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Dating scammer John Williams


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Name: John Williams



Other Comments:
Said he lives in Ohio, but works in Sweden !
Here is the first letter he wrote:

Good Day,

How was your nigth? Hope you slept well like a baby for me and Angels of the lord watching over you for me, It was nice hearing from you... I felt you will be a nice woman to be with, Well I Hope your doing great today, My full name is John Malta. I'm 48yrs, I live in Round lake, IL, I'm originally from Sweden....My Dad came to the state when he was just 21yrs that was when he saw my mom, they both get Married to each other and had a very good family and enjoy life together. After 2yr of there marriage they gave birth to me, My mom and dad love me because I am the only child they both have.

Well after some years my dad went to sweden to see my grand father and mom, at the long run he came across with a friend of him who was into business so he introduced my dad to a business so he took him along for a trip down to Alberta, Then due to the business my dad make good money out of the business then he get himself a very big Ceramics and Marbles Tiles store over there in Alberta, So he was running the business together with his friend, after sometimes his friend died and he started running it alone. for about 10yrs he came back to the state and get a good manager who handle the store for him over there in Alberta.....

After some while my dad died over stressing with shipping Ceramics and Marbles Tiles up and down, Then Alberta wasn't a developed country to produce the Ceramics and Marbles Tiles. When he died my mom and I went back to Sweden where my dad own a Apartment. After sometimes I took over the Ceramics and Marbles Tiles store in Alberta because that was the only legacy of my dad so I need to keep it moving, Moreover the manager at the store before was handling it well so I told him to keep on with it because I guess he has been there before the late of my dad by that I know he can take care of the store,

Now am a self employed I ship Ceramics and Marbles Tiles all over the state and country, I came back to the state and get married to a lady her name was Sherry, she passed away in a car accident on her way coming back from work few years ago, its really do hurt me so much and whenever she comes to my mind tears roll down my face and have no one to calm me down, but i believe everything that happen in this life as a big reason,

We had 2 boys, there names was Charles and Kelvin, Charles is 12 years old and kelvin is 8 years old, they are such a lovely and Intelligent boys, Since then I have been so single at home thinking and lonely everyday, Let me tell you about my work, alots of companys always order Ceramics and Marbles Tiles from me, I ship its to wherever the company is, when the ship that carry the Ceramics and Marbles Tiles is about to arrive to the state where the company is, I'll go be Air to that state and have the Ceramics and Marbles Tiles cleared out from the port myself and have its delivered to the company that ordered for the Ceramics and Marbles Tiles myself and have my paycheck and come back home I'll first use my own Funds for the Job, That the way we do the work, because i know my paycheck will be ready after Ceramics and Marbles Tiles has been delivered to them.

I don't spend more than 4 to 5 days for the trip, i like my Job so much, if my trip is not a long distance i do employ babysitter to look after my babys for me but if its a long distance i take them along with me so they could see the world and will Home School them, I was thinking I can't love anymore, but a member of my church told me about internet dating, that I could find a good relationship with marriage since then I have been trying to get along with someone, I think trying is all I can do and everything takes time, I am a happy person, responsible, honest, understanding considerate, caring, sincere, serious, and have a good sense of humor and full of respect.

For now i just had to pick up my life again because of the past. I am looking for a woman to possibly develop a relationship with. I am a Christian and I put my faith in God above all other things. I am the type of man who always 'ask' when in doubt. I belief, that provides solutions to many situations. My love life is very real and i try to take my time to acquire one, I believe in true love as it develops. Am very romantic and I enjoy dancing and dining out at least once a week especially with a partner. I haven't been doing that too much lately since am lonely for a while now. I hope I found the right woman for myself, lol. I hope you are an honest woman because the most important characteristics to me are compatibility and friendship.

