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Dating scammer James(Jamie) Ford


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Name: James(Jamie) Ford


UK Address for momAnita Ford7 Christ Church Court Derby StreetOldham, UK OL97UUAnother UK AddressJames FordFlat 1,Tenterden House,Kinglake Estate,London, SE17 2LLInternet connection guy in LondonIlesanmi Oni60 Woodview Road BeestonLeeds LS117eaLittle Saints Orphanage Abimbola Abayomi23 Allen AvenueIkejalagos23401NigeriaHis work mates Son’s Addressolatokunbo Ipaye11 bishop Hughes estateLagosNigeria23401

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Gosh, I don't know where to start.  I have so many IM's so many emails from the scammer who took me for $1300 over the last 3 months.  I didn't even get roses or a teddy bear because I would not give out my home address, but I have gotten a $1300 life lesson that I know I will never forget.  I am a 46 year old woman with a 17 year old daughter that I raised on my own since she was born.   Now that my daughter is nearly raised I had thought I would now take some time for myself.  I work out daily, eat healthy, don't drink, don't smoke, one day I decided to post myself on a few dating sites.  After sifting through 100s of emails trying to find people who intriged me. I finally strike up a conversation with a few guys that were from each different spectrums that peaked my interest.  One older but still a bit wild and immature for his age for my taste, one a lot younger but very sweet but I knew I would have nothing in common with and then Jamie.  Well James (Jamie) Ford as I am sure you all can guess was perfect, the right age, well 10 years younger to handle my 40 something libido….you know what I mean ;) but intellegent, spiritual, and very attentive. I wasn't looking for someone to take care of me, someone to be my daughters daddy, someone to rescue me, I already had a great life……….I just wanted someone to share it with.  To tell you the truth, I didn't care what kind of job they had and never even considered that when prospecting the three I ended up talking with.It seems these scammers prey on women and men who have not leaned on a spouse or partner in many years.  Women and Men who are stable in life and now are looking for someone to share their success with.  We all seem to be well read, caring, thoughtful and somewhat spiritual……that it seems is their target market.    So back to Jamie and my story, I was smitten by his words, his willingness to spend hours chatting about nothing at all.  Well, a week into our emails & chatting he decides he is going to go to the UK because he missed his mum(his word not mine) and while he was there he tells me he is getting deployed to Afghanistan.  I didn't understand this because he had told me previously he did design and engineering of weapons for a private company.  I asked lots of questions and was always met with a plausible explanation. Well 3 weeks in, he says if I want to continue to talk like we had, he would have to buy a personal internet connection since he could not use company connection to discuss personal things in Afghanistan.  At first he said he would just be in Afghanistan for a few weeks maybe a month tops then it became longer and longer.  I started running Google searches on his name, where he said he lived, his mom's name, the car accident that killed his dad and brother.  I couldn't find a thing which left me curious but not cautious.  I agreed to send him a Skype phone that cost me $189 so he could call me while he was there, my way of justifying that I didn't send money lol During the week before he left for AF his mom had a heart attack and when she got home he had to hire a nurse to come stay with her. The cost for a nurse for a month was $1200 but he could pay in increments since the services are being rendered during that month.  I asked 'why don't you have any money if you work for this great company?'  He said he was paid before leaving for the UK but his mum's operation was very expensive and he only wanted the best for her…again this seems logical to me because I would want the same for my mom.  I agree to help pay for the nurse and send $350 to him that week with a promise to send his mother another $350 the following pay check and another $350 at the end of the month.  By the way, her name was Anita Ford.  I continued to email and chat with him on a daily basis and he would send lovely emails (now I find out they were all plagiarized from   Our chats continued and I sent the money as promised to his mom in Oldham, UK.  Sometimes it would take 2-3 days for them to pick it up but they would eventually.  I assume now this is because they were waiting for someone they knew to be working the Western Union office so they did not have to show ID.  The end of the month rolls around I send the last $350, I am relieved, I have met my obligation and again justified it in my mind that it was just $1050 that I spent for a life time of happiness.  Ok now here's the kicker, he contacts me all freaked out about a dream he had that he was going to die and he realized he had not been sending his usual donation to an Orphanage in South Africa and he is scared that if he does not send it God will punish him and his dream will come true.  I told him I was broke and could not afford to send any more money and he begged 'please my love, I am afraid my dream will come true just $50 please send it to them please so I don't have anything harm me before I can come home to you'  Silly me, I gave in and send it and he gives me an address in Lagos Nigeria to send it to.  I ran the address through Google when I got home and it was on the known fraudulent address's used by scammers to get money in Nigeria.  This is the first I have ever heard of Nigerian Scams and unfortunately I didn't check the address before I left. I IM'd him and told him what I had found, he kept saying 'I see' 'I see' he then asked 'so you think what we have is fake?'  By now we had been talking for over 2 months and I  really hoped and prayed that he was the one.  I told him 'no, but if you are sending funds to a known fraudulent address don't you want to know?'  He was agreeing with me 'yes thank you my love for checking that out'  'you're the best my love always looking out for me' 'Babe I love you so much'  I decided at that point that would be the last time I would send money no matter what the cause.  I started searching sites and looked through literally thousands of pictures on Yahoo Group anti-scammers, and, known model agencies where photos are taken from all to justify in my head that I was dealing with a scammer. Never once did I find a picture that even resembled him. We are our own worst enemy in this one because we truly want to believe in people. My daughter had a car accident and totaled her car (thank God she was not hurt)but it somehow worked to my advantage, if he were to ask for money again I would just use that as an excuse not to send it.  He hinted around from time to time about being broke but I always cried poor so he never asked. Still there was something nagging me in the back of my mind so I ran across the way to run his IP information in Yahoo mail from this group.  I ran it on every email that he sent me from the beginning all originate from Africa and show NG Nigeria.  I was blown away! I drafted a Good Bye Kiss My Ass email and sent it, he in turn sent a huge emial back saying it was a foolish boy game that he and the real Jamie conjured up to see who could get more girls interested in the other.  The day before he asked if I had ever dated a black man so he mentioned that in the last email and said he hoped I would get his hint he wanted me to know because he really fell in love with me.  Needless to say I have blocked him off every form of communication that I had with him.  At this point, all I know is I will not trust a note from someone who contacts me on a social networking site any longer.  I will always inquire about their background and who they are and if I can not find anything to support that, I will not talk with them.   I have learned that lesson all too well.Sorry this is so long, I actually edited out about half of what I had  I am finding it therapeutic to write about it to hopefully put the last 3 months in perspective for myself and if I can help someone else that is great!Thanks to this group I am healing.  It has only been 3 days since my Goodbye email to him so I am hoping to feel much better as time passes.

