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Dating scammer mohammed farid


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Name: mohammed farid



Tel (234) 8066258942

Other Comments:
i am the one victim have lost money 5,580.21$ him say... from Geogia in United State, he is structural engineering, him go to work as a consultant of Maga Project in Nigeria.

some of conversation on yahoo.

moham (24/10/2552 23:23:40): im short of funds
moham (24/10/2552 23:24:02): all i need is $6000USD
napas14 (24/10/2552 23:24:50): what happened with you?
moham (24/10/2552 23:25:16): i couldnt activate my credit card here
moham (24/10/2552 23:25:50): there dont have the facility here
moham (24/10/2552 23:26:24): and i need it soonest because i have to round up the project
moham (24/10/2552 23:27:42): i will be greatful if i get it
moham (24/10/2552 23:28:01): i will pay back with all interest
napas14 (24/10/2552 23:29:32): i would like to help you..but what to do..i don't have much money like that.
moham (24/10/2552 23:29:52): i know my love
moham (24/10/2552 23:30:21): so how much do u have?i will pay back with interest ok
moham (24/10/2552 23:39:01): my love what ever i have is for both of us ok
moham (24/10/2552 23:39:14): i will make it up to u i promise
moham (24/10/2552 23:39:50): so how much do u have so i can tell raymond to help me with more if he can
moham (24/10/2552 23:40:15): its realy urgent pls ok?
napas14 (24/10/2552 23:40:46): who is raymond?
moham (24/10/2552 23:40:58): he is my co worker
moham (24/10/2552 23:41:13): he is a very nice man and i trust him
moham (24/10/2552 23:41:24): my love u can do it ok
moham (24/10/2552 23:41:46): just tell me how much u can raise ok?
napas14 (24/10/2552 23:42:08): i can help u 1000$
napas14 (24/10/2552 23:42:34): i know, not enough for u.
moham (24/10/2552 23:42:49): its ok my love
moham (24/10/2552 23:43:07): ur one in a million
moham (24/10/2552 23:43:44): u just saved my life and i realy appreciate
napas14 (24/10/2552 23:44:01): habibi
moham (24/10/2552 23:44:11): yes my love
moham (24/10/2552 23:46:18): i will make it up to u i promise ok?i will pay back witk all interest ok?
moham (24/10/2552 23:47:10): ur so sweet...
napas14 (24/10/2552 23:47:36): alhamdulillah
nannapas14 (24/10/2552 23:47:56): what about your project there?
moham (24/10/2552 23:49:29): let me ask raymond how u can send to me
moham (24/10/2552 23:49:47): i mean the safest and fastest means ok
moham (24/10/2552 23:49:59): its ok
napas14 (24/10/2552 23:51:30): when you have short of funds?
moham (24/10/2552 23:52:11): i noticed it 3days ago
moham (24/10/2552 23:52:27): but its ok everything will be fine
napas14 (24/10/2552 23:53:12): what is the project there?
moham (24/10/2552 23:54:22): its a construction of multiple building structure
moham (24/10/2552 23:54:56): i just need to inspect and do the foundation
moham (24/10/2552 23:56:01): my love,thanks for ur love,care and understanding
napas14 (24/10/2552 23:56:48): you're welcome,
moham (24/10/2552 23:57:03): thats my angel
moham (24/10/2552 23:57:18): my love
napas14 (24/10/2552 23:59:01): habibi, what will you do then?
moham (24/10/2552 23:59:18): do u have a pen and paper with u so u can write down this informations
moham (25/10/2552 0:01:08): Raymond said u should send the money through western union money transfer
moham (25/10/2552 0:01:21): he said its safer and faster
napas14 (25/10/2552 0:01:49): yes i know
moham (25/10/2552 0:01:59): ok thats my angel
moham (25/10/2552 0:02:09): ur so smart and sweet
moham (25/10/2552 0:02:18): cant wait to be with u
moham (25/10/2552 0:02:35): so write it down
moham (25/10/2552 0:03:01): name; RAYMOND OKRIKA
moham (25/10/2552 0:04:10): Address;NO 24 EVO ROAD GRA PHASE 2,PORTHARCOURT RIVERS STATE,NIGERIA...
moham (25/10/2552 0:04:18): did u get it
moham (25/10/2552 0:04:33): its very safe and fast ok
moham (25/10/2552 0:05:01): i feel so happy..

all IP address from this scammer...

