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Dating scammer richard brown


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Name: richard brown


Resident address: 13 Roman Square London SE28 *RQ, United Kingdom

Office Address: 39 Churchfield Road, London, W36AY
Business contact: 44702406885/447024020886

Other Comments:
He describes himself as a sngle father who has a 11 years old girl or a baby boy. Based on his profile, he is in age of 50 to 51 years old, bristish man. He ususally posted his professional as doctor, civil engineer, import/export, or computer engineer. He is currently posted his profile under as Samuel Cole Cole, Andrew Andrew, George Williams, Jene, Duncan Gator, Hans Andrew, Kenny, He has an great britian and northern ireland passort. The passport number is '036158025'. He ususally searchs for professional lady in the mid 40 to embassor the large amounts to transfer to Nigeria account. He will describes to everyone that he owns the construction business at United Kingdom for past 10 years. Three of his cellular number are '2348137724142' ,'2348034400729', and '447024085755'.

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2013-01-22, 13:45:52
anonymous from United States  
Richard Brown
He was on Match but said that he was no longer on Match. Asked me to close my account and wait for him.

Yes, he told me that he was an civil engineer and he has a son in UK. His wife died in a car accident and was an alcoholic. He hasnt dated anyone since her death, He was living in New York and had to leave almost immediately to South Africa for 4 to 5 weeks.
His phone number is 646-493-8497 and email address is

Here is his last email:

Hi Honey

I cannot stop saying to you how much you have affected me, you have swept me off my feet, what else would a man seek in a woman? You have all it takes to make any man glad.

I know you have been waiting anxiously to get the good news. Guess what baby!!!!!! I have been provided with two contracts in Australia and South Africa, they want me really badly but i have to accept one and sub-contract the other, the job in Australia will last about 14 weeks and South Africa for 4 to 5 weeks, i have decided to take the job in South Africa because the period at which the job will be done is very short compare to the job in Australia. Besides, the contract from South Africa is more rewarding (about $6.75 million) compared to the one in Asia which is just $4.4 million). Above all I considered the timing because I need to come back to your arms sooner.

For this news i am so glad but sweetheart the timing is my headache now and honestly i am stressed, i just wished you were here to give me a massage that could relieve the immediate stress now. Anyway, i have to make an adhoc arrangement because the commencement date is 24th of January which happens to be Thursday next week. I will have to hire some local workers and also get materials and machineries to work with. So i will be giving you details of my arrangement tomorrow. I need your encouragement please.

My job here in New York should be completed in one day so I am currently putting finishing touches to it and it has not been easy. Following the new development I have been working so hard since morning to see if the job can be completed so that I can receive my check Monday because I need any fund available to add to what I should be taking to South Africa to begin the work. Anyway, I know I will pull through. You have been a source of strength since I found you and I am so excited knowing you. Each time i think about your virtues i just conclude this is the handwork of God. Patience pays. My wait after all is not in vain. You are the bundle of blessing that i dreamed of when i was entering 2013.

Should my schedule permit me; i will like to meet you before i leave in order to know each other better. Otherwise, as soon as am done with this job in South Africa, i will be heading down for a long vacation if that's ok with you and I need your absolute understanding here. Since you came into my life you have been a source of joy, you are indeed a blessing to my life, please i want you to know that this will not disturb our communication/relationship in anyway, rather it will afford us the opportunity to build up the love so that when we eventually meet the bottled up expression will be an extreme explosion. What do you think?

Will wait to hear what you think because i believe your opinion matters a lot regarding this issue, i don't know how this sounds to you but i know i see you now as a family so you can tell me what you think as i feel you are part of me, do take care of yourself and enjoy the rest of your day, i missed you so much my sweetheart; how i wish you were here to hold me all through the day in celebration of my new achievement, i know it will soon become a reality.

Remember that i love and care about you

2013-01-23, 14:21:17
scambam24 from United States  
Here is his picture on Match. He stopped his subscription immediately when he started talking to me.

