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Dating scammer Marcus Owen


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Name: Marcus Owen


Webster SD
University of Greenwich

Other Comments:
Claimed to be in Webster SD
claimed to be a contractor in construction
claimed his first wife tried to kill him
claimed his only love died of cancer
Once he divulged his last 'name' and we talked on messenger he
Suddenly had a contract in England so no U S trace worked
He was now supposedly from Ireland lived and worked all over the world since birth
Then claimed he was a civil engineer who studied in England
claimed a mixed bag of past relatives/ethnic backgound
Claimed he would come visit me once his work was done
didn't send alternate photos or answer questions
Claimed he had a grand Torino which was his pride but would not send a picture of him beside it
Claimed to be religious and a devout Chrisitian but couldn't keep his story straight
Claimed to be interested in many , many things but did not talk about his interest or answer questions (Eg how do you practise drums in your spare time when you travel the world...)
Kept repeating the same things over and over as that kept the story straight.
Answered questions with questions to me and repeated things
Finally spoke after he 'arrived in London' and he didn't have an irish accent... was unfamiliar and thick and claimed it was a normal accent for United States ethnic cummunities of which there are 200, yet he claimed he was born in the US! AHAHA

'I wonder why you would think i am forging a mail to you, that is the dumbest thing i have ever heard since high school, its kinda of weird to me. '

his answer when I said he sounded like he copied and pasted a lot. I googled some especially sappy stuff, and sure enough right from a book... was a love message

His writing sounded like different people wrote it as his text, spelling and grammar changed. Took ages to answer emails so he could perfect his english, check how many siblings he said he had, etc.

Beware of scammers... I gave this guy lots of info, but no money thank heaven. Sad we are so lonely that this type of scam works so often, sigh Good thing my head ruled my heart... but I was lucky.

Thanks for having this site, and hopefully others find it BEFORE they are duped of their hard earned money and give their hearts to a scammer.


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2009-05-26, 00:07:18   (updated: )
[hidden] from Canada  

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2009-05-26, 19:39:48   (updated: 2009-05-26, 19:59:39)
anonymous from Canada  
Marcus letter to me... odd how he has a home in Ireland yet does Ice hockey. poor fellow who he stole this profile information from...

How are you doing today? I appreciate your heartfelt message and i respect your interest and value you belief, we are both from a different background and i know its takes a lot to work out a relationship, firstly i would like to know a lot about you and be good friend with you, regardless of the distance between us. I started online dating on a good note, i don't judge people by their look but by the content of their word, i believe of the heart is what matter in us. Right now all i want is to meet someone who will add values to my life, someone who know what it takes to make a relationship work. People say Love comes to those who believe in it.Well, i willing and ready to give love a chance and i am hoping for the best, I just want my partner to be who SHE is and not pretend to be who SHE is not. Anyone flirting around mind not be lucky with me...But if you are serious about a relationship, communcation is the key, make a move and this might lead to unlimited possibilities and who knows what the FUTURE might have in stock.

About me, i am easy going down to earth gentle man who knows how to treat a woman right... I am a confident person not to be confused with cocky. I am the type of person that will take on a challenge no one else wants to attempt. I shoot for the moon... if I miss I will at least land amongst the stars. I do have failure but I learn from my mistakes. I am a strong person but not afraid to show emotion... or apologize when I am wrong.

I am a hopeless romantic, I enjoy doing the little unconditional things that make someone feel special, leaving notes, buying flowers, holding the door, making dinner, grocery shopping, the general housework, giving you my jacket if your cold, protecting you when your scared, hugging you when you least expect it. Taking care of you when you’re sick, taking you to the doctor, or just sitting next to you and listening to your day.

Music ranges from the Fifties, Sixties, Seventies and Eighties. Depending on what I am in the mood for I enjoy listening to Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Ella Fitzgerald pretty much any Martini Bar Music, Jazz or Blues, Doo-wop from the 50's and 60's is always a favorite, I also like Steve Miller, Van Halen, Foreigner, Styx, Rush, Big fan of Sammy Hagar,Van Hagar, Huey Lewis anything in the 80’s. I can pretty much listen to anything except the Hard Rap about killing and Racism. I do have a pet but since i do not have a permanent residence for now, i don't keep any.... but i love cats and dogs.

About my Favorite Colour i like Blue. I know most Women have passion for Pink, But that doesn't count as we all have our choices. I like Sci-Fi, Action, Series, Adventure the shoot em! Up rough up movies but can watch a Chick Flick with the right person, Favorite movies would have to be Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Breakfast Club, American Graffiti, The Hollywood Knights, A Beautiful Mind, The Butterfly Effect, Left Behind….I can certainly watch a Chick Flick with the right person

Well I am a big muscle car enthusiast I own a 1975 Starsky and Hutch Gran Torino, I love Camping with the Family, Bon Fires, Traveling and Road Trips, meeting up with friends at the Summer Cruises, not much into the bar or club scene, I also play in line and Ice Hockey and play the drums in my spare time, I also participate in charity car show events like Hospice, Make a wish Foundation, Breast Cancer research, Dare Programs, and I was a volunteer in Emergency Response team member. I work as a consultant and a contractor. What else would you like to know about you and i will find more time to write a more detailed mail to you soon.

