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Dating scammer Ben Fischer Ridwan


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Name: Ben Fischer Ridwan


18 M bari street owerri, Immo state 23483 Nigeria
phone #: +234-703-919-6208

asking money on those infos: Dr Mrs Elizabeth Eze
#4 uratta street, ptt Quaters, portharcourt Road, Owerri, Nigeria

Other Comments:
is someone received this photo from a dating site MuslimMarriage?, said he is german, and he is an angineer in roads and bridge in nigeria.
but i think she is a woman from nigeria, because the voice don't match with the man photo, i really fell in love with the guy on this picture and his country (Germany), and i'm sure he is not the real scammer, poor man!, i'm sure he is a victim and i really feel sorry for him and for me, because myself i send photos and now i hope the scammer will not use them to scamm another men.

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2010-02-03, 18:51:40
anonymous from United States  
Some more....

My Dearest ,

Thanks for all your support, spiritually , financially and morally. Despite all the stress I am causing you I need you to understand that your happiness, security and comfortability has been my interest, It means more to me than anything else. I need you to understand how important it is If you find a way and send me the money to clear my problems and give me a new life and beginning instead of allowing me to either rotten in jail while pushing up the issue without documents to prove who exactly I am or leave the country through the deportee camp, It's a bad name.

Plead with her, let her understand there is a little more delay. I promise to repay her with a double of the fund when I come over.

Attached are the photos, Please don't be mad at me because of the tattoo, I removed it long time ago.

Can you hear my heart calling you?

Hugs and kisses!


2 Jeff Samuel did not like me 'nagging' him calling him names....

Hello ,

You are getting it all wrong, I don't expect you to keep calling me a con man or nagging me after all you sacrificed for me, Letting you down that means I am a coward. I expect you to encourage me and fight this freedom once and for all. I have been busy all through today trying to put things right, The Lawyer agreed to help with the remaining funds, I forwarded David's informations together with your full names, email addresses and phone number to Metropolitant Police and EFCC to investigate David, They will be in touch with you one of this days. I AM NOT A CON MAN.....PLEASE! I AM IRISH AND NOT A NIGERIA.

Expect a copy of my passport with the rest of other documents as soon as the Lawyer is done with them, I am really working very hard to break this distance between us to clear all the doubt. I couldn't come online last night because it rained all through.

I want you and you alone not your money. Don't stop loving me, I truly love you from the dept of my heart and will not let you down no matter what time brings.

I will write again, It is getting late.

Hugs and kisses!


3. Jeff Samuel wrote same letter as Gerald:.... He keeps telling he is getting dark.
He is a black Nigerian.
SA- Philadelphia

My Queen,

Stop losing hope about this relationship, I found out my messenger was on all through while I was away. The response from the Lawyer's side is giving me no hope, I talked to the Immigration Officer in charge of my file, he said I have to go look for the money instead of depending on the Lawyer. I went to the site to meet with the foreman and the local contractors, I never knew nice people still exist here in Nigeria despite the suffering in those areas, there are still good Christians. The way all of them were staring at me, I thought I was scaring them but later I realized they are suprised to see a man with my kind of looks, both the colour and dressing, I visited this town (Village) at the out sketch Owerri and Port-Harcourt. It was fun all the way, Let me tell you the stories of everything that happened, It is one of my great periods here in Nigeria, I am writing a book in regards to all I am going through here and I am ready to protest and fight the Government when I leave the country because I wouldn't want someone else from my country or else where in America, Asian or Europe to suffer the same as I did here.

I am getting dark here, the weather is too hot even this raining season then I wonder what it would look like during the dry season. The women here at the Village found me more attractive, they were all staring at me but I put my head down a lot and ceased not to make eye contact or when they called on me to come and talk to them I would stay with the men. There cars here doesn't have sit belts and when I went to the family I visited I sat on the floor and they were washing their cloths with a stone, there are no washing machines. They made a home made flat bread for me to eat at first earlier this morning, the children got excited with me and wanted to touch my skin and just sit close.....I feel they look in wonder at my colour or whatever. You wouldn't believe a lot of people living in one room, A family lived with brother, mother, husband and children in one room in a shanty, Parents and children sleeping together. The oldest woman there being there grandmother wanted me to sleep over on her bed but I wouldn't take it, I found it humbling but kind of happy compared to all the rest of the days I spent suffering down here, probably one of my happiest ever since I came to Nigeria.

