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Dating scammer Ben Fischer Ridwan


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Name: Ben Fischer Ridwan


18 M bari street owerri, Immo state 23483 Nigeria
phone #: +234-703-919-6208

asking money on those infos: Dr Mrs Elizabeth Eze
#4 uratta street, ptt Quaters, portharcourt Road, Owerri, Nigeria

Other Comments:
is someone received this photo from a dating site MuslimMarriage?, said he is german, and he is an angineer in roads and bridge in nigeria.
but i think she is a woman from nigeria, because the voice don't match with the man photo, i really fell in love with the guy on this picture and his country (Germany), and i'm sure he is not the real scammer, poor man!, i'm sure he is a victim and i really feel sorry for him and for me, because myself i send photos and now i hope the scammer will not use them to scamm another men.


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2010-01-31, 11:43:54

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2010-02-01, 07:56:53
anonymous from United States  
The above letter posted on 2010-01-31, 11:58:43 is written by Jeff Samuel. I confirm it. He used to write the same letter to me and took $40 K from me. I borrowed money for him and now I am in deep debt. He does not care if I am in debt. He lies all the time. Every weekend he meets up with other con men and comes up with new story. Very dramatic.
He will later ask a girl name Ony to tell story on his behalf. He will hide behind her to get money. He is very cunning.

Please don't give him any money. He is a con man. SA-Philadelphia.

Here are his letters to me.....

My Heartbeat,

I understand how hard it is for you but the best you can do for me now is to find a way and raise me the fund to leave this country immediately and to avoid getting myself involved with anymore troubles, try and understand how much I love you, how much I want to leave this country and how much I want to be with you, you are my strength and the reason breath.

I don't want to stay here anymore, Please my eyes are heavy with tears as I write to you.

All my love.

Hugs and kisses!



The feelings we have for each other grew up strongly this hard period and I see no reason why it can be broken. I will stand strong behind you any day or night as long as we live. Despite we never met, as the day passes by, I see more reason to get more closer to you and make things formal.

I forgive you already because I understand your plight and thought you are just afraid to love or trust after the bad experience and the way men treated you previously. Looking at your photo the first day, I looked deeply into your eyes and feel you have not been given the kind of love a woman of your qualities deserve, but God has bond us together to wipe away each others tears, I will not let you down.

Keep faith, love and hope alive! I will be there someday, I can't estimate how long it will take me to find the amount for the contract valued letter of incorporated. It is not just $400 It is attached to the contract valued payment which involves both tax and certain thing, I was explained all this to with a checklist for such cases.

Don't over stress yourself at work, I love you and wants the best for you.

Hugs and kisses!


You are my heartbeat, despite my situation your thoughts keep running through my mind. You are a part of me and will remain till death do us part if you have faith, I am confidence enough, we have gone through a lot together and I feel I can reward you for all the confidence, care and love by being true, supportive, honest, loving and sincere with you. Thanks for the compliment.

Ok, I will learn that good things do come easy as well. Yes If I am told that I will survive this mess up till now they way the pressure was on me at the initial stage, I will not believe it but with your support financially, morally, physically and spiritually, I am here today with healthy with hope and future together with you.

If you don't love me, you will not put those frustration on me because you believe I have to make things right as well being the man on the relationship, I don't have to rely on your for any reason. Things will work out fine for us.

Thanks for being there for me even at this time, keep all my emails, time shall come when we would sit together, read them and explain to each other our thoughts and feelings all this while. I LOVE YOU FOR SURE!

Hugs and kisses!



My Heartbeat,

When I thought everything was over things seems to be hard again, why? I went to meet with the USICS Officers Secretary, she told me the department has be reshuffled but the Officer is still in my custody of my file that she will keep pleading on my behalf to make him issue the signature, I was asked to come back at the Immigration Office again this morning, I will get you the address and name are required by you to see if it works out that way.

Thanks for being there for me and all your effort to get me out of this trouble. I might not be getting emails to you like before as I feel so ashamed of myself for all the stress I have caused you and your loved once and couldn't make it and show up upt ill now, I understand how you feel but I need you to be strong and don't lose hope on me, I will find another job to raise some money.

