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Dating scammer Karl Matthew Swain


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Name: Karl Matthew Swain



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2010-03-14, 03:21:32   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2010-03-14, 03:21:32   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2010-03-14, 03:21:32   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2010-03-14, 03:21:32   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2010-03-25, 15:21:52
anonymous from United States  
There is a special place in hell for people like this. I was just too trusting. He can lay it on thick and knows what to say. I hope guys like this realize that they could possibly be playing with someone's life. Thank God I found out when I did. Some women can love so much and so hard that to be hurt like this would be disastrous.
2010-03-25, 21:32:56
anonymous from United States  
What an ASSHOLE.... REMEMBER KARMA IS A BITCH!!!! You'll get yours
2010-03-27, 07:44:37
anonymous from United States  
Is there some place this person can be reported to for using military personnel photos? Also, he sent me copies of paperwork using military logos and names with signitures. I have asked the Chaplain @ my workplace for help because he is in the Air Force, but if there is someone I can contact in the ARMY, I would like to contact them. It sickens me to know they are using photos of honorable military servicemen for this crime.
2010-04-20, 22:27:49
anonymous from United States  
Why would someone doing these scams continue to use the same name? I google every guy I meet. Just because. At first I could not find any information on this 'man' but I am very grateful I have found this. At this point I am only emotionally invested. He wanted me to help him call me by signing up for satellite phone so he could call me for free from Afghanistan where he is supposedly deployed. I can not believe people do this sort of thing. Shame on them! I hope he does get his someday.
2010-04-20, 22:32:47
anonymous from United States  
And I feel sorry for the guy who's picture this actually is. I am sure he does not deserve this kind of association.

2010-04-21, 10:21:39
Miss Marple from United States  
@2010-04-20, 22:27:49
anonymous from United States

@2010-04-20, 22:32:47
anonymous from United States

As long as the scammers are not blacklisted and known as scammers they will continue to scam people with the same names and and addys ,thats why it is so important to report scammers ,that people get aware of these sort of crimes,the scammers just changes emailaddys and continues to scam people with new stories and new lies,,and that this person is in Afghanistan it is not true at all,they are west-africans preending to be white males ,im sorry please block this scammer and report him!! i have posted some good information about military scams in my thread that i have created for all women to find good information about scammers please read more there! here is an link to that page ,where you can make postings if you want to share your story about your experiences about scammers..please be safe out there!


First of all, Iridium phones are uber-expensive! Anytime someone mentions a satellite or iridium phone being 'free,' ask some serious questions, especially in an austere place like Afghanistan. If you ask too many questions about the service, you'll miraculously get an email from the 'soldier' in question professing his undying love for you. Coincidence? No. More thank likely, the email to the GSATCOM goes directly to the 'soldier.'

So, if you get an email from a 'Tim Graham Canny' – who doesn't exist in the Army – send it to your spam box immediately. These people use these internet dating services as the initial opportunity, then progress to Yahoo chat and other methods of email communication. Oh, and here's the clincher: he made Major General in less than 23 years!!! This guy should be the next Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff if he keeps this up. And if that doesn't convince you, these photos of the good 'general' will

1. I am am American solider.
No they are not. They are never American soldiers. Real American soldiers do not behave this way.

2. I am in Iraq.
No they aren't. You're dealing with a scammer criminal and Iraq is probably the last place he is located. He is more likely to be close to if not exactly in Nigeria. They almost always are.

3. I found some money in Iraq.
Cool. Even if they did, you can't keep this kind of thing secret in the military. Everyone will know and everyone will talk. You cannot hide money.

4. This is completely legal.
So is being arrested and imprisoned at Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas, which is the main U.S. military prison. Every single member of the military knows that if they tried something like moving stolen money around like this they would end up here, for many, many years. This is explained to them on day 1 in the military

5. '...I am in the Engineering Unit of US Military here in [name of place]....
No they aren't. The unit they mention may or may not be currently deployed in Iraq. In any case you got an email from a scammer.


Regards /Miss Marple/

2010-04-30, 11:34:27
anonymous from United States  
This scammer has changed he name 'slightly'. He is now going by Matthew Ronald Swain. Lucky me, the new Yahoo had a facebook tie-in and the profile pic didn't match the pics he had just sent.
2011-11-24, 00:12:21
anonymous from South Africa  
This person is using the same pictures but he now goes by the name Capt. Brian C Massey
2013-06-11, 05:08:05
anonymous from United Kingdom  
This despicable individual has messed with the wrong lady!I have officers in the british army who are close relatives,he will be severely dealt with AND reported to his commanding officers via British Ministry of Defence he is a disgrace to the armed forces AND to humanity 'it'behaves as an animal and has no compassion,i stand corrected animals are kinder.I will post as soon as the due e mails are sent and this scum reported.I see he's now added he has a Mother in Scotland??????NOT TRUE!
2013-06-11, 08:26:03
Bax from United States  
Friend@UK, 6-11...

These scams are not being done by the people in the photos!
The photos were stolen by real scammers and used as bait-pics!
The person pictured is victim of identity theft, just as the
scam victim is of fraud! Every scam prevention site and
resource will confirm this. U.S.Army CID has a warning
and I am sure that Brittain has also. Even the countries
where the scammers live have warnings. Please look
deeper into this by simply typing... Scam Warnings...
into your search browser.
2013-10-25, 14:11:01
I just got a fb friend request by this person and he is now using the name Sgt John James. I called him out because I did my research, then unfriended and blocked him.. I wish there was a place you could report this.
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