2013-01-23, 15:25:23
anonymous from United States  
Ok, just received his sad story now. Here is another cell phone number:

Hi baby

How is your day going hope fine? Anyway, I am doing this mail to inform you that i have finally arrived South Africa. I arrived around 6.30 am South African time this morning but it took me time doing clearance at the airport due to the money that i brought in for the Job.

I was delayed at the airport by the customs and the airport police confirming my contract and the reason why i came into the country with so much money with me in cash. On top of that, two of my luggage was not seen but I have been told by the Airport authority and the airline that I should not worry that it may have been as a result of the transit at Johannesburg airport. According to them there must have been a mix-up during the sorting of the bags for the local flight that took me from Johannesburg to Cape town, so I have been told to come back later tomorrow morning. Otherwise, I was cleared and i am right now in the guest house where i will be staying in Parkland Cape Town.

One of the luggages contains my son's stuff, some of his clothes and some items.. My bag that is missing was meant to be my hand luggage but they told me in NY that it was way too heavy beyond the acceptable weight for a hand luggage since I was also carrying my laptop on another bag which I hung on my shoulder, so that was why it was checked in. That bag contains most things that are very dear to my heart, my brand new blackberry cell phone, and camcorder, brand new iPhone 5 and then smith’s play station, ipad, brand new iPhone 5, Ipod and camera. Even the small bag that has some of my documents including my credit cards as well as my photo album inside the bag were inside. I just pray i get it because i am so concerned about my credit cards.

Anyway South Africa is a fine country, the two airports that i landed are up to international standard and Cape Town is a very beautiful city. I did not know that South Africa is this beautiful. With the stories that i have heard about South Africa i never knew that it could be so beautiful. The road network is fantastic and the scenery is beautiful.

I am staying in a three bed room house. It has a swimming pool and the rooms are spacious. I know that I have delayed so much to send you an email but I hope you will understand the pressure I must be under following my late arrival for the project

This is my phone number here +27738065336. You should dial straight. You can dial it this way; 01127738065336.

I really missed you and i hope we will commence our communication and this time more frequently because every hour that passes you are being endeared to my heart the more. Please try and call me as soon as you get this mail. Though is already pass 12 am here now, Is like South Africa is 7 hours ahead of US...

You are always on my mind. smith is not happy about his stuff that has not been found but I have assured him we will find them and that this is not the first time it is happening. He sends his regards and was always asking me when he will meet you, because I already told him about us.. How are my girls doing ? Hope they are doing great honey...

Call me as soon as you get this.

Love you baby

Kiss Kiss


2013-02-17, 09:20:29
anonymous from Canada  
Ladies the Richard Brown on is the same one I was communicating in mid-2012. I recognize the story line, and his style of writing and the lines that catch you....'your opinion means a lot to me.' He flew from Calgary to London, picked up his daughter, then flew to Capetown. He lost bag during travel - which contained his credit and bank cards and expensive electronics. This resulted in no access to money. It wasn't long after that the request for money started coming. Apparently he had a contract in Calgary, but was able to take on a short term one in South Africa (he had a choice of two - one in Asia as well that one did not pay as much) as an civil engineer on a roadway construction project. (He was very open about how much the project was 7.5 million - he linked me up to an offshore bank account which had around 5 million in it - as he 'trusted me.' As well, provided me with a copy of his contract (which was bogus).

Not long after contact he was phoning or texting every morning due to the time difference. As well, chatted live on yahoo. The communications were very intense just before asking for money. Just before Ricahrd was apparently returning to London I received communication from his barrister Mr. Andrew Hunter Esq (there is a barrister in London by this name but he is QC) confirming that Richard had make arrangements to repay me. Richard had forwarded a copy of his flight confirmation with a dutch airline (which also was bogus).

