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Dating scammer Richard York


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Name: Richard York


The address he gave me in California:
15250 Badlona Dr
La Mirada
CA 90638-3924

I am not so sure about the 3924? but 90638 checked out.

Other Comments:
Scammed by guy who claimed he is a Colonel in the US Army stationed in Iraq. Was to retire soon. Send some luggage before retiring with a ''friend/Diplomat'' who got stuck in Ghana. He needed money to clear his luggage at Customs. ''Friend/Diplomat'' by the name of ''Jalil'' did not have enough money for clearance. ''Jalil's phone number in Accra Ghana is 00233246907631. ''Jalil'' asked me to send 2300 US$ to ''Asante Sarpong'' at Customs in Ghana. The ''Colonel'' told me he could not access any of his money in Iraq, will I please send the money, he will pay me back.
That done, asked for more money for a ''certificate'' stating that the money in his luggage belonged to him and was not money laundering. Money for the ''Lawyer'' and ''Court'' to obtain the certificate amounted to almost 8000 US$ which I did not send. His name (real)? is Richard York. Said he was born and raised in California. Parents deceased, one adopted son named Daniel who is in California. The photo he mailed me could be stolen. I would like to know the real identity of the man in the photo if that is possible.

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2013-01-24, 13:54:01
anonymous from Jersey  
Miss Marple - how do you move on from being scammed? I lost my life's savings to a scammer in December 2012 and every morning I wake up it is the first thing thats in my head. These are evil heartless people.
2013-01-24, 19:08:04
Miss Marple from United States  
2013-01-24, 13:54:01
anonymous from Jersey

It was long time ago i met my scammer it was actually in 2009 ,secondly i got so pissed that anyone even tried to do such a thing to me ,i felt humiliated and very embarrassed and lured,just like other victims that have been scammed,maybe my rescue was that i did not lost any money ,but emotionally it took me hard,but i turned my anger into be creative instead ,i went online and started to read everything about scammers you can find online , i spent hours after hours just find out who these scammers are ,how they operates basically everything ,then i started to support victims here on this site ,which is actually very healing for anyone who has been scammed it helps to support .

2010 i started up the thread how you recognize male scammers ,to inform people and educate people in how to see the signs that you are dealing with a scammer online ,i have saved many men and women from these scumbags that had already a suspicion they are dealing with a scammer and many of them took my advice ,then there are victims like you that i have helped through with advice on this site with postings and some i have supported via email.All this has helped me ,so feel free to post and contribute if you feel that is something you want to do ,that will make you understand you are not alone in this ,you do not need to feel ashamed here that you are scammed ! if you wonder about anything when it comes to scams online ,here is always someone who can answer you .

It will also take some time to heal from all this ,maybe you have still questions and might feel traumatized still and do not have anyone to talk with, as having someone to share your thoughts with and ventilate it would help you out .I know this is a big problem for scam victims that they do not talk with anyone or do not have anyone to talk to at all and are ashamed and filled with guilt, the healing process will take much longer .so if you do not have no one to talk with post here and as i said if you wonder about something please ask!!

keep the spirit high !

All kind regards //Miss Marple//
2013-01-25, 08:39:23   (updated: 2013-01-25, 08:46:04)
anonymous from Jersey  
Thank you so much Miss Marple, your message helped but it will still take me time to get over it as losing your hard earned money is unthinkable and I borrowed from friends for the scammer who promised to pay me back. He completely stripped my bank account promising I would get it back. That was lies indeed. he cost me my friends and I have no money to repay them. Even now he emails me to say 'darling I am desperate, they have taken my luggage and thrown me in prison' how much more stupid can a crazy scammer get telling me he is in prison when how on earth can he e-mail me! he says he has a big house in London and millions and will promise to pay me and my friends back but only if I help him get out of prison first and he needs 640k. This man has been scamming women since 2010, how I wish they would catch him! do you think he and his friends can read this? or he pays people to look the scammers list up? I wonder. I have been holding on to him keeping him sweet in the hope the police can catch him but he tells me if I keep calling him a con-artist, which he admits he is not, he will stop e-mailing me altogether. I think I should stop e-mailing him as he is stressing me out. He says to sell my house which is my sons house I live in and says I don't need it as he has a big house in London and wishes us to spend our lives together. He says that will only happen if he gets the money to get out of prison. Again its lies. I am suffering so much and don't have family and friends around to talk to so thank-you so much for replying.
2013-01-25, 18:52:22
Miss Marple from United States  
RE:anonymous from Jersey

The first thing i advice you to do is to change you email address and not be available to the scammer at all,and do not contact the scammer at all , as how can you even go further and try to even heal when you get constantly reminded by the scammer ??

