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Dating scammer Wolfgang, Werner, Siegfried Leddin


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Name: Wolfgang, Werner, Siegfried Leddin


phone #: 011-44-776-149-9175 (England - he could be reached there until he told me he had his phone taken away by the authorities)

011-964-790-193-9654 - (Baghdad -could never get through number was not in service)

Other Comments:
Anybody know this man?

He pretends to been born in Germany, immigrated to the US at the age of 11,(but he does not speak any German) married at the age of 32 in Texas, divorced 9 years later and never lived with a woman again.
He said he worked in Baghdad until 10 days ago, now in London detained at Custom Office at Heathrow and needs money.(2000 pounds) His story is very very bizarre - never heard anything like it before. After 10 days he told me, that he wanted to move to Canada and buy a house with a pool for us to live in and that he loves me.
I tried to explain to him that love just does not happen that way!
I ask if he got his pictures from a man's magazine, cause he sure does not look like 60, but he laughed it off!!
His profile was on :wswleddin - age 60 looking for a woman in Canada up to 1000km from Vancouver, BC.

So please let me know if you have seen or heard of him.
I think he works with an English Guy - Ivor Keith Wheeler. I have a picture of this mans passport, but no address. I also have some more pictures of 'Leddin' (he scammed me out of 600.00 pounds, but not the 2000.00 he was hinting he would need to get released from UK Custom.

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2009-12-14, 03:27:04
This one beats all – read on … (his story) ….
ikw48 (Ivor Keith Wheeler) living in Kansas, US, divorced 20 years ago, 2 daughters (one of which may not be his as wife was a nympho!). His sexual drive immense – at 60 odd?! Father Scottish, mother Canadian. Ikw48 now retiring and relocating (yes – to a safe haven – New Zealand).
After a week of sloppy emails he is visiting Baghdad to “finish off a building contract as an architect” but later it changed to collecting a package given to him as beneficiary a few years ago of US$20m and weighing 170kg. Supposedly given him by ?? Stein who is now in prison in US from defrauding the US Govt of US$8.2m (where is the $20m there?) over illegally obtaining contracts in Afghanistan – info is on the net. The locked trunk was to be brought out by a diplomat and delivered to me in New Zealand. From there WE would (get this!!) buy investment properties around the world, travel, I must give up work and would get paid more than a pension. I did ask how that much money was going to get thru any airport xray!

He seemed to just KNOW the right comments to make. Also phoned for a short chat and sounded drunk or had a potato is his mouth – sounded like a gruff Bulgarian – certainly not Scottish or US. He knew there are several police in my family so I wondered why it would be a scam, UNTIL a comment from a friend sent me searching the net.
No requests for money but who knows the next step – maybe it would have been blackmail – “you received the package, so now you can send me $? for …….”.
LUCKY ME. THANK YOU, THANK YOU to everyone who posted comments on this disgusting scumbag. Was too scared to play the game any more sorry.
2009-12-15, 06:48:16
anonymous from Germany  
To HD, from Germany
I am also a nz lady. Living here for awhile. That is almost the identical story he told me.
Had I been living alone he said the parcel would have been delivered to me.
I do not actually beliieve that it would have arrived at all. It would have been held up and money needed to get it out of customs or what ever. These people get easier to interpret the more of them you run into and if you are one Mate 1, that site is riddled with scammers. If it is another site you need to persevere until you get him off there. Not to say he won't come back as someone else of course, but you can only do your best. I am soo glad to see others are finding this site.
There are a lot of sites about scammers and you should use them to always check out who you maybe in contact with. Also always google the name. Everything you can to check the person out, but best of all if they haven't one tell them to get a webcam so you can not only see them, but there surroundings, even get them to go outside with it. If they are genuine they will not mind at all.
Stay safe ladies
2009-12-15, 06:54:03
anonymous from Germany  
To ANON United States

Thanks for your comments, actually there is more than one being impersonated I have discovered.
Human rights here. I do not know if they have them and I am a foreigner so not able to
converse too well in the language. I really need someone in the States I could contact. If anyone is able to give me some help with this, I would appreciate it.
2009-12-21, 17:57:52
anonymous from Canada  
It's truly sickening ladies, but unfortunately these scumbags will continue to do what they are doing, as there are a lot of gullible people out there, and these mother*******
are playing on this.
It's great that there are more and more women finding this site, hopefully we can save some from giving these morons money.

BC Girl
2009-12-21, 17:57:53
anonymous from Canada  
It's truly sickening ladies, but unfortunately these scumbags will continue to do what they are doing, as there are a lot of gullible people out there, and these mother*******
are playing on this.
It's great that there are more and more women finding this site, hopefully we can save some from giving these morons money.

BC Girl
2009-12-30, 09:42:16
anonymous from Canada  
To Hd:

I am the one who started this post with Wolfgang, Werner Leddin, who calls himself 'Leddin', but Ivor and him are the same scumbag!!. He will ask for money when his heavy box is scanned at 'Customs' where ever he sends it to.

He then will need money to bribe the 'Customs officer, because he can't get to his box to get money out and he run out of cash to pay for another officer to get the missing 'diplomatic papers', which he did not receive in Baghdad from the 'Diplomat' who arranged the transport of his Gold and money.!!

Good to see that more and more gals find this site and report their findings.

Keep up in reporting. Do you have a picture of Ivor?? Please post it here, it is not difficult to do.

Canada Gal
2010-01-07, 15:41:33
anonymous from United Kingdom  

Sorry to post this so late, I only found out about this site & thread tonight.