During is stay in Capetown his daughter was in a severe car accident and he needed money for her hospital bills. She was taken medi vac to London. A month later on route to Calgary to finish his contract he is met in Holland and advised by his barrister that his daughter had died. This result in Richard being hospital for two months until his own death of a stroke. He communication with me during his stay and did try for money. I learned of his passing by a call from his doctors - Dr. Paul Hamilton and Paul Grandston when I googled this name is come up involved in a mailing scam years earlier). This started the estate process - I apparently inherit the major portion. He also provided for a Bruce Silma who had apparently assist him in Capetown. I was contacted by another barrister 'Jerkins' Molepe. The catch to getting settlement was that I had to pay for medical bills (UK medicare is free). I wasn't very cooperative by this time so they communicated with Mr. Silma who was to communicate with me. Through Mr. Silma I was advised that he need to fly to Madrid to meet a barrister by the name of Dominic W. Mora (Esq) (Mora is brown in Italian) – when I googled his name came up as fraud lawyer/attorney out of Spain. (When I looked at the contract Richard sent me and the will - the signature of authority on both were exactly the same). All this end when I advised that would and did take documents to be reviewed by a lawyer. When they learned I had -- the communication with Grandston and Silma stopped.

Near the end I had set up a new email account under the name of 'Anderson.' Bruce Silma - apparently the trusted friend - was only one that knew of this account. About 4 weeks ago I get another communication from -- the guys name is Kirk 'Anderson.'

Kirk Anderson's story line was much the same as Richard's - but he started it within days not weeks. The guy that is apparently Richard invests more time.

I am disgusted with I made them aware that they had dating scammers and they were bold. The pictures provided to me by Richard - appeared on many image sights showing this individual as being a scammer. They continued to send profiles even after I asked them not to. Hence the second communication with Kirk Anderson. Their response to that was to move my communication to Skype - 'get real.'

I learned to late to google the IP address. I went into the properties of the email - copied the IP and googled it. All the communications are through a proxy server so you can not tell where they are. Richard's did emails corresponded to the places he said he was, but Kirk's came through one in New York - even when he was on an oil rig in the sea by Scotland.

I had kept up my communications in the hope that the police would track these guys through my communications - learned this is low priority. I am also disappointed in our law agencies around the world. They apparently can not catch these people, but a British investigative show -- did within months of taking someone's case on. One article stated that the Federal Bureau of Investigation in US estimated these scams cost Americans 1/2 billion dollars with 5,000 complaints.

2013-02-17, 09:22:45
anonymous from Canada  
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Gen. John Miller

2013-02-17, 09:23:19
anonymous from Canada  

2013-02-17, 09:23:56
anonymous from Canada  

2013-02-17, 11:01:27
anonymous from Norway  
This man called Richard Brown tried to contact me though Skype. He called hemself 'Michael Bristow, posing with his 11 years old son. He presented himself as an engineer living in California.
2013-02-18, 17:53:32
anonymous from Canada  
I have attached my letter so one can see for themselves how the story lines are the same. Maybe it will help someone maybe be questioning their communications with someone.
2013-02-18, 17:54:40
anonymous from Canada  
From:             Richard Brown ( It looks like this message got moved in another program (like Outlook). If you didn't move it yourself, try checking the program's anti-spam settings.
Sent:             June-18-12 1:23:09 PM
Hello Baby,

There is no one that i have communicated or connected to in such a distance before like you, Babes it is true, our meeting is a divine? I would have loved to say this over the phone, to tell you what luck you have brought to me and my family I really want to know what your reaction would be like!!!

The good news is that, the contract i bided for in Cape Town (2-4 weeks) and Asia (4-9weeks) couple of months ago has just been approved, they want me seriously in both sides, i haven’t really decide to take the job in Cape Town, though the period at which the job will be done is very short compare to the one in Asia, am trying to schedule my self so i can meet with you as soon as possible my angel! Nonetheless, i am thinking to take the one in capetown and also go with Bonnie so that we can both come to Canada at once because the time frame is shorter than the rest.

I believe this has come through for me because you came into my life, you are indeed a blessing to my life, I have already fallen for you, and by the way, the thought of you in my mind are beautiful ones.

