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Dating scammer Mike Connor


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Name: Mike Connor



Other Comments:
A really smooth scammer using a picture of a really gorgeous man. Though smooth and maybe gorgeous, not really the brains of his operation apparently.

'How are u doing..i am planning my way back to the state right now..i know u don't want to talk to me anymore but i want to come and see u finally and talk to you,i need ur understand,baby i am in sme little problem with my BTA fees right now baby meaning if BTA(basic travel allowance)baby i need to pay the money to the airport before i can leave Nigeria Friday and they are charging me for 900$ baby ..also i have finish with my late father funds here in Nigeria and the money we are talking abt here is 1.5m$ here in banco gulf bank here in Nigeria..i will be transferring the money to my private account in the state..BANK OF AMERICA but i need to be home to do clearance bfr the funds we be release to me in america..that why i am down right please help me i need ur to help me with 900$ baby please baby please i am going to pay u back saturday when i get home,i love u so much and i need ur help me..please call me if u can ...or drop me ur mobile # i will call you and explain to you better baby please i know u are nt happy with me..but please allow me home to you and speak to you in ur face ..i love u and i will never stop loving you....i am waiting for ur mobile my wife..please don't give up in me...u are the best..i wish u have a soft heart for me...'

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2015-01-30, 00:42:40
anonymous from Venezuela  
Found this site on Ask. This was a decent arlcite. I'd like to see you take the main point from this post and create another separate arlcite, and maybe you could include a video, also?
2015-02-01, 00:18:45
We deiftinely need more smart people like you around.
2015-03-14, 06:52:25
anonymous from Canada  
This guy is still around and using BPM...using name Mike now 16 named Kelly...widowed in Virginia Beach with an Arizona area code phone number??? and he's still using the same BS lines he started with in laziness can also be added to his 'wonderful' characteristics.

Just remember ladies if it sounds too usually is, lol...considering he sent me like 37 pics as his second email...will start uploading some of the 'new' ones I didn't see here...I feel bad for the guy who's pictures he uses
2015-03-14, 06:53:50
anonymous from Canada  
2015-03-14, 06:54:34   (updated: 2015-03-14, 06:58:12)
anonymous from Canada  

2015-03-14, 06:55:10
anonymous from Canada  

2015-03-14, 06:56:40
anonymous from Canada  

2015-03-14, 06:57:23
anonymous from Canada  

2015-04-18, 06:08:40
anonymous from United States  
Guess he's at it again. He's going by the name of Mike Daniel. He just contacted me on Delightful, Steve Harvey's dating website. Seems to be telling the same story. Living in VA. Is self-employed as a distributor for oil and gas supplies. His wife died a couple of years ago from cancer. Has a 16 year old daughter named Kelly. They are now living in Virginia, previously lived in Nevada where his wife died.

You've got to be so careful about these people.
2015-05-20, 19:13:13
anonymous from United States  
Well ladies he is still at it and his name is Robert Lewis now.
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Mike Connor

2015-06-15, 01:08:48
anonymous from United States  
I met him as 'Mathew Ojeh' in August 2014. Here is his second email to me. It sounded fishy so I didn't reply:

How are you doing? Thank you so much for your letter and for
introducing your self in such manner, I must confess that you are the
kind of woman i was praying to meet , Don't allow distance to be any
problem,all i am seeking is love and honest for us to build our
relationship strong and reliable.Relationship is not all about sex,it
about love,trust,commitment and happiness if both of us can share this
great bond of love together we make out something good in future ,Well
I can see and understand what you meant, Am sorry if you think I am
too fast . But if you know what i feel inside me, you will give me the
go ahead.I like shopping,romantic Comedies,dinner,Am very straight
forward person,I don't like liars,thief's fighting and yelling ,my
favorite color is red,I want someone that have good sense of humor.I
feel God have brought you and I together,I am not wanting or looking
for just any woman to have sex with don't get me wrong,I love sex but
I need someone that GOD have made for me ,that we last for ever I love
swimming and shopping but have not done any of all that in a while
because i hate doing it along.I like cars,I have a red BMW Sport ,it a
nice car Love it,I am thinking of acquiring a Mercedes Benz by the
will of God,I do go to church every Sunday I play guitar,I like
keeping my affair to my self,don't like sharing secret and personal
affair between me and my woman outside to friends.What i do is that i
buy and sell transformer that is use to generate raw crude oil into
variation of place like gas,fuel,petroleum ,kerosene,gasoline and
allot more.