Received: from [] by via HTTP; Tue, 03 Nov 2009 01:50:40 PST
X-Mailer: YahooMailClassic/8.1.6 YahooMailWebService/0.7.361.4
Date: Tue, 3 Nov 2009 01:50:40 -0800 (PST)
From: mohammed Farid
Subject: my habibi....
To: =?utf-8?B?4LiZ4Lig4Lix4LiqIG5hcGFz?=

Received: from [] by via HTTP; Mon, 26 Oct 2009 07:08:07 PDT
X-Mailer: YahooMailClassic/8.0.7 YahooMailWebService/0.7.347.3
Date: Mon, 26 Oct 2009 07:08:07 -0700 (PDT)
From: mohammed Farid
Subject: To the woman i love
To: =?utf-8?B?4LiZ4Lig4Lix4LiqIG5hcGFz?=

Received: from [] by via HTTP; Wed, 21 Oct 2009 13:44:00 PDT
X-Mailer: YahooMailClassic/8.0.7 YahooMailWebService/0.7.347.3
Date: Wed, 21 Oct 2009 13:44:00 -0700 (PDT)
From: mohammed Farid
Subject: Salaam my habibi
To: =?utf-8?B?4LiZ4Lig4Lix4LiqIG5hcGFz?=

Received: from [] by via HTTP; Sat, 17 Oct 2009 06:43:11 PDT
X-Mailer: YahooMailClassic/8.0.7 YahooMailWebService/0.7.347.3
Date: Sat, 17 Oct 2009 06:43:11 -0700 (PDT)
From: mohammed Farid
Subject: RE: salam alikum my beloved..
To: =?utf-8?B?4LiZ4Lig4Lix4LiqIG5hcGFz?=

Received: from [] by via HTTP; Fri, 16 Oct 2009 15:05:19 PDT
X-Mailer: YahooMailClassic/8.0.7 YahooMailWebService/0.7.347.3
Date: Fri, 16 Oct 2009 15:05:19 -0700 (PDT)
From: mohammed Farid
Subject: asalamu alikum my beloved..
To: =?utf-8?B?4LiZ4Lig4Lix4LiqIG5hcGFz?=

Received: from [] by via HTTP; Fri, 16 Oct 2009 10:14:50 PDT
X-Mailer: YahooMailClassic/8.0.7 YahooMailWebService/0.7.347.3
Date: Fri, 16 Oct 2009 10:14:50 -0700 (PDT)
From: mohammed Farid
Subject: salam alikum my beloved..

Content-type: text/html


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2010-01-15, 16:08:20
Slyfox from United Kingdom  
@Miss Marple

Thank You both! Glad to be of assistance and support to you!

Hope you are feeling better Miss Marple, I've had the Flu too...not very nice :(

I'm here for everyone!

I look and browse, and those who are looking after themselves..... BUT yes, I'm here just giving that little bit of support, but yes, I'm here :)

Take care both of you!

2010-01-15, 18:12:38   (updated: 2010-01-15, 18:16:03)
I did some checking too...a site in Dutch language about scammer had told me that he or his group also has connection with many names...i cant speak Dutch so i contacted the moderator and it seems, he has more than 5names...once i checked in facebook, they had used the address for themself but they put their real photo...Joseph Leo is the one in face book,still high school student in Ghana but he appeared as Mathias Mortin from Germany, as scammers...
To me he used, the same person with
This guy sent me sms and kept trying to call me last week, but its good he stopped it now...i had protected my cellphone and blocked him.
last week, he wanted to send package and asked some money,kept asking my ID and bank way!! To me he claimed himself from Texas, born April18,1962, a construction engineer, widow,divorced 5years ago, havin 1kid, in severe situation after being attacked in nigeria and lost all his credit cards...and nw is still in Port Harcourt
He can be related to Mathias Mortin (mathiasmortin@yahoo. com) / Mohammed Farid alias Edewor Oreva Edmund alias Raymond Okrika alias Joeney Clerf alias Ahmad Rahman alias Steven Rogba alias David Nwoysi alias Mr.Jerry with email:,,,,,
Address: 16B Obagi Street, Gra Port Harcourt, Nigeria or 24 Evo Road Rivers State Gra Port Hartcourt Nigeria,phone;234-806-625-8942 or 234-806-219-0316
he scammed me too...but now i dont want to be foolished again...i want to have real relationship and i also believe there are many good friends too are there in internet, we just need to think and act brave to stop those scammers!!
2010-01-16, 07:13:25
Miss Marple from Sweden  
@2010-01-15, 18:12:38 (updated: 2010-01-15, 18:16:03)

Thank you for youre efforts in this,it is hard to catch these scumbags
who destroys many peoples lifes,good that you have blocked this man
now ,but dont ever under any circumstances answer any mails again,
ore respond him in no way anymore,this scammer is really trying to catch
you now to his net,by wanting to send you an package and asking for youre
personal information,they have no limits in nothing,they can sell even theire
own mother in theire scams.The scammers is using stolen identitys ,so even if
you might think it is theire real identitys,but it is hard to proove that it
is really them, you know i have helpted an victim that was so victimized
by an scammer that the victim even didnt know that she had been involved into
money laundrey,the scammer convinced her to move money that was the scammers
money from an account to an another ,and that can end really bad for the
victims in the end instead.You never know what you meet online,so the best is
to protect youre self,no money and no personal information to people
that you dont know and had never met in real life.Im sorry that you have
met an scammer ,but i hope that you will met an real and a nice man in the
future .Please stay safe ,and we are here at delphi if you need any
advices ore have any questions about scammers.