Loneliness is really killing me down here. I don't know why the documents have not gotten to you yet, but I will try and find out why the hold up.

I love you for sure!

Hugs and kisses!


am free,
like an angel,
and take on many forms

I laugh and I listen
I am never far away
I am never gone at all

I am a friend,
a good book,
or a pink and golden sunset

I am a mothers touch
and a fathers
helping hand

You know me
I am you

You are me
and through

I am unconditional love
and you
are too!



I just read your email now and never saw a missed call on my phone, are you sure you called the right number? Calls are restricted here, I am still waiting at the Immigration for the good news, calm down, as soon as I confirm the approval, I will let you book the motel for at least one or two nights then I will take the rest of the responsibilities as the man in the relationship.

Stop bothering yourself about how to pay the debt, they are not your debt but mine, I will pay them once I am out. I will write more to update you.

Take good care of yourself at the driving test with your daughter.

I love you, I need you to be strong. I don't want to meet you in an 'I' shape, Please relax your mind, I am not fooling you, I want you and not money, I will prove that to you just have faith and believe in God.

My heart belongs to you!

Hugs and kisses!

2010-02-01, 08:40:47
anonymous from United States  
See these are the kind of emails he would send me....
SA from Philadelphia:

1. Hi Dearie,

After our foreman cancelled today's work, I went to the supermarket (That is the only place I can get something little bit good to eat) and I was thinking about you. I really would love us together doing both nasty and funny things together...doing the cooking, running, jogging and seeing the movies together. We have so much to enjoy together. You will find everywhere chile and lemon, on fruits, on fish, on beef, on pork, on candies, never in chocolates. People criticize our affection for chile and lemon, but for us is delicious. Then I hope when we live together I can find fresh chile in the supermarket, if not I never marry you. (I try as much as I can to put my worries aside and talk to you about something else) smiling...

Talking to you about my trouble don't need to bother you as I see as my everything, my only sister, mother, love and to crown it all, the reason I breath! My mother was so tender, so beautiful person, an excellent mother, the best mother I could have, sometimes I was thinking that I don´t deserve to have a mother like her.(The little I could remember about her while I was a kid. Each time I remember you lost hope and trust on me my only worry would be my Mum because she is the only other person I have inside my heart, you are the first and the only, the only person I can talk to about anything, don't feel I am running crazy for writing all this but realize the fact that loneliness is killing me. If I has seen any sign that my Mum is here with me each time you talk to me about anything that hurts me, my pain could be less but at the moment I have to believe on it, but I need to see her with my own eyes, when I dream about her and wake up the sun is shinning for me, cause I could her close to me at least each time I am losing hope on you, I see her telling me she is the right one and how difficult good and lasting relationships comes. I do see her loving me, speaking to me, sometimes she get's angry with me for certain reasons but I don't care the most important is that she is with me.

I need to have my peace, I don't want to continue feeling this pains and struggling in this no man's land to raise some funds to get my freedom with all the thoughts of being with you. I want only peace. Peace it´s the most important thing in life for me cause I lost mine when my Mum and late wife died and gained it again when I first saw your photo and started up communications with you. I am sure you understand my feelings.

I would like to be in your arms right now, to cry until this pain is gone. I need you, I need a family, I am so lonely and sad. I am a successful and hard working man, but very lonely without you. It will hurt me more if I spend my 45th birthday crying and pains in my heart in this strange country, do me this last favor for God sake. You are the only woman who makes me dream of a beautiful family here on earth.

I really believe in you, on us. I never felt I can feel at ease, loving, cherished and treasured the way you care and cried because of my safety, peace and freedom. I thought I can never be happy again in this stupid world but when I met you and I got your three first emails, a hope starts to shine in my soul ( I really can't tell then but with time I felt it for real) and now I do believe that I can reach again a complete happiness with you and our children, even knowing that my mother and the God I worship is happy for us. I am sorry, I can not stop crying now, this letter makes me feel very sad. If you want that I open my heart to you, I have so much I want to lye in your arms and tell you.

Don't look back to help me.

Have a nice day.

I wish you are here to cuddle me.




