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Dating scammer mikephilips09/jerry101


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Name: mikephilips09/jerry101


manchester uk(mikephilips)
us california, miami(jerry101)

Other Comments:
his phone : +447031883505 and +60176378350.
i think he use someone else pics,don't believe with his sweet talks & sad story, he lie, really bad person,he already trick me end june 2009
i still have some his pic, and daughter pics, he could be possible,i knw him with name mikephilips in dating site,but i saw in another site with name jerry101, be careful with this person!!!!!!!!

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2009-10-15, 03:47:54   (updated: 2009-10-15, 03:55:04)
I am his most recent victim. He didn't manage to ask me to depart with my money but now he used a different name - REMMY WILLIAMS. Very smooth talker with good English and write beautifully. BE CAREFUL OF THIS SWEET TALKER. Probably he stole this photo from this good looking man.

His phone : +447031883505 and +60176378350.
Bio : A widow with a 5 yrs old daughter

Story : His father died of heart attack and left a huge amt of money in my country. Immediately after we started communicating, he said he need to come to my country urgently to collect the money. However, in order to collect the check he needed to pay a 5% contract money. He was short of 2,500 pound and asked me to help. I declined. All the while, he managed to get me writing by swearing how much he loves God and put Him first in everything he do.

2010-02-22, 15:58:39
anonymous from United States  
i reconise all the photos of the men but one thier realy james bill off focus he claimed he didn't have any children or family when we were talking it might be my scammer or a gang using these photos my scammer claimed to be working on a contract in nigeria
2010-02-22, 16:04:54
hi i knowed some of those photos i knowed him as the real person is james bill a modle off focus he scammed me 700 plus my shipping costs to ship packages he said he didn't have any children or family or freinds only me i know that was a lie
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2010-03-22, 18:04:18   (updated: 2010-03-22, 18:31:29)
anonymous from Japan  
His name is Glen Parent now at Japan 3 weeks later, he asked me money $3000. I ignored him. He stopped emailing me then one month later he emailed me to ask money $1200. Watch out!! When he send his photos, look at titles! He put the titles of his photos like 'Japan1, Japan2, Japan3...' He wrote me he has never been to Japan so I realized that he's very fishy!

His Email: ,

His account : western union
telephone number:+447732765120

His friend's NAME......KELVIN GREEN
AMOUNT ..1,200$

These are his emails he sent me:

Hi love,

Thank you very much for your mail.I am very glad to meet with you.My names are Capt.Glen Parent.I am working as officer commander under the auspices of the United Nation surveillance team in Afghanistan.Our mission is to help beef up terrorist targeted states,mostly the United states and the European Union.

I am a widowed, 11 years ago, I lost my wife in a car accient which my only son(4 years). I feel like the whole world was ending that period and know body knows that I will life up till this time. That is why I thank God so much for my life today. Honestly speaking, I am so happy to be in contact with you and I believe that you can be my soul doctor.I like your picture and I an happy to meet with you. We are friends already and I think we need more time to get to know each other better. I would want you to keep in contact with me so that we can study more about each other . What we like and what we dislike.

I signed up that dating service where we met through an email advertisement trying to see how lucky I could be in my search for that right partner in life.I vowed never to fall in love again after the death of my family. But latter I become aware that i keep getting older after each passing day and has therefore decided to give my heart the chance once again as I never know what the future holds.I will like to meet someone gentle,down to earth and sincere.I do believe that true love is built ONLY in the heart and therefore wouldnt have a problem with the age difference or distance.I will be excited to know your near plans for future.I need a family that is why I am here. Your children will be my children if you give me chance to come into your life.

I have a great sense of humour and know how to make a woman feel just like a woman and also cool.I like to collect mushrooms, to fish, float, sunbathe on the sea. I like to play cards with friends or with the computer.I love music ( old bules of 1980) Well I prepare. I like to photograph and travel. I has visited Slovenia, France, Lithuania, Estonia, USA, Iraq,

Please write back to me and tell me more about your self and photo of your self.I believe I can trust you with my love and every thing.I send to you full photo and would like to have yours.what about your hobbies etc.? Tell me more about your self.I look forward to hear from you.

Greetings from Afghanistan
Capt.Glen Parent
Hope you doing great honey there is some things i want you to no that will make the both of us happy now let me no your were about now there is this package i want to send toyou dear and it full of money i mean what am saying but

the problem here is i cant go to the bank to make any payment but the guy i sent to town made me understand there that there will be a clearance certificate needed for you to receive the package dear the package was gain in a bombing but i want you

to be carefull with it ok in it you found 800,000 thousand us $ keep it i will be home by april middle but what you need to do now it to mail the guy i gave the package

too so that you can pay for the clearance which is 1,200$ as soon as you pay getting the package with u remove your 1,200$ ok keep the money for me as to make us get any thing we need as am home ok the guy is now in london ok

use this infroamtion to send the money to him

AMOUNT ..1,200$




2010-03-22, 19:17:36   (updated: 2010-03-22, 19:19:34)
wanwan from Japan  
@2010-03-22, 18:04:18 (updated: 2010-03-22, 18:31:29)
anonymous from Japan

Hey anon Japan !
Thank you for your posting on male scam.
Yes he is a very famous male scammer online.
But it is a stolen identity so I hope you don't blame him,it is OK?
Photo is just only Photo.
By the way please see this you note

telephone number:+447732765120

It is NOT UK but is coming from Nigeria !!!
It is a typical scam trick.
So I guess your scammer is a Nigerian !
Please contact '' Japan cupid com ''
and let them block this Nigerian scammer.
see his mail header informations.
open his mail header.
Then use this tool
You will copy his full mail header informations then will paste it on there.
Finally you can find his sender IP address(1st sender IP address is important for you).
When you can get his sender IP address,you will put that one on there
「IP information 」(you put IP address number on there,ok?)
I guess the boy you are now talking is like this photo,see below.
Hou-koku-Arigato !!
Remember this !
Miss Marple in Sweden is the best contributor in this site.
So please contact her.
She will support you .
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2010-03-23, 05:41:27
Miss Marple from Sweden  
@2010-03-22, 18:04:18 (updated: 2010-03-22, 18:31:29)
anonymous from Japan

Hi Japan !
I am Miss Marple ,I have done some researches on this scammer and he uses these photos of an male modell James Bill and have scammed a numbers of women and has so many names and characters you can ever think of !!i think he is among the most reported Nigerian scammer.Im very sorry that you have contact with an scammer,scammers never give up ! so just keep on ignoring him in the future please dont respond him in no way .Just block this scammer !! Thank you that you reported this guy to this site.


mikephilips09/jerry101 aka Glen Parent:





http://support.aus-..hp?n=5917 p=4


@Wanwan, many thanks to recomending me my friend!!
Mata-Ne !!

Regards Miss Marple

2010-03-23, 05:42:46
Miss Marple from Sweden  

I have opened up an new thread to all women ,''how you recognize male scammers'' there you can find good info about scamming and other good stuff related to this issue,you can also join there if you have something you want to share about your experiences of scamming and if you have any wonderings about scams in general ....


How you recognize male scammers:

regards Miss Marple
2010-03-24, 03:55:52
anonymous from Malaysia  
his phone : +447031883505 and +60176378350.

The second number really attract my attention. That is mean he has a maxis number that registered in Malaysia. May be he unregistered his number just to prevent someone to trace who is he actually.
2010-05-23, 21:49:14
David 50 yrs of age, a married pharmacy manager in Ontario Canada, registered few dating sites as a single man, has used other pharmacist home address for correspondence. Further info would be appreciated.
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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