You are so different, you are the kind I have been praying for all
this years baby, since the death of me late wife,I have not been a man
enough to look for another love. But now is the time and the season to
make my self happy and a woman like you happy.I have a lot which I
will like you to know about me, have enough which I will want a woman
like you to enjoy with me and for my family to embrace you as their
own,because there is this spirit in me that tells me when a woman is
fit for me. You may not understand what i mean, but with time i
believe you will see it all.I cant wait to meet you baby. I am 100%
sincere and want to have you in my life,my cell phone is (775)
583-5526 you can call me anytime or send a text message ,don't forget
to respond to this message.I will send couple of pictures in my next
email when i hear from you.

Take Care

2015-06-21, 01:49:55
anonymous from United States  
He is at it again ladies. he's at it.His name is Johnson Gilmore, so watch out ladies all lies. Virginia residence, that's what he states.
2015-06-28, 16:12:14
anonymous from United States  
Beware...on using the name Johnson Gilmore, residing in Virginia Beach, VA with a 16 year old daughter named Kelly.
2015-07-24, 14:57:27
anonymous from United States  
This dude is crazy. This week he is Mike Gilmore. Watch out ladies!
2016-06-01, 05:41:53
anonymous from United States  
Well, well... It appears our 'friend' is back in action. I received my 1st email from him 2:36 am, 6/1/2016. He is calling himself JOHNSON HARRIS (( now. I responded to his 'favoring' me on He was one of the most attractive men on the site, and his concise profile seemed okay. I am not the type of woman to respond back to a man first, but the fact that he claimed he was a widower pulled at my heart strings and he HAD marked me as a favorite first. My 1st red flag with this guy was the fact that he was drop-dead gorgeous, but considering I had several men wondering why I was on the site, I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt. 2nd red flag was his concise 'About' paragraph stating I was his one and only favorite (yeah, right). I just checked the website to copy/paste his bio, but he took his profile down (which is what he said he would do in my email. At least he told the truth about that part). Upon reading the email he sent me, another red flag went up. The letter was so poorly written. It had no periods and tons of grammatical errors. The school teacher in me was cringing! I am enclosing the letter he sent me and some more recent pictures of him.

' How are you doing ? Thank you for understanding the code and responding to my personal email address,I'm new to online dating it was even my daughter that help me set up my profile page,My name are Johnson Harris,I am widower as you see in my profile,I have one daughter she is 16th years old her name is Kelly i live in Virginia Beach,I used to live in Nevada with my late wife ,After her passing i decided to move down to Virginia so i have been here for three years now, I am on the dating website seeking for my soul mate i have been single for three years now,I was Married for 17 years it hurt so bad for you to lost someone you love,life is such a gift,I'm Self-Employed,I'm into Oil And Gas (distributor of refinery equipment & supplies including surfactants,Refinery of crude oil into variation of place like gas,petroleum Kerosene and allot more) I'm open for a long distance relationship i have been through it before with my late wife so i can do it. My late wife pass away by cancer it was very painful but such is life,I lost my dad few year back, He was in the United State Army i am the only child of my parent, My Birthday is April 19th 1968,I have an accent when I speak ( I was brought up by my father) I was born in Miami 6 years after my dad was transfer to Ivory Coast ,we stayed there for 13 years,My mother is Spanish America she still in Miami Gosh she love Miami why my father is Africa America Originally from Ga,I'm a mix race.Anything else you want to know will fall as follow as we get to know one another,tell me more about your self,I am going to place my profile page on hold,so that i can concentrate on getting to know you, I will send you some pictures and write more when I hear from you you seem like a real woman.

Your New Friend
Johnson '

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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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