I sent email to you earlier at your work email address. I don't vanish when you send me money the only thing is the process of receiving the money down here, before I can receive any money from you due to the absence of my id, I will have to wait for the lawyer first, with a written note from him or a phone call to the Western Union it covers me up and each time I receive the money I will have to be careful how to manage and lodge it into the lawyers account due to how corrupt and rough the streets are. Don't feel you are only giving and not receiving, I want you and not the money but If your son feels I am not the right man for you, all you got to do is just give me your convenient time and period to visit maybe we can see at a hotel when I come over talk things over and see if the chemistry flows physically.

But I swear to God, I see no reason to resist you as my life partner because you brought the man in me, changed my life when I feel the world is turning on me, gave me hope and new beginning.....What else do you think a man wants in a woman?

I'm not gonna harm you or the kids, Okay? Don't be afraid, even if you don't want to meet me now let me know your convenient time but I have to leave this country now. You never done anything wrong, trust me!

I love you for sure.

Hugs and kisses!


2010-02-01, 15:10:12
anonymous from United States  
So far following addresses Jeff Samuel has given to me:

107 MCC Uratta Rd, Owerri
Imo State, Nigeria

18 Mbari Street,
23483 Nigeria.

Name: Segun Adegoke
Address : Plot 52,Immigration Qtrs. Onitsha Rd.
Owerri, Imo State. Nigeria 23483

He told me that this man works in US Embassy. He told me to send money at his address or at
Name: Ebere-Njoku Ugochukwu
Address: Plot 47, Flat 1 Immigration Qtrs. Onitsha Rd.
Owerri, Imo State. Nigeria 23483

Jeff Oniel-Samuel
74 Kingsland High St, London, E8 2NT
Eye Colour: Green
Hair Colour: Black
Height: 5ft11
Age, 45+


Jeff Oniel Samuel
15 Arica Rd, Brockley
London SE4 2PY

He jots down any address and sends it asking for money. One time I found out that he had given me the address of a bank.

8527 Hearth Dr 77054
Texas, USA
Phone: 713 931 2951
I went to this address but he was not there. He did not give me the apartment number. A lot of Nigerians were living in this complex.

SA from Phl.
2010-02-03, 02:07:50
hi all

thanks a lot for posting this!!!! you saved me too. i got this contact but i found it very fishy- so just googled the phone number (ok i love you too, google!) - and voila- saw this thread.

thanks a lot everyone for posting your comments and experiences! - i think you saved some other women.

my heart goes out to the woman who have lost money to this b.....! sorry ladies but be careful.

2010-02-03, 06:35:41
address, mail,email,photograph and phone number
2010-02-03, 06:44:16

Thank you all for this thread, has saved me from troubles...
He sent me this email... and many more...

Hello Dear,

How are you today? Thanks for your sweet response, I appreciate. I want to give you a snapshot of myself, just to let you know who the real Gerald is.

I have a Hindu family background, but I am moderately religious. I respect people beliefs, I am not against different religions, all that matters is what one feels inside of his/her heart.

I am an Engineer, An international Contractor, I work on contract basis, I am fully into amendments and reconstruction of roads and bridges, I do seek/go for a contract bidding, If the contract is being awarded to me, I do set up a crew to execute the project, I start and conclude a project with my money and after a job well done, I would be paid.

I was born 20th of December 1965, I just turned 44 years.

I have a mixed family race, My Mum is from Indian, Goa, Old Goa, While Dad is from the Greek Origin. My Parents are expired and I am the only child of my late Parents.

I got married 10 years ago and lost my wife 3 years later, I do not have kids, but I am willing to be a proud Dad someday.

I am originally from Florinis County, Athens, Greece. I had my Masters and Bachelors of science in Athens University, Greece, I have been to so many country due to the position of my job. I officially relocated to USA, Chicago, Illinois, few weeks back, I live there alone, I have not settled in my own house yet, I plan to retire and settle down as well as soon as am through with the project ahead.

I know that distance matters a lot when in search of a life partner, I am only looking for a good woman with a beautiful heart. I am not discouraged by our different cultural background, religion, age, all that matters to me is the happiness we'll both share together in future as best friends/future partner.

