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Dating scammer Alexander Gallagher


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Name: Alexander Gallagher


Phone-No. 0044 702 40655580

we know these pictures in Germany under the following names as well:
dfgig bei als Profil
Michael Blay
Johnson 660
Henry 2
Henry DK
Ronald Morrision
Prince Brown

A profile of this guy is on facebook as well. Profile name there: Alxeander Gallagher

Other Comments:
I got this report of a German lady yesterday:

This lady met this guy on through a mail sent by this guy. He stated to be 46, from Miami, FL. First she was not so interested but she gave him her mail-addy. Another mail came back and they wrote 3 weeks. She told him to spend her holidays in Florida - but he did not react on that silent proposal to meet.
After she was back from her holiday in Florida some mails were changed he asked her to install the msn messenger and suddenly he was in London - and no longer in Florida. He forgot to inform her he is in London now.

A chat over a whole night followed - and she was impressed by him. Wonderful mails like 'my lovely wife to be' followed and she falled for him

Short after that mail he informed her about arising problems in London with his project as selfemployed engineer. The next day he got an add and could not pay the whole amount.
The lady told him she could not give him the money (a red light in her head started) and she told him about a friend working for a bank in London for a Swiss Bank. His comment ' a man?'. These reaction gave her the idea he could be a betrayer, a criminal. During that discussion he was not the understanding man but rough. So she decided to tell him, she would talk to her banker friend for him. The Mr. Gallagher got upset. She left the messenger and was not online for 3 days. During these 3 days she got a lot of calls - so he even spoke on her answering box. Last Friday July 11, 2009 she was online again - he was on immediately and it did not last long when he arrived at his main headline: money.
She told him: I cannot give you the money because I do know from you only a cell phone no. and a mail-addy. The normal reaction arised: You don't trust me, you don't love me. A reaction we all know too well. The lady told him: love you cannot buyed for money. On July 12 he asked her again for money and she told him she knows nothing about him and she will not send a single Cent. She looked in the Internet and found our German site - and the pictures this guy used in Germany the past months so often.

The pics are stolen from an American Model site.

reported by the founder of contra-romance-scam in Germany.


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2009-07-14, 10:24:50   (updated: )
[hidden] from Germany  

2009-07-14, 10:24:50   (updated: )
[hidden] from Germany  

2009-07-14, 10:24:50   (updated: )
[hidden] from Germany  

2009-07-14, 10:24:50   (updated: )
[hidden] from Germany  

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Alexander Gallagher

2009-07-14, 10:24:50   (updated: )
[hidden] from Germany  

2009-07-14, 10:24:50   (updated: )
[hidden] from Germany  

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Alexander Gallagher

2009-07-14, 10:24:50   (updated: )
[hidden] from Germany  

2009-07-15, 01:13:08
anonymous from Germany  
It is sad, but within 2 days the second case in Germany with that guy. And we are sure, due to the IP it must be the same guy or the same scammer group.

Here the story of a lady - speaking no word in Enlish. This guy corresponded with her in German. Here here story. I will call her here Mary:

Mary registered at A wellknown dating site in Europe and got there a message from Richmond Gonzalez on June 12, 09 where he asked for her mail-addy. She wrote back and gave her mail-address to him. When she came back to the site - his profile was deleted. We know from our work with the datingsites in Germany they are deleting suspect profiles and take our concerns about some profiles very serious. So the profile was deleted and the first message he sent to her at meetic as well.

Mary told him, his profile was not there any longer and he told her. 'I have deleted it, because he found you.' a common answer. She felt wonderful - no sweet words since 13 years - the time she lived alone after her divorce. The normal game started: your pic is gorgeous and he want to get a new relationship. He told her to be divorced, one daughter 21 years. He has no contact to his daughter who is living with his ex in Great Britain.hätte He is divorced, because his ex wife cheated on him with his best friend.

He were raised up at a friend in UK. His mothere disappeared one day and his father was late when he was a child. He studien in Great Britain. Now he is a building engineer, living in Frankfurt/M, but he had to leave on June 15,2009 for a business trip for 3 weeks to Bulgaria. When he would reach his hotel in Bulgaria he would like to call her immediately and did it also.

One day later he wrote Mary he had forgotten his credit card at home. A friend of him would bring her 500 Euros and she should send it to him by Western Union. A way we know from Switzerland.

She got another name than his to send the money to - the name of the Hotelmanager in Carna: Here the address:

.Adefayo Oluwafemi,K
aramafil Street28,,

The other day the mentioned friend of Gonzales arrived at her home and brought her the money for Gonzales. This guy thanked her in a very good German. No black, but a white guy..

In the evening she got a message from Gonzales - only sweet words And she melted again. He asked every day what she was wearing, her colours and her his. He asked Mary whether she do believe in God. He asked her for her monthly salary and unfortunately she told him. Before she was going to sleep she got sms like 'I love you so much.' She tought to have found her soulmate.