I kids there were incredible, they would say what is this? what is that? and I would gentle explain everything to them. With the family I was with, they took me out to a sugar cane farm to visit their relatives but they had never been close to white men before, they killed a chicken in my honour and cooked hot chillie food. I gave a young boy #1000 Naira and he said God bless you, I thought maybe he would go to a shop and buy ice cream or lollies no that was not so, you see he hadn't had a proper food for many days and he ran to the market and bought food for his mother to cook that made me see thing Archanaa in other ways. No I didn't realize the same for the young child out the back, he also ran to purchase food for a meal that would feed the whole family, Who was saying God bless you so excited and made think for what this world is like.

The women on the other hand, well I got whistled at driving in a van because for my safety with the workers in the field they would call me and smile and wave, they tried calling me out but I never went, they would say let us help you learn the language or let us teach you to ask what you would like for dinner I smiled and said no. I had to stay in a small building with a lot of family where there is laughter and happiness because that is all I ask for at this time maybe they don't have everything material but they have much more to offer. If not for the Government that is corrupt and danger at the city that is why people suffer but now I got something to talk about when I come over, I have so much experience and will love to lye in your arms and tell you....I would make a good movie (Smiling) I really wonder why I would be going all through this even as an orphan, there was a time I asked myself this question....Why is my own life so different, complications all through? Sometimes I feel inadequate for stressing you out with my problems but to be frank, sincere and honest, I got no one else I can talk to about my problems than you. So please don't be mad at me each time I talk to you about my problems. God is in control that is my believe.

There is no help either the EFCC or Embassy will render now as all we need is the cash, try and raise the fund for me instead of looking up to the Lawyer because his response is not enough for me. Next weekend would be my last weekend here in Nigeria.

All my love with love and sincerity.

Hugs and kisses!

I love you.


No matter what name he now uses, women know that it is Jeff Samuel. - SA

2010-02-03, 18:53:21
anonymous from United States  
Today I went to a spirit medium. He is a well known medium who comes in news.
He told me that his spirit guide told him that Jeff Samuel a CON MAN.
He has conned other women. He is a young soul at a lower level.
2010-02-04, 04:05:35
anonymous from France  

I am a Greek citizen, I have already contacted the Greek Embassy. They could not help me financially, but they have appointed a lawyer to help in negotiations and meetings here on earth.

The best you can do for me is help me with the remaining funds (Money), I will repay with interest rates. This country is too dangerous for me, I want to make this nation and leave the country immediately.

Please reply

2010-02-04, 05:16:16
anonymous from Guam  
rating im reading some of these comments and i just noticed that the scammer who milked me out my my saving wrote me the same letter with some different wording.................this is fuckn believable.............just to think reading the letters from my scammer made me really want a relationship with him. he is nothing but a loser. hope he rots in hell with all these animals

2010-02-04, 05:35:36
2010-02-04, 08:14:43
anonymous from United States  
Jeff Samuel/Gerald puts his profile in all dating sites. I actually contacted some sites to remove his profile. But does nothing. I have contacted FBI/police but they do nothing. Jeff once told me he is in Texas. I went to the address and could not find him. I contacted the police and they checked the records to confirm that Jeff never came to TX. He lies a lot. His parents did a poor job of raising him. He is not a human being. He is devil. I can't even call him an animal because animals give real love. Jeff/Gerald is a creature of low vibration.

I have a feeling he is involved with terrorists groups too. He reads about religions a lot and uses it to con loving and caring women. He targets women who are spiritually waking up. They are vulnerable because God is waking them up. He uses God's names to con them.

The spiritual medium I went to last night told me that he is a low level dark soul. That is why he is doing this. He is doing it to many women.

I was the one who started publishing his emails. I was conned emotionally and economically. I took loans for him. Many times he wrote that he is coming to see me to get married. He is angry at me for exposing him. He said I have dented his image. He tells he is a rich man but he does not understand why then he asks women only for money!! Just because women are kind does not mean they are fools.

He is very dangerous man. Please don't send him any money. I am praying to God so that this man wakes up and stops this hurting game. - SA
2010-02-04, 08:38:09
anonymous from United States  
This is how he used to put pressure on me. When I asked him if his daughter or mother or sister gets in a situation like I am in what would he suggest. He did not answer. After corning him for long he said he will tell them to beg money to people for a (con) man like him. - SA

My Dearest,

It hurts me so much, you have people who can help us settle this situation and yet you left it to bother you and on the process hurting me and keeping me back in this godforsaken country.

You have to do something and get me out of this country.

Hide your pride, cry to those people to help us. You must not tell them that you need the money to get me out of Nigeria.

