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Dating scammer Williams Baker


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Name: Williams Baker


Allen, TX

Other Comments:
Started out ok but he presumed I had lied to him and after I mentioned that I knew about the African Scams he wouldn't talk to me again. He showed on my IM until I deleted him and he found a woman who he was connected to for days. Tried to let her know he was a scammer without success. Notice how mad he got when he accused me of lying and I said I knew about the scams. Never said he was part of them but I knew about them. Also, notice the change in language when he was caught off guard.


Willams Baker (: Hi
dw(: Hi. I am sorry I was a way from my computer.
dw): I have to go to a DAR meeting and will be back in about 5 pm. Call me then
Willams Baker : Oh okay there is no problem
dw : thanks Bye
Willams Baker (): Hmm okay then you are done we can chat online later
dw ): Hi. How are you
Willams Baker ): Am fine how was your meeting ?
dw): It was okay. Bunch of 'old' ladies .
Willams Baker ): lol
dw(): Most of the membership is over the age of 70
Willams Baker ): why is your picture not shwing ?
Willams Baker ): amd you
dw (): I haven't put it on here. I just set up the IM on this computer about a month ago.
Willams Baker ): Oh okay
Willams Baker ): so tell me more about yourself ?
Willams Baker (): My name is willams baker 55years old and you?
dw ): Debbie Walker age 54.
dw(): I am a retired nurse. I retired due to an auto accident which my back was injured. They haven't been able to figure out what is wrong because a nerve was damaged and hasn
dw (): hasn't healed. They are predicting a 2-5 year recovery period if ever.
Willams Baker (): Am a widow for the past 2years now with one son whom is 17Yrs old His name is Samuel...I Lost my wife in an auto accident and since then had been so lonely and life has been so hard for me and my little i want to move on and be with the right woman in my life cause am sick of been Lonely,i just need the right woman in my life..someone to spend the rest of my life with...
Willams Baker ): Oh am sorry too hear about you feeling so much hurt but how are you feeling presently?
dw): I do pretty good with medication. I do take a fair amount of medicine and if I sit still sometimes I drift off, but I am able to take care of myself and my domestic needs.
Willams Baker (): Oh okay then
Willams Baker ): so tell me do you have special man?
dw (): Not right now. I started using the internet service about a month ago and have met a couple guys on the internet, none in person.
Willams Baker ): lol
dw(): I am still emailing with different people. I am looking for a partner/friend because I am tired of being lonely.
dw (): It has taken me a long time to decide to get back into this scene.
Willams Baker (): so how long have you been a member with yahoo personals?
dw (): 2-3 weeks. I joined eHarmony first but was getting emails from several guys from Yahoo so finally joined them.
Willams Baker (So what are you Looking for in a Man ?
dw (): Somebody who is faithful, loving, fun, and caring. I want somebody who can be a friend as well as a lover/partner.
Willams Baker (): I think we are Looking for the same things but mine in a woman, Just that i am Looking for a nice, Honest, Kind and Caring woman, a woman that will Love and be with me for the Rest of my Life
dw (): Pretty much the same. I had a husband that took drugs and became psychotic in 1979. That burnt me pretty bad. I dated a lot after that but never found anyone I loved.
Willams Baker : Am not looking for someone to date but someone to spend the of my life with,All i need from you is just being sincere to me,make me feel secured,appreciate,love,care and being understanding,All my life has been engolfed with misery and loneliness,i watch my life layed wide spread in front of me and didn't know what to do with it,my life has been so boring and hope with someone who is ready to Love me for who i am now it's gonna change for the best.. Am a perfect gently man and i need a woman to be in my life to be cared love and taken care of for the rest of my life am ready to go to any lenghth with her so far she is nice, shape or beauty does not matter just her character alone and her thinking so go on am waiting
dw ): I am finally okay with myself and I am ready to trust somebody again.
Willams Baker (): Oh that is lovely
Willams Baker (): What do you Like for fun ?
Willams Baker (): I'm also ready to love and trust again
dw(): Movies, dining out, plays, walking in the park, at the beach, hanging out with somebody I love, I like a lot of things so I am not particular about what I do.
dw(): Lately I have been going to little league baseball games and basketball games. Two of my grandnephews are playing ball.
Willams Baker : I Like going to Beaches, swimming, Dancing, Writting Poem, Dinner and Going to church as well cooking is one of my favourite my mom thought me how too cook
dwI am really family oriented. I live with my mother since ?. My father died in ? and she needed help. Then my sister moved in after her husband disappeared about 6 years ago.
dw: She has one boy who lives with us. Her other son was raised by my mother and me. She has some problems related to an injury she received as a young child.
dw: My nephew who I raised lives in Allen with his two boys and his girlfriend and her two boys.
