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Dating scammer mohamad mashaleh


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Name: mohamad mashaleh


he is from Jordan and he has already scammed couple of women, and he is trying hard on many sites to find a victim, he has been in jail for it already, but is free at the moment

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2013-05-08, 14:08:47
WOW, thanks for information, yes for sure they are all cheap whores, There are the Hassanat, the Nawafleh, the Masa'adeh, the Amarat, the Fallahat, the Farajat, the Salameen, the Maashallah. They think they are very smart, but what will happen to these illiterate stupid Beduins if tourists stop coming to Petra, tell you what, they will go back to their tents, eating beans, and fu...... a donkey, All of them are not worth a shit.

2013-05-09, 14:29:30
This is a list of legal travel agencies in Jordan
This 'nice lady' Brenda Van Der Brink is not mentioned anywhere, strange :) and as you can see there are only 2 agencies on this lit from Wadi Mousa

JTB Members Jordanian Touristboard
Select from the list below for more information.
Name         City
Abercrombie & Kent Jordan         Amman
Aboud Travel & Tourism         Amman
Adam Travel and Tourism         Amman
Adonis for Travel & tourism         Amman
Adviser Travel and Tourism- DMC         Amman
Al Alia Travel & Tourism Co.         Amman
Al Athar for Travel and Tourism         Amman
Al Sahel for Tarvel & Tourism         Amman
Al Thuraya Travel & Tours/ T3 Group         Amman
Aladdin Tours         Amman
Amani Tours         Amman
Amin Kawar & Sons.         Amman
Amira Tours         Amman
Apollo Tours & Travel Agency         Amman
Artemis Travel         Amman
Ashtar Tours International         Amman
Atic Tours & Travel         Amman
Atlas Travel & Tourist Agency         Amman
Bethlehem International Tourist Agency         Amman
Blessed Cities Tours         Amman
Blue Bell Tours         Amman
Bridge Travel         Aqaba
Champions Travel and Tourism Co.         Amman
Creative Tours         Amman
Dad Travel & Tourism         Amman
Dahlan Tours and Travel         Amman
Dakkak Tours International- DMC         Amman
Darna Travel & Tourism         Amman
Desert Adventures Tourism         Amman
Discovery Circle Tours         Amman
Discovery Travel and ECO Tourism         Amman
Douna Tours         Amman
Enjoy Jordan travel & Tours         Amman
Explore Jordan Tours         Petra
Family Tours         Amman
Friends Tours - Jamil Yousef & Partner Co.         Amman
Glory Travel & Tourism         Amman
Golden Crown Tours         Amman
Golden Gate Tours & Travel         Amman
Golden Holiday Tours         Amman
Grand Tours         Amman
Green Arrow Tours         Amman
Green Meadows Travel and Tourism         Amman
Guiding Star Agency         Amman
Gulf Horizon Travel & Tourism Co. Ltd         Amman
Hajjat Tours         Amman
Hashweh Corporation         Amman
Hussam Tours- Al Enjaz Company         Amman
International Traders         Amman
Jordan and Beyond Tours         Amman
Jordan Classical Tours         Amman
Jordan Experience Tours         Amman
Jordan Gateway Tours         Amman
Jordan Holidays         Amman
Jordan National Tours         Amman
Jordan Select Tours         Amman
Jordan Tours & Travel         Wadi Musa
Karma House for Travel & Tourism         Amman
La Beduina Tours         Amman
Lawrence Travel & Tours Co.         Amman
Levant Tourism & Travel         Amman
Magic Tours         Amman
Malhas Tours         Amman
Millennium Tours         Amman
Nawas Tourist Co. Ltd         Amman
Near East Resources Tourism & Travel         Amman
Near East Tourist Agency (NET)         Amman
Nebo Tours         Amman
Neptune Tours         Amman
Nyazi ECO Tours         Aqaba
Orient Express Tours         Amman
Oscar Travel & Tourism         Amman
Pan Arabian Travel         Amman
Pan East International Tourism Co.         Amman
Pella Tours         Amman
Petra Caravan Tours         Petra
Petra Nights Tours         Amman
Petra Travel and Tourism Co.         Amman
Petra Wonders Travel         Amman
Philadelphia Travel         Amman
Plaza Tours DMC/ Jordan         Amman
Rafic Rida International Co./ Jordan         Amman
Rania Tours and Travel         Amman
Royal Tours         Amman
Rum International for Travel & Tourism         Amman
See Jordan Tours        
Shahrazad Travel & Tourism         Amman
Shepherds Tours & Travel         Amman
Speed Travel and Tourism         Amman
Stars Desert Tour & Travel         Amman
Tania Tours         Amman
Tantash Travel Agency - TTA         Amman
Team Tours         Amman
Terhaal Adventure Tours         Amman
Think Jordan Travel & Tourism         Amman
Travco Group Holding for Tourism         Amman
Travel One         Amman
Travellers International Tours         Amman
Tropicana Tours         Amman
Two’s Company Tours         Amman
Tyche Travel and Tourism         Amman
United Travel Agency         Amman
Wander Trace Tours         Wadi Mousa
Zaatarah & Co Tourist & Travel Agency         Amman
Zaid Tours and Travel         Amman
Zuruna Travel & Tourism         Amman

