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How you recognize male scammers.


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Name: How you recognize male scammers.

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I am Miss Marple and a contributor at this site, I have met many victims here at this site and I wanted to create an thread for those who are interested to find out how you recognize African male scammers. I met an scammer while ago, and he came from Nigeria and he tried to scam me, that’s why I created this thread so you can save some time and hopefully your Money by reading this general information I have written here.
I have made studies of African scammers in general and collected some stuff. I will represent here some basic information and some good advices what you can think about when you are out on the dating sites and online, which are the best ways to avoid scammers and learn how to spot them.

Are you an woman and have met the most wonderful, good looking and to good to be true man on the internet? He is also very smart, well educated, working probably as an constructor or engineer and travels a lot in his job, He tells you that he is an widower and has raised his child all alone, and he is now looking for true love. He falls in love very quickly and wants to marry you and wants to meet you soon. Suddenly he must travel to Africa. To Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory coast or another west African country for work and he will come back soon to meet you soon as possible. During his visit he gets in lot of trouble, he gets sick or have accidents. And he suddenly needs money, his credit card is not good enough or he’s has trouble to get his money from his account. Then he begins to ask for money.
Is this something you recognize?? You have probably met an scammer from Africa. Nigeria, Ghana and Ivory coast, Senegal and Dakar is the most common countries where scammers comes from, but they do operate with accomplices from European countries also as Germany, Holland and United Kingdom. Malaysia and China has also reported more scammers activities the latest time.
There is lot of different scams, Lottery scams, Charity scams, credit card scams and spams (Variation from the 419 scam)and other different types of scams, But this is page is only about ROMANCE SCAMMERS or DATING SCAMMERS

You can find scammers on every Dating site, Face book, and My space and many other different communities .Please read the profiles and look at the photographs, the photos are always stolen from agency models and sometimes from other victims as identity theft: the agency you can check is You can also search for photographs in picture search in database at this site and scamdigger where you upload an photo and see if the scammer is reported in another site If you think you have contact with an scammer by email, read these general warning signs


1.Scammers use templates before they starts to ask for money and there is variations in time in that also before they do that from 2 weeks until 2-3 years. Scammers use templates because they scam many people at the same time and have no time to write personal mails.
2.Look for the language, scammers has often very bad grammar and their skills in European language is bad, the templates are often translated by GOOGLE
3.They fell in love very quickly and talk about endless and undying LOVE
4.Avoiding your questions in the mails (typical for scammers who use templates) but variations do exist in this also.
5. Asking money from strangers is a scam, African, Russian, man,woman makes NO DIFFERENCE!
6.The scammer tells you to end your dating site account because you are the only true love for him (this is the way he can control the victim)
7.Scammers uses an +44 as an UK number to confuse victims with that they are in UK but they are in fact in Nigeria . ID Spoofing
8.If it sounds to good to be true it is often that also.

What can you do to protect yourself?

You must protect yourself even if it is not an scammer you are talking to. Never give out any personal information to somebody that you don’t know such your home address, telephone numbers no bank account/credit card numbers or other sensitive information as log in to your email addys or other accounts .Scammers asks for telephone numbers so they can convince people with their undying love as they asks for money, so don’t give out any phone numbers to foreigners. As scammers are criminal in the cyber world their knowledge in computers are very good .Get yourself an good Antivirus program to protect you from malware and spams, never click on links that unknown people sends you in mails, there could be an trojan waiting for you. As trojan is an malware and is created to steal and copy information from other computers.

How do scammers work out and how do you recognize them??

Maybe you are talking for the moment with an scammer but nothing is not what it appears to be as the wonderful man you talking to is an criminal sitting in a internet cafe and knows exactly what he is doing ,because he has done this so many times before that you can’t even imagine that your lovely man is only an criminal and wants to have your money, they are trained to be psychological and knows exactly what to talk and uses your weaknesses to get you into the trap. They send you gifts and talks poetry to you to get you really fall in love. And when you are enough in love then they starts to ask for money. They suddenly gets in to trouble and get into accidents and make up fake stories and involves other scammers also pretending to be doctors and lawyers or barristers that the story sound so real as possible, so that the victim feels empathy and open up the wallet to the scammer. They ask money for anything, from food to hospital bills, they can even send you fake documents that you have to sign your personal information that you suddenly can get involved in the crimes to without any knowledge of what you have really got involved into. As scammers are criminals they are involved in money laundry and drugs. They use most Western union to transfers to receive money from victims, but money gram is also more common now. Scammers uses stolen identities from other victims from another earlier scams or stolen from internet also. So the names they use to collect your money in are not their own names. So catch theses scammers are very difficult because of this.
The grammar is very bad as their skills are not good in English so they use templates translated by some translator and many time the scammers uses GOOGLE to translate their letters, so look for the language in the letters you receive from the scammers. Scammers uses much religion also in their scams they talk many times that they are GOD fearing and pretend to be very religious. often the scammers has children and they are widowers also, because in this way they can affect the victims in a emotionally way to the single mothers, everybody can be scammed but they often seek for single women with kids and in the age of 40, as people has generally made carrier and has an stabile economic situation as that attract scammers of course.

