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Dating scammer Harry Fred Ducan


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Name: Harry Fred Ducan


manchester, London and South East, UK

Other Comments:
am very unlucky that all this scammer are coming to me from myspace. they are playing love with an intention to asked for money.
sadly they are using those innocent ppl's picture...

harry: baby i need your assistance right now
harry: i dont know how to say this to you mylove
harry: cos i have never done this before in my whole life
me: wat kind of assistance
me: if within my reach i will help
harry: i am really sad to tell you this mylove i know i am not suppose to bother you with this ok
harry: always know i love you
harry: i really feel so furstrated about this situation right now
harry: i dont know how to say it
harry: actually mylove
harry: i need you to help me with some money so i can ship my goods today or tommorrow so that friday i will take flight to come meet you in singapore
me: how much they asking you
harry: cos i have ran out of cash and my credit card cannot be accesed
harry: the money they are asking for is 2500usd
harry: i dont really know if you can help me with it my love
me: for me that's alot
me: coz i dont have that kind of money
harry: yes mylove i know its a whole lot of money
harry: but not to worry once i land singapore i am going to pay you back ok

be aware!!!!

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2012-10-17, 15:52:49
[hidden] from Ecuador  
This is the mail he sent me asking for money:

'How are you doing and how was your night ? I was at the hospital this morning and the doctor told me that Shirley will be discharged this morning from the hospital by 9am. The Hospital management gave me a Bill of $2,218 dollars, which to me was quite expensive. I have tried to get money from my Amex credit card to pay the bills but it seems not to be working here in Nigeria (Africa). I have tried most of the banks here but i have not been able to use my Amex credit card to enable me pay hospital bill.

I discovered that Amex credit card does not work here in Nigeria. I have already spent almost all the cash i came with on Goods, shipping cost, transportation a, feeding and on Flight tickets , I am just left with $860 dollars. I need to borrow about $1,400 USD from you to enable me pay up the balance hospital bills, so that Shirley discharge from the hospital.I don't want this to be a set back for us.I will pay you back as soon we arrive Ecuador.

I feel so ashamed that I am asking you for this, I never expected to be in such a situation.Please you don't need to tell your friends or family about this,i feel so ashamed about all these.

Once this is settled, we can start making our trip on friday evening. Darling i will pay you back as soon as we meet.I have contacted my bank in the UK and they told me that my Amex credit card will work in Ecuador so you don't have to be afraid.

I really need your assistance on this and i promise you i will never forget this. I love you darling and thanks for been there for me and Shirley.I expect your reply immediately, so that they can discharge Shirley from the hospital.

Yours Lovely,
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Dating scammer Harry Fred Ducan

2013-03-13, 09:08:21


Gabriel Smith Coleman

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Thats alright , i under , i know the connection get crazy sometimes , i have attached my pictures again to send , i have to say your picture look really lovely and im glad to meet you , i hope to chat more with you on Yahoo Im with you sweetie ,.. what is your time schedule like and when can you make it on
2013-07-27, 08:36:21
anonymous from United States  

2013-09-08, 18:49:35
anonymous from Colombia  
LAS MISMAS HISTORIA PERO EL TIPO SE HIZO PASAR POR UN TAL KENNY Gibson Wayne y que tenia un niño de 6 años que vivía en Inglaterra y que tenia un negocio de galería de artes y que después viaja a Africa y ahí es donde empieza a pedir plata porque la tarjeta de crédito no le funciona y pide dinero para poder pagar los gastos del mèdico del niño. pero ami no me robo porque yo lo alcansè a investigar y vi unas cartas igualitas de las que me enviaba por internet y lo descubri a tiempo y yo le segui la cuerda pero al final èl se dio cuenta que yo lo había descubierto y ya no me escribe. pero eso son nombres falsos e historias falsas nunca existio ese niño y vaya a uno a saber si realmente vive en Inglaterra todo es falso
2013-09-08, 18:58:30   (updated: 2013-09-08, 19:02:33)
anonymous from Colombia  
este esta estafador se hace pasar por este tipo pero realmente no es la foto real del estafador. el tal KENNY GIBSON EL DEL TAL GALERIA DE ARTES Y QUE VIVE EN INGLATERRA ESTA FOTO NO ES REAL DE ESE TIPO

2013-09-08, 19:05:51
anonymous from Colombia  
LA SUPUESTAMENTE FOTO DEL ESTAFADOR Kenny Wayne que trabajaba en una galería de artes y que era de Inglaterra y que viaja a Africa y allà el niño se le enferma de malaria y empieza a pedir plata que la tarjeta de crédito no le funciona y que le preste plata y que cuando venga a visitarme me paga pues mentiras. que es divorciado y que el le toca hacerse cargo de ese niño llamado mark osea marcos.

2013-09-08, 20:15:37
anonymous from Colombia  
Today I thought i should tell you things about my history which I have never told any woman before apart from my ex-wife but somehow I just believe you are the right person to relate my personal history with, I have been composing it since the day i met you because of my work and other activities I have been unable to round up on time,i am telling you this so that you will not allow distance to separate us, I promise because of the feeling I have for you I will visit your Country very soon and i told you that when Mark saw your picture he instantly said he liked you.Nevertheless there is still need for me to tell you my history because i have really taken time to compose it so as to share with you, there is so much to write about myself but few has to be stated first, maybe later on when we meet i would relate the others to you in your ears while we lie side by side.I was the first among 2 children of my parent, and my father was the only son of his father and helped his father on the art designs and also to market the goods, at a point when my father traveled for some art purchase then he met my mother, but due to his line of business he was unable to stay long with his first love but she got pregnant for the little time spent together without my father taking notice of that, and then he traveled back to the States.
I'm originally from Midland Georgia in America, but i moved to the UK a couple of years back and have almost become one of them.... Of course i haven't forgotten they were once our

Honey please make sure you always read my mail and understand me very well, I am certain that this will strengthen our relationship.