Affiliate Members
Select from the list below for more information.
Name         City
Al Jazeerah Travel and Tourism         Amman
Al Tahadi Travel and Tourism         Amman
Amana Tourism Services         Amman
Aqaba Hotels Association         Aqaba
Arab Organizers Company for conferences and seminars         Amman
Crystal Travel & Tourism         Amman
Eastern Travel & Tours         Amman
EcoHotels         Amman
Emilio Travel         Amman
Flavor of the Middle East Tours         Amman
Golden Star Travel and Tourism         Amman
Ijaza Way Tours and Travel         Amman
International Traders         Amman
Jordan Hotel Association         Amman
King Hussein Bin Talal Convention Centre Managed by Hilton         Dead Sea
Maltrans Travel & tourism         Amman
Peace Bird Travel & Tourism         Aqaba
Royal Wings         Amman
Travex Travel & Tours         Amman
Zaman Tours and Travel         Petra



2013-05-09, 16:28:10

Good list. Thanks.

That woman Brenda van den Brink and her trip websites are not legal, no. Not registered with the Ministry. Many operating in Wadi Musa are not, but still they offer safe, trustworthy and good trips. Brenda van den Brink does not. She is in the scamming complot of the family she married into.
2013-05-09, 18:43:03

Now, take a look at this, Mohamad´s Mashaleh´s brother, Mahmoud Mashaleh, who runs a 'travel-agencie' under the name Cornucopia tours, has done same thing as Rami Mashaleh, thet both have changed the name of their dirty scamming business, Mahmoud Mashaleh work under the name VIATOUR now, of course, when people google cornucopia tours, too much shit comes up, not goo for their 'illlegal business''
He is a tourguide now, but no license heheheheh
Also Cornucopia-tours has no licence either, what a bugger´s

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2013-05-09, 18:49:12
These scammers also write 99% of the good comments on their own site and also on Tripadvisor, on hotel´s they run, most comments come from them self, so dont believe everything you read there, when something is too good to be true, its probably not true
2013-05-17, 04:12:43

Telephone harassment of www.jordan-bedouin-soul
Behind this is Rami Al Goaleh, real name Rami Mashaleh
By all means: check the telephone no. on the contact page of his website.

His wife Brenda van den Brink of who visited the Netherlands beginning of April 2013 also harassed me with telephone calls with a prepaid local number.

I have clearly stated I do not wish to speak to her as she refuses to deal with the truth and has been spreading revolting lies about me ever since I booked through her website in 2010 a so called horse riding trip in the desert. She sent me off with her then new dug up from somewhere fiancé'guide' into the desert of Wadi Araba (which lasted 3 days btw)
She didn't know him well enough to do that. She knew him 2 months.

She has accused me of (though she wasn't present at all so its a stinking pack of lies of Rami Mashaleh, brothers, his cousins to save his face):

Provoking incidents with men on my trip

Trying to sleep with all men I met on my trip (being all Mashaleh brothers/cousins!)

Strangleholding the 'guide' (= Rami Mashaleh)

Raping the 'guide' (= Rami Mashaleh, BUT in fact is was him who did that to me)
Inviting his older married brother-soon-to-be-father to sleep with me
Inviting a cousin to sleep with me
Inviting another cousing to sleep with me
All a matter of 3 days.

Posting on TripAdvisor, because I did not get what I wanted: sex
I left a diplomatic concise negative review on TripAdvisor. Travels get reviewed. So be it.
Brenda van den Brink will not tolerate any negative reviews at all. That is when she will start her campaign behind your back. The Jordan forum admins of TripAdvisor delete her entries, as they know the family Mashaleh and what they are made of.