No wonder you feel like this !! Even if you think that keeping the connection to the scammer will make him caught i am a afraid you lure your self even more,scammers are very hard to catch ,they go under fake IDs and uses open proxy to hide their real locations where the scams are made from .The thing what needs to happen if a scammer could be caught,is the police has to take him when he is committing the crime in front of the police,please believe me when i say this ,it sounds to good to be true ,secondly the money you have sent is already consumed ,scammers are criminals they need the money to drugs,to money laundry ,to their own consuming that means there are no money to get even if the scammer would be caught,i know this sounds hard but this is the reality .I have looked into these scammers how they operate and function i would not say to people that scammers can be caught when the facts online and on other anti scam sites have not reported something else either than what i am telling people here....

You have to make the decision to your self and tell your self :Now it is enough ! I know you feel guilt for your friends that abandoned you because the money you borrowed from them and can not repay them now ,but maybe it will come a time in the future you will be able to do that ,your friends loaned the money to you that meant it was something they could spend ,so could you ask for a payment plan as if you show goodwill maybe they can forgive you too...

well the first thing you need now to get on your feet and heal your self and when you feel stronger maybe take the contact to your friends and explain that you are scammed ...
2013-01-27, 16:03:18
anonymous from Jersey  
Thank you for your reply. I will take your advice ok and hope in time this dreadful experience will heal. The scammer sent me an email this morning as follows 'I am not a CON Kathleen, how can you call me that, I love you and if I was in London we could meet but I am in Ghana, I promise to refund you your money once I am in London but I need your help to get out of Ghana'. I simply replied I have no money to help you and blocked him. During the six months we were dating on-line I borrowed 30k to help him unaware he was a scammer. Photo's on the website prove he is as I got the same photo but he insists he is not. I need to move on as you say as this is stressing me but its so awful as he has stripped me of my lifetimes savings and that of my friends. We all thought he was genuine. The dating site said their moderation team check 24/7 for scammers and that I just got unlucky, how could that happen to me. the police said that even if legislation was in place they still would not bother. When I went to the post office they warned me when the money grams went through but the bank did not bat an eyelid and said nothing. I know you are again going to tell me to move on and try to forget but it is extremely hard when you are on your own and isolated. My family live in the U.K. and all my colleagues have either emigrated or moved away. Thank you so much for writing to me it is of much benefit to me as I am sure to others
2013-01-27, 19:08:16
Miss Marple from United States  
2013-01-27, 16:03:18
anonymous from Jersey

Now you are at least one step further to move towards a better life,i know this is not going to be easy for you ,but you have to start somewhere and this will be the first day to a better life for you ahead.

Isolation comes hand in hand with a scam ,the scammer isolates the victim in every way ,scammers knows how to manipulate scam victims as they want to control the victims already on the dating sites by telling the victims to close their accounts,Scammers tells the victims how much they love them and grooms them and make the victims depended on the scammers words...

It is pure brainwashing and manipulation ,the scammers sends every day mails so they know the victim is hooked and lives only for the scammers mails to come. Scammers do not answer questions but they want to know everything about the victims by asking all kind of questions and the victim starts to think he is genuine and open up more and more to the scammer , then the scammer wants to chat and also call the victim so the scammer can controll the victim even more with and the victims start to feel more bonded to the scammer the victim have stayed in contact for 4-6 weeks ,,the victim is in love ,can not do anything else than think about the person day and night ,starting to get isolated from friends and family too,the scammer might have told the victim not to tell anyone about the what i want to tell you with this is that isolation comes from the control the scammer is having on you ...depression ,trauma and the feeling of guilt and shame creates also isolation in it self ...

Please do not ever reply or answer this scammer again,these scammers are so manipulative and has no regrets,feelings or empathy for anyone,they do not care more than they will find others to scam,new victims to scam .You do not know what he even looks like for real,how old he is ,the only thing you know that you have sent money to someone who lured you totally.

I have read so horrible stories about these scammers what they actually can do to victims on scam i do not think anyone can even imagine what they are capable to many times when they are writing these love poems of undying love and hiding behind these stolen photos .

I read a story about a woman that went meeting her scammer in Nigeria ,she have not come back ,she actually started to scam people also,the scammer manipulated her into scam people too,,,,

I know the scammer tries to contact you and tell you that he is not a scammer ,do not ever in your mind believe him ,he tries to scam you that you will help him to come to UK ..of course he is a liar and scammer nothing else !!! is very easy to get fooled and scammed ,i made just a posting to a woman that have lost 100000 US Dollars so you are not alone to get scammed ....