What can you do if you suspect you talking to an scammer?

If you suspect that the person you are talking to on the internet is an scammer, there is sites where you can seek for photographs, as I have put an link in the beginning of this information, but there is others you can do also, if you have contact with an scammer through email, you can look up the IP address, that the person uses and see if the person uses forged IP or has been reported to an scammer site. If the IP address is forged it is absolutely an scam, no real and honest person uses forged IP address, and if they begin to start talking about Africa that they are travelling to Nigeria or Ghana for business or work it is an scam also. Even if they have not asked for money yet it can be an scammers as well, as they can wait with that question a long time. Look for information on the internet what your love is doing and report scammers to sites because only by reporting scammers you reduce the scammers to operate and scam other people. Talk to other people about scamming and inform your friends who you also are talking to on the internet. If you have been scammed you must of course report this crime to the nearest authorities in your hometown and country. And here I have some links where you can find also information what you can do if you have been scammed, but I must put out an warning if you want to report scammers to authorities in Africa be careful who you are talking to, and also find out if it is real people you have contact with, as scammers abuses also this and goes under fake persons and scams people by saying the helping scammed people, there is a lot of fake detectives, so be careful who you are talking to and who you leave your personal information to.

And in this link you have more information of what you can do if you
are scammed.

Many thanks to DOC with the language/Translation,OJAS with good and informative links,and many thanks to and all other contributors and friends here at this site.

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2012-12-05, 12:24:11
Miss Marple from United States  
RE:2012-12-05, 11:19:59

Please post more information as emailaddress ,only a photo is no help for anyone,has this person asked for money? please come back and tell me your story .
2012-12-05, 19:35:41
Miss Marple from United States  
Debbie Best: Online Dating Scammer Made Off With Her Money And Heart
Posted: 10/25/2012 6:49 am EDT

Debbie Best, a 50-year-old residential habilitation trainer and employment specialist from Butte, Montana, found herself the unwitting victim of an online dating scam. The man she thought was a long-distance boyfriend in Florida tricked her out of her money, her credit card information and her heart.

The website she used,, did not respond to repeated requests for comment. Her alleged scammer, 'John Scofield,' has been profiled on a scam-advisory website. The Huffington Post found Scofield on Facebook, though it is likely that the name, profile and photo are fake, according to Jeffrey Norton, a New York attorney and expert on online dating scams. It is likely that this 'John Scofield' persona is part of a larger crime syndicate based in Africa, and that his profile is used in 'many different areas around the country,' Norton told The Huffington Post. (Facebook had no comment.) Best spoke to Huff/Post50’s associate editor Anthonia Akitunde. Here is her story in her own words:

I’m really kind of a shy person and I had bad relationships with men that either gambled, drank too much or verbally and physically abused me. Most of my friends are married. Life is pretty hard as is, and then when you’re living alone it’s even harder. I think when I turned 50, that’s when the panic set in.

I began to really take a good, hard look at my life as a single woman who had never been married. I thought I needed to get my courage up -- even though I’m this old, I know there’s gotta be someone out there for me. I joined a Christian dating site called [John Scofield] was the first person who contacted me. He sent me a message that said I had a beautiful smile.

I liked his profile. The picture he had was pretty handsome for a 55-year-old. He told me he was half-Italian and half-British. He had an accent, so there you go! He talked about being adventurous and all the places he’d been.

We talked about our interests. Then he talked about his life: how 10 years earlier he had lost his wife and his parents all in the same year. That’s when I first had feelings for him. I thought, “This poor guy!”

Our bond became a little bit stronger each conversation. A few weeks later, Jeff told me he loved me over the phone and “I love you” spurt out of my mouth real quick. It was like I had no control over my emotions at that point, and I’m usually a controlled person. It felt good; I hadn’t heard that in forever. Even though I didn’t see him in person, we were in constant contact with each other. I was swept away by the fact that someone actually wanted to spend the rest of their life with me, that I wouldn’t be alone forever.
He told me he had an antique store in Jacksonville, Florida, and that he would teach me how to price things in the store and I could spend some of the time writing.