dw: So I come to Allen occassionally to watch ball games.
Willams Baker ): Oh that is lovely
Willams Baker ): Really
Willams Baker :That is lovely
Willams Baker : Do you Like Travelling ?
dw : ): I love to travel. I usually make 2-3 trips minimum every year.
Willams Baker : Where have you ever been to ?
dw: Grand Canyon, Disneyland, DisneyWorld, Kansas, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Chicago, Ohio, Kentucky, Georgia, Washington DC, NYC, and alot more.
Willams Baker ): I am into Buying and Selling of Computers accessoories and laptop as well and West Africa and i am presently in Nigeria now..I Have been to Many Places in Usa, Germany, Brazil, Uk, China, France, Jamaica, and i am now in Africa on a busniess trip....But i will be Coming back Home very soon..
dw): I have not been out of the states other than over the border in Mexico.
Willams Baker (): Oh have you heard about africa before or spoken too anyone from africa before have only been here for just two weeks
dw): I know some teachers from Nigeria
Willams Baker (): expecting my shipment too arrive so i can i get back too the state and so samuel my son can resume back too school took permission from samuel high school authority so he can travel with me no one to take care of him for me if i travel
Willams Baker (): I travel once in a year
dw): That is nice.
dw): It is very educational for your son
Willams Baker (): But actually got a private teacher that would be taking tutorial for him
dw): So where do you live?
Willams Baker (): Live in Allen in texas
dw): Okay.
Willams Baker (): so tell me what do you dislike?
dw (): I do not like deception, lying, cheating to start with. I also dislike being played. I have had enough of that for a lifetime.
Willams Baker (): This is my Dislike I hate people that tell lies alot, people that are playing on other people hearts for games/funs. I dont like woman that sleep with alot of men while dating me.
Willams Baker (): what are the favourite things you like reading?
dw): I do not play games. I believe sex is part of marriage and for the one you love. I do not sleep around with different men. I am very trustful and caring.
dw): I read alot of history. I love to do genealogy.
Willams Baker ): My favorite reads are Foreign Affairs Magazine, and International Law Journals.Fiction, Magazines/Sports, News Lines, Non-Fiction, Poetry, I read almost anything that will add to my develpment as a person.
dw): I read alot of magazines about crochet, quilting, crafts. I also watch news shows and read some news magazines and self help books.
Willams Baker (): Your favorite Films you like watching?
dw): I haven't been reading much lately because I go to sleep.
dw): I like comedies, romantic films, some drama, family movies. I do not like Sci-fi, bloody shows, military or stuff like that. I will watch some things I do not particularly like if I am with somebody that enjoys it but not a lot.
Willams Baker dw): action and comedy. True Lies, Marked For Death, Stephen King's Thinner, Suspect Zero, Little Man, Dawn Of The Dead, Day Of The Dead. ,Set It Off, I'm Gonna Get You Sucka,Return Of The Living Dead, Cheech & Chong Still Smokin and Up In Smoke, Scary Movie 2,The Exorcist, The Evil Dead,The Killer 1&2, Die 1&2 and many others
dw): You like movies the kids like.
Willams Baker ): Debra
dw): yea
Willams Baker (): Do you have a problem with me been a german man?
dw): No
Willams Baker (): Oh okay just wanted too be sure because am a honest man
dw): When did you move to the states?
Willams Baker ): 9months now
dw(): So it's pretty new.
Willams Baker ): so tell me are you originally from united state?
dw): Native Texan
Willams Baker ): so you we show me places and tell me more about your country right
dw): I can do that
Willams Baker (): Oh okay
Willams Baker (): what are your favourite shows?
Willams Baker ): I mean TV Show
Willams Baker (): ?
dw): I am not real big into TV. I watch what ever my mother and sister are watching
Willams Baker (): I like watching many different shows and programs.Judge Mathis, Judge Judy, The Simpsons and Family Guy,Truma: Life In The ER, America's Most Wanted and Miami Ink really interesting! Other shows I watch are The People's Court, I find reality shows like Dog The Bounty Hunter and others
Willams Baker ): what about your favourite music?
dw: I like country and western; classic country, some bluegrass, gospel
dw): I like country gospel best
dw): I'll be right back in a minute, okay
Willams Baker ): Alternative, Blues, Classic Rock n' Roll,Disco,Dance,Electronica, Hard Rock & Metal, Latin,ModernRock n' Roll, Oldies, Pop/Top 40, Rap/Hip Hop,Reggae,Soul/R&B, Instrumental, Acoustic. Most of the time I listen to Whitney Houston, Zapp & Roger, Byron Lee & The Dragonaires, Garth Brooks, Cutty Ranks, R.Kelly,Rihanna, Chris Brown, Mary J. Blige, R&B, Reggae and Soca! Keith Sweat, Mariah Carey, Jagged Edge,Missy Elliott, Sean Paul, TOK, Dixie Chicks,Cassie,Eye Peas, Ne-Yo, Luther Vandross , Elephant Man, Juelz Santana, Beyonce, Keyshia Cole, Black and many more
Willams Baker (): Okay there is no problem
dw): okay I am back
Willams Baker (): Oh okay missed you
Willams Baker (): while you where gone
dw): okay
dw): What company do you work for here in Allen?
Willams Baker (): don't work for any company
dw): Okay.
dw): That is nice
Willams Baker (:I am a self employed business man into Buying and Selling of Computers accessoories and laptop...
