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Dating scammer Peter Maxwell Hall


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Name: Peter Maxwell Hall



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Claims to be 50 year old Engineer working for Shell Oil in Spain. Claims to have a son named, Jerry, who was in a bad car accident and is in England undergoing surgeries for nerve damage. Says he is widowed for 6 years and lost his wife to cancer. Sent mass messages to a widows support group on Facebook 'looking for his soulmate'. His Facebook account was cancelled by Facebook after numerous complaints.


2010-03-30, 01:43:13   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2010-05-10, 10:23:40
Same Man! Same Story!

Flags, Flags everywhere but I fell for his lines! Poetry, name it and I've heard it! Tells me that he is going to marry me. Even tried to talk me into getting a passport for travel. I've been widowed now for 15 years and have met several men in online chats but this one seemed to appear out of no where and moves very fast! Constantly tells me that he will come to the states for a visit but never shows. Whenever I ask him about is childhood or his wife, he avoids the topic and tells me, 'I'd rather tell you all this when I see you.'

A friend of mine, did a check of his phone number and found that it is a 'follow me' number. I have never heard of that. Apparently, anytime any time you have a international phone number that begins with 44 (UK country codes) and has a UK city code of (70) it is ALWAYS a follow me number.Thought I was calling the U.K. but found out I was really calling Nigeria! These scammers will stop at NOTHING!!!! Once I started to open my eyes I realized that their is more information on this 'Peter' than I would have ever dreamed of. Here is a list of email addresses that he has used:

My friend, who found all these email addresses, said that many of them were linked to a 419 scam. (See link below) I guess this is a huge Nigerian scam that tells people that they will receive money. Another email address linked 'Peter' to Pet Delivery Scam and a Rental Scam.

Weblinks: http://www.419scam...918.6.htm

Another Romance Scam site has him flagged using a different name with different pictures: http://www.romances..0&t=27140

Once my friend told me about all of this I was stunned. Took me a few days to really make sense of it all. I wasn't sure if this was all for real. I played it cool and asked Peter if he knew about any of it. He gave me some sad excuse about how someone was out to ruin him. Ruin him?!!!!! He's ruining me!!! I'm so hurt and confused. I thought I had met my soulmate and I came to find out that what I thought would be my Latin Lover is really some Nigerian! All of his 'I love you's' were lies! I am so blessed to have such a wonderful friend who would show me all the signs that I was so blind to see. I realized I was being scammed when I insisted on a web chat and 'Peter' told me that he didn't have a webcam. I even asked that he hold up the a copy of the day's newspaper and take a picture of himself with that paper and he told me that his camera wasn't working. Lies, Lies, Lies.

Here's the picture that I 'fell in love with'. It's so sad to think that someone innocent (i.e. this guy in the picture) is being posted here but I would hate to know that another woman was scammed by this pathetic excuse for a human!
2010-05-13, 19:21:02
This is the same picture as posted that I received along with a picture of Jerry in the hospital. He was on a respirator and looked younger than the 26 Peter had said that his son was. He contacted me on Facebook and we started a conversation from there. I did some investigating because I've been warned about preditors online especially on widows. I discovered the same phone number was a 'non-track' cellphone. He said that he was a US citizen but the emails were very broken English and wasn't indicating that he'd spent any time if much in the US. He said that he would be leaving for the UK to be with his son for Christmas and would be flying back to US to be with me some time in January. But never came and always had an excuse as to why he wasn't able to get back 'home'. He had said that he was born in Florida and his mother had died then he and his sister were sent up to Chicago to live with an Aunt but the sister died. Then while in High School was sent over to UK to live with an Uncle. He said he lost his wife to cancer 6 years ago and that he was 49. He said he had met her in New Mexico at a football game. He had a very long and very sad story. He stated that he was a Christian and that he was praying for us to be together. There were too many 'red flags' and friends who are in law enforcement advised to drop him. When he was challanged on where he was born, he finally stated that he was born in Spain but would not answer what his real name was and ended the conversation. This is a very controlling and manipulant person who plays on lonely women's hearts. BE VERY CAREFUL!!!!



Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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