I'd like to know if you are an open minded person, honest and easy going.. A sense of humour is a big plus. I hope we'd have some shared interests and goals, as well as some similarities in opinion about what's important in life. I just hope to find the right one that can handle my intense passion for life and love, i think i should stop here, i would love to get to know so much about you....stay blessed and wait to listen to your part, I have two pictures for you and kindly send me few of your pictures as well, I sure will appreciate that so much, thank you.

Hugs and Kisses

Your New Friend.

John Malta!

{Gods Greatest Comments , Is To Love , And To Understand What Love Is }


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2009-07-10, 15:00:24   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2009-07-10, 15:00:24   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2009-07-10, 15:00:24   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  
2009-07-10, 15:00:24   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2009-07-11, 15:44:50
anonymous from United States  
i am interested in this man JOhn Williams.I have been talking to a man by that name for the last 4 months.the picture is not the same and of coures the yahoo mail address is not the same.This one i am talking too is using John Williams name and yahoo id as sweetjohnforever.I would like to find out more about him.Says he is from California and has a son.He seems to be strande in Lagoa Nigeria.Any information wll be helpful.
2009-07-11, 17:25:46   (updated: 2009-07-11, 17:29:15)
[hidden] from Salem, United States  
Anonymous from the USA

I am sorry to inform, You but, You are being scammed.
There isn't even any chance that, Your not being scammed.
Read about the other victims here on this site.
It doesn't matter at all if, You ever match the name or photo.
Thats because scammers change both all the time.
They have many names they use, all fake.
They have many photo's to choose from all stolen.
They can fake web cam appearances and voice.
The very same exact scam about being stranded in Nigeria has been
used hundreds of times. They always have a emergency.
Never in, Your life time ever send money to anyone, You do not know.
That means people on line don't count as people, You know.
Simple rule but the absolute truth is 100% of anything on line at all
coming out of West Africa, Nigeria, Senegal, Ghana, Refugee Camp,
Dakar, Gold Coast, Ivory Coast is 100% scammers.
It makes no difference what the story, You have been told.
There is no little boy and there is no one and has never been anyone
stranded in Nigeria.
Fact is if they were the Embassy there would get them home.
Thats a fact that scammers will deny.
Get over the smooth talking 20 something, Black man sitting in the Internet
Cafe scamming, You.
This con has been used so much recently mainly against Woman.
Please believe me now and save yourself from being made a great big
The scammer will never say, He is sorry. Hell itself will freeze over before
that happens. Scammers laugh and mock their victims for being so gullible.
Please pay close attention to these instructions.
Never post, Your e mail address on this site.
Never tell the scammer where, You learned the truth.
Never mention this site.
You must make a complete clean break and never allow the scammer
to ever contact, You again not even for a second.
If, You allow anything at all the scammer will keep after, You forever.
Do not feel sorry for the scammer for any reason.
He is wealthy and doesn't care if, You live or die.
You need to to take the time to learn how to spot a scammer on, Your own.
You should have known this was a scammer already.
You should never have allowed first contact.
I have done all, I can to try to help, You but if, You decide, Your not
convinced then, I truly am sorry for what will become of, You.
You can believe me now or, You will the hard way. Your choice.
Remember one of the reason's, You can't match a name or face is
because the scammers change often so they can avoid being found out.
That name or photo may never have been put in the system before being
reported as a scam.
You should come back post everything, You got on this creep it may save
someone else. Posting the photo's, You have help's stop the scammer
from keep using them. You do more harm to the person they were stolen
from by not posting them.
There are no White or Black, Men or Woman in all of West Africa on line
that are not scammers. No exceptions not even if they claim to be from
somewhere else.
By the way scammers regularly wait for month's before asking for money.
They make sure they have their victim hooked good first.

I wish, You the best and will Pray, You see the light and end this
scam now.
Kindest Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//
2009-10-27, 18:22:02
anonymous from Mexico  
Anonimus 2009-07-11, 15:44:50

do you have pic from the person that you was intouch John Williams, If you have pics about him please post it. It's important for everybody.