Willams Baker (): in your free time you like doing what?
dw): What do you do in your leisure time
dw): I crochet, do DAR work, sleep,
dw): Where did you go?
Willams Baker (): Amusement Parks, Antique Stores,Flea Markets,GarageSales, Art Galleries,Beach,Bookstores, Charity Events, Coffee Houses, Concerts,Dances - Line,Ballroom,Tango,Karaoke, Libraries,Live Theater, Movies, Museums, Opera,Parks,Raves,Underground Parties, Restaurants, Shopping Malls, Skate,Bike Parks, Sporting Events, Symphony and Volunteer Events.
Willams Baker (): i should ask you where did you go too because it appears you are invisible now
dw): That's alot of stuff. I haven't been that active since the car accident. 2 1/2 years ago. I can't walk alot, can't drive, can't stand more than 5-10 min
Willams Baker): Oh with me i we be driving you okay
dw): Sure. When will you be back in Allen?
Willams Baker (): Once my shipment arrives i only have a week too make sales then back too allen
dw: That means you should be back by May 1
Willams Baker (): Yes
dw): okay
Willams Baker (): i may be back before the months end
Willams Baker (): It all depends on when my shipment arrives
dw): Do you know a guy name 'Mike' from Carthage, Missouri?
Willams Baker (): Sorry no am new on here and how do you expect me too know people in your country
Willams Baker (): if i may ask why ?
dw: He is in Nigeria doing the same kind of work you are doing. He IM'd me last week.
Willams Baker (Really am surprise what happened
Willams Baker (): are you having misunderstanding with him and why did you stop talking too him?
dw): Nothing. He IM's me when he has time, guess his shipment came in because I haven't heard from him in 2-3 days.
dw): I have to close for now. I have to finish doing the laundry before 7pm. My sister is going to using the washer.
Willams Baker (): Oh okay then
Willams Baker (): Talk too you later
dw): Bye
Willams Baker (: But you lied too me
dw): how
Willams Baker (): You where not honest too me from the unset
Willams Baker (): It was nice talking too you
Willams Baker ): I asked you a question if you have heard about africa or spoken too anyone from there and you said no
dw): Why do you say I was not honest with you. I have not lied about one thing
Willams Baker (): But now here comes another story from you telling me something else
dw): You ask me if I new anyone from Africa and I said yes. Some teachers I know are from Nigeria.
Willams Baker (): I am looking for a furture partner in life. I want to be spend the rest of my life with,best friend and a lover to share quiet moments .. am a very enthusatic, outgoing, independant person.I am a very shy, In short, I am a person who strives to place other's needs before my own and people/relationships are very important to me
dw): I forgot about Mike until you were talking about your work. I am not tied to anyone.
Willams Baker (): I believe that true loves means caring about the needs of others and wanting what's best for them. I am comical yet serious and believe in learning from life's trials instead of letting them get the best of you.I believe that my ideal match would be a selfless, caring, serving, loving, and compassionate woman. she would embrace her God given role as head of household i mean treating each other equally and strive daily to establish a home that glorifies God. I want her to feel that her relationship with me is truly a blessing from God and thus she would treat it as such taking time to nuture it as time passes
Willams Baker (): I would also hope that she would feel very comfortable sharing all of her struggles and successes with me. I am a very affectionate person and I believe the verbal intimacy is very important and thus I would hope she feels the same. I am not a perfect person nor do I expect her to be the but I would expect us to be able to love one another past our weaknesses and be able to humble ourselves and apologize when we have hurt or wronged one another. Our relationship should not be a competition but a spiritual union where I am her Godly helper and where I feel it is my duty to shower her with unconditional love respect
dw): Actually, I know about the African Scam and if you are not part of it then you call when you come 'home' from Africa.
Willams Baker (): compassion, speak the truth in love. In return, I would pray that she would do the same for me and that she would pray everyday that God would guide her heart and intentions so she could be the best soul partner for me and so that I can be the best soulmate for her. In the end I want us to provide with a peace home for one another where we can feel loved, cherished, respected, and not taken for granted. I love making my woman laugh and smile so I expect the same in return.
Willams Baker ): sure i we call you
dw): We'll see. Bye Got to go]

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2013-04-19, 15:10:28
Williamsbaker86, is most definitely a scam artist. He is using Mark Mackeod's picture. This man is a Nigerian. He is claiming he is from UK in Delta State, Nigeria building a school. He says he has a daughter Elizabeth in UK with his mother. He claims he was robbed of credit card, money and have had malaria and now apendicitis. I have chatted with this man for several months. Yes, he is really good at this. So beware. He has a distinct accent. His e-mail address is
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