Truthfully, I never wanted to go into any relationship until I was introduced to online dating by a marriage counselor, and a few hours into our bonding i am beginning to sense something here.... I can't particularly place my finger on it though.

I'm a Mechanical Engineer, I formerly worked with one of the Oil Multinational company here in the UK, before I Soy originaria de Midland Georgia en los Estados Unidos, pero me mudé a Inglaterra un par de años atrás y casi se han convertido en uno de ellos .... Por supuesto que no he olvidado que alguna vez fueron nuestros colonizadores ....

Cariño por favor asegúrese de que siempre lee mi correo y me entiende muy bien, estoy seguro de que esto va a fortalecer nuestra relación.

A decir verdad, nunca quise entrar en cualquier relación hasta que me presentaron a las citas en línea por un consejero matrimonial, y un par de horas en nuestra unión me estoy empezando a sentir algo aquí .... No puedo poner todo mi dedo en él sin embargo.

Soy un Ingeniero Mecánico, que anteriormente trabajó con uno de la empresa Multinacional de aceite en el Reino Unido, antes de renunciar para enfrentar mi arte Negocios Galería personal sirvo como el gerente de campo en Londres durante 3 años, más de lo que soy el director general de Arte de TW Marcos y Galería Artesanal que se estableció en 07 de noviembre 2010 es un día extraordinario, porque ese día es Mark (mi hijo) cumpleaños.

Yo soy cristiano (católico) y un hombre temeroso de Dios, y yo creo Él juega un papel muy importante en cada cosa que nos pasa todos los días.

Sin haciéndome propaganda y con toda humildad, soy una persona muy ambiciosa, optimistaquit to face my art Gallery personal Business I serve as the field manager in London for 3years, more so I am the C.E.O of TW Mark's Art and Craft Gallery which was established in November 7th 2010 it is a remarkable day because that day is Mark (my son's) birthday.

2013-09-08, 22:10:42
Bax from United States  
This is Great! LOL!!

You've got to know it's a scam when they name their kids like this...

THE ALLEGED Kenny Wayne ESTAFADOR PHOTO working in a art gallery and it was in England and travels to Africa and allà the child is sick with malaria and begins to ask for money to the credit card does not work and it will pay silver and when you come to visit me pay as lies. who is divorced and that will take care of that touches boy named mark bony frames.

Amigo @ Colombia,

Gracias por informar de este estafador, es seguro para ayudar a otros
a no ser víctima de la buena lieing, los ladrones no.
2013-09-28, 03:50:16
anonymous from Croatia/Hrvatska  
recently I had message from person named Harry Fred, he claim he like me,and want to know me etc..I started talking with him on my facebook profile but I think that is the same man who ask for money other woman.What can I do,can I reported to police even I have no proofs?
2013-09-29, 12:31:20
Miss Marple from United States  
2013-09-28, 03:50:16
anonymous from Croatia/Hrvatska

No ,you cannot file a report to the police if no crime is not commited .The thing you can do in this is to block him from contacting you .Please post the messages you got from him,the photo he is using and the link to the FB account.
2013-10-13, 05:57:57
anonymous from Croatia/Hrvatska  
I blocked him and erase his messages,he using name Harry Fred and picture of bald men around 40 years with little blond girl claiming she is his daughter.
2013-10-21, 16:25:14   (updated: 2013-10-21, 16:29:16) from Brazil  
essa é a foto, mas essa pessoa foi usada pelo safado,

2013-10-21, 21:12:48
Miss Marple from United States  
2013-10-21, 16:25:14 (updated: 2013-10-21, 16:29:16
Thank you ! Please be advised the real man on the photos is not a scammer! African scammers uses his ID to scam women with.

Scammers using Jared M photos to scam with

2013-11-10, 12:13:02
anonymous from Italy  

iam reading all about scammers,yes i have been scammed from 2010 to 2013 on 2 sites of marriages ,they told me that they were from ,usa,uk ,canada ,but they were from nigeria ,ghana i undrestand it late ,i made a loan at my bank that am still paying (my ex husband is paying since months9 bcs am not working since june 2012 , i borrowed money from my lawyer am rovined ,i hate them that bastards,they send me fake pictures ,fake contracts about work in nigeria ,iam sooo disappointed ,my life is not the same since,i can tell some names about them ,i have seen 1 of them after 2 years under other profiles ,sooo many ,and many different countries he is .WALTER RAY from london ,but he has many fake names on those sites ,iam sure about this name bcs i sent to him money to nigeria for his taxes to pay ,,he lied to me only the other money i send it for his cure in d hospital to another person ,he told me that he had a typhoid there ,after that that he neeeded money for his tools after that he vanished for ever,
The other names were:MICHEAL BROWN from usa but he was from nigeria ,only.
KEN EAMES from usa nigerian too,,,,JEFF EDWARD from new york as he told me,LARRY SMITH from usa but he was nigerian too he sent me fake pictures about his daughter NANCY ,that i still have on my file.
2014-07-24, 12:02:40
anonymous from Mexico  
ESTAFADOR DE NOMBRE: VICTOR BROWN su correo es segun vive en reino unido y tiene una galeria de arte, segun el ha sufrido porque su ex esposa se acosto con otra mujer, y pues logro quedarse con su hijo mark, no te conoce y te dice que te ama,
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