The next day a call arrived from the hotelmanager she could not understand because she is not speaking any word in English. A mail from the hotelmanager arrived in English. Mary gave that mail to her son in law for translation. The message: Richmond Gonzales had an accident with a taxi and would be in hospital. An operation would be neccessary otherwise he will loose his leg. Mary should send money, because the doc would not do anything without beeing paid in advance. Mary went to her bank and send another 500 Euros requested in that mail. Her girlfriend drove her to the Western Union station to get the moneytransfer done. Via sms the moneytransfer numbers were told to him in Bulgaria. In the evening she got a call from him where he said thank you to her and promissed to pay her back when he will get his contract paid: 45.000 Euros.Adresse.

She got the calls with the followinumbers:

Next evening a mail arrived the operation was successful and brought some greetings from Mr. Gonzalez. Another operation was neccessary with another 500 Euros costs. She told him: I have no more money to send but he begged to help him. So she send another 500 Euros to him but with her name but with the name of her girlfriend because she had to work. The next day she got a message from the hotelmanager all went fine with the second operation.
She wrote the datas via sms so he could get that money as well.

He asked her to marry him. And Mary told no. She don't know him and she never thought about to remarry again.

Some days later another request for further 500 Euros arrived. To pay his hotel bill.
Mary had no more money and so she brought her jewelerie to get the requested money to him and don't know she will get them back again. Again her girlfriend send the money to him He called her and told: I will bring you personal the money you sent to me on July 4, 2009. But as usual she is waiting to get her money back until today.

In the evening when she wanted to chat with him this guy made a mistake and she got in contact to another lady in contact as well with that guy. The lady I reported about above. These 2 ladies got in all the sorrow friends and found the German group.

We try to help this lady: First she has to make an add - it is absolutley the first in case in Germany I got the information, that money was braught personal. So it is dangerous for her.

reported by founder of

2009-07-17, 01:31:32
anonymous from Germany  
Another case in Germany with Parship and the pictures of that guy. Parship is the equivalent to Eharmony which is known as scammerparadise. When we see the numbers of cases from this datasite in Germany we have our doubts this datingsite is checking the profiles before publishing.

And these pictures are involved in another profile at, too. See enclosed screenshot.
So please take care.

2009-07-17, 11:52:15   (updated: 2009-07-17, 12:40:54)
Seems, Alex is very busy.
Here is another parship profile-name: PSAW9CWT (with a bw/pic., similar to the first above mentioned).
parship still didn´t block this account, although I´ve send them info last night and pleased them to inform all other contacts of him about his real intention.
What kind of 'protection' and highly promoted 'seriosity' do parhips-members pay for, if even a simple google-search helps to find out f.e. about this criminal ?
Same 'Alexander Gallagher' ( is listed at facebook.

Funny (not really): A german TV-channel (SAT.1) reported about dating-scammers a few days ago (AKTE O9 / 14th July 09)... and got parship-advertisement on the belonging website. Claim: 'With SAT.1 and parship you´ll find the partner, who loves you the way you are.'

Yepp. It only depends on the sum, I´m willing to pay - harhar!


2009-07-18, 04:31:12
Update Alexander Gallagher, with the above mentioned pic also known as Paul Cole or Charles Barnett.

Pls. have a look:


2009-07-18, 13:04:50   (updated: 2009-07-18, 13:17:16)
anonymous from Germany  
Betr. Alexander Gallagher

Tel.: 0044702406555800
The Orginal- Text from Alex:

i am only writing the truth, if you do truly love me then you will understand this,infact the Bible define lack of faith as the sin that easily entangles us,heb12.1
Faith is not a possesion of all people,not that some people are in capable of exercising this quality,rather many do not work to acquire it and God will bless the effort of those who do.......
well i hope someday you would be in position to assist me with whatever i need as i know you have the capability to do but due to some reasons which i cant believe,you dont want to .......
its all good and i know God will make a way for me even when my most cherish person decide not to assist me for a reason she can only ...........
even the Bible make us to know that,God is a spirit and all those who worship him do so in spirit,we do not see him but i personally believe so much in him as i believe in you
God,s invisible are clearly seen from the worlds creation onward, because they are perceived by the things made,even his eternal power and Godship'romans 1;20

