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Dating scammer Micheal Albert, Micheal Alex, etc.


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Name: Micheal Albert, Micheal Alex, etc.


Hinesville, GA
So-called home number, yet it is an Atlanta landline number: 404-592-5101

Other Comments:
Here's my story. I met this Micheal character through about 4 weeks ago. We never met in person, but talked over the phone twice a day. He was calling me from Malaysia. His profile stated that he was an Artist/Sculpturer/Painter, who lives in Hinesville, GA. He claimed he was only on the website for a couple of weeks (as his Mom told him to try Internet dating to find a nice Christian woman), and preferred communicating through his Yahoo email address. Yeah right!!!!

We began communicating through personal email, and I was little disturbed at how 'mushy' he was becoming with his messages. I found it odd that he could be so 'attached' to someone he never met and just started talking to, but I just chalked it up to the islander in him, and didn't feed into it. He also told me that he was born in Pocono’s, PA, but raised in various Caribbean islands, which accounted for his strong accent. He also stated that he travels extensively, and one of the countries he's so-called visited was Holland (just like Alex Holmes). He told me that he has been divorced over 4 years, and his ex-wife left their 10-year old daughter with him to raise alone. He said his mother still lives in PA, but his 20-year old 'adopted sister' lives in the Hinesville, GA area as he does. The woman in the picture is supposed to be the 'adopted' sister.

He told me a bunch of lies regarding the money he makes as an 'Artist'. He said that he was in Malaysia on business…bidding on a 2.5 million dollar contract, and he would know the outcome in a week. He also told me about all the many properties he supposedly owns, etc. He was supposedly so well off financially, but on 6/15/09, his lies fell apart. He called me that morning, telling me he 'won' a potion of the 'contract' he was bidding on, and it was for almost a million dollars. He said that he had to pay upfront taxes before they would give him the money, and he paid them $17,300.00, but needed to pay an additional $2,000.00. So you know what happened next...he had the nerve to ask me for it. He claimed that he would give the money back to me as soon as he returned 'home' to GA in the next 2 days. Now yall know I didn't fall for that. Did he actually think I was going to give someone I've never met my money....please. All the bells and whistles started going off. I asked him to ask his sister or mom, but you know he claimed they didn't have it. Then I asked him why he couldn’t get the money from his own bank account, and he said that he has to be there in person to take that much money out. Anyway, I decided to convince him to provide some personal information before I would 'give' him the money. Once he provided the information, I began my research. I could not find out his real name, but the GA number he gave was an Atlanta (landline) number....not Hinesville. How can you live in Hinesville, with an Atlanta landline number? Anyway, when I typed in the number, this Alex Holmes character came up. When I read the information on Alex, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I could not believe their stories were so similar and the 2 men look so much alike (possibly brothers working together).

In any case, I notified about this ‘Micheal’ character, and I hope no woman falls for his scam. I hope this information helps some woman before she gets conned out of her money. I know these type of people have no scruples, but to go to the extreme of going on a Christian website quoting scriptures to con women is just unbelievable.....

Please note: I think he is related to and/or working with Dating Scammer 'Alex Holmes'. Both of their profiles are very similar. Please read them carefully and BE CAREFUL!!!!!!!

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2010-01-31, 17:32:26
anonymous from United States  
I email the information yesterday and I still see my pictures published. What else must I do to have them removed. The person that returned the email stated he was on the road and he will take care of it today but unfortunately they are still being seen on this website. can you please assist me with this request.
2010-01-31, 17:57:58
DOC from United States  
anonymous from United States,

Everything has been removed now.
2010-02-27, 21:33:36
meoburvs from Sweden  
2010-04-08, 16:29:08   (updated: 2010-04-08, 16:35:31)
anonymous from United States  
Hi...I have a similar story. I met a gorgeous man by the name of 'Dale Brown' who supposedly has his own business. He contacted me on Blackchristianpeoplemeet as suggested that I e-mail him tohis Gmail account . His story was that he was the only child, was in england as his mom needed a bone marrow transplant. He was paying nearly $40,000 for a donor. He claimed to be in love with me and intended to make me his Queen. Born in West va., raised in Trinadad ( explained his thick accent,) living in Clayton NC with his 16yo daughter ,Valerie. His wife supposedly died three years ago of cancer. He went to malaysia to claim his 4.5 million dollar inheritance....he needed $5,000 to clear in taxes and wanted my assistance... yes then I started reading about the scammers on the site. Any way he claims to be on his way to the area but gets stopped by officials because he did not have 'anti-terrism' certificate and had to pay a penalty of $18,000.00. After weeks of 'suffering and talking' he asked if I could help with $4000.00! Well by this time I had run his ss#( no similar address or relatives names), driven to his address (lie), no business website or address, ficticious phone # not even in the area he proclaimed to live....Still claims to be stuck in malaysia and his church is suppose to help him as I have made it clear that you are a scammer!!! He quotes the bible like he wrote it, he prays like the world is coming to an end. He even let me talk to his 16 year old daughter (pretend daughter). How low can you go!!! please ladies these are the pictures that he careful

2010-04-08, 22:48:58
anonymous from United States  
Linda Scott from Accra, Ghana is a scammer
2010-04-27, 18:33:14
anonymous from United States  
I met this man on but he used the name Dale Brown, this is his story
I work for myself as a personal supplier of merchandise which i supply all kinds of electrical gadgets,computer software and chemicals to manufacturing companies within the states which i have been on my job for more than 15 years as you can see i enjoyed what i do for a living so i thank God for that lol..

I love to play basketball,reading,cooking for my woman,attending live concerts,traveling which i have been to some part of the world,listening to all kinds of musics,going outdoor swiming with my daughter, going shopping with my daughter then finally love to spend time with my future woman when God bless me with that special someone..What do you like to do for fun?

As for why am still single, Have been single for 3 years ever since i lost my wife for cancer of the breast so since then have been single cos some women dont seems to know what they want and some just want to take advantage of your fragile heart so i guess thats am being careful until i find the right woman that is gonna love me for me, have the fear of God in her above all know how to treat her man like a king as i treat her back as the queen of my heart you know what i mean lol..Am a member of the Assemblies of God mission.So tell me why is a beautiful woman like yourself still single?

I have a daughter that is 16 years old and she is the love of my life as you can see that was the child me and my late wife shared b4 i lost her so it reminds me of the memory but that does not mean i did not open my heart to have someone in my life so who ever is gonna love me for me will have to love my daughter aswel, So hope you dont mind about that because i will definatly do the samething to my future patner and her kids aswel cos the Bible says that what he have joined together have become one even though am not their biological father but i can always play an important role in their life aswel love them just the same way i love my daughter cos love is equal in the sight of God you know what i mean..What about you?

I also want to take this opportunity to let you that am not currently in the country because i had to take my mom out of the country which we are presently in London at the moment but i will be back to the states before the end of this month depending on when the surgery is done so please keep my mom in prayer and if you ever want to keep in contact through phone i can be reached anytime on 011447031867670 and make sure you dial it exactly the way it is in other for it go through if you have international plan on your phone and if not you can always get an intl calling card to make this call ..Until i read back from you remain sweet and have a great day..

Dale Cares

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