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Dating scammer Wolfgang, Werner, Siegfried Leddin


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Name: Wolfgang, Werner, Siegfried Leddin


phone #: 011-44-776-149-9175 (England - he could be reached there until he told me he had his phone taken away by the authorities)

011-964-790-193-9654 - (Baghdad -could never get through number was not in service)

Other Comments:
Anybody know this man?

He pretends to been born in Germany, immigrated to the US at the age of 11,(but he does not speak any German) married at the age of 32 in Texas, divorced 9 years later and never lived with a woman again.
He said he worked in Baghdad until 10 days ago, now in London detained at Custom Office at Heathrow and needs money.(2000 pounds) His story is very very bizarre - never heard anything like it before. After 10 days he told me, that he wanted to move to Canada and buy a house with a pool for us to live in and that he loves me.
I tried to explain to him that love just does not happen that way!
I ask if he got his pictures from a man's magazine, cause he sure does not look like 60, but he laughed it off!!
His profile was on :wswleddin - age 60 looking for a woman in Canada up to 1000km from Vancouver, BC.

So please let me know if you have seen or heard of him.
I think he works with an English Guy - Ivor Keith Wheeler. I have a picture of this mans passport, but no address. I also have some more pictures of 'Leddin' (he scammed me out of 600.00 pounds, but not the 2000.00 he was hinting he would need to get released from UK Custom.

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2009-12-01, 10:04:59
anonymous from Germany  
Hi, the 3rd person here again.
He is just Ivor Wheeler on Yahoo. so i imagine he has a few address so that he doesn't appear online to more than one at a time....J
2009-12-01, 14:21:30
anonymous from Canada  
His conversation to you was just the same bullshit he fed me. He would've received the email I sent already. I wanted to know if he was online this morning, but he wasnt, although he sent an offline mesage to say that God help him in this difficult situation as I was taking too long to send the money (800 pounds, I guess he's upped the ante). Ha! trying to put the guilt complex on me....that's prime! I left him an offline message to the tune of God can't help uou buddy, He's sending you straight to Hell! I then blocked him from messenger and hotmail, and reported him.
That's the last time I will have any communication with this fiend. It was entertaining for a while, but really, it's disgusting what he is doing.
He's not worth spending anymore time on. I have kept all his emails for my book.
Canada girl, i will check out that romance site, thank you.
Take care ladies, and remember satisfaction is very sweet.
I will check on this site to keep updated on your communication to this bastard.

BC girl.
2009-12-01, 18:57:02
anonymous from Canada  
Hi you two,

There must me more than the 3 of us - or maybe he started with us and is just a beginner??? Otherwise he would change his name and picture don't you think so??

I run his picture through romance scam, but he was not recognized there yet.
There is another guy with the name of 'Tim Guishard' who lives in Dubai. He tried to scam my girlfriend. Sent her about 50 letters, never ask for money, but then mailed a $750.000.00 cheque, which she was suppose to put in a safety deposit box for him.
the cheque was a fake and so was he. We found some info on him when we google his full name 'Timothy Guishard'. A lady in Australia got scammed by him. We don't know for how much, but she paid money for a 'handwriting analysis' he needed to 'proof' that he was honest. What a BS.

And he came across normal, no spelling errors, his phone worked and actually was in Dubai, etc. - but the I decided to call his # and just talk to him and guess what, he also talked like he had a potato in his mouth. I could not understand him at all.
That is such a give away.

Tell me lady from Germany where are you from?? I used to live in Berlin.

Keep in touch and check in here regularly.

Canada Gal

2009-12-02, 00:10:54
[hidden] from United States  
we guys get hit by girl or physco scammers. i left one scammer frothng in her ( probably he) mouth. told him Hey i won big at the casino and mood to spend she said she needed pls $3000, right away . i told her that too little.she ( he) went wild almost had them on their knees and then &^^%%% u

take care ladies its wild west out there and i am sure some of this dating sites are in league with these guys. its time for class action lawsuit against the dating site who do not check who sign up and put the honest members to risk
if Big Mac can be sued for spilling hot coffee why not these sites??.
2009-12-02, 10:37:25
anonymous from Germany  
Hello from the 3rd person again.
I am sure there are a lot of ladies out there who don't think to google these guys names. I am fromheidelberg but didn't tell him that. I am not a german national though I am from done under. i reported him to Mate 1 but see he is still on there 24hrs later and asked them to get in touch but have heard nothing yet. I agree if big Mac can be sued so should they both Mate 1 and have a bad reputation when you look up scam sites All the best ladies. Do hope a few more ladis wise up.
2009-12-02, 10:58:51
anonymous from Canada  
Hi all,

if you write on this post, please change the rating in the left upper corner from
'off topic' to 'very helpful', that will bring the rating up and bring this scammer to the top of the board.

See the golden Stars in my postings in the upper right hand corner!

Also Girl from Heidelberg, what was his name on Mate1, some one from us could sign up there and maybe then we could sue them for knowingly posting a scammer.