Traveling to Jordan as a sex tourist.
Coming to Jordan for something else than horseriding
Having a relationship with the younger brother of 22 (then 21 then 19, then 18 or whatever)
Causing him to leave school.
See what she is doing here: trying to turn me into cougar on the prey for minors. What sort of a muslim mind do you have to cock this up? She herself, is the same age as the mother of her husband! In other words: she is married to a man 7 years older than her 21 year old son! In my world: that is stepping a big line. Different folk, different morals.

Not paying the full sum (for the trip), which still needs to be done (have copy of bankstatement proving transfer. Lies, which also proves what a good muslim she is). In fact my trip lasted 4 days. It should have lasted 12.

She has pulled everything bad out of her mind you can think of, a woman of good faith. They portray to be a family of good faith. On the inside they are not. Bad minds, bad hearts. And I know that 5 family members have a history of scamming female tourists just like you can read in a few posts above.

I have emailed them to stop harassing me by phone and text. They refuse.
I get phone calls in the night and text messages on Whatsapp and Viber.
Not that I hear them, because for these kind of people there is the silent ringtone app.

2013-05-31, 06:46:42

Thursday 28 March 2013 Jordan , World
Rape and sham marriages: the fears of Syria's women refugees
Jackie Long
Jackie Long Social Affairs Editor    

Thousands of Syrians fled to Jordan's Zataari refugee camp to escape violence at home. But now women and children live in fear of kidnap, rape and sham marriages in the camp meant to keep them safe.
2013-06-10, 17:21:00
Well Well Well, the King of travel-agencies , Mohamad mashaleh hasn´t stopped yet, he has a webpage called Hably-tours, I guess somehow he has to make money the poor angel :(

2013-07-03, 06:21:37

Here we go again: misleading tourists.

6 nights and 4 horseriding days for EUR 972 instead of EUR 1.505?

Who is Brenda van den Brink ( aka kidding?

The facts.

You are not saving EUR 527. You are in fact being fooled and paying way too much, even with a so called discount.

You can have a 5 star wonderful horseriding experience in the PROTECTED area of Wadi Rum for a little over EUR 800 (JOD 750).
Example? Check this site:

Serious, do a proper research. Don't be fooled.

2013-08-16, 13:07:10
This is amusing on

What’s up with travel reviews?

Many companies in the travel industry are very pleased with positive reviews that are posted by their customers on travel forums and review sites like TripAdvisor, Lonely Planet, Zoover, VirtualTourist, TravBuddy to name a few.

But … Why no reviews for us?


Every story has two sides. If everyone has good intentions and use a travel review site to post travel experiences there is nothing to worry about.

But when many people post with completely different intentions how can you judge the credibility of a site.[/unquote]

BUT....if ever you write a diplomatic negative review on any travel review website she will do everything and anything to get it deleted.

The real reason they have no reviews? They are misleading. Once your payment is in their bank account, they will cut down on anything to save money. Also short cut your trip.
High end prices for low budget service.

Not participating in deception of the traveler?
2013-11-20, 14:06:38

The woman of ( http://www.brendasj..en-brink-2 | | |, has been married 4 times. Maybe more. Who knows?

The first one was a Dutch man. With him she had 2 children.

Then she moved to Marocco. Married a Maroccan. Her 2 boys were in their teens still. She left them behind.

Then she married a Jordanian and moved to Jordan.
He ran off.

Soon after that she moved on to another Jordanian. This time she went for one a few years older than her own son. She marries him too. About this one there are plenty of posts. This one is a criminal and so is his family.

So what is wrong with her, is she bipolar or nuts? Maybe both and SHE sells therapy HEALTH massages?? (for an outrageous price!) Doesnt she herself have serious issues she needs to work on first?

Who will she marry next?

2013-11-23, 01:35:24
[hidden] from United States  
Omar Khalil Mohamed Arikat, scammer from Amman Jordan. Warning others of him. He may be still in the states looking or working on another female to marry for a green card.

2013-12-24, 18:30:21
anonymous from Germany  
BRAVO the pig mohamad mashaleh is finally in jail, almost 4 years Have passed but finally he has faced the justice
2014-01-22, 20:26:50

Congratulations (to all concerned) !!!

1 Mashaleh down, 13 Mashalehs to go.
Crooks, thieves and liars.

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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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