Both of us need our peace / happiness.

Be brave and strong.
I am expecting a positive response from you.
I love you for sure and wants to be with you.

I owe both you and the kids a lot, my conscience is bothering me, help me to help you.

Hugs and kisses!


Are you out of your senses?

What are you talking about?

I am so disappointed about you.

Why are you still cooking up stories, making up things for no reason?

I am surprised at your act, the community people don't even trust the negotiation anymore, they just changed, they are too mean to me.

Thanks for all your support all the way, I will repay you if that is all you want but must come knocking on your door someday at least to change your bad thoughts about a human being of the same creature as you. You call me names and fight me always, Do you think it's the best thing? You wished I am dead, how would you feel If I treat you same way?

God in heaven knows the best.
Have a lovely day.

My Dearest ,

I don't know what you are talking about, Did you make any further transfer to Onyi?

As for the meeting, It didn't work out as I wished but Gabriel gave his words to talk to the community people again on my behalf, I will keep you updated, Okay?

My heart belongs to you.
You should knows this.
Please stop hurting me with those words, I feel so afraid to tell you things because of your approach and most especially the kind of names you call me, It annoys me.
We are not meant to be fighting every single moment.
I love you for sure.
Hugs and kisses!

My Dearest,

I feel so much pain on the inside, my heart is bleeding, full of frustration.

I have to say I wake up thinking of you, I had to make sure I write you.

I am being asked if there is any negotiations with the community so I would be allowed to leave United States to my country.

Are you making any negotiations? I was told they contacted you for negotiations through a little girl called Onyinye, Is that true?

I was kind of relieved when I found out I am in Texas hoping it will be easier to come and see you but this is cruel! you are kilometers away, I can not hold you in my arms, I can not kiss you, I can not talk to you, I can not know you better, I can not see your eyes, I'm really, really sad, when this pain is going to end?

I was happy to read you, but suddenly I got sad when I saw you are not here, beside me, close to me...


I'm crying.

Bye for now my love I hope to feel better about us later.
I'm feeling sad.
Make negotiations to let me come over to meet with you from here.
I don't want to go back to Nigeria.
Hugs and kisses!

Let me tell you something, I am not cheating on you and will not do that. Western Union never approved or posted the money to Nigeria, they just gave you the mtcn control number because of how desperate you were in getting the money down to me. I appreciate everything you have done for me, I swear to god you made me realize so much about life, if not for you I wonder what I would've turned to here in Nigeria.

I know fully well how difficult it is to believe everything I am telling you from there. If you can't get the ($3000) money to me today, just let me know the means to get you $7000USD that I have with me now because it will do me no good maybe when you get them back you will learn to understand me a little.

Nagging is one thing I dread so much in a woman and it hurts me so much when you nag me in everything. I called you several times yesterday but you did not pick up my call.

Call me as soon as you read my email.

I wish you the best of luck today.

Hugs and kisses!


5. Many emails are identical that he wrote to other women with different names:


It is Monday morning and I was sitting on the lounge at the stadium relaxing before work commence, my thoughts once more wondered to where you are and what you are doing.

Thank you so much for your email and all your effort to get me out of this country. You make me feel important with everything you are doing for me and what you write as if in this whole world there is a woman out there under the same sky that is fighting and thinking of me and caring. I love you unconditionally and with that love is why when I can't help you with what you need to confirm my identity or break this distance myself being the man in this relationship is why I cry and keep fighting to make sure we be together soonest.

How do I write a love letter to you? How do I tell you of the fire that is blazing wanting to lightning travel across the desert, ocean, jungles to reach your door. Life is so unpredictable and I don't want you to go another day doubting how proud I am of you, how loving I am of you or how much I want to be with you.... I am so very incredibly proud of you...if nothing else in this world please know that, if it means anything at all I am so very proud of you and will not let you down. Go ahead and get me out of this country lets stand up as testimonies to others.

I told you on Saturday that my phone was off, I was not talking with anyone and see no reason why my line will be busy, the electricity has been off and my neighbor is yet to come back because of the Public holidays. Yesterday was Sunday and there was no way I could access the internet as all the cyber cafe's around here were close but on Saturday I sent a couple of emails to both your home and work email addresses. I don't like it when you are so worried and in pains, each droplet of tear that you shed, each touch of water from your eyes, I count and hold and treasure and hope one day I can look tenderly into your eyes and say I remember each one, each time you wrote me and said you sad I remember, these kisses are for each one, each loving mischief playful look I give you each is filled with a love that you have never experienced before, each longing look I that reaches you is like a book that you will read in my eyes what I feel, my eyes will show you love, pure unconditional love.

