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Dating scammer Kevin Walsh


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Name: Kevin Walsh


Nanticoke, New York

Other Comments:
In his profile, he is a businessman deals with computer electronics but when I met him in yahoo, he told me that he is in Nigeria. He is there because he is waiting for his goods to arrive there. And he told me that he brought his son with him, Caleb, who is 10yr-old.

After 2days, he told me that they were robbed. And his cash worth $US47,000.00 were taken by those robbers. And said that they hurt them especially the son who was sent to the hospital.

Now, he was asking me to send him money because he can not encash his cheques worth $6M euro. He told me to send thru Brian Cole, the owner of the hotel, Lagos, Nigeria. He did not give me a question but the answer is WHITE.

I believed him, and because I pity the son who was in the hospital, i sent some money. then he kept on asking me to send again because the doctor is not going to release his son.

I had already doubts that Kevin Walsh and Brian Cole are connivance, scammers.

So what I did, was I asked him that if he is really a businessman, he can access his money anywhere coz he told me that he cannot encash any amount there in Nigeria. So, if he cannot access his money there... I told him to send me a cheque in my name and encash here in Canada and sent it back thru Western Union but he didnt comply. Meaning to say that those were only alibis so that he can asked more money from me or from other people.


2009-04-06, 23:34:18   (updated: )
[hidden] from Canada  

2009-05-23, 19:34:19
anonymous from Canada  
Everything this person say here is true...

it happen to me as well, but he didn't get anything from me though because i felt this is something..... this guy--educated, businessman and he couldn't do anything about his problem -he is matured and know enough the country where to get some help why he is asking me? i didn't send the money---he got so mad at me and i told him to go away and don't allow anyone to be fool by your craftiness.....he gave me a shit in words.....but i don't care---that is only words----i just want this guy to be guilty --- on what he is doing and using his son -caleb ----my golly wow! heaven will see him thru. that is why guys, be careful.............dealing with this man.

2009-05-27, 00:53:12  
it seems this guy goes on lavalife meets up with the ladies.he is a gold buyer he says. after a week or 2 starts asking for money and help because he is stuck in the country.
He is desperate for help so he says. he sends pics of himself and papers to 'proof' he has agold business back in the U.K. Also has another guy bythe name of Richmond to help him..even gives the phone number of it from Boston U.S.A. Stupid me did send money. Now he is asking for money again...well I am not falling for this anymore. I wish I knew about this site before I sent the money. Lucky for me I do have a family member working for the courts in immigration to slaughter this jerk. is there no decent people out there any more? Do they have to prey on the innocent? Aso he gets you to send the money thru Western Union-DONT DO IT!
2009-05-31, 18:00:51
wow .........i can't imagine this guy is a predator for women out there.........please be careful with this guy.....he is still in contact with me and never....never i put my self into his craftiness.........he said ---he was trapped in nigeria and the hotel manager doesn't want him to go until he will not pay them and his son caleb has no food and at the moment is crying now..........what a pity! ...............if you buy his will be in be very careful with his lies.
2009-06-13, 09:08:51 from United States  
I am also a victim of Kevin Amartey - and his pals Richmond and Sally Antwi/ie. To me he was a fruit juice co. owner from NY, NY, 51, widowed, 3 kids. Uses kevin_Amartey;, and cell number 233 208 705 459. Typical scammer, had every illness and mishap under the sun. Very charming, sent the flowers, candy, teddy bear stuff and lots of fake documents. Travels between Nigeria and Ghana. Very good at what he BEWARE AND BE WARNED! He took me for a good deal of money.
2009-07-29, 04:36:37   (updated: 2009-07-29, 04:43:38)
[hidden] from Australia  
My Auntie is also a victim of this susposed 'Kevin Amartey'. also claming he owened a fruit juice company or something. My auntie was silly enough to send the money because of falling for his family and buisness problems. Had calls from his ''attorney'' who was discussing money, we thought that was a bit supicious. WE NEED TO CATCH THIS SCAMMER. by the looks of it, he has ripped of heaps of people. already taking about $60,000 of my aunties. its not just ruining my aunite but us also because we feel for it to and lended her money. if u need to know more, i also have adresses and other things. already googled earth the adresses but nothing suprising, exept for a bunch of high rise buildings in the bronx.
2009-07-29, 12:17:57
anonymous from Chattanooga, United States  
This guy has been in touch with my 47 year old daughter after he contacted her on He is now using the name of Angelo Anderson and says he is Italian, from Jersey City. NJ (google earth shows that there are no homes at the address he gave) and is a Civil Engineer working in Lagos, Nigeria and has his 13 year old daughter Tamia with him. His email address is He says he is building a road there and will be coming back to the states next week....Something just didn't seem right in all that he was saying to I tried to google him and couldn't come up with anyone that matched. Then I decided to check out the Nigerian dating scams and found him on here under the name of Kevin Walsh. This guy hasn't gotten any money from my widowed daughter.....and I am glad I found him on here before she wasted anymore time or energy on him. He professed his great love for her, etc. after only one day. Stay away from this creep ladies.....he is a big scam artist...but not this time.
2009-07-29, 13:27:35

2009-07-29, 14:00:28
number in Nigeria is 234-7034753113
2009-07-29, 14:03:29
email address
2009-08-12, 22:43:39
from Holland, Canada  
The so called Mr Amartey is being investigated as we speak ladies. I informed a family member who works for the immigration dept. while this creep was correspnding with me. They saw him take the money from the Western Union that I sent the money too. And they will be catching him and his partners in crime real soon. They want to get this 'RING' of bandits because it seems there is quite a few of them altogether in this Fraud ring. Safe all your papers on your money transactions..the courts will make this ass work for it too pay most of us back...the creep even scammed my daughter. he was leaving messages on my computer and even my daughter felt for him. BASTARD THAT HE IS AND HIS PALS will pay...what comes around......GOES AROUND....

WE will be the ones laughing in this creeps face.
2009-09-28, 13:38:04
anonymous from Canada  
If the person known as Kevin Amartey is EVER caught I sure want to hear about it. He is a truly horrendous person. Michelle



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