2009-07-18, 13:36:13
anonymous from Germany  
Orginal Mail from Alex Gallagher
I'm so thankful that I've met you because you've changed me a lot. I'm no longer a woman-hater, like i told you once , and that's all because of you. You've shown me how to love and to be loved and i will never forget each little thing that you have done for me. We've become very close in the past few weeks, closer than either of us even imagined.
Maybe you will read this soon, maybe you won't. Maybe you will run across it in a box years from now,Maybe we,ll read it together when i,m there with you and think it is the most beautiful thing you have ever read. At that moment, you will know that i will love you for as long as our lives together lasts. When you said those three little words, Honestly, i was scared out of my mind that i would get hurt until now that i,m 101% secure now that we will only grow stronger in love. I keep telling you this, cos its real and sincere from my heart. I wouldn't hurt me for mo. i live now for the day that i can show you that i,ll love you more and more.....
Days go by with thoughts of you in my mind, and I've asked myself what is happening? My heart said i should follow it to where it leads me, 'cause it is always true to me.At las i,m right. When i first saw you, i thought, 'Damn! What a lady!' Then I spoke to you, wanting to know why you are a single parent and to be a very close and good friend. But every time i would see or think of you, my whole body shivered. Come to think of it, your ex was lucky, he should have cherished, honored, admired and been appreciative of you. he is a fool to lose you.
I know you are cute, but every time i would see you as my screen saver, you'd tend to look even cuter than ever. When i think of you and see you, I say to myself, God is really good, the greatest architect ever, to design and create such wonderful eyes as bright as the stars in the sky, on a dark and lonely night, a smile of exquisiteness brightens up my world. I won't hurt you or make you sad. i'd never cause you any pain, because love doesn't cause pain, but only joy. You'll never understand how your smile brightens my day and how the thought of you brings a jubilant smile to my face,until we meet.
At times i can't find the words to say what i mean in person, so writing it down when I think about it, helps me get my point across. All i know is you are someone i want to spend time with, and have fun with, someone i want to get to know better,someone i want to to spend the rest of my life with i know this is truly what you want to,i guess i can hope and pray that i can give you 60 more years, and even more, of happiness, all i want for the both of us is to be happy. I want you be my back bone, my soul, and my air that i breathe. I want to see us grow old together if that is what you are ready for. For me not to have been with you through those all these years ,i feel like i have missed a lot out in life,but now i feel like i have known you forever in the past couple of weeks. Maybe what i am saying is crazy or just a fantasy to you, but i know that it a dream to me,which obviously is coming true.

Love always,

2009-07-18, 13:50:10
anonymous from Germany  
ALEXANDER GALLAGHER, MIAMI, 46 Jears, born 24.12.1963..............?
One Child 12 Jears with Name Sue.........?

thats the biggest problem and i have two more days unltimatum here now
its correct but not enough to make less horrible
i need 500, but you can tell me what you have its so important and i dont want to loose it now
but its 100% certain that i will get it and pay you back even in lots fold Honey
i just wanna make sure i dont loose the project and all my hard work here
thats why i,m asking you for help cos right now i cant

When someone is genuine about loving you, they tend to have your best interest at heart. They offer guidance and support, and tend to avoid making you feel pressured. They accept your faults and flaws, and if you're lucky - they'll find some of those quirky traits endearing.
Honey,i know quiet well that its a huge sum of money and that why i,m saying it will never be a permanent give away money as i will be paying you

asking for help is not a sign of weakness,but a mark of unity meaning 2 people can accomplish more than twice as much as one they get a better return to their labour if one person fails the other can reach out and help but people who are alone when they fall are in real trouble
interdependence is healthy we are created to live in community,which implies that we are able to constantly helping one another
2009-07-18, 13:55:23
anonymous from Germany  

I too have Hr. Alexander Gallagher on learned. After about 14 days, the first question about money, which he needs for his work as an engineer in London to perform. Allegedly, he had already invested $ 120,000 and his 'project' threatened to fail. If I would not help him, I would have no assistance and would not love him. I should trust, because only those who can be trusted really love. We have 2 months email `s written in the Messenger window chatting taken. Only in the chat, the questions about money. Then he had called for urgent to Nigeria, because the London project was a failure.
Me he spoke with Ms. Gallagher, it love you always and forever been its signature.
Here it so early on a Tuesday morning, I am still in bed lying here listening to the sounds gently roaming all over the atmosphere of my room as if it wants to appear in person. My CD is on with calming music blending into the sound of the breeze. It is so calming, relaxing. My mind is free of all that troubles me. I lay here in a dream-like state, my mind wondering where ever it wants, dreaming in a world that is mine alone.
My thoughts turn to you and my mind reaches a new state, another dream, another wish but alas I am only dreaming, my mind listening to my heart. In my dream, I see the way you look at me clearly, no misinterpretations, with a knowing feeling. Am I dreaming? I MUST BE! My mind turns again arguing with the heart, both trying to understand, wanting the answer, the truth. The mind telling me, 'You will only get hurt again,' The heart saying it doesn't matter, the mind wanting to give up, the heart not wanting to let go. I close my eyes and I see you. The sound stops and reminds me of your smile in that picture,a strange feeling rushes over me. I smile, the heart and mind at peace, once again calm and happy, all knowing the truth - what is real and that all our dreams can come true if we work on them, decided to share it with you since you would be getting all prepared for work right about now.How are you, Honey? and how was your dream last night? That reminds me of your recent pictures,you are such a beautiful woman and i,m so lucky to have someone like you, i can gaze on your pictures till ever even now that they are my screen saver,becos you,re already my heart saver,Smile,always with you,My Love.....

Love always,

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