The receipt you request is in custody of the the Western Union agent that pays me. How do you want me to get it to you? through post or attached email? Why are you still finding it so difficult to trust me a little? Why are you complicating issues and at the same time calling me names? Have a little confidence in me, I will make you happy. Africa ...I am in a continent of diversity, danger, intrigue, violence, corruption, incredible beauty, adventure, tragedy, loss, hope, amazing animals, amazing people. sensation of experiences.

Darling, we are living our lives, yes mine would make a great novel, I want to stay strong to meet you soonest. In your arms I will tell you so much about this country. Take care my love, thank you for sharing what is happening in your life and your inner-most feeling about me, how close it brings me to you and how much it makes me understand you more you do not realize.

Love, Love, Love, Love,....let it travel across the depths of the sea rolling waves into your heart letting you know I care.

Be rest assured that I love you and will not let you down no matter what time bring. Be strong!

All my love.

Hugs and kisses!


2010-02-04, 08:44:42
anonymous from United States  
Jeff wrote the same words to me as Gerald wrote on page 9 of this web link- SA

My Dearest,

It is Sunday, I have been in a serious prayer with tears in my eyes as I write to you. It has been a terrible period and nightmare for us this few weeks, I think it's enough. I can't stop imagining the kind of stress I have lead you to, I really feel ashamed of myself. Deep inside your heart, you must be mad at me, I will not blame you for that, you are a woman, every man's dream. One thing I need you to understand is that whatever time brings, you remain my only love, I will cherish and treasure you so much. I will always be there for you . I am making arrangements to write and seek for your hand in marriage, she will call you up at the right time.

I've always felt there are two basic kinds of people, the givers and the takers. The givers are often taken advantage of and devalued but the givers are the ones who shape lives and hearts and make this earth a better place. The takers take and use to get what they want and to achieve what they feel is success. They may reach the top of the ladder they choose to climb but they are shallow and soon forgotten. Lovers, givers are unforgettable and their memory is carried forever in the hearts they have left their footprints on. Even with the suffering it sometimes brings, I'd rather be used than a user, rather give than take. Rather take all the risks for love. If you are living in fear you will never trust. They are emotional opposites and it's impossible to embrace them both fully at one time. So the first step is to decide which one you really want in your life and which one you are damn sick and tired of.

I don't want to believe the Lawyer, Nigerian government or Mr Brian is taking advantage of us because we were able to raise all the charges they have asked for, I don't want to believe I am being used. I spoke to Mr Smith and Brian so harsh lately. Smith has insisted I pay him or get the sum deposited to his account in Nigeria before he will deliver a situation report because I lead him to flewing to Cyprus. He used his influence as a diplomat to make sure the documents are safe. He told me you insisted he brings the package back to me, I will have to raise the sum in total he is requesting for both the flight and hotels bills. It is totalling at $5200.00USD. Get me this loan and I will not bother you again as I will have to fly back home with my passport when he comes back. I don't want to fight with you.......!!!!!!

What makes a man is over coming difficulties and hard times. Being an orphan has been on thing I regret about my life but the fact that you stand solidly behind me has given me all the courage and hope I ever wanted, you will not regret having me as a partner or meeting me in life. I took up the job at the stadium to at least be helpful, Leaving all my problems for an innocent woman with lots of loads / other responsibilities.........It hurts me. Be rest assured that I will make it up to you someday. God is with us.

Don't call Mr. Smith anymore, lets deal it from here since you insisted the package is being sent back to me.

I feel so frustrated and wished you are here to cuddle me, wished I can hold hands with you, talk to you about all my worries and make passionate love to you.
Hugs and kisses!
2010-02-04, 09:00:23
Hello Anonymous from Guam,

Was the name and e-mail address he contacted you different than those in this thread? If so, your providing any info including name, e-mail and phone numbers along with pictures (if different) would help other women spot him.
2010-02-04, 10:04:36
Well … how should I begin with this email …
I met a guy on a site where I have my profile because I love Japan. The site name is Japan guide. One day I received an email from S.Glen Jefferson, interested by cultural exchange and only in a relation that can lead to marriage ! The content of his email was strange to me … always talking about God and that he loves me … it made me sick at moments because I even did not know this guy but I was … how to say … intrigued … then I received on Tuesday this email.
To God Be The Glory Honey,

I have all my traveling arrangements done to be in your country, I will be on my way to the travel agency to book my flight down to your country later today (Thursday) which means my next email to you will contain my flight details to keep you noted of the actual time and date of my arrival to your States, I am so so happy. I truly got peace with you, God knows how I feel about us.

