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Dating scammer Gilbert Kuler


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Name: Gilbert Kuler


don't know it

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This man claims to be a food qualitiy annalyst, widowed for 5 years and has a 13 year old daughter. Claims he was born in the US - Stone Mountain GA, and lived there until he was 7 - then was sent to boarding school in Germany. Lived in the UK until his wife died, then sold everything and started travelling for work overseas. Claimed he wanted to come and meet me, sent me a scan of his bogus paycheck, then email confirmation of his bogus flight details, then the requests for money started. The bank in Lagos couldn't cash a foreign check, he'd spent his last money on his flight to meet me, could I loan him the money to pay for his hotel and he would pay me back when he got here. Ya, right.

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2009-07-29, 09:41:05
hello again I a back just to say we bth wont lower ourselves to you alls level, its a pity, people will stoop to this level to try and get what the want , and it huts deeply you all cant allow someone to be happy
2009-07-29, 18:09:43
anonymous from Canada  
If you have met IN PERSON or on WEBCAM the man in the pictures, then somebody has stolen his pictures. But I don't think so. April 6 2009 is the day I recieved the first email from a man named Gilbert Kuler. We started chatting on yahoo April 8, 2009. April 9, 2009 he told me he had 2.5 m in stocks and was looking for somewhere he and his daughter could settle down, and start a new life. He wanted to use his 2.5 m in stocks to buy a profitable business. We continued chatting twice a day almost every day for the month of April. Sometime near the end of April he asked me if I would marry him when he came to Canada. May 4, 2009 he sent me a scan of his paycheck. May 5, 2009 he sent me a copy of his flight confirmation. May 6, 2009 he told me the bank in Nigeria could not cash his paycheck. May 7 2009 he asked me for $1225.00 usd so he could pay his hotel bill. He and Ciara were to leave Nigeria May 8 to begin their journey to join me and my three sons. I continued chatting with this man during the month of May AND June. He still wanted to marry me durinig all of that time. If we did not chat for a few days, he would leave an offline message for me - lyrics from a song I think, but I don't know - something about a blue blue bay. I was his precious, I was his angel, I was his hun and his babe. June 21, 2009, he accepted the friend request my son sent him on Facebook. My son sent him that invitation in April. June 26, he left me a message on my phone, telling me how much he loved me, and that he just wanted to get out of Nigeria and begin his life with me. I finally anyoyed him enough June 27, 2009 and we don't chat anymore. A day or two before we stopped chatting, he invited a very good friend of mine who is on Tagged to be his friend.
Again, if you have met the man in the phot IN PERSON, I apolgise to you and to him. But it sounds like it is the same story to me. I still have all of our im's and all of the dates I gave you are accurate. I do not mean to cause any harm. The man I was chatting with broke my heart. I did not want to believe he was a scammer, but everything that I was able to discover left very little doubt in my mind. I am sorry, but everything I have told you is true. I have the archived instant messenger chats to prove it. Good Luck.
2009-07-29, 18:58:38
anonymous from United States  
Well it appears that you cannot even properly spell, much like theee Nigerians scammers and are just feeding all these ladies a line of bs. This man is definitely nothing more than a Nigerian scammer who hurt many women and stole from them. Your lovely story of a family in the making is nothing more than your imagination. We know this man to be with he truly is, a thief and a liar.
2009-07-29, 19:41:36
anonymous from Canada  
LOL, thank you who ever you are for yor comments. I agree, probably one of his buddies - maybe even his wife???? who has left the comment defending him.
2009-07-29, 22:21:25
Agent,86 from Salem, United States  
Good Evening Ladies

Sorry, I did not get the trash removed sooner. LOL
The scammer who made the ridiculous postings will be gone very soon.
You were exactly correct in guessing that it was the scammer trying
to do damage control.
He will not be allowed to make postings.
For now when they show up they will be removed.
If it continues then other measures will be taken.
I will watch this thread closely for further postings.
No one will be allowed to discredit any postings here.
Yes his postings were pure scammish LOL

Kindest Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//

Bit Me Scammer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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2009-07-30, 00:49:48
anonymous from United States  
pardon ladies for acting like an ass, but when you get your heart broke you do stupid things just wnt to aplogize to all didnt mean to actlike an ass heart is shattered and borken frgive me
2009-07-30, 00:58:08   (updated: 2009-07-30, 01:00:01)
anonymous from United States  
hello all scammers bite me, what comes around goes around, he without mortal sin can go to heaven will you, god ladies srry for acting like an ass, he borke my heart into peices, since march, and whatsworse he brought his daughter into this yuck, if thts his daughter , and broke my 9 yr old daugter's heart, they all should be burned at the stake, why do people have to be so evil and i was to stupid ad sent him money boy am i smart not!
2009-07-30, 17:22:45
anonymous from Canada  
To all of you ladies who have been scammed by this creep. I belong to a group on yahoo called scammerslayers2. Please google it and follow the instructions if you wish to join. We are a small group of women and men who have been scammed out of money, or had our hearts broken by scammers, or both. I urge you to investigate and join. The group members are extremely helpfull and very sympathetic. It is a good place to vent your anger and heal your heart. All are welcome - but you will be screened before you are given entry to the site. So please, join us. I would love to talk to you.

The lady who appologised for acting like an ass - please don't appologise. You are not alone, believe me.

