still on, when I get back to US, I can get all the messages. That was another flag for me Drats a scam, the photo was cute, he just sent me photos, since he cancelled his Black people meet acount, I cannot pull him up there anymore, He said he just knew I was the one. I was just calling a friend of mine to ask about this, I did have a red flag when he said his father was Nigerian, no offense but they are known for being dishonest. The profile language was ok, but the emails I get shows that the English is not the persons first language. I was getting ready to ask him whether he was a US citizen. I also did not understand why his child lived so far away from him.

I also got another who communicated with me on, he is Michael T, Michale Robinson, for some reason this guy was born in portugal, moved to US when 21, work in construction and just happen to be in Nigeria now on business, he also says that he is coming back in 2 weeks. I thought it odd that I would encounter two people who happen to be in Nigeria at the same time, returning in two weks.

THis is really sad!! Thank You all
2009-12-18, 13:24:39
Miss Marple from Sweden  
@2009-12-17, 20:08:54
anonymous from United States

Im sorry that you have met 2 scammers on the internet.

Whenever you hear Nigeria,it is time to stop talking with them.

you have done the right thing to cut off totally ,and you have

also saved youre self from lot of truobble...

Scammers delete theire accounts offen to use manipulative actions

to get the victims in theire traps.

Thank you to repport this to us here at Delphi!

And please be carefull out there on the internet..


All regards //Miss Marple//

2010-01-16, 19:36:49
anonymous from Canada  
This guy is still at it on blachchristianpeoplemeet
I got an email from him yesterday.He never spoke to me and was in the first email professing love.
I googled in his name and this site came up.This is his latest garbage...

Thank you much for extending your hand in friendship.Likewise I am glad to hear from you!, I agree that LOVE is a ALL POWERFUL. LOVE is so POWERFUL because it is GOD's most distinguishing characteristic,The Bible says that 'GOD IS LOVE' (1John 4:8) which means LOVE is the greatest of the fruits of spirit - even greater than joy, peace, long-suffering,kindness, goodness, faith, mildness, and self-control. I am a man of strong faith and full of GODLY LOVE - unconditional LOVE!

I am very, very serious about LIFE and the things that are important to me. GOD is the most important one in my life for without life would have no meaning! Secondly, family is important, and I have one piece of that family unit missing - that is a WIFE. I am seeking to make you very happy - to enthrone you as my very QUEEN!!

Can You be that one woman in my life?I really want to get to know you much more better,let me say this is the end of my searching,on BCPM i feel as if i have seem you before in person,We are six hour different and i am coming back to the state ending of this month ,my daughter is with her grand mama,she really miss me so much,i ask her to go to her grand mama because she need mother love and care i hope you do understand what i mean also baby i will be must grateful when we are together,well let me know what you think about you and i coming together,i like shopping,movies,dinner,i am very straight forward person,i don't like liars,thief's fighting and yelling i want someone that have good sense of humor understandable woman with respect well ask me more if you got a question....

Your future husband Andrew

2010-05-03, 11:20:10
anonymous from United States  
Mike Connor is at it again. His email is Still using his Nigerian alias. He is now working in oil. Met him on as GODLOVEMESOMUCH!
2010-05-13, 19:46:50
anonymous from United States  
Scammer Corey Gerald Connor of Lagos, Nigeria via Virginia Beach is hard at workon Black People Meet as Godlovemesomuch. and I just want to ask him [.. is the dude who's photo you are using available....? ] It's true that his English in written messages is broken dialect and sometimes it's perfect like poery. I did get to talk to him by phone however but that was when he called to ask me for money. We'd only been communicating 10 days. OMG...He even emailed me a copy of Bank card and passport to prove to me his indentity. But it didn't even look like the guy on his profile page, nor on his fake website Caltrex Oil. Beware ladies, he's smoothe and he'll tug at those heart strings. My son did some online investigating. What a JERK. You should be ashamed Corey whoever you are, using God's name as a part of your own. But that's have to have a conscience to feel shame.

2010-05-17, 13:53:07
anonymous from United States  
This time he's going by name of 'Corey Connor' on and And his screen name is 'godlovesme.' I thought the grammar in his text didn't fit the picture he posted. Plus, I'm a woman who is 17 years older than 'Corey' and I was wondering why such a handsome, young man would express interest in someone so much older than him.
2010-05-25, 02:34:36
anonymous from United States  
The below is from Mr. Corey Connor to me.