Michael told me he would be going on a long vacation with his family as soon as he gets to Denmark. He added 'I want to be the first person to be invited on your wedding boss' He said once we work out everything together, I should call his mobile to invite him over to your country...............He wrote down his mobile line in Denmark on my dairy, I am expecting his call to let me know he arrived safely, I have tried to call him in return but the line has not been reachable, I can't really tell what is wrong with Nigerian mobile lines.

I would be on my way to the travel agency later today, expect the flight details/itinerary on my next email. I can't wait to meet you soon.

My heart belongs to you.
Keep the fire of love burning in our heart.
Have a lovely day.
Hugs and kisses!
There is something here that made me think that there is something really strange about him. Then I made a research on google with the words « S Glen Jefferson Nigeria » and I found your site. I did not give any money, but I was stupid enough to write him my phone number and address … Anyway … please do something about this guy he really plays with the people’s feelings. I am going to write to Japan guide and tell them about this story. If you need any other informations please ask me !

Information about Glen :
S. Glen Jefferson <>
+234 708 959 2921
2010-02-04, 13:58:58
2010-02-04, 14:00:08   (updated: 2010-02-04, 14:03:16)
anonymous from United States  
I have deleted these emails but Jeff Samuel wrote exact same emails (Page 8) to me.
Exact same words. He told me to discontinue in He of course went there to find me! LOL!
He also said the same thing to me about donating money on my name! He said he has written his will on my name! LOL!..... Jeff Samuel/Gerald is a CON MAN. I wish I could some how put him behind bars...- SA
2010-02-04, 14:02:40
anonymous from United States  
He told me to find his friend Michael Seamus. I finally found him on Face Book. Jeff saw the pictures and confirmed the photos. I contacted Michael telling Jeff is trying to locate you. He confirmed that he does not know Jeff Samuel. - SA
2010-02-04, 16:32:41   (updated: 2010-02-04, 16:44:06)

Ladies Look at Gerals's latest email...

Setting a stage to ask me for the money in his next email...
As if he is getting any ... I AM SO THANKFUL FOR ALL THE POSTINGs and to ALL OF YOU...
You have done fantastic job... WARNING EVERYONE... CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!
He is getting deeper and deeper into the hole ....
I seriously pray and hope that CIA or someone will catch him... and put him for life...
I haven't lost a penny.. but he is such a pain for the normal peopl.

I want to tell you something about yesterday's activity. Some Staffs of the company that awarded me the contract came for Inspection, The inspection went well, I am done with the project. Well, I made sure that all the Staffs were comfortable before leaving the base camp, they were all satisfied with the job, and one of them told me ***Mr Gerald, This is truly a job well done and immediately, I thought of you and wished you were here with me to see the smiles on my face and tears came rolling down my cheeks immediately, I never thought I could do it within a short period, but God is great.
There were lots of paper works/documentations to do with the inspection, I signed the documents containing my payments.... They said my payment will take some months before the final transfer of my contract capital into my account, this is because, they still have to carry out some inner inspection which will unfold some weeks later, in order to avoid some leakages. Its a job well done, I will pray and wait for my payment. I still have some money with me, to help get my flight ticket and cover up some of my expenses while I am here and out of here.
After the inner inspection which would last for 2-3 months, if everything goes well, I would be paid and my payment will be deposited directly into my account, I Bank with (Natwest Bank).
For few years I have been returning home after project, even when some of my workers will tell me they are going back home to meet their family, I wouldn't say a word, because I had no one to meet. But for this particular project, it is different. I said to my personal assistant, I now have a family, I am going to meet them soon. This is such a wonderful feeling, you have given me a family, thanks a lot. I can't wait to see you, this is just like a dream come true, hope am not dreaming. Having this at the back of my mind that I have a woman I am going to meet soonest, gives me so much pleasure, I am so happy.
2010-02-04, 18:36:30   (updated: 2010-02-04, 18:39:05)
Miss Marple from Sweden  

Please i would like you to send an header from youre mails

that would help so much in this case i can trace the IP nr

from where this scammer is making the scams from..and it is easier

to find more information about this scammer and hes accomplices to..

If you dont know how to take off an full header from an mail..i will put

out here couple of links that shows how you can do that...

And before posting an header edit out youre personal information on the header

as youre emailaddy ..



And other good information of scammers:


Regards //Miss Marple//

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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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