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Dating scammer Keith Lathon


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Name: Keith Lathon



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2010-01-22, 15:28:09   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2010-01-22, 16:25:38
Slyfox from United Kingdom  
2010-01-22, 15:28:09 (updated: )
@[hidden] from United States


Please give yourself an Identity by registering here, and also please give us some more information on this individual so that it can be investigated further.

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2010-01-31, 07:05:11
I know Keith we dated and live together, till he fired me. Where do I start this guy, I never meet anyone like him. He is a Zen, Hippie kind of guy, the first black hippie I dated. Be very careful with this one, he broke my heart and he never looked back. He is super funny and dangerously smart he could be a bank robber if he chooses to be. Very handy around the house like a Swiss army knife, he can make and fix anything; he has old school Dad skills. Great Cook, he is the first vegetarian so you will get to know every veggie restaurant in town. We meet at a café, where he was hanging out, and never parted. Very attentive and generous, he taught me what it like to have a partner. Everyone seem to like him even my mother. Women loved him because he funny, I never laugh as hard with any man I have dated like when I was with Keith, I do miss that. Men love this guy, even the gay ones a man’s man has had ever job in the world and been there too. He can work a room with the best of them and works everyday. Now the bad things, stubborn if he not feeling it, he is not doing it. Watches football all day and night on Sundays. Does not have any interest in going to church. Don’t want to have any more children, the reason he fired me. He told me that I would not be happy with him years down the road not having the two kids he knew I wanted. A super high sex drive, I could not keep up with this guy and can get upset when he goes a day without it. I was felt that if I didn’t do what he wanted to do, I could be replaced. After he left not one call, I heard he had a building accident few years ago, and have not seen him in years. He was a lot of fun.
2010-01-31, 22:27:19
Arrogant, Playboy! Went out one time with him. He chased me for a few weeks, he took me to an expansive restaurant and a few days later told me that I was the worst date he had been on and never heard from him again. He is a heart breaker.
2010-02-01, 12:04:58
ATL Sweetie  
Meet him and a fundraiser he was hosting for an Atlanta politician, he took me to dinner and drinks. He is very well connected and only dates very accomplished women, Lawyers, Doctors, Models and I heard even a Judge. I felt out of my league because I know I could not hold his interest. He runs in the Oprah crowd.
2010-02-03, 01:10:47
Diva Physician  
A Playboy with a long check list, Hugh Hefner has nothing on him. Met at Beluga’s in Buckhead, we talked and emailed for two weeks, I knew and felt that I was being interviewed. He is very smart, funny and has a very wide range. After all that, his said that we were not a good match. He does not date often and has a lot to choose from here in Atlanta. He was engaged last year to a beautiful Washington, DC mover and shaker, but he broke it off. I was really interested in him and he put a spell on me in no time. This guy could easily break your heart.
2010-03-05, 10:50:30   (updated: 2010-03-05, 10:57:49)
Ms Helpful from United States  
this guy is bad news. he is very intelligent, yes, however he has sociopathic tendencies and characteristics. He lures with charm and geniune concern. However there is something missing in his tone. While he is able to be amused or entertained by you, you will stay in his 'good graces'. However, once crossed or felt that you are getting to close to the real person, then he backs off, tells you that the time is not right for him to be in a relationship or that there is no chemistry or compatibility. BEWARE, he was last engaged to a woman (DC mover/shaker) who gave him herpes, so he says. He does have an unusually high need for sex, which i would assume comes from his prescription drug use after his construction accident where he sustained quite a few fractures (hip, legs, back, so forth). He is an addict who uses sex to ease the pain. He has poor hygiene, does not like to bathe due to the fact of his physical injuries and inability to stand for long periods of time. Engages in phone sex, masturbation, toooo much. He is truly a 'Daddy's Boy' (deceased) and not all that fond of his Mother (retired teacher). BEWARE!!!!!!!!
2010-03-05, 16:53:50
[hidden] from United States  
I known Keith for years, he is charming and very well educated. As a Black woman I’m very offended by Ms Helpful comments. As a good black woman, we have to be burden with all of the crazy Sisters that are scorned and bitter, that are driving our Men away. I know for a fact that Keith has financially helped friends and Family (including his Mother). This is beyond a Kiss and tell site. I would be fearful, of Ms. Helpful comments about the STD, she must have it now. I was thinking a scammer is a Man that beats women out of Money not, ones that have broke a few hearts. Grow up you should be Big Girls by now, His is 50. I know he only date grown women,I see that a little High School girl has slipped in.
2010-03-05, 22:31:37   (updated: 2010-03-05, 22:54:15)
DOC from United States  
2010-03-05, 18:21:08 anonymous,

Is this a type of scams?

YES !! Thanks !

2010-03-06, 08:25:37
He introduced himself as Derrick Fischer from Australia. We chatted for 4-months. He then posted a parcel and the parcel was supposedly held by the Customs. I was contacted by the so-called local agent representing the Australian post. I paid RM15,000 in total to get the parcel released only to find out that there was no parcel. Since then, I have not heard from him. Would like to check if this person has also scammed others
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Daniel Kehinde, aka 'Kenny Daniel

2011-09-30, 15:09:27
anonymous from United States  
This is one of many stalker pages on the web. Now days you post who has broken your heart. Get a life...
2019-11-27, 14:20:53
I can’t comment on Keith Lathon being a dating scammer but I can on how much of a liar he is. He reached out to me because I have a piece of property I am selling as a for sale by owner. He agreed to buy it and signed a contract. He was supposed to send me the earnest money but each time there was always an excuse, “I sent it but Fedex retuned it to me because it was damaged/wet, I sent it again via FedEx but he couldn’t give me a tracking number, my niece is in the hospital with cancer but I put it in the mail,” of course I never received the earnest money. Since I didn’t get the earnest money I told him to send all the money to the title company as this was supposed to be a cash sale. Here are the excuses he gave for not sending the notarized paperwork and wiring the money to the title company: “I didn’t receive the paperwork (it was emailed on the same email chain that we all were on), there was a big storm and my power went out, I fell asleep at the wheel and was in a car accident.”
All of these excuses sound like a bad country western song.
I am not out of any money but my time is valuable and I estimate I wasted at least 40 hours on this fool. So Mr. Lathon you owe me $1000 for my time and $500 for the earnest money!
I’m sure I will never see the earnest money, even though we had a contract, but at least maybe with me telling this encounter with him others can avoid doing business with him.
2020-05-11, 20:56:23
anonymous from United States  
I have worked for Keith, he can be a bit of a ass, but he has got a lot of jobs done. He is like most people with money and power, it has to be their way or the highway. I can't say that, I hate him or love him, he is cool with it either way.
2020-05-12, 04:11:56
anonymous from United States  
He is a Que Dog, like Michael Jordan and Shaq. Those guys don't care about what you say or think about them.



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