I will wait to hear what you think because i believe your opinion matters a lot regarding this issue, i don't know how this sounds to you but i know i see you now as a wife and family so you can tell me what you think as i feel you are part of me, i missed you so much my darling, i wish you were here to hold all through the day in celebration of my new achievement.
A morning is a wonderful blessing, either cloudy or sunny. It stands for hope, giving us another start of what we call life. Have a good Day.

I am heading out now to get the contract award certificate and request information’s and documentations talk to you latter baby

I am dedicating this special song to you straight from my heart, I love you

2013-02-18, 17:56:21
anonymous from Canada  
Another one of Richard's emails
    Richard Brown (
    June-26-12 2:20:05 AM
My Dearest Love,

How have you been? How has your day been? it warmed my heart to read your lovely mail from a completely different environment, I’m amazed at you love and feelings for me, you can be rest assured that it has kept me going, be rest assured that the feeling is mutual. I love to read from you it gives me something to live for. Anyway I’m writing you this mail from an internet café close to our hotel to let you know we arrived Africa safely, we arrived couple of hours ago but I have been busy with clearance at the airport due to the amount of fund I came in with, as I had to come prepared. Baby I can tell that this is a beautiful country; I was told that this city of Cape Town is the six most beautiful cities in the world. I’m quite impressed and so is Bonnie I’m sure you will love it too.

Its Tuesday 10:13am here, and they are just approaching winter. I will have to go back to the airport tomorrow because I am still waiting for 2 of our luggage’s, we checked in 5 luggage’s but could only found 3 at this point, the airport authority said it's common that we should check back tomorrow or they will call us for more information, I just hope they were not stolen by somebody else when I was been interrogated by the airport authorities on why I came into the country with so much cash. The bags that are missing contained whole lot of important stuffs amongst which is my Laptop, iPhone, iPad, Bonnie's iPod, iPad, and iPhone all of which I just got for her, as her birthday present, my Camera most of which I just bought when the trip was confirmed including the beautiful post cards I got for you. I'm very uneasy with the situation as lot has been said about situation of the sort. Let’s hope it will be settled before tomorrow.

I need most of those items as a matter of urgency as it eases my work too. Obviously Bonnie is not happy about her items as well. I just hope they find the bags as soon as possible. But it’s okay I’m calm a bit now as I write to you. I wouldn’t want to screw up things haven come this far. We are in a place called Table View in Cape Town not so far from the work site they said.

I got a two bed room suit, spacious and would be comfortable for us all should you wish to come over someday. Bonnie is sleeping and I decided to come send you this quick note.

I truly missed you.....I thought of you the entire duration of the trip, it was a crazy journey, and you were not far from my mind. I’m very happy to read from you again, hope all went well with you, how is every there by you? Hope you had fun at work? And everyone there is treated you kind, Bonnie said hi. Don’t worry everything will work in our favour soon and people will have to look at us and marvel at our success story
You can reach me directly on this number: +27785943109 .

I have not been able to a get call card; I will definitely call you as soon as that is achieved. The country’s dialling code is +27 hence you have to dial it the way I wrote it I need to go get some rest now, I hope you are taking time out to relax a bit, and not working too much? I miss you so much and it's as though I had known you for years already. I love you more than words profess. Keep well and have a good one.

Love always,

2013-03-01, 20:25:54
anonymous from United States  
I am chatting with a richard williams email: he was robbed in malaysia and want 1550 dollars for he is good...beward
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Richard Williams

2013-03-02, 01:03:39 from Belgium  
Miss Marple ever seen this one
He uses two names

2013-03-02, 01:10:32
anonymous from Belgium  
Here it is

William Frankly on facebook

Francesco Maria Lagani on Linkedin
2013-03-03, 18:08:59
Miss Marple from United States  
Well as we know no one can have 2 names,so it smells scam ,Francesco Maria Lagani seems to be a genuine person ,but this William Frankly smells scam as when i search for the name but as Frankly William (african scammers use the names in multiple ways to confuse people with ) it comes up a Facebook account with a photo of the actor Vin Diesel ,check the link it ,the name has changed,, where did you found this one? have you got spams in your mail?
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