Subject: Godlovemesomuch From BPM
Date: Sun, 23 May 2010 08:37:47 +0100

'How are you doing ? Thank you for respond to my interest in you,here is a little about me baby,i am Corey Connor from Virginia Beach VA as you see in my profile and a widower, i have 1 daughter she is 14th year old name Tracy , I on the dating web seeking for my soul mate, after the death of my wife since about 3 years past now i have never dated anyone,i have been single up to date,let me cut the story short, I Like going to the Beach with my woman to Make her happy and talk romantic on the beach hold each other hands together and walk up and down the street to make her proud.

Further more The most important qualities i am seek in my ideal woman is Honesty,i really cherish honesty so much in a relationship,and also reliable,loving and caring woman i belive you are that woman(smile). Love is not about finding the right person, but creating a right relationship. It's not about how much love you have in the beginning but how much love you build till the end.You have all what i want in a woman,i thank the moment i meet you on the dating web and BPM for bringing you to me.

I will take you to be my baby, I am in Nigeria now for the funeral of my late father, i will be coming back home after the funeral. My mothers lived in FL Miami since the divorced of my parents, my father an African man from Nigeria , but my mother she from Miami, i have spent must of my time in Nigeria after the divorced of my parent i had to move down to Nigeria with my dad,i am staying in Virgina beach for over 12 years now. I am down here in NIGERIA now to sell all is properties as the next of kin before i get back home to start a fresh life. That was why i contacted you, i do pray to God that you are that woman who will always be by me for better and for worse. I WANT YOU IN MY LIFE. tell me more about your self.'

Your Corey

I was unable to locate him anywhere in the US. SO I asked questions before I revealed any information to him. Here are my questions:

Ok Corey! Before I tell you more, is this a pretyped email or did you just type this about 30 minutes ago? Also, can we chat?
He never responded o this.

My second email 'Please send an email when you return'.

He is definitely not up on his game....
2010-05-26, 22:08:06
anonymous from Garner, United States  
Imposter Corey Connor's been a busy boy.. Please just remember that the photos he's using are those of radio personality Al Butler of Philly.(

2011-10-05, 18:33:42
anonymous from United States  
I just wanted to say that this scanner had me going until I called him and heard his voice so I started doing my research. This guy does not even speak English very well. Lol ..what a disappointed, but when I realized that he wasn't the guy in the pics, I told him that I was going to visit my rich Godfather who passed away and he was going to leave all his Will....this guy was calling me off the hook!!! Jokes on you, bastard. Youre probably so ugly, you can't get a date. Just in case, you're smart enough to find this site.
2011-11-09, 18:17:54
He is at it again...I can't believe that this guy continues to get away with this.
He is now going by the user name oneluv4real1 on the website
He's The real handsome guy from Philly ..if you're watching this ,hope it helps.

2011-11-09, 18:36:06
Sorry...I meant to say that if Albert Butler is reading this message, this jerk of a scammer is at it again. I sent him a nasty email telling him about himself. This is apparently a sick, insecure individual who is probably fucking ugly as heck ..please excuse my french. I reported him to His new user nane is oneluv4real1
Ladies be aware and pass this message around. If you are a member on this site, tell the men that you communicate with so that they could pass the word around. It's called team work.!! Nobody would want to see their pic on a website. What if it were you or your family? Thank you for listening.


2011-11-10, 20:02:37
anonymous from United States  
Did anyone recognize this picture? I bet that behind this picture profile on POF is hiding a scam. Can you please Ms. Marple check this picture,

Thank you

2011-11-11, 21:29:41
anonymous from United States  
Yep, that's the guy. Verbatim emails from ONELUV4REAL on Black People Meet. He emailed me with the name Kelvin Henderson, but the story and pictures are exactly the same. Widowed for 3 years, with a daughter age 14. Has to finish up on late father's oil business in Nigeria. I knew something was up. There were so many holes in his story. His email said he was born in the UK then he sent a cope of his 'passport' which said he was born in Miami, not to mention it was obvious the pic was cropped adn the passport had no signature. Do you due diligence ladies. I'm glad I saw the red flags.

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