Thank you
2009-10-27, 22:24:11
wanwan from Japan  
2009-07-10, 15:00:24 (updated: )
[hidden] from United States

2011-11-21, 21:17:53   (updated: 2011-11-21, 21:20:13)
This guy is also on sugardaddyforme. He goes by the name sweetteardy11 on the site. Says his name is Michael Aldana. An email used is skyfallingheart11@yahoo. Says he lives in Michigan. 3136435356.
2011-11-26, 12:54:31
anonymous from United States  
I have just recieved an email from this guy. SAme exact one as the one posted. Luckily, I recognize that most scammers do not know how to speak english! lol so the broken lagnuage was definitely my first clue. Then the reference to the UK, I stay away from those as well as Nigeria or any other country in Africa HA!

If you at least set the standard that your 'love match' has the ability to pput a sentence together, that should be a standard anyway, you will decrease your chances of getting scammed. Love this site btw!
2011-12-09, 14:36:28
This man introduced himself to me through, as Michael Aldana. The initial letter outside of the site was the exact same one listed here, with the exception of his son's ages being older.

We've been corresponding since November 17th and yesterday was when he first asked for money. He said he and his son's had arrived in Africa and. All luggage was seized and would be returned in 7 days. But until then, he only had money on him for the hotel room and nothing for food or clothing. He asked me to wire $160.00. To the hotel manager's name since only citizens could receive money wires. The managers name was John Ekeso.

Luckily, a light bulb went off in my head and all the pieces started fitting together. The way he never answered any of my questions. The way he never would send me a picture that he took right then. How he kept asking me about work when I'd told him twice that I'm unable to work. How he never referred to me by name. How he never would let me communicate with his son's. ALL of this, along with the sudden need for money to be wired to NIGERIA was finally enough to break the spell of newfound hope and love. I finally had to face the fact that I'd been scammed.

I sent him an email telling him that I was onto him and asked how he lived with himself when taking advantage and lying to honest people that just want to find true love and happiness. I also thanked him. For making me realize. How vulnerable and naive I am right now.

Of course, he acted shocked and so hurt by my doubting him. But I told him that if he's the man I had basically fallen in love with, that he would understand my doubt and concern and still care for me.

Then I decided to do a google search of his name and business and VIOLA! There he was! It made me sick to my stomach to realize all my emotions, hopes and newfound interest in love again were all just a sick game. Beware ladies!
2011-12-10, 10:15:03
I had this very same person do this tome. However when I asked certain questions his answers were vage. I had contacted him. He is very good. I can tell you that. Up until he ask me to send money for him and his stranded sons. Yea OK.. Like I was going to do that. He is posted on a dating site called 'SUGARDADDYFORME' The same pictures on here are posted ont the web site.. Yep he claims to be wealthy and from sweaden and the momma to his boys died in a car accident. He is a piece of shit that prays on woman. If you hear form him delete, block and report him or ignore him..
2011-12-13, 16:02:34
Renee569 from United States  
I have informed the administrators at sugardaddyforme about this scumbag.Hopefullky they pull his profile quickly.
2011-12-17, 22:47:48
anonymous from Alpharetta, United States  
All, please please please make sure you report this person. I had so many reservations about this person from the beginning primarily because of the less than 2 week declaration of immediate love. My contact was from and I will be requesting my information to be blocked. I like the other rewviewing let my guard down in the height of vulnerability while waiting for my divorce to be final. such a fool. i've wasted countless hours and if for no other reason, please be aware tht he's full of crap. Exact same pictures, exact same story and why I didn't check this website about scammers before I don't know.

sugardaddy's needs to be reported to the better business bureau for allowing this to continue after they'd been notified several times already. shame on me and shame on them.
2012-01-21, 08:11:36
anonymous from United States  
He has yet struck again... and using the VERY same letter. He went by Michael Aldana again. Used the email There is another one that also Uses the name Roberts Hills.. (and in actuality, he also uses the actors,Brian McNamara's photos..ect) his email is Roberts Hills < am posting for a friend.. as she foolishly sent him over $600 western union.... =( =(

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