Ivor K Wheeler was my father in law, and died in a road accident in Lome, Togo in August 2008, whilst there as a victim of a scam. The passport photograph on the first page of this thread is his, he apparently supplied a copy of it at the request of scammers as part of an 'official' document process. They are either using it themselves or have sold it on.

I have posted anonymously, but if the administrators of this site wish me to corroborate the details please post back here and I will discuss it privately, as the executor of his estate.

Suffice to say that where any scheme in connection with Ivor K Wheeler is proposed, this is a definite scam.

2010-01-08, 20:02:01
anonymous from Canada  
Hi anonymous from UK,

Sorry to hear about your father in law. The passport picture you see in this thread was supplied by me. The person who used it or is still using it scammed me for about $1200 Cnd. He pretended to be a Custom Official at Heathrow Airport. I believed his story, but could never get hold of him at the airport, until he wanted even more money and the story got real weird.

If you read all 4 pages here you will find my information's signed with
Canada Gal. Maybe you should report the identity theft to the officials in the UK.

If someone is using your father in laws passport picture, that is identity theft.

I will be more than willing to back up your story, if you need to have some more information.

Leave a message on this site and I will register my e-mail address with the administrator of this site.

thanks for coming forward, maybe we can stop the person who is using his name real soon.

Canada Gal

2010-03-14, 22:37:13
anonymous from Canada  
I do not have credit card. And who says hotels don't take cash? You know that I need the money at least by Tuesday. Does your friend know that it will take days for bank to bank transfer to clear? By then, it'd be too late. If the transfer cannot be made by western union, there's another one called money gram by which the money transferred can be picked the same day. I think your friend thinks I am after her 600 pounds. It's so painful. Well, as you know, I don't have all day with the computer. So, I try to tell you something about my biography. If this doesn't do, then I know nothing will do.
My names are Wolfgang Werner Sigfried Leddin. My father (Jorg Sigfried Leddin) is from Hannover. His mother’s name was Christiane Wechsler and his father was Hamman Leddin. My mother’s names are Joann Donovan Leddin.
I was born on 2nd of August 1948, attended Humboldt-Schule- Primary and secondary. I left for Austin Texas in 1969, aged 21. Read Economics at the University of Texas, Dallas (UTD) 1970 - 1975. main campus is located in the Dallas Suburb of Richardson, Texas. 1976 – 1985, ALLIED DEVELOPMENT COMPANY
Partner B. R. Willeford (deceased).
Married in Texas 1980 and divorced in 1989. After about 10 years in Texas, left for Chicago in 1986. Worked for Horner & Shifrin, Inc. 1986-1998. providing civil, structural, environmental, sanitary, and transportation engineering, as well as architectural, services. 1210 e washington #203, des plaines, IL 60016
I left chicargo for Newton, Kansas 1999 and worked for Gilbane Building Company 2000 – 2007, supervising a contract of maintenance of Prairie View Hospital, 1901 E 1st Str. Newton. While I worked, I had registered a company named Godaj inc. It was this company that got the contract in Iraq, to refurbish Al-Mansor hospital in a poor area called Saddam city in Baghdad. My address before I left was 1620 E 2nd St, Newton, Kansas.
Honey, it’s not easy for me to sit and be writing while trying to think in my present situation. I am in a very stressful condition. Please don’t add to it by the way you doing now. You make me feel like a cheap criminal who is after your 600 pounds. I told you that your inability to get me on my Iraq number must be due to network problem, and you said my number in UK is totally different from the Iraq number. Am I supposed to be using the Iraq number in UK? I feel very sad about the way you seem to doubt me now. But nevertheless, I love you. I am very sick as I am now. My blood pressure is rising, just thinking if you refuse to help me, I’d be in a deep shit. I am relying on you. I am trying not to break down totally. I need your help.

---This is Leddins Story about his background and his parents----

would be nice if somebody would catch him...

2010-03-22, 04:37:27
anonymous from Germany  
Kiwi girl in germany.
I also can help if needed to have this person caught. I have made a document of all emails. The name he used with me was Ivor Wheeler.
2014-02-06, 08:31:08   (updated: 2014-02-06, 08:32:37)
anonymous from Turkey  

2014-02-06, 08:33:25
anonymous from Turkey  

2014-06-19, 20:03:27
anonymous from Morocco  
Wolfgang Leddin a 66 years German officially worked UNCC United Nations (UNIC) here in London with my colleague, Mr. Mousa Annan of Ghana in Africa who knows your country and it will also bring the idea the purchase of your property and other investments in different sectors due to the fastest economic growth in your country, during our time in the office my colleague and I were able to process a request with a non-existent name $ 4.5 million. In fact, we decided to invest in your country, in our research, we decided to invest in real estate, we also be advice to partner with a citizen for a foundation of solid investment.

We need a responsible and trustworthy person as a partner who has ideas or investments that can guide us in our investments,

if you are satisfied with our proposal, your answer the next step is to make an arrangement on how to send our representative and transfer the money to you first remove the cost of your property while the rest is for other investments and should keep in a safe place.

Please treat this transaction with utmost confidentiality, this transaction is 100% safe, I await your urgent and positive response; in case you are not satisfied with our condition, we advise you not to disclose our personal dealing with others.

For full trust and confidence I attached my ID and my phote family.

Have a good day and my greetings to your family.


Ledding Wolfgang
this phone number still works

2014-06-19, 20:05:15
anonymous from Morocco  

2014-06-19, 20:05:53   (updated: 2014-06-19, 20:07:17)
anonymous from Morocco  
M.Wolfgang Leddin

50 draycott PI london SW3 2RZ,UK

mob: +447452030385
Tél: +442032899770

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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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