I better get my day started and i hope to read again from you soon.

2009-05-26, 19:50:08
anonymous from Canada  


You are a beautiful woman inside out, i like the way you express yourself and i think this is going to help me get along with you, You are a good looking woman and i like when you said 'there is something that makes me want to caress your bumper' (smiles)
Well to start with, am a good man with a great family orientation and value, affectionate, loving and caring, am a good christian, someone who live life in the way to please God. Easy going, don't flirt around or play mind games. I am someone who is ready to give total love, 110% trust and honesty to a woman.. i will like to share my friendship with the right woman and hope for unlimited possibilities.

I come from a family of eight children. Four boys and four girls. There would have been five boys but one died of pneumonia at 2 months old. It was a good childhood. We didn't have good parents as they were addicted to alcohol, but we children learned to depend and rely on each other so were very close. I started working in logging very early, at 14yrs old operating catapillar. I learned quick and became an asset to my boss quickly to the point that when other logging companies didn't have operators with sufficient skills to build log roads he would lend me to them to build roads so that enabled me to get to know a lot of others in the industry. At that time I also made much more money than the average person as logging was in it's hayday and loggers made fine wages way above the normal.
I had several girlfriends as I had no shortage of money, friends, and things. I partied a lot but got drunk very little. I didn't really like alcohol after what it did to our parents but I liked being with my friends and all the attention from the girls....LOL Unfortunately mostly the girls would become frustrated and break up with me because I was into racing a stock car I built, building and racing dragsters, and making funny cars so didn't really have a lot of time for the more intimate parts of relationship they desired....LOL. I was married at 19 and had two kids. We had one in between but she passed away of crib death at 2 1/2 month. That out a terrible strain on our relationship (that was not all that great anyway) The last nine years of it was a horrible nightmare as she'd had a hysterectomy and they weren't able to balance her hormones with pills so she became continually more deranged as time went by. Eventually in 1983 she tried to kill me and I actually died three times in emergency as they tried to treat me. fortunately they were able to revive me and I learned that I could no longer stay regardless of what happened with the kids.

After that I divorced her in 1984 and had nothing to do with women until 2002. At that time I met the woman of my life who was surely my soul mate. I loved her deeply and we spent almost all our time together. She came with me on trips and everything. We had a blast with every day and enjoyed it to the max. Unfortunately I did not know that uncommon amount of time we had together was a chilling warning of what was to come. It was a love experience made in dreamland. Never have I ever felt so connected with another human being. Then starting in 2003 she started feeling sick a lot and having troubles.. We went to her doctor several times and I took her to hospital several times and they simply said it was abnormalities due to the medication she was on. Eventually I took her to St Pauls (an internationally known hospital in Vancouver) and they discovered she had cancer on her cervix. (The easiest cancer in the world to cure if discovered quickly) Our world was decimated when we were told that it was now untreatable and that all they could do is offer her comfort. That started a journey that was surely the greatest blessing of my entire life, because of the quality time and love we shared for two months and three weeks in palliative care as she struggled to hold onto life bravely, and the nightmare of watching the woman I loved so much as she'd sleep slipping away and the powerlessness of knowing there was nothing I could do to help her. It made me feel completely and adjectly worthless as I wanted to protect her and restore hope for her so bad. In spirit of it we talked little about death or loss after the initial shock wore off and we started to take our arms from around each other occasionally. Truly it was the greatest nightmare I could ever imagine, and at the same time the greatest blessing because of the gentle wonderful nature she had. She never once complained or took the victim stance.
She accepted that we were powerless to change what was happening and we made the most of every day she had left that we could get out and enjoy life together and just be together and love each other. She passed away on Dec 06, 2006 but knowing that she likely wouldn't make it till Christmas I had it with her a week before she succummed and as everything else with us it was a wonderful thang. Even her family brought her gifts and they hadn't even been told we were having early Christmas together so I truly believe that God was telling us that she was his and that be gladly blessed our love for each other. That divine intervention in so many parts of this story between us I think gave us both the solice, and strength, to endure this horrific thing and rise above it so we could make the best of what was left for us.