Please feel free to ask me questions and I will gladly respond.

Waiting to read a lot about you and your photos.

Please reply.

Have a funfilled day.

2010-02-03, 06:45:36   (updated: 2010-02-03, 07:33:46)

Another email from Gerald Tahil ...
Hello Dear,
How are you today and how is life out there? Thanks for telling me about you in a detailed biography, I feel we've known each other for long after reading through it. However, I'll love to know more and more as the communication progresses.
I love what you wrote about yourself, you are an interesting personality.
I have some questions for you:
How do you normally spend your daily activities?
What are your plans for the next five years?
Are you ready to love and be loved?
Have a blessed day.
Waiting to read from you,
Please reply,
2010-02-03, 06:46:38   (updated: 2010-02-03, 07:09:26)
does it sound familiar???
Hello Dear,
How are you today and how is life out there? Thanks for telling me about you in a detailed biography, I feel we've known each other for long after reading through it. However, I'll love to know more and more as the communication progresses.
I love what you wrote about yourself, you are an interesting personality.
I have some questions for you:
How do you normally spend your daily activities?
What are your plans for the next five years?
Are you ready to love and be loved?
Have a blessed day.
Waiting to read from you,
Please reply,
2010-02-03, 06:48:44
Email from Gerald Tahil...

Hello Dear,

How are you and How is life out there?

Its so nice to read from you again. Wow!!!!!!!!! That was a very sweet email to get from you, it appears you have a sweet sense of humor, I love that. Reading through your email, i found out we have great things in common. Its really my pleasure meeting you, your email really made me giggle.

I am moderately religious, I don't follow any religion. I hope to grow stronger spiritually. I pray and hope my future partner will help me archive that. I want my partner to be religious, it will really help me too.

I am looking for that special woman, who always believes in herself, Someone that can look herself in the mirror and know that she is important to humanity that is to say that she has to be very confident of her looks and her personality. I want a woman that understands the real meaning of commitment, someone who accepts the fact that there would be disagreements but would also be patient enough to talk the issues over. I am not abusive(physically, verbally or mentally), I don't do drugs and I want the same too from my partner. I am not looking for a perfect woman, I just want someone to complete me.

Things that makes me smile are the little things that looks like it doesn't matter, like blowing me a kiss after a phone conversation, holding my hands, whispering sweet things to my ears, cuddling while watching a movie, doing things together, like I love the outdoors so working outdoors also makes me feel good. I love to exercise so I enjoy long walks.

What I dread most in a woman in nagging(not being patient), I want my woman to be confident and trust me, so I get very turned off when she starts listening to the world instead of her heart. I also dread laziness.

I really don't know how to describe myself more and more to you aside the little at first, but believe me I have a good heart. I am a man of my words, I rarely make promises but I try to keep them when I make them. I am very affectionate and caring, I have a good sense of humour (it keeps the wrinkles away). I am very beautiful on the inside, I have a lot of love to offer to the right woman but the last thing I want is to have my heart broken.

A relationship means a lot to me, love to me is happiness giving back and forth. Love is like a river, never ending as it flows, but gets greater with time. A relationship is like every other good thing in life attracts responsibility, some both parties should bring out their time to make it work, it takes you by surprise at first, but keeps you warm for a long time.

I love all you wrote and honestly I cant wait to meet you. Just pretend to be dreaming, Your dream will come true, Two heads are better than one, putting heads together, you can move the mountain. I think i have all it takes me make you smile and happy. (Laughs)

I have no red flags from all you said in your email, I believe we could share something beautiful together. It is not easy with me being so far away from you right now, but I know that with constant communication we would get a long way. You never know how far you can go from the moment you thought it has ended.

I love Jazz music.

I love taking a long walk during my free time, while I say a silent prayer. I also love reading, cooking, reading and watching wild life documentaries.

I like white, blue, black and yellow too.

How was your day?

Have a blessed day.

Waiting for your reply,

Your new friend
2010-02-03, 06:50:01

from Gerald Tahil

Hi Dear

How are you today? Sorry for my late response, I am so busy putting lots of things together. I got the contract, I will be catching up a flight to Taranto city in southern Italy, to clear up the equipments and materials I ordered for the project ahead. I will ship all the equipments down to the contract destination (Africa) as soon as its been cleared.

