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Dating scammer Marino Ampelio


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Name: Marino Ampelio


Italy? London? Nigeria? Vancouver? His phone number that he called me from 234-706-498-3952. Don't know where that number comes from. I couldn't figure out the international code for this number. Here is another number 01-144-701-113-8789 - supposedly London, England

Other Comments:
Marino Ampelio preys on women through on line dating sites! Beware ladies - he is very, very good! he even uses his 'daughter' in his scams - I of course was an idiot and fell for it all.... I had NO IDEA this even went on! He pretends to be a fashion designer and even has a fake page set up at i-italy. Its all fake! I will get him investigated. But, it won't do much I am sure because it is all a big scam. Then he gets his 'daughter' to call you and gush over getting new 'family' . These dating sites need to WARN PEOPLE THAT THIS HAPPENS! It should be on their first page! Or, after joining, they should send a message outlining how people can scam through on line dating! I seriously had never heard of this before!

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2009-12-04, 15:14:39
anonymous from United States  
So sorry to hear it. Sadly, these guys are a lot like that 'Whack-a-mole' game - you wap one and 3 others pop up somewhere else with a new identity. Marino or whoever he is, was very good and while I wish I weren't part of 'the club', I hope that with everyone coming forward, consolidating information and utilizing all our resources, we can prevent anyone else from being hurt, both emotionally and financially, by him. Check the i-Italy site for a place where we've also been blogging. We're getting in touch with each other in private since we know Marino and all the other scammers do check these websites (he knows he's been busted).

You aren't alone, and while we're all both mad and embarrassed by this, let's turn it into a positive and do what we can to stop others from being hurt and possibly nail his butt to the wall.
2009-12-07, 10:58:20
anonymous from United States  
Well, everyone - Marino is still on I just sat and diligently went through pages and pages of profiles. He is now 'designsloving' from Long Beach, California. He's using the photo of the dark-haired 'Marino' this time. That's the one I received. I have called match about this new finding. If I can sit and find this, I'm not sure why they can't stop it. I have offered to help them in any way. He's probably back on other sites too. Just wanted you all to know.
2009-12-07, 13:00:54
anonymous from United States  
Thanks for the update. I also called Match yet AGAIN to report the same, as well as referencing a reference ID already set up by someone else about him. He's pretty shameless considering anyone who Googles his name will find a zillion comments about him as a scammer.
2009-12-07, 13:45:22   (updated: 2009-12-07, 13:48:42)
anonymous from United States  
HELLO EVERYONE WHO HAVE UNDOUBTEDLY BEEN SCAMMED BY THAT RAUNCHY LOOSER MARINO RICO AMPELIO WHO CANNOT SEEM TO FIND A DECENT JOB AND MAKE A LIVING THE AMERICAN WAY! OH YEAH...HES NOT AMERICAN HES AN ANIMAL LOL! I ALMOST FORGOT! Find us on I- Italy and join in and we can continue to all work together! We arent that far away from making a HUGE difference in SCUMBAG REMOVAL~!ADD YOUR PICS. OF HIM HERE AND THERE...WHATEVER PICS. HES USING AND HIS USERNAME PLEASE! IM JUDY ALSO REPORT HIM TO MATCH USING THE REFERENCE #091203_003115 and yes, it may take them a little while, but keep calling back and asking if theyve found anything else out yet!
2009-12-07, 13:50:30
anonymous from United States  
ALSO GO TO HIS PG...Ampeliovesti Inc. and leave a comment for his discusting self!
Above is also this info.....if you need it!
2009-12-07, 14:13:05
anonymous from United States  
I just looked and 'designsloving' has disappeared off - not sure if Match took him off or he will appear as another username. I hope it was Match and that they finally did something about it!! The more you use his name 'Marino Rico Ampelio' in blogs and the such, the more the search engines will pick up on it. This will help future victims when they Google his name. Remember, is also his fake website site!!
2009-12-07, 14:55:10
anonymous from United States  
Glad to hear that match may have removed 'Marino's' profile. When I called them, I did use the reference number that was given on I-Italy. And, this time the person I talked to actually went to talk to a supervising person too. We now know of two different looks that are used. I'm sure more will pop-up. If anyone knows of any pictures of different people, it would be good to know.
2009-12-07, 15:46:35
Thank you everyone for adding information and details about this scumbag.... hopefully, we can save other women from this nightmare. Those of us who have lost to him will continue to seek to find him and punish him.
2009-12-07, 15:53:44
anonymous from United States  
Anything that we can do to thwart Marino's (or whatever his name really is) efforts and waste his time is worth our efforts, while other resources are working on tracking him down his scumbag butt. He's gotten away with too much for too long - and he's hurt too many innocent trusting people. There's a place in Hell for people like him, and he will get his just desserts in some form - bank on it.
2009-12-08, 12:20:45
holy crap....I thought i was the only fool this guy scammed...we really have to bust this bastard and put a stop to this madness....marino rico ampelio and his daughter vanessa..UNBELIVABLE... how can we all help put a stop to this? thanks for sharing your stories all,,,,stilli in shock.. i actually have his picture and his daughters pictures..i can send it to you all.,.where shouild i post it?
2009-12-08, 12:31:25
anonymous from United States  
So sorry that you're a member of 'The Club' -- we're all pretty pissed off. There is chatter on the i-Italy site - post your pictures there. The member is 'Scammers' or 'Looking for Scammer' - you'll find a lot more info there. There are efforts being put forth by a number of people through legal, private and and very public media channels. We know Marino reads this site so we're all conversing privately in email with our plans, all the information we have, etc. Go to i-Italy, set yourself up there and contact us there. You aren't alone and now that we've banded together, we'll be making his life miserable.
2009-12-08, 14:48:50
anonymous from Canada  
He is using a new email address apparently -
He told one victim he was having trouble with his password at the other address.
Keep the information coming. Yay! let's dog the scumbag
2009-12-10, 14:58:21
hey guys when did this bastard start to get to women - he contacted me in March 2009 via Mathc. his code name that time was SVEN7281 long has he been around. There was a number in LA he called me from in October and said he was going to toronto as a panel member on the LG fashion week....what an absolute liar...btw..I have spoken to the so calledd Vanessa and she even wrote me a note calling me mom!!!! of course I told him to go to hell....but he was almost biligerent.. I actually had thought of getting a PI to follow but did not want to waste my money on a scumbag... really hope we find this bastard!!
2009-12-10, 15:27:06
anonymous from United States  
Sorry to hear it. There are a bunch of folks working on this. Since we know he is aware of this site, go to i-italy. Set up an account for yourself and send a message to 'Looking for Scammer' with your private email address. We've all been talking among all ourselves on our private email addresses. There is a lot in the works to try to get Marino, both law enforcement agencies and through the media.
2009-12-12, 20:44:10
anonymous from Canada  
Here are some more names uses

And thanks for giving us sven7281.
We now have him posted here,
EFCC And Ottawa Government/Intelligence
Thank you to this site for allowing us to post all our information. Much appreciated.

We know we don't have chance of money back so far, but if we can help just one person not get scammed. that is a good start!
I will continue to add the sites I post him at.
Here are his other pictures he uses in addition to the other profile.

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