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Dating scammer Austin Grello


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Name: Austin Grello



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He has been hijacked, shot, robbed, detained by customs and framed by the Peruvian Government. Initially he worked for Shell Oil and owns a mansion with full staff in Florida. Constantly needs money because he cannot access his 'millions' overseas. Has been attempting to come 'back to America' for a year now...but something always happens. AVOID THIS cousin is falling for this and believes anything he says. Her home is in foreclosure and she can't pay her bills because she sends it all to him. Do not be as stupid as her!!!

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2009-12-02, 21:45:02
OJAS from United States  
2009-12-02, 23:06:08
When did these scams happen to each of you? It is very nerve wracking that anyone can be anyone on the internet & you just don't really know who you are 'talking to' on various sites.
2009-12-03, 08:04:45
jennymathey from United States  
to anonymous - first i am sorry for bad writings because i had accident that leaves me not able to talk real good i started taking to this man last winter from eharmonyand it kept going for about 5 months i thout eharmony to be safer than places like myspace or facebook but it wasnt he always had an excuse for not showing up and even had other men call and pretend be police or health worker he always said he was american but his voice often sounded to have an accent and he blamed it on being tired he would get angry with me when i would ask for more proof of who he was or he would ignore my questions by sending poems the final straw was when he said he had to go to saudi arabia to fix an oil place for his mom i call unicef and spoke to many people who said there was no oil donation and they suggested i was being scammed after i told my whole story and offer help i woudl wire him money and you cant track wire money so i read about scams online and saw that many women were telling the same story i was living at frist i was in denial and said not me but i was wrong i was one of them i am now in therapy for bad depression i should have know that a man as handsome and rich as he claims likes women who are young models and not the 48 year old divorced ugly fat grandma factory worker that i am i lost so much money and dignity because of him the hardest part was telling the people who were worried for me that they were right please be careful women please listen to me and not do what i did i am happy to answer any questions if it means no other women will do what i did or will put a stop to what they are doing
2009-12-03, 08:24:44
Candace Fisher from United States  
To agent 86-Candance Fisher is not my real name as I know that identity theft can happen all the time with any information. I used that as an alias so that if 'Austin Grello' is reading this he cannot take anything more from me or my family. I mean he has already stolen the physical aspects of my brother-in-law. Who knows what else he is capable of. Thanks for the heads up. I hope whoever is doing this gets what they deserve.
2009-12-03, 08:52:55
anonymous from United States  
to annnymous
I was scammed by this man late last year (2008) begining of this year. I am the one that sent him $700 for a tickect home. Just to answer your question. Anyone can be anyone on the internet. Even the infamous Austin Grello!
2009-12-03, 11:30:47
ConcernedPhD from United States  
To the anonymous writer from 11/2 at 2306...

I have had a lot of experience in watching how these scams take place and the effects it has on the victims. The question you posed and comments you made make it appear as though you may be in a relationship with the subject in question. You are likely thinking of rationales behind everything he has told you and everything you have given him. Please take my advice, Miss, and discontinue contact with this man. I have seen/heard all the excuses:

The scorned girlfriend is posting lies

You are talking to the real person posted here and someone stole his identity

The rich elite live lives we do not understand as working people. This is just silly to believe. Bill Gates, one of the richest men in the world, can travel and access his money at will from any location. ATM's and debit/credit cards are not exclusive to the USA. He does not have to sign into online dating sites for women to fly him back to America.

You have probably had people warning you about him. You have likely had doubts yourself about who he really is.
Be rational. The pictures are here. His name is here. His e-mail address may be here. The same stories he shared with you are here. Rich people always have access to their money; do not let him convince you otherwise.

You are not a stupid person. These men are professionals at what they do and prey on lonely women. It is hard not to be wooed by words you have longed to hear. It is hard not to be wooed by a man that is more attractive that you could have ever imagined attaining. But the reality of it is that he does not exist. He is a figment of your scammer's imagination. Do the right thing now and put a stop to it before you lose anything or anything more. Denial is the hardest part of the healing process but you owe it to yourself to take this step.
2009-12-07, 11:58:25
Barbara from United States  
Unbelievable! This man is a work of art! Same story, same man with me. Only thing with me is that he didn't realize that my Father is a part of UNICEF and without being specific, is pretty high up in the ranks. Needless to say, my Father never heard of his mother nor did UNICEF receive any oil refinery donations. It did cost me a total of a grand or so, and some embarassment, but at least I am wiser and done with it. I wish I still had the picture to post of him. It was different than the ones here (but I had these pictues too) where he was standing in a red shirt but I deleted it when I deleted him :)
2010-01-18, 13:44:54
Miss Marple from Sweden  
@2010-01-18, 11:48:18
anonymous from United States

Who are you to talk like this to people???

Are you sure that you are in the right place??

This is an forum for scamvictims,so what do

you expect then from an site like this ??

and oh yes there is lot of lonely people..

and my advice is that you keep youre mouth shut

and if you cant talk in normal manners ore respect

victims so please leave ore be polite,it is up to you!!

Regards //Miss Marple//
2010-01-18, 14:47:36   (updated: 2010-01-18, 14:52:54)
Agent 86 from Salem, United States  
2010-01-18, 11:48:18
anonymous from United States

I agree with Miss Marple completely.

I removed Your posting because running victims down for no reason
is completely uncalled for.

It amazes me how the biggest losers in this World are the ones
who shoot their mouths off and attack others who are hurt or down.

Who are You to judge others ?

You think Your perfect and never made a mistake in Your life.

Well You just made a big mistake kicking people around on this site.

That shows the World just how arrogant and self centered You are.

If all Your going to do is criticize people here and not help and
support others then Shut The Fuck Up Your voice does not need to be
heard by anyone.

I am a victim of being scammed as is Miss Marple respect will given
to all victims here.

This site is for helping victims of scams and supporting them after
they have been scammed.

Just in case You didn't know Mr. Know it all people commit suicide from the
harm the Heartless Bastards do to their victims.

Kind Regards to all Except the loser who thinks He's better than others.

Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'// <><

2012-12-27, 21:53:38
There is someone named Austin using my husbands photos he has stolen from his Facebook page. My husband is a white male early 40s and is seen in pics playing a guitar. The real Austin is black and lives in Nigeria or somewhere in Africa. We have heard from three women so far who have figured out the pictures are not this black man from Nigeria. We are at a loss as to what to do. We have protected my husband and my Facebook sites but this man already has the photos.
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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