All kind regards //Miss Marple//
2013-01-29, 05:38:03
anonymous from Jersey  
Thank you so much for keeping in touch, yes i am isolated from family and friends because of this, you are so right. I hope and pray one day they will begin to listen to what i have to say about all this and that I was scammed and will do my best to make up for it as I lost money they lent me too and there is no way I can pay them back, well not at the moment maybe one day if I am fortunate to win the lottery however small the amount I will give it to them. I would love to have told the scammer I know who he is but the police are trying to catch him by forensics trying to find out from his emails where he is but it is so difficult as they are under false identities. I would like to tell you that I asked a clairvoyant and medium when I was first dating this scammer on line and she told me I would meet someone new, be wealthy and have a happy future but it turned out to be the opposite, I was alone, lost all my money and was unhappy! she was no doubt a scammer as well! I even went to church to pray when I sent the money. Keep in touch and thanks for your kind words. Do you think the scammer can read this if he gets on-line?

2013-01-29, 15:01:24
anonymous from Jersey  
Dear Miss Marple

I heard from the police that Ghanaian police had arrested a 32 year old Ghana man for conning a widow of £360,000. I just wish they would catch 'Richard Allman' but as I said it is very difficult as they are under fake identities and move around. There is not a lot I can do without my money he stole and I am just existing. They think he is in the South of England connected to a gang in Ghana. They can only keep on trying and find out the internet cafe where the emails are coming from. Again it is difficult.

Thanks for listening
Kind regards

2013-01-29, 19:13:52
Miss Marple from United States  

Yes scammers hide them self real good as they know how to go under fake IP numbers too.. when we humans loose our are faith and feel lost it is very easy to do wrong decisions and think a medium can solve our problems ,but the destiny we do not always know about and what it brings and unfortunately these fake mediums prays on people who are week and seeks for answers and instead gets scammed ,i know all this has made you fragile and also available to people who wants to just abuse ,please be careful out there .

Scammers comes sometimes watching here when there business gets slow and someone has reported them so they can intimidate the victims with threats ,but as you have now closed the door to the scammer you do need to worry about this ...So thats why i tell people not to post any personal information on this site ,better to use a nickname when posting onto this site .

Scammers operates with accomplices around the world Malaysia,China ,UK and the Netherlands are the most reported countries ...

If you register onto this site we can communicate though private messages ,everything do not need to be posted here..
go into the link below here and follow the instructions ,when you are logged in you can see a envelope by my username on my postings ,klick there and you will get up a window and you can send me a message ...

All kind regards //Miss Marple//

2013-02-18, 17:05:16
anonymous from Jersey  
Hello Miss Marple

sorry I was unable to login or register. I am not sure why? Anyway just to let you know its slow moving on after being scammed. It was indeed a very cruel trick to play on me. I lost my friend and my family too but I am staying strong in the hope that over time they will come round and listen when I tell them I made a terrible mistake. I am paying a high price for being scammed and at times I weep. It was so very cruel. I lost all my hard earned savings and can't save again as I am now on a pension, it is beyond me how someone can be so cruel, these people do not have any hearts or feelings for anyone yet the lies they tell about adopting children, giving money to charity and that they never take money from anyone without being scammed. I am trying so hard to keep my head high.

Kind regards
2013-02-18, 17:07:19
anonymous from Jersey  
Hello Miss Marple

sorry I was unable to login or register. I am not sure why? Anyway just to let you know its slow moving on after being scammed. It was indeed a very cruel trick to play on me. I lost my friend and my family too but I am staying strong in the hope that over time they will come round and listen when I tell them I made a terrible mistake. I am paying a high price for being scammed and at times I weep. It was so very cruel. I lost all my hard earned savings and can't save again as I am now on a pension, it is beyond me how someone can be so cruel, these people do not have any hearts or feelings for anyone yet the lies they tell about adopting children, giving money to charity and that they never take money from anyone without paying them back. I am trying so hard to keep my head high.

Kind regards
2013-02-18, 19:12:39
Miss Marple from United States  
RE:2013-02-18, 17:07:19
anonymous from Jersey

Hmmm?? Try with clean out your computer ,go into to tools in your computer and then go into clear browsing data ,when you done that try again ,do not use copy and paste method with the password and lets see if you get it to work...

I am glad your are trying to go further and put the scammer behind you ,i know it is very hard for as for the lost of friends,family and the financial part in this...

Scammers do not care about anything and what happens to their victims,they only scams people out of greed ....
2013-10-13, 08:45:17
anonymous from Jersey  
Miss Marple
How do I delete my paragraph I entered on the website.
I would like it removed so no one can identify me.
It has my name and the fact I am deaf and I do not want people to know.
2013-10-13, 13:09:56
OJAS from United States  

Indicate page number, date and time stamp of the article. We'll request delphians to copy / paste your article minus your personal info. No problem for delphians displaying their signatures. Delphians are well-known to scammers anyway!

2013-10-13, 14:03:24
Miss Marple from United States  
Long time no see,how are you doing ? Please post the date you made the posting ,I will remove the parts in the posting you do not want to have posted here.

All kind regards//Miss Marple//
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