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Dating scammer Andre Gareth


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Name: Andre Gareth


29 Onitere Rd. Surulere, Lados 23401 Nigeria
Ijebu Ode, Ogun State Nigeria

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2009-09-24, 04:35:11
Miss,Marple from Sweden  
Hej OJAS!!

Jo Tack det är bra efter omständigheterna,kikade på dina länkar,det är ju uppenbart att det finns fler svenskar på denna sajt, som blir utsatta för bedrägerier med tyvärr...Har varit här ett tag nu och läst och följt vissa inlägg,man lär sig så länge man lever..Titta på sidorna: http://www.delphifa..ents..allt som är skrivet under svensk flagga är mina inlägg.. http://www.delphifa..5449.shtml Varma Hälsningar fr Sverige/Miss Marple/

To Others who are being scammed by someone... TIME is our biggest enemy and for the scammers is our KNOWLEDGE...the big enemy....we must learn to be better to search for information and fight together !!! Miss Marple
2009-09-24, 10:23:59
OJAS from United States  
Miss Maple,
I saw your article http://www.delphifa..=1#170411
and your thread http://www.delphifa..449.shtml
Good job, Tack! :-)

Svenskar could encourage their friends to visit English sites, like delphi http://www.delphifa..=20#53679
They could offer to help by writing Svenska articles, since native English speakers often have difficulty with other languages. When you get a moment, post a message of support to fellow Swedes on these threads:

You might have seen http://aftonbladet...514098.ab

Keep up your good work, Thanks.
Don't get mad at the photo

(Navigation the links on the left side of) http://datingnmore...abase.htm
2009-09-24, 12:13:57
Miss,Marple from Sweden  

Thanks for youre comments!!

I will go on with my work,and have friends on dating sites who have complained about these scammers from Africa and Russia that they are everywhere...and the language is a problem v´because we are internationalising moore because the internet and online dating.Many Dating sites in Sweden have a lot of foreign memebers as,Meetic, and E-kontakt.

Especially E-kontakt and i have heard from others that they have a lot of scammers from Africa ...E-kontakt have lot of women from Russia ...As my self i dont enjoy dating sites no moore..i got fed up with that thing totally..and mostly to heal from that...but i have friends they can give me info of these things...

I will do some research to find some artikles from Sweden and also from Finland because i talk finnish is an article i found in a Swedish newspaper...i will be back varma hälsningar fr Sverige//Miss marple

Hej alla Svenskar och nordbor!!

Har du blivit utsatt för bedrägerier eller känner någon som har blivit utsatt för det eller håller på att bli utsatt ??? Ni som träffar någon som verkar vara för bra att vara sann,någon
som verkar vara ovanligt snygg, trevlig,sympatisk,romantisk och talar om guld och gröna skogar...han/hon vill gärna gifta sig och älskar dig säkerligen efter 14 dagar..och du är den som han/hon vill dela sitt live med...Men snart kommer det en förfrågan om pengar...Ge inte ut kontonr,personuppgifter eller telefonnr..Han/Hon vill bara ha dina pengar och inget annat..!! Dela med er av detta budskap till alla ni känner..Du kan rädda personen fr många problem -ja tom livet ...Bifogar en artikel här.LÄS!!

Miss Marple
2009-09-24, 15:06:02
OJAS from United States  
Anon US 2009-09-24, 13:06:08 (updated: 2009-09-24, 13:08:53)
This is an English site

1) You are almost, but not quite right!
2) Look on the top left side, almost all threads are English
3) Scamming is an international problem
4) Not everyone in the world is comfortable with English!
5) English or any language speakers can easily use
6) We only have one dedicated thread each in Spanish, French, German, Portuguese for those not comfortable with English
7) On some important information, people of course request / provide translations, but for the most part translators do the job, just a simple homework for interested Anglophones

Well informed = well armed

Of course, no-one is obliged to read articles that don't interest them, just scroll down, and be tolerant of matter that don't concern you, but meant for others!
2009-09-24, 17:16:05
anonymous from United States  
Ojas and the rest of you people that have nothing better to do. The issue is about these women getting scammed out of their hard earned money. What language do you need that in for Christ's sake! You people are really pig headed. Get a life and see the reality is how to stop these scumbags from causing any further monetary damage to innocent women that fall in love with these scumbags.

Find a workable solution to address the problem instead of bickering and writing back and forth. Be proactive not reactive people!!!
2009-09-24, 20:22:10
anonymous from United States  
well this post was done to inform and do something about this scambags, but it seems there get page after page wasted for whom is right or wrong. We need to inform and get them out of business. It is worlwide the problem with scammers, but please focus and do something together.
2009-09-25, 01:17:40
Miss,Marple from Sweden  
This is an translation to every english talking of my earlier posting sorry that i didnt realized there be someone ore somebody who cant use tools in the google..

Greetings from Sweden// Miss Marple
2009-09-25, 01:20:50
Miss,Marple from Sweden  
Sorry in english of course...Miss Marple...