The new project is taking place in Africa, Nigeria precisely. I have never been to Africa, even though I heard stories about Africa, I would be needing your prayers for safety. I have made all the necessary estimations and arrangements to get the project done in 3 weeks. I pray everything works out for us. I will meet you face to face after 3 weeks, this is the only way I can formalize this relationship. It will also help us know if we are compatible or not.

I will come over to you directly from Nigeria, after the project if we find each other more interesting. You have been in my thoughts, I want to take out time and build this relationship with you and see what the future holds for us. We are not getting any younger, it will be my pleasure to start up a new family as soon as possible. I need you to understand that in a relationship there must be little mistakes but we are to put heads together and get them sorted out.

I have just instructed my Personal Adviser to travel down to Africa, make arrangements for native laborers, base-camp and apartments before I come over, He left yesterday, I was busy all through making sure all his traveling documents were in order and his safety. His name is Glen, He is the only one I trusted to tell about you.

It will be my pleasure to visit you after this project which would be the next 3 weeks, I want to meet you face to face. Am I welcomed? But before then lets be honest, sincere and trust each other to make this relationship work out for us. Please always pray for us.

Tomorrow is also my day off, I'll love to chat with you on phone as soon as I get back from the clinic. Can we talk tomorrow? I want to talk to you before I leave for Africa.

How is your day going?

Thinking of you,
Hugs And Kisses,
2010-02-03, 06:51:40
From Africa

Hi Dear,

Thanks a lot for putting endless smiles on my face, you really made me giggle with this mail. I got your photos, you look good. You are a very beautiful woman I must confess, but looking deeply into your eyes, I see you've not been given the kind of love and attention a woman of your quality and status deserve.

I love your guts and strength as a woman, I must be very lucky to have caught your attention....I must confess (Smiling) You are an interesting personality.

What would make you the happiest woman you have ever been?

What is something you have always wanted to tell someone very close and dear to you and never have as of yet?

If you could be a piece of an artwork, what type would you be and why?

What are you most proud of in life?

My Job position is centered on reconstruction and amendments of roads and bridge.

Please try as much as you can to keep in touch through emails, I travel a lot, but I will give you more attention after this project, please make out time to email me on daily bases.

Keep in touch.

Hugs And Kisses!
2010-02-03, 06:53:27
from Gerald Tahil...

Hi Dear,

How are you today?

How's the weather over there and how are things generally? I arrived Nigeria safely, I had a smooth trip with thoughts of you in me. Glen managed to arrange everything for me, including getting me a new phone line, an apartment, base camp and local laborers. My phone number is +234 806 042 9835, feel free to call me anytime or send me sms messages.

I am seriously trying to adapt to the new environment, I believe I'll get used to it, its only a matter of time. The only problem I am having now is the food, I don't like their food. I just moved into the apartment Glen found, things would be easier for me, I don't really like the hotel distance.

Yesterday, Glen and I were busy mounting all the equipments, some are still on its way. The project site is almost ready, work starts fully tomorrow.

Today, I went out to do some shopping, I got household equipments for the new apartment, things like Kitchen Utensils, Generator set, Air-conditioner, and other household materials that would be needed. I can't wait to set up the house and cook my own meals, I know how to cook very well, that way I won't suffer for meals anymore, I will always cook my meals down here, this country is very far from developed countries, its always hard to get what you want.

This is Africa, things are really different, The Electricity is not stable, their weather is too hot, everything down here is quite different from ours, I pray to finish up my job quickly and leave the country immediately, can't wait to meet you face to face, I feel we are progressing.

I love music a lot, I am bored here, I am truly looking for things that will keep me very busy. Do you love music too? Can you play a musical instrument? How about dancing? Can you dance? Do you love ball room dance? I can dance and can also teach you how to dance, would you love to learn from me?

Please start counting the days for me, work starts tomorrow. I will do my best and meet you soon.

Tell me more about your day.

Waiting to read from you,

Please reply,

Hug and Kisses!
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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