Name: bedo lallo


abdallallallamaher lallo
ahmadimangaf sahel road bahbahani building
danet lebnan building10thfloor kuwait thats just one of his home address he scams from while being in kuwait now here is his address from egypt its as follows abdallallallamaher lallo kaferksheikh motobes 4dr belal st engneer /abd egypt 3365 there are this mans two address from where he has been conning woman from one in egypt and the other is in ahmadimangaf,sahel road bahbahani buliding danet lebnan building10th floor kuwait

Other Comments:
to each and every single woman who might run across this i will be posting all this scammers pics and to every single thing i too know about this man like where he is from and where i know him to be right now i asks for any ones help in this matter about getting the word about this man i know he has a few ids also and i wanna tell every one what thay are k and thay are and also this con uses this one too and its called he too has a msn id and its called so far this is all that i know this scammer is using to run his con jobs on woman so please pass this along thanks so much jennifer note every one of theses pics are of him bedo who real name is abdallallallamaher lallo