2009-09-25, 01:36:48
Miss,Marple from Sweden  
To anonymous who wrote this....
anonymous from United States

Ojas and the rest of you people that have nothing better to do. The issue is about these women getting scammed out of their hard earned money. What language do you need that in for Christ's sake! You people are really pig headed. Get a life and see the reality is how to stop these scumbags from causing any further monetary damage to innocent women that fall in love with these scumbags.

Find a workable solution to address the problem instead of bickering and writing back and forth. Be proactive not reactive people!!!

I cant really say moore than this:you must have an brain that is an size of an pea..insulting people here beoynd victims who needs support and all the help that they possibly need ...what have you done to others here? and what have you done to accomplish some real facts here that you could catch an scammer ???So please im a woman who has also been scammed..and spreading my information to others because i want to help others to be better in not been scammed...Miss Marple
2009-09-25, 03:03:56   (updated: 2009-09-25, 03:14:55)
Agent,86 from Salem, United States  
Hello to everyone who contributed to this thread while, I was unable to respond.

To the anonymous only who decided to get all puffed up and attack, Me
and OJAS Your behavior is unacceptable.
You are speaking from pain and not listening to anyone.
Get off here until, You are healed up first.
Your arguing over matters, You do not have any say so in.
As for hurt lets see. I am Homeless now and paying off a debt created,
By My own fault of falling for lies. Want to trade places ?
I was hurt in ways that, I cannot write on this site.
My shame is ever before, Me and cannot tell, You how deeply, I was hurt.
I have taken the time first to learn all about scams and scammers before,
I ever made a posting on this site.
Try reading every single posting on this site like, I did, You will learn a lot.
There are tens of Thousands of them.
My purpose here is to help anyone who was scammed and hurt by these
animals that do not deserve to be called Human beings.
I have defended many victims many times on this very site.
Their scammers fallowed them to this site.
I try to be open and fair in everything, I ever do.
I apologise for, My mistakes.
It is the sites Policy to not allow pictures of Minors for very good reasons.
But it is also Federal Law that no pictures of Minors be posted here.
If they are not removed this site can be shut down by the Government.
As for remarks about, You speak English and this is a English speaking
site, You are dead wrong.
There people who contribute to this site that answer all languages.
Many postings for help come in German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese
Russian, Swedish, Just to name a few.
So if, You are unwilling to learn what is going here before, You shoot, Your
mouth off. I am very sorry for, You.
I never try to offend anyone except scammers who, I have dealt with
for almost a year now.
I had to learn what is going on here just like everyone else.
As for why do, I have time to be here.
Trade places with, Me walk a mile in, My shoes.
I am unable to walk a mile.
I am a Disabled Vietnam Veteran who lives on VA Disability.
Give it try, Yourself before judging, Me again.
I get nothing by helping others here except a occasional Thanks from
those who are grateful who, I helped escape their scammer.
Who are, You helping by arguing about a topic, Your unwilling
to learn about, Yourself.
Thank You OJAS and Miss Marple, Bad Dog for having, My back while, I wasn't able to
come and speak for, myself.
I hope this can end now peacefully.
There is no reason to continue this any further.
All Minor photo's will be removed even if, I do nothing.
So, You see its out of even, My hands.
For Christs sake, You say.
Well be informed, I Myself am a Christian.
Lets not go into Religion with this.
Pigheaded, I think not. Just trying to do the right thing.
Yes its about being scammed but that does not Justify breaking the Law.
Scammers break the Law, We are held accountable.

Kindest Regards to all Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'// <><

2009-09-25, 10:48:05
OJAS from United States  
2009-09-25, 21:26:24   (updated: 2009-09-25, 21:45:55)
Agent,86 from Salem, United States  
2009-09-25, 15:58:55
anonymous from United States

Please Everyone Disregard all recommendations from Anonymous.

I Recommend No one respond to Anonymous at the e mail address posted above
and do believe the recommendations for other dating sites.

I have no idea what, Your true agenda is here ?
Your definitely not helping anyone including, Yourself.
You have maneged to do two things in a single posting.

#1 You posted, Your e mail address on this site.
Why am, I helping, You with this mistake, I have to ask, Myself ?
Your in box will fill with more scammers than, You ever dreamed were
out there. Scammers watch this site all the time and, I know they just
ran another e mail harvester through this site getting addresses.
How do, I know that because, My in box flooded and, My favorite
scammers showed up. They claim they saw, My profile on this site. LOL
So unless, You want up to and over 100 scam e mails a day, You should
ask Peter to remove, Your address very soon.
Tell, Him the name of this thread [Dating scammer Andre Gareth ]
Date and Time and Page [2009-09-25, 15:58:55 Page # 6 ]

#2 Scammers and Spammers make Postings just like the one, You
just made.

First of all if a scammer wants to set a trap, They make that kind of
posting directing people to go somewhere else then when they get there well,
You get the picture.

If a Spammer makes this kind of Posting its to drum up Business
for another site. Which this clearly mentions.