I learned a lot about the end of life from her. She was such a gentle, loving, undemanding person and she simply accepted what was happening to her and like a sweet gentle lamb of God she progressed through the stages of cancer looking forward to out outings and experiences while she was feeling able. I have to say that it was her alone who taught me to love, trust, and desire the beautifulness of the opposite sex again. On that note I am now ready to go forward and find the soulmate God has for me that will share my life for the duration. I will NEVER forget her, or love her less, but because of her I am ready to love another woman who is able to love me and build a life together. There was a time in my life where I placed money and material things, fancy cars, clothings.. as a high importance, but the older I get I realize that personal relationship outweigh those things by a long shot, After my first marriage I felt so disdained about women that I got a vasectomy, i hope that doesn't piss you off.... It can be reversed but that would require a whole, lot of love, security, and stability in a relationship to do. It is not impossible but you have a right to know that it is a problem if you want children.

I have a great career with Corps of Engineers. I worked with the U.S government as a contract for 16 years, I was a Federal Building Inspector. After retirement, i started my business, I work as a consultant and a contractor, i seek contract bids local and overseas. Since she passed I have not been with any other woman as I didn't enjoy all the time alone and it made it difficult to go on, so i seek a true woman who know what it takes to love and to share a good life together, someone who is ready to build a relationship across the miles and when time is right we are going to plan on meeting each other for good... I wish i could just sit with you on a date and share more about me with you but my work at this time is very hectic and leave me no time to bath LOL!!! I am only curious how this work and i want to do anything as long as to perfect a good life with the special woman.

Well my dear, I must get ready to go again so I will be home probably soon. Till I hear from you again, here is a big hug, a gentle kiss, and my hopes that you are happy.

2009-05-26, 19:53:12
anonymous from Canada  
Marcus was very prolific. it almost looks as though he copied from a letter written by someone who went through this as it seemed so heart felt and real. I wonder if he also plays as a female and then copied THEIR letters back to us and their pictures.

After this, there was not as much written because I started to ask a lot of questions... He became busier and when I said I would drive to SD to meet him half way, suddenly he had to fly to London! Ahahaha.

The trouble is I DID send a few pictures ahhhhhhhhhhhhh but being I am older, I will pray I and my replies to this man, are not used for this horrible vampire business!
2009-05-26, 20:55:52
anonymous from Canada  
Marcus was very prolific. It almost looks as though he copied from a letter written by someone who went through this as it seemed so heart felt and real. (and verbose!) I wonder if he also plays as a female and then copied THEIR male letters back to us and their pictures.

After this, there was not as much written because I started to ask a lot of questions... He became busier and when I said I would drive to SD to meet him half way, suddenly he had to fly to London! Ahahaha.

This fairly eloquent man who write well spoke so little English on the phone I could not discern what he said, yet went to Greenwich College in England to be a Civil Engineer!! Then got upset when I called him a liar, How sad.

The trouble is I DID send a few pictures ahhhhhhhhhhhhh but being I am older, I will pray I and my replies to this man, are not used for this horrible vampire business!
2009-05-27, 02:17:25
Fred from Germany  
2009-05-26, 20:55:52
young lady from CA

good game
sorry you send any pics to such an asshole

no, if you are not looking 25+, he will not use your pics
but beware
2009-06-04, 21:04:55
anonymous from United States  
I will have everyone know Marcus Copied MY Profile word for word - and beleive me this isnt the last hes heard of me

2009-06-05, 22:42:55
anonymous from United States  
wow I have had the same e-mails. He is now in Africa and I too could not figure out his accent. Wow I am so glad I typed his name in google.
2009-06-05, 23:44:11
anonymous from Canada  
to the USA anonymous, he always was in Africa.... as most scammer are.

They are just lying about everything and then try to lie to stay ahead of your suspicions, searches, questions and cloud your thinking with compliments and mimicking everything you say you want in a man to get you to like them.

icegrillo was his name on

He was 'supposedly' removed as a scammer after I reported him TWICE, BUT. his profile is back up under the same name! That makes me think this dating site may be a 'front' for scammers as he obviously is using a computer outside the USA and any good Internet dating site notes the differentt locations of its user and profiles and shuts them down.

What makes me more suspicious is, his profile was removed according to the customer support staff in a letter to me and also it was not visible when I searched it until now. !!

His picture is only available to members which means he has made himself a member.

This same name was also used on Mate1/connecting singles but has been removed..
2009-06-06, 11:55:44
anonymous from Canada  

He is now on facebook, same picture as above

2009-06-06, 12:03:38
anonymous from Canada  
For anyone skeptical that this guy is a scammer, just google some of his first letter above and see that it is from a plenty of fish profile that this jerk stole from a guy there (the guy above who is angry and who I told that Marcus has stolen his profile and was abusing it.)