Periodically, I would notice Jeff would become overly perturbed when he couldn’t get a hold of me, or if I didn’t call him back immediately. I’d ask him, “Are you real?” and he’d assure me, “I’m real babes.”

Two months into our relationship, he told me he was going to take his savings of $700,000 to the United Kingdom to buy some antiques and have them shipped back to the United States so they can be sold at auction. We were planning to meet some time after that. I got a phone call from him; he told me he had got some nice antiques and that he was going to Nigeria to buy some more things. And that’s when things kind of went to hell.

A few days later I got a call from him when I was at work. He said, “I went to ship my stuff out and it costs $5,000 more than I have. I need you to send me $5,000.”
I kept telling him on Facebook and on the phone that I do not have that kind of money. I work two part-time jobs with mentally disabled adults and they don’t pay very well. He knew that.

When I told him I didn’t have the money, he told me to figure out a way to get it. “Don’t you have some friends you can borrow it from? Your grandmother? Can’t you get a loan from the bank?”
It just went on and on. And he said “I don’t want to stay here. I want to get back to the United States.” He said he hadn’t eaten in so many days and that he had to sell his watch.

I had a $1,000 credit limit on my card. He told me he would have someone pay on my card and then I would get the cash off the account and would send him the money. I said “OK” and gave him my credit card information. I’m on the phone with State Farm and they said, “Someone just tried to draw $1,000 off your card.” The next thing I know, I have a block on my account and he was pissed. His voice would change; he was not the kind, sweet, gentle guy any more. “This is going to be our future,” he would say. “Don’t you want me home?”

It was hard to concentrate at work. I started getting sick with really high blood pressure. He was evasive when I asked questions. I’d get the calls consistently or on Facebook -- “You gotta help me, I don’t know what I’m going to do” -- all day long. It was horrible.
I wanted this so bad to be real, but a part of me knew that it just couldn’t be. I just didn’t want to face the reality of it.

“If you could just send me $200, maybe $250, so I can eat,” he said. He said he didn’t want to die in another man’s country. That’s when my conscience got to me. What if this was really happening? I sent it to him to an address in Nigeria.

“Now if you could send me $250 each week,” he said.

It got worse and worse and I started getting pissed. This had gone on for almost six weeks. I had found a site on Internet scams that had this guy’s name and everything that I had been going through with him. I copy and pasted it to Facebook and said, “How do you explain that?”
“I’m going to have to take care of that when I get back to the United States. I have to call the police because someone is impersonating me.”
It was in one of our last messages on Facebook that I finally, truly realized that I was being conned and used. I was ranting about how I didn’t believe him when he wrote: “Just send the money!”

I started getting mad, really mad. I reported him to the scam website I found him on. I reported him to Facebook, which he’s still on, and active because he has another person’s picture up. I also wrote to the police department in the town his phone number was coming out from -- the number was a land line somewhere out of Michigan.

Here’s this guy taking advantage of a person that trusted him and he’s getting away with all of this; he’s probably doing it to other women. I’m going to be more cautious if I continue online dating. I’m going to research a lot more; I trusted too much, I didn’t check it out and I learned the hard way.

Somedays I’ll feel like I’ll be OK and other days I feel like I don’t know if I’ll ever trust anyone again, especially a man. I’m not going to give up on love. I have to have hope. I’m one for church and prayer and I look at it as a lesson learned. It could’ve been a lot worse. At night time, I reflect on it and I think -- I could’ve been in so much more financial loss. I got out of it sooner than later.

2012-12-05, 19:43:28
anonymous from United States  
jude williams scammer
This image was also posted here:
How you recognize male scammers.

2012-12-05, 19:48:34
anonymous from United States  

2012-12-05, 20:20:08
anonymous from United States  
jude williams

2012-12-06, 04:14:36
anonymous from Ireland  
could u tell me if morish morgan is a scammer he from us u can contact me marie.laverty60@
2012-12-06, 07:13:00
Miss Marple from United States  
RE: Jude Williams
please post the money asking letter here with a email header you know how to open up a header in mails? if not check the link here :
Copy and paste the header into IP tracer ,edit out your emailaddress from the header before posting so you do not get spams and scammers into your email.
Trace IP :

2012-12-06, 07:14:13
Miss Marple from United States  
RE: morish morgan
Has he asked you for money? please come back and give your story here..
2012-12-06, 17:27:34
anonymous from United States  
Jude Williams - scammer . new email
cell #011-233-544897653

or 011-2332-60604819 or 011-233241928621

TX # 1-832-590-0428 or 682-325-1722

this guy knows what he is doing... be careful
This image was also posted here:
How you recognize male scammers.