At the very least this kind of Posting discredits this site as being helpful
and there is supposed to be a better site out there all on the word of a
Anonymous poster who doesn't even show where they are from.

By the way the recommendations to look on another dating site
recommended on a dating scam site is just plain stupid for anyone to
listen to. Oh look, I never said the name of what, I was talking about. LOL
Everyone also should be aware that as successful as this site has been fighting
scammers and helping others the scammers don't want anyone hearing the truth.

Everyone is free to make up their own mind.
My advice is to completely ignore that posting and move on
with life. You see this posting very much resembles that of a known
Spammer / Scammer that many on this site know of.

The only question that remains for, Me is why did, I warn this Anonymous
to have their address removed ? What was, I thinking. LOL

I suggest no more postings like that one ever be made anywhere on
this site.

Well its been a pleasure getting, Your attention. LOL

Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//

2009-09-26, 02:57:03   (updated: 2009-09-26, 03:12:47)
Agent,86 from Salem, United States  
Wow did, I hit a nerve ?

You say, I have nothing better to do with, My time ?
Why did, You make 8 postings in a row ? LOL
You do realize that, You could have said all that nothing in just one posting ?
Truly Scammer behavior when it takes 8 postings to say nothing. LOL
Vulgar, You have no idea what real vulgar is if, Your going to attack
a picture that has been used many times on this site.
Congratulations, Your the first to ever object to it.
You seem to be desperate to shut, Me up Huh ?
Why is that ?
Did, I tell the truth in, My posting above ?
I guess if all, You can say that, I am vulgar and attack, Me
personally there must be some reason, You didn't even mention
what, I wrote about in, Your postings ? LOL
You seem to attack anyone who questions what, You say.
Well that matches a real scammer to the tee.
A normal person would never do what, You just did.
Especially since, You have continued arguing with everyone here.
I think we are about ready to say good bye to, You.
You may want to reconsider, Your Strategy about now.
But why should, I keep helping, You. LOL
Look at, My postings all over this site, I'm sure if, You look hard enough
You will find something really Vulgar to complain about. LOL
I am a Equal opportunity offender LOL
Believe it or not that picture was first posted on this site by someone else.
But if, You knew anything about this site, You would have known that fact.
Your acting like a little child just like a scammer does.
I could say so much to, You to really make, You mad but quite frankly,
Your boring, Me. Talk about the issue's like that Spammer / Scammer
posting above. Now that's something worth talking about.
Would it make, You Happy if, I started to cry because, You hurt, my feelings ?
If, You do not stop attacking not just, Me but anyone else here,
You will see the folly of, Your way's.
I answered a anonymous posting above the very same way, I would
have no matter who wrote it.
You didn't have to say anything at all.
But every time, You say anything, Your IP is registered and it is easy to
see if, You made all those postings. So it does, You no good to
keep changing how, You sign from time to time.
Oh by the way making that many postings only a minute apart gives,
You away also. LOL This is to easy ROTFL
So, You like to challenge Authority fine by, Me.
I was here long before, You and will be here long after, Your gone.
Want to kick, My Dog while, Your at it ?
I made no personal attack read, My posting instead of attacking, Me.
If, Your foolish enough to keep attacking then truly, You are a scammer.
As, I said above that entire posting needs to be ignored like the plague.
You see, I Love any chance, I get to waste any scammers time, I can.
Please keep coming back and attacking, Me every day all day long.
I want to know that, Your not busy making another victim.
I just wish, You were more of a challenge.
Here lets liven up this Party here's a picture, I am sure is going to
make, Your day. LOL

Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//

Everyone else ignore this while this person keeps arguing over nothing.

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Ekaterina Rozhentsova
Dating scammer Osei Kwesi Accra Ghana from Accra, Ghana
Dating scammer Ekaterina Rozhentsova

2009-09-27, 04:23:48
Dear Peter,

I have created this page to inform women about Andre Gareth. So far, that is what I am accomplishing. I have been checking the site frequently, only to find that people are wasting precious space on the site. Someone had posted a picture of a boy on my site. I understand that the scammer used this picture in his scams, but I don't believe that it belongs on this site. I am kindly asking you to remove the picture from this site. I created this page to infrom people, and provide assistance in some way. I don't want someone who needs help to look on the page to only find people arguing back and forth like children. I am trying to help victims come together, but this ongoing battle about the picture is tearing us apart. Pleas remove the picture. It is posted by another anonymous US on page.3, the date of 09/22/09, and time of 13:19. Thank you for your time.
2009-09-27, 06:50:29 from Tallinn, Estonia  
I work with the idea for a scandinavian working foru,. asnd wood like to get others to take part in how to form it as well.
I do not need Google to write Swedish, since I am a Norwegian that have lived in Sweden for years ( i staden som delar flygplass med staden med dom blå-vita. Vårt hold är gul ock svarta). will not write the name of the town, since we know that this page is readed by a lot of scammer. So no reasson to tell everything
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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