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Dating scammer KEVIN ROY


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He claims that he lives in UK but he sounded from France. He uses a UK international routing no.

Other Comments:
He con gals that he is rich, a diplomatic in UK, a wedding planner in his own business, that plans expensive weddings to Scottish rich and famous. Thru the phone, he can ask the gal directly for marriage and claims that he is the husband without even meeting up at all. He wants the girl to sign a marriage consent form and email him back then he claims that he's going to let you manage and help to run his business for him as his wife.

Once, he had sent over a parcel containing a gold ring and a pair of shoes (all exact size and fits absolutely well) from Malaysia. Any gals will be truly be convinced and fall into his trap.

Next, he said that he created a bank account and deposited about 1.5million into it. Its a escrow account and he even provide you the bank login details, so that when you login you can see that the money is indeed inside but however u can do nothing with it, no transactions can be performed at all. This is the website:

Then came 1day, He created a surprise by claiming that he's going to send a parcel with diamond ear rings, 2 versace handbags, handphone, watch in it. He also place 35,000 pounds of cash notes into it. He was in a hurry to catch a plane so thats why he did not know that by placing such huge money inside will implicate the whole delivery of this parcel. He uses 'World Diplomatic logistics company' to send out this parcel from UK then transit via Kuala Lumpur airport then finally will reach its destination to singapore. This is the website of the Diplomatic logistics company

(If you will try to change the jobid_16 to jobid_17 and job_id_18.html, everyday there's similar victims from this logistics company. Its increasing and its all about the same parcel which is 11.75kg, stuck in their KL customs and in order to retrieve the parcel out, you need to send to Western Union to the receipient name of 'Batona Thomson'. The payment they are asking for is the Money Laundering Certificate, Insurance, then later part the money to be paid to the Malaysia customs. Everytime they are asking for more money in different stages and different kinds of certificates in order to get the parcel out of the customs.

However when I check with the Malaysia authorities, they said that this particular company does not exist and they do not have any valid operating licence. I tried many time to call this Logistics company at +60169719238 but the girl tries to cover up and said that the moeny had been received by their head office in UK, check out their website

When I tried calling their Msia office and probe further into this issue, they sent a INTERPOL email to me. The email states a wrong address with the Interpol UK with alot of spelling and grammer mistakes in it. The IP adress traced was This is originating from Malaysia.

I believe the whole scam was beautifully planned by Mr. Kevin Roy tel: +447031744967. This no. is a international routing no. it may have been routed to his Malaysia hp.

If anybody need any futher details to this case, pls feel free to contact me. Thanks.


2009-08-18, 16:43:19   (updated: )
[hidden] from Singapore  

2009-08-18, 16:43:19   (updated: )
[hidden] from Singapore  

2009-08-18, 16:43:19   (updated: )
[hidden] from Singapore  

2009-08-18, 16:43:19   (updated: )
[hidden] from Singapore  

2009-08-18, 16:43:19   (updated: )
[hidden] from Singapore  

2009-08-18, 16:43:19   (updated: )
[hidden] from Singapore  

2009-08-19, 05:46:52
Here is the sample of the INTERPOL email message sent to me:

'' <>

27 Scotland Yard
Broadway London
United Kingdom
Tel: +447005-961-498

Date : 3 August 2009

Hello Ms L,

I?m Patrick Johnson From INTERPOL INVESTIGATION CRIME GLOBAL WORLD. In 30th of July 2009, we receive a complaint from BRITISH WOLRD DIPLOMATIC LOGISTICS AND COURIER. They made report regarding about you and your fiance and they are facing some little bit problem in the custom, which is in other country regarding about the parcel that your fiance send to you and put some huge money inside the parcel without not able to identified it to them so they can able to do all the necessary document before the parcel will leave from London to the destination. Theres somethig we have to let you know, this case is already been in register in INTERPOL Headoffice, how you embarrased a british company and insulted them. Every single conversation that you discuss with them,has been recorded and we have 1 of the copies. Its only thing you have to do to able to solve this thing out from the custom before 3 wrking days if you doesnt solve it out,we will track you down anywhere you are,we has your ipaddress,your contact number and your home address. Wherever your fiance is, we can still track the location. So yopu must try your possible best to settle every single problem to this company before we takes over with this case. Thanks and we will be expecting your urgent reply

Yours Truly,


2009-08-19, 21:33:24
Yesterday I found out from their website there's another new victim. Pls see this website:


They have also changed their +447005942616. And it is always the same reason: Parcel Pending Due to Shipment Violation. & the webpage is always the same contents same timings of the shipment.

I hope this victim will not send any money to them if he got to see my warning message here.
2009-10-24, 09:06:50
anonymous from Parañaque, Philippines  
I am also the victim of this unscrupolous scam
2009-10-24, 10:32:50
They are Nigeria Scammers with complicities locate in Malaisia, they also use another forwarder name: Britishcourierexpress and the same story...Pls be aware ladies...
2009-10-25, 23:58:09
wanwan from Japan  
@2009-10-24, 10:32:50

Good job !

2010-02-09, 06:40:33
anonymous from Thailand  
the guy from uk i meet on the date site match .com
his name Frank Ehi his mail, his no.+447556393338

this guy he said he have own business with art gallery in London , he taliking about he love me we have talking for week the he have trip to South Africa fro business then one week later he call me and ask me for money to help him pay for his daughter hospital bill, and i told him why don't he call to his office or his family for help i don't have money to pay i not the rich woman then no more any contact from him

and another guy from usa his name demitri his no. is +33368451009898
this guy he have business in designing colths for hollywood and he ask me for investment on his business and i say i not interesting on that business and i not good with that after that he finish and end of conversation
this was my problem and i blame on my stupid and naive with believe in the guy and he used my weakness to get in and closed to me he from Uk and his name Donald Charles his email is his no. is +447031850490 it story same thing about he love me and allhe do sending the gift for me and the family but this he say he coming to see me and he stuck in malaysia with his problem with all goods he have and the imegration need 500 usd so he can get out of there i send him 500usd in moneygrame fast transfer then hours later he ask me to send another 1000 usd for the custome they don't let him go after that he stay at the hotel and we have talk all night about the plan he will come to visit me then later morning some lady cll and told me he been attack by the man and stollen his his passport and money he ask me another 500 usd but i said i don't have it. he told me get some from my friend but don't tell my friend about him , my friend have talk to him about she will ask her boyfriend to see him and help with the money in Malaysia because her boyfriend work in malay and you know what? he say '''stope told everybody about me i don't want to see anybody if you not help me so stop talk to any one'' i told him ''sale the goods he have for me and the family then get out from there i don't need the gift just him and we can buy the new gift later when he be with me'' and he told me stop about told him sale the goods he have buy for the family and for me he can't do that'
then the name i ask for sending money he give me the same name Mr.Batona
Thomson i ask him why have to be the same name? and he said the the guy take him to hotel and take care of him when he in the imegration that what start screaming on him with his scamer i went to website after that about the name of Batona Thomson and that what i found your website about the scamer
2010-02-09, 08:30:10
ww from Japan  
@2010-02-09, 06:40:33
anonymous from Thailand

Thank you for your scam reports.
But don't post minor.
Because it is greenness.
We must protect her from stolen identity.




Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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