2012-12-09, 04:21:53
This photo I believe has been stolen by a dating site scammer. He says his name is Brian Houston and he is on Badoo UK He has scammed me out of money however foolish I have been. I have his email address as being I also feel for the identy of this man. I have more photos if required to try and locate the original person who has their identity stolen.

2012-12-09, 10:48:10   (updated: 2012-12-09, 10:58:43)
Miss Marple from United States  
RE:Brian Houston
First of all i want to say i am sorry that you are scammed.secondly if you still are in contact with the scammer cease all communication immediately.If you have sent money once they will come back for more,scammers never stops asking for money.I advice also you to change your emailaddress as scammers sells victims emailaddresses further to other scammers and you will get more scammers and spams into your email. The very same scammer can write you in a different name and shapes as lawyers or even police and they will tell you that you can recover the lost money which is a lie of course.Recovery scams are very common among victims on scam where scammers scams the victim once again.

Well checked the photo and the link it gave nothing ,please post all the photos you have received from the scammer,please post also mails as introduction mail,the money asking letter as it is evidence of scam.Please post username .
Please post also header from a mail preferably from the very first mail as scammers do not always hide their IPs in the beginning,scammers do that when asking for money ....
Do you know how to open up a header? if not ,here is a link ,go there and follow instructions
and when you post material to this site edit out your personal information as emailaddress ...


The photos could be stolen from anyone online,from someones Facebook or it can be a victim in a scam too,scammers use sometimes victims sent photos to the scammer in coming scams,sometimes it can be hard to identify photos ,i know that victims wants to know the ID on the persons on the photos ,and some times people wants to inform the owner that their photos are abused by scammers ...the reality is that the owners do not always know that their photos are stolen even ,but preventing scammers using the photos by informing the owner of the photos is not going to do anything ! Scammers continues abusing the photos as long as the photos are selling .

There can be also other things to considering when people contacts the real owner on the photos ,the person is not the PERSONA that the scammer has created ..the person is maybe married and has no interest to be contacted by unknown persons online either.
I posted a article on page 47 in this thread about this issue,please read it too.

It can be said many times how foolish we are when we get scammed and send money to a scammer,but when the emotional part takes over and we fall in love which the scammer wants us to be ,that makes us vulnerable for scammers abuse.I know you feel guilt and are probably ashamed but you are not alone on this ,thousands online will get scammed as scammers are professionals in what they are doing ,they are very manipulative and gets more sophisticated too.If you have not met a scammer before how can you know what you are dealing with?
If you have sent big amounts of money consider also to report this scam to your local police or FBI, links you have in the article on the top on this page .

All kind regards //Miss Marple//

2012-12-10, 02:03:55
anonymous from Australia  
Hi Marples, You are a real trooper and offer so much help to us on this site. Your words of understanding and enlightenment are much appreciated. As a victim I've felt emotions of anger, humiliation, foolishness and self worthlessness. And why should I.?. It's not like i was being a predator or i was trying to seek some 'creepy' gratification. After a successful seperation and divorce, 27 years it finally took her to come to her senses, lol i felt i needed to open up my heart again. My children now young adults encouraged me. They wanted to see me happy. And now they say 'Oh Dad you idiot!'. What a fool i was. For so long i never said anything of the internet love affair i was having. Hell i daren't tell them exactly how much money i really sent... But im back in the dating game. Much wiser and boy can i spot a scammer in 2 lines of conversation. But do i abuse them, do i lead them on... No because we should never allow our dignity to stoop to the low level of theirs. Because there are genuine people out there searching for love and hopefully they will honestly and truly be appreciated. Well thats it Marples i thought i would update you and let you know im ok and as always appreciate your good humanitarian efforts,
P.S. Abigail sent me an email last week confessing to me about not being who she really is. Had new photos of her, her 10 year old daughter and unwell mum. She went on to say that being the good father i am that i would forgive her and support her and her daughter.
I replied your sick Mum looks a hell of a lot better than the supposedly DEAD one you had before..
Thank goodness i havent lost my sense of humour.. Best wishes, Happy xmas to you and yours Maple,
2012-12-10, 05:09:02
anonymous from Sweden  
2012-12-10, 05:12:27
anonymous from Sweden  
2012-12-10, 11:32:40
anonymous from Sweden  
frauds in the internet
usa spldat from iraQ, afganistan, fn
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Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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