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2009-09-01, 19:27:16
Thanks so much for the reply! Thats right the IP does not lie. It is a slap in the face at first but it is also very reassuring that I was not going

I either thought it was another person or just one of the many Satellite providers that support Nigeria. I ran every email through, and only 2 ended up coming from a place other than Nigeria. One was in Canada and when I looked up the organization it stated 'Proudly serving West Africa' Wow that is really something to be proud of!!

Thanks again!!
2009-09-09, 11:35:22
Today is 3 weeks since my goodbye email to my scammer. I can tell you this weekend I didn’t think about my scammer once. I was so happy, so care free, not a negative thought in my head so yes, you will heal, you will get stronger, you will move on. How and when you move on is totally up to you and your experience. There is no time table for anyone, we all heal at our own rate but a must for you to heal is to take any thoughts of your scammer being real and throw it out the window. There is nothing about them that is real. Even when they say they want to come clean………they lie some more. This is their way of life, how they make money, their livelihood. We are all strong, well read, educated people who have just gone through just one more learning experience in our lives. A lot of us have had some very trying times in our past, things that have shaped us into the people we are today. Take this experience and remember it, learn from it and never, ever fall prey to it again. The only way to hurt these people is to educate yourself and others on what to look for. If we can stop them from being able to extort money from the next person, then we are taking the power away from them and of course interrupting their livelihood.
I myself do not intend to play anymore games with the scammers than I need to, to help bring them to light so I can report them to the site and cut them lose. To continue to play their game is a detriment to the healing process for me. I still want to find someone to spend time with and keeping myself tied up in this game will not allow me to do that. I have met some really great people after being scammed and maybe that is one of the open doors that came from it. I certainly don’t think anyone is weak, gullible or needy for falling prey to the ways of a scammer. They have honed their skills and have come up with better stories that are more believable. They want us to believe we are doing something to help out humanity and we should never feel guilty for being a good or caring person, someone who wants help others. That makes you human, that makes you an asset to society. We need to all remember that this experience with your scammer is just that, an experience. Use it in your life to make you a better and stronger person than you were yesterday, last week, last month or last year. If we don’t continue to learn and grow then we don’t continue to exist. My heart goes out to those who have lost money, their heart and even the ability to trust because of their experience of being scammed but if we don’t turn it into a learning experience then we allow the scam to continue to control us even without contact with the scammers themselves.
I am so glad I found these sites to share my feelings with others. It has helped me in the healing process and I hope I was able to help others as well by sharing my story. Our stories will enlighten, educate and help to keep others from finding the same fate of being scammed and if you continue to look at it in this light then we are winning.
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