Talk to you soon,

Canada Gal
2009-12-03, 03:32:54
anonymous from Germany  
Hi Canada girl, from 3rd person from Heidelberg.

His Mate1 name is ikw48, as he seems to have used before.
I see he is still on there and other than an automated message from them they have not as requested got back to me and he now 48hrs later is still on the sight so I have now sent them another email.
Also have put a complaint into yahoo as I saw him online last night but he did not talk to me, so would say he has someone else he is working on. He never appeared online before unless he was talking to me. However it seems from what Ihave read on other scam sights that neither Mate1 nor Yahoo bother to do anything about these people.
2009-12-04, 10:21:19
anonymous from Canada  
Hi all,

I actually went through the work to register on 'Mate 1' just to see if either Leddin or Wheeler is registered, but no luck

would be interesting to find out which other places he is using - there are so many and he even uses sites he has either to pay or gets off after the 3 day trial is over.

If anyone who reads this knows about 'wswleddin' or 'ikw48' or has seen the pictures above in any profile, please report it here .

He is a scumbag and a first grade scammer!!! - and he needs to be stopped.

Canada Gal
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Wolfgang, Werner, Siegfried Leddin

2009-12-05, 07:10:59
anonymous from Germany  
Hi Canada girl, this is girl from Heidelberg,
I don't understand why you didn't find him, he is still there. In my mail, I went to his profile and even did a country search. He has his home town as Newton Kansas. And sight name is ikw48. If you are still on there try that and see.
It seems the sight don't give a damn about what he is doing since he is still there and they haven't bothered to get back to me although I have sent them two emails, neither have yahoo. And I don't think there are any authorities who care much either. It is all very well to say delete, and have no more contact. That is not going to stop them from moving on to others.
2009-12-05, 15:18:14
anonymous from Canada  
I finally found him, reported him and sent him a 'wonderful e-mail' what I think of him as s piece of shit and a scammer. Will report in more detail later.

BC Gal
2009-12-06, 15:24:13
anonymous from Canada  
this is regarding


who even after 4 requests to Mate1 is not taken off their website. He still poses there, pretending to live in Newton Kansas, US


I wrote him the following letter:

(QUOTE)Subject: Scammer, scammer, scammer!!!!!!

You piece of shit stop scamming ladies with your Khosrovi story and your millions of $$ and your box of gold stuck at the airport in London.
I have reported you to the authorities and they will get you.

You are nothing but scum!!!!!!)

I wrote 2x to Mate to report him and told them, that I can proof that he is a scammer- no answer or actions.

Hope lots of people read this.

Canada Gal

2009-12-10, 19:15:51
anonymous from Canada  
Thanks ladies for keeping on top of this scumbag. After I emailed him and exposed his scam, I blocked any further correspondence from him, but I see he's still out there preying women on the dating sites. I'm surprised that the dating sites don't take this more seriously, after all, they are taking our money.
Good luck in catching this scumbag.
BC girl.

2009-12-13, 04:32:22
anonymous from Germany  
From germany. Well having sent 3 complaints and then with Canada girls complaints also, Mate 1 sent me a letter. Although they have not deleted him from my mail list he is now not available on the search in Newton Kansas. I checked. They call this hidden. Well I told them hidden is not good enough. That site is really bad now. They ( scammers)are even very active on the chat. Yes there are a great many and the nigerians are quite easy to pick up due to there language. I have one right now posing as the Lietenant General Eric B Schoomaker. I googled that and got a wide range of information. This person is even using the Generals photo from online. It is so obviously not the general, the language and spelling is of a far less educated person.Especially since the general is in the us and this person says he is in Afghanistan. I played along (since I know from someone who was in the us army and now works for the army) that all the generals were in Dc last week for a meeting. I asked this twit about it and he said in his pidgeon english, he had someone to look after himself.
Anyway I am wondering how the General would feel about this person, impersonating him. But not sure how to go about letting him know.
While one may get a little satisfaction from sending emails to these people. I think it is like water off a ducks back. Unfortunately, I think few woman will find this site. And that is the sad fact. I intend to keep on to the dating site about what is happening. I have already suggested they have a forum. What I think also is when women join, oh yes there are men also being scammed. For all users they need to be given advice on what to look for. I intend making an issue of this. The worst they can do is get me off there site, right.
2009-12-13, 10:09:30
anonymous from United States  
To the Above,
Going through your Human Resource Department might be the place to ask where to begin. I know when I was in the military, impersonating an officer was a serious offense which can end behind bars. Unfortunately, military personnel are easy to impersonate for scammers due to them out-reaching to others.
2009-12-13, 12:03:13
This sounds a lot like Joshua Alexander Stone. Born in Germany. Lives in Tulsa. His father is living in Canada. He was in the UK working. His son, Paul, was injured on his work site. His son is 8 years old. All of his papers were taken and he could not get a loan and he had to pay for hospital expenses. His pictues were taken with a white shirt on.
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Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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