@ Slyfox

So good to see you ,yes i had my share of was horrible..but im recovered now
Please come more offen,and support victims,you are needed....

All regards //Miss Marple//

2010-01-16, 09:31:15
007 from United Kingdom  
@Slyfox from United Kingdom

Hi there, we must be 'fairly near' neighbours!!

Best wishes for 2010
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Ekaterina

2010-01-16, 13:24:23
Slyfox from United Kingdom  
@ 007 from United Kingdom

Send pete an email and ask for my email address, and I will tell you, but yes, I think we are!

2010-01-16, 14:46:17
wanwan from Japan  
@2010-01-16, 13:24:23
Slyfox from United Kingdom

I hope you will get a speedy recovery .
I know EU has a serious cold now.
Take a good rest & have medical treatments like this shot !

By the way,
we also have a serious virus,,,,,,
it is a computer virus.
We call it '' Gumblar 8080 ''.
We try looking into this computer virus and
it has a rogue programing code '' 8080/try.xxxxxxx ''.
It might have come from Russia,,,,.
That Gumblar 8080 virus has destroyed many computers in Japan .

Take care !

2010-01-16, 17:51:08
Slyfox from United Kingdom  
@2010-01-16, 14:46:17
wanwan from Japan

I have not heard of this, but I will look into it! do we know the seriousness yet? what does it come in as? email, jpeg, etc? How is it downloaded?


2010-01-16, 18:08:28
Slyfox from United Kingdom  

http://www.pctools...6tnt%3D1 " target=_blank >

this is the Gumblar Virus removal tool!

I am feeling much better!

Best regards,

2010-01-16, 18:32:37
Slyfox from United Kingdom  
2010-01-16, 07:13:25
@Miss Marple from Sweden

I'm glad I had it, because I won't be getting this again, and thank you...It's nice to know that you and I both had it! But like the 'Scammers' we are strong enough to get through it!

Yes, everyone here needs each other and I will do my upmost to give you the support you need!


2010-01-17, 03:41:43   (updated: 2010-01-17, 03:43:49)
wanwan from Japan  
@Slyfox from United Kingdom
Thank you for your info on computer virus.
It can be a cyberterrorism.Now I am looking into this serious cyber attacks.
( 2009/05/gumblar-virus-threat-to-the-internet-how-to-remove.html )



A rogue anti-virus tool '' security tool '' is one of computer viruses ,Gumblar.
This rogue '' security tool '' hijacks PC then we can not control Browser.

This tool is effective against Gumblar.
Thank you for your concerning me.

2010-01-17, 07:44:45
DOC from United States  
@Slyfox & 007

Registered users of delphi can send each other personal messages.

To send a PM to someone click the user name by the comment.

To check your PM's click your user name in the white box at the top right of the page.

Regards, DOC
2010-01-18, 10:39:39
007 from United Kingdom  
@DOC from United States

Many thanks for the info - will try it out now!!

Have a nice day from my good mate Jon Bon Jovi!!


2010-01-19, 14:45:50
Slyfox from United Kingdom  
@DOC from United States

This is an excellent feature! Thanks for the instructions.