Do not trust scum who lie and use other's words
2009-06-06, 12:09:28   (updated: 2009-06-06, 12:23:08)
anonymous from Canada  
'wow I have had the same e-mails. He is now in Africa and I too could not figure out his accent. Wow I am so glad I typed his name in google.' anonymous from USA said

I am so sorry for you. Forgive me for not saying that earlier. I was totally duped and ready to give my heart to this freak. I am so sad that scum think it is ok to find and prey on vulnerable lonely people and play with their hearts and steal their hard earned money

I prey that no one else will be duped by this one and will find this site in time!!

Forgot to add more lies for any ladies who are saying 'not my Marcus' , he is honest and religious...

I checked old cache files for this guys icegrillo profile...

He says he had Herpes on the Herpes sites of course, will he say that to you? lol
He says he was single on one site, on another married and on another never been married
He said to me he had 2 kids, but on another site, no children
Ask personal questions and get answers but do not reveal your info
Ask for pictures of him beside his Grand Torino and playing golf and hockey!! lol
Ask how he carries his drums with him to practice as he travels all over the world.

Thats how I found him out... hope you believe me and not him... go googling!
2009-06-06, 21:12:54
[hidden] from Salem, United States  

I am sorry for, Your loss but the truth is there is basically no way
to get, Your money back. I am homeless and lost as much as, You did.
But there is no way to track down, Who scammed, You.
In Nigeria there are many scammers working in Internet Cafes.
Every once in awhile some get busted but that only slows them down.
There are many people, Who want to get their money back.
You could actually lose even more trying to catch, Who scammed, You.
Please take the time to learn about scams and scammers now so can
keep safe from now on.
Scammers usually do not give up.
You could be contacted by the very same scammer using another
fake name, more stolen photo's, different e mail address.
Scammers do not care if, Your life is destroyed.
Never tell a scammer about this site.
Never post, Your e mail address on this site.
You can post the information, You have about, Your scammer.
Name, Photo's, e mail address, phone number, Where they live.
This will help stop the scammer.
You may actually help someone else from being scammed.
Again, I am very sorry this has happened to, You.
Do not feel ashamed or embarrassed.
The scammer has hurt, You and in some ways that is worse than the
loss of money.

Kindest Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//

Scammers being busted in a Nigerian 419 Bust
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2009-06-06, 21:27:06
anonymous from Canada  
Cached file for his connecting singles account that is now banned... note he is unmarried here, also the profile information for himself is what he used almost word for word in his first letter. Note he says batchelor degree but told me civil engineering

I am a:
47 yr-old man
seeking women, 33-48
webster, South Dakota USA
Last Online:
Online within 3 weeks
5' 10' (178 cm)
Body Type:
Hair Color:
Dark Brown
Eye Color:
Bachelors Degree
Maintenance / Buildings & Grounds
$75,000 to $100,000
Marital Status:
Never Married
Has Kids:
Yes, and they don't live with me
Wants Kids:
Probably Not
Looking for:

I am by no means perfect but I am very affectionate, loving and caring and am hoping that I will be given a lifetime chance to fill the role as soulmate to a loving woman who is deserving of me. I am a good christian and i live my life in a way to please God. Easy going, dont flirt around or play mind games. I am just myself and ready to give my total love,110% trust and honesty to my woman. This internet dating scene is new to me and i am just giving a try and hoping for the best. I leave you with this thought from Charles Kingsley. 'A blessed thing it is for any man or woman to have a friend, one human soul whom we can trust utterly, who knows the best and worst of us, and who loves us in spite of all our faults.' I hope we can be such friends,and hoping for an unlimited possibilty to follow.
I'm looking for:
I want a woman that wants to be loved and truly knows what is takes to be in a relationship. A man serious and ready for a serious relationship and a happy life together. I wish love, cherish and respect her and i hope she does the same and we will be best of friends and have things working fine for us. Divorce is not for me, so pls beware and dont come hurting my heart. And i know i would never hurt my woman as well. Okay for now. Getting to know each other will tell alot more.
2009-06-06, 21:30:59
anonymous from Canada  
here he says he is single and forgot he drinks on the other site and oh look his eye colour has changed

About Me
    Height:     5' 10' - 178 cm
    Weight:     196 lb - 89 kg
    Ethnicity:     White/Caucasian
    Eye Color:     Brown
    Hair Color:     Brown
    Body Type:     Average
    Relationship Status:     Single
    Relationship Future:     to find a serious relationship with marriage potential
    Children:     2 children NOT living at home
    Want Children:     Undecided about children
    Maximum Miles
away from me:     10000
    Relocate:     I might be able to relocate
    Religion:     Christian/Protestant
    Drinking:     Don't drink, okay if you do
    Smoking:     Don't smoke, but it's okay if you do
    Income:     $75,000-$99,999
    Job Type:     Construction
    Education:     Bachelors degree
    Political:     Democrat
    Sex:     I don't like to have sex without love
    Past Lovers Liked:     my manhood/womanhood
    Astrological Sign:     Leo (Jul23-Aug22)
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