Takce care, and I hope to meet up with you in scammerslayers2.
2009-07-30, 19:53:22
anonymous from United States  
hello ladies, I havent stopped crying, since I found out, it hurts like hell, i know all of you have felt this way or still feel this way, ladies I am the one who aplogized for acting like an ass, shoot ladies, he emailed me in march middle part of march, and well wow, he feel for me in a month, what is even sicker, ladies and this is what hurts the most, goddddddddddddddddddd it hurts is this a***hole, sca my sweet trusting daughther, her own father isnt that good, and gilbert picked up on that, and he went with it, shoot it seemed so real ladies, god ithurts so much, I now ealize, on march 30th he spke with me, and said he needed money, that should have been the 1st alrm, but I guess when you think your in love, you will do almst anything, I am in dept, almst 12,000.00 with this man, I applied for loans and etc, he scammed me out of 1,400 dollars, thts seems so embrassing, and foolish for me, my father, tried to warn me, but no I alienated my parents and many more things, shoot boy do I feel like a fool, he made it seem like he was ttly in love with me, ladies who talked with him srting in april 6, 2009, he got ahold of yoou I guess since he cldnt get anymore out of me, wht hurts the most ladiesteloger this horrible realationsip went on the moe real it seemed boy was I stupid, uh, sme days I am able to do ok, but wht can you do the man is gorgeous, who would question him not wanting me, god ladies, I just spoke to him on the phne today at work, and shoot, man he started in with his crap, and again I was sucked in god ladies, man I didnt want o beleive it, my heart, just sank, he then made me feel bad, and said dont you trust me, man have I been stupid, he brought his daughter in on this one with me,supposedly she got on the compputer, and spoke to me and mine 9 yr old, thats why it hurts he scammed her I dont care about me so much, but this sick b*****d hurt my little girl, he supposedly if this girl or even if there is a daughter, made me promise never to hurt her daddy, give me a brk, and shoot the more I talk the worse it hurts but god ladies, why can people be so evil to benefit for there gain, god it hurts soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much, I was and still am in love with him, I want to hurt him though cause my heart hurts so much, LADIES THE LORD OUR SAVIOR IS WITH US IN THIS TIME OF NEED,but it hey, i dnt evn know if hes cathloic, but shoot he even did that the slimy b*****d used my religon, he is so good, please ladies run very far away from this man, I didnt want to ever beleive a man or human being cld be this slimy or evil, but he will have to answer to god about all these horrble sins he di to us, yes I knw it will never make it better espcilly all of r hearts it hurts so damn much ladies, how do u get rid of the horrible hurt and sorrow, he in reality made me feel beautiful and prtty, but now I feel so ashamed and ugly hwts next for me shit ladies whts next for me I am 42 yrs old and never been loved I feel I will die alne GOD BLESS EVERYONE HERE wish I cld round all of our hurts together and thrw them awy, but if u have any ideas on hw to get rid of the hurt just post it and I am going to ck it daily, mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn it hurts so much he is such a fricking slimy bastard, these words r to goodfor this man good nite everyone god is with us

2009-07-30, 23:50:44
anonymous from Canada  
I know how you feel. It hurts, but it will get better. Talking about it with other people who have been hurt like this helps. There are lots of groups on the internet, but I suggest you do a search for 'thescammerslayers2'. There are a lot of nice people in this group who would very happy to help you.
The creep was chatting with all of us at the same time. It will come back to bite him in the ass. Look what my post has done already? Anybody who does a search for him will find this site, see all our our posts and then they will know what he really is. I did a search for him as soon as I started chatting with him, but found nothing. But that is changed now. You will heal from the pain. It takes time, and information about others who have been scammed, but you will survive this. Keep talking to us.
2009-07-31, 00:44:46
Just remember, the picture of the man and his daughter are stolen photos from various websites or profiles around the world. I found his 'daughter.' The picture is from a modeling agency in Hawaii popular with Nigerian scammers called Focus International Hawaii. Here is the website http://www.focushaw..w_kids.htm look for a girl in the 3-12 year old female models named Mahina and you'll find the picture you posted. Just keep in mind that the man you've been communicating with is a black man in
West Africa and not the 'model' pictured in the first posts.

Best wishes to you. I hope this helps you realize his story is completely fabricated.
2009-07-31, 02:22:23   (updated: 2009-07-31, 02:42:57)
anonymous from United States  
thank you so much everyon so is this him in the pictures or are they fake too? yes i nwo from march too now ther wasnt any info on him, whats sad and should have been a sign I couldnt find his wifes nam eana boy no I wont say it
2009-07-31, 12:03:59
You are correct. The picture of the man in the photos sent to you were stolen from the internet. The real man that scammed you is a black man sitting in an internet cafe in West Africa. The picture of the girl he claimed was his daughter was stolen from the Hawaiin modeling site. Many victims have a hard time understanding and accepting that the photos of the people sent to them are not the people actually perpetrating the scam. Also, be very wary of further attempts to contact you. This particular scammer or one of his associates may also try to contact you in the future using another identity. If he has a lot of your personal information, they can use that against you to fall for this all over again. Just keep your guard up and never under any circumstances send money or personal information to people you have never met or do not know. Best Regards.
2009-07-31, 12:05:43   (updated: 2009-07-31, 12:17:54)
double post...oops.
2009-08-01, 07:49:02
anonymous from Canada  
I hate to say it, but it is too bad the scammer letter definding Gilber Kuler is gone.
It was a good laugh - completely unintelligible, but definitely good for a laugh.
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Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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