2010-03-05, 20:19:00   (updated: 2010-03-05, 20:23:12)
My name is Kelsey Lynn and this Mohammed Farid is now going by the name Mark Smith. He is using as a means to find his next victims! I met him on this sight around 2/2010, which is perfect timing for romance scamming right before Valentine's Day. He claims to be a white male around 43 years old from the Manchester, England,UK, who is a structural engineer going over to Lagos,Nigeria for a business deal. He is a smooth talker and is very persuasive, creative in writing love letters. When he supposedly first arrived in Lagos,Nigeria, he convinced me that he misplaced his wallet while traveling on the plane rides. He asked me to send him money because he had to cancel all of his credit cards and was sleeping in the hotel lobby. He asked me to send him $80.00 USAD by money gram, which I sold my Valentine's gift to myself, a silver necklace with diamonds in it. I found out that that $80 USAD in Nigerian money is over $11,000.00! HE DIDN'T SEEM TO CARE THAT I WAS A AMERICAN, SINGLE- MOM, Full -time student, on welfare. Of course that didn't stop him from asking for money again, next time he asked me to send (and I did) $500.00 USAD, which in Nigerian money is over $74,000.00. THE WHOLE TIME HE WAS TELLING ME THAT HE IS COMING TO THE USA TO VISIT ME, AND THAT I AM HIS WIFE IN HIS EYES. HIS NUMBER IS +234-803-763-7585 AND HIS PARTNER IN CRIME WHO IS VERY RUDE AND STUPID (COULDN'T SELL AN ICE- CUBE TO AN ESKIMO) IS JAMES MILLER, MOBILE # 806-686-0624 AND PRE- PAID CARD # POSSIBLY IS 719-466-4273, ALL OF THESE NUMBER'S ARE IN Nigeria. This man claims to be a customs international police at the airport Murtala Mohammed International Airport in Lagos, Nigeria. Watch out ladies because Mark Smith is very slick, he will send fake confirmations your way in order to be even more special and convincing! But when you check these confirmation's out you will find out that they were either canceled or never reserved in the first place. They do this for a living and make millions on this operation that is in progress. They will even call you on your phone from over seas to be even more charming. Money is no object to them, they scam many woman every day all day long. They want your love and devotion, but will never do a thing for you but talk and talk, which is free! Mark Smith goes by the address in Lagos, Nigeria :15 Victorial Island AND IN THE UK: 15 ROSEMOUNT, MIDDLETON,MANCHESTER,M245RR,ENGLAND,UK. HE IS VERY CONVINCING ON TELLING YOU THAT HE IS AN ONLY CHILD, PARENTS ARE DECEASED, LIVES IN THE UK, HAS A STRUCTURAL ENGINEER BUSINESS FOR 9 YEARS AND NO EMPLOYEES EXCEPT A FINANCIAL ADVISOR AND AN ATTORNEY. HE IS LOOKING FOR A WIFE AND HAS NEVER BEEN MARRIED AND HAVE NO KIDS AND THAT YOU ARE THE LOVE OF HIS LIFE, AND HE WISHES TO HAVE AT LEAST ONE CHILD. ONCE YOU FIND OUT THAT HE IS A SCAMMER AND THAT YOU TELL HIM THIS THIS DOESN'T STOP HIM FROM STILL CONTACTING YOU AND TRYING TO CONVINCE YOU OF OTHER WISE. WHEN THE TABLES ARE TURNED AND YOU ASK HIM FOR MONEY OF COURSE HE WILL SAY THAT HE DOESN'T HAVE IT AND THAT HE CAN'T DO IT. BUT US WOMEN CAN? These people are heartless and they don't care who they hurt, emotionally, financially nor mentally. Their mentality is that we owe them something and that their money is ours and your money is our money. When I called them on their game and bluff, they thought that it was funny and they had me on speaker phone and I heard more than one person men and women laughing in the background at me. That made me sick literally, I had to puke right after getting off of the phone with them! I am so pissed at myself because I knew all, BUT STILL WENT ALONG WITH THE GAME AND THE LIES. IT WAS ALL NOTHING BUT A FANTASY, MAKE- BELIEVE WORD AND LIFE. A MEANS TO ESCAPE FROM KEEPING TO MYSELF FOR SO LONG AND LIVING LIKE A HERMIT, SCARED TO CONVERSE WITH MEN IN THE REAL WORLD. I CAN'T EAT, SLEEP, NOR CONCENTRATE ON MY HOME LIFE. I CRY ALL OF THE TIME AND WITHDRAWAL FROM SOCIETY EVEN MORE THEN WHAT I DID BEFORE. I WILL NEVER TRUST ANYONE EVER AGAIN! i PRAY THAT THIS MARK SMITH JUST FINALLY WAKES UP AND LEARNS TO REALIZE ALL OF THE DAMAGES THAT HE HAS CAUSED EMOTIONALLY TO THE WOMEN THAT HE HAS VICTIMIZED! BUT HE WON'T, HE WAS TRYING TO CONVINCE ME THAT HE HAD DONE NOTHING WRONG TO ME AT ALL! THAT HE HAD NEVER DISRESPECTED ME IN ANY WAY.
2010-05-22, 23:54:16
anonymous from New Zealand  
'I had contact from this person a few days ago something didn't sit right with me then but i engaged in the smooth talking. He uses the same lines dead parents, structural engineer... did a google on the name and funnily enough nothing came up one would think that such a high powered exec would appear somewhere. Lots of flattery but the english wasn't right and I was uneasy i was making statements that he was not answering correctly. I have been to Manchester England and he never responded, also he apparently finished at Harvard by the age of 20 and did engineering in Switzerland. If he wasn't fake he would be a genious. thank you google i say i found a link to Mark Smith that brought me right here. I have blocked him on facebook and yahoo. But of course first i sent through a link to you asking if that meant anything to him.

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