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Dating scammer david horgle (ghana)


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Name: david horgle (ghana)


telephone numbers he uses these numbers are dialing from Australia only +233248077743 +233241820532

Other Comments:
also known as Andy miller,Alowole peter Olanrewaju,David Morgan.he is extremely persistent and never give him your phone number or any details of any kind he has scammed over 40,000 dollars from 1 Australian already.


2010-04-22, 00:58:05   (updated: )
[hidden] from Australia  

Keywords: this guy is a real loser
2012-12-29, 13:46:09   (updated: 2012-12-29, 13:10:59)
anonymous from United States  
This guy is a real loser. After I confronted him on his bs, he started having people post as the victim saying that she lied. She names herself in the comment, but posts anonymously. Really? He is so dumb, but cocky and arrogant. He had the nerve to keep contacting me, trying to act like he didn't know what I was talking about. He then posted new pages on tag and fb and started his madness all over again. He needs to be arrested and put away for a long time for his predatory actions. He targeted me because I am over 40, educated, and a US citizen. But the part he didn't get is that I am edcuated and I do have common sense. I so want to be a part of exposing this guy to law enforcement around the world. He is scum.

We had only been talking a couple days when he was trying to get me to get him a K1 visa. Yes, a fiance visa. After I started researching him because I had my suspicions because he sent me a templated message saying he had to go to Nigeria and that he would only be able to call and email me I found this site with his picture on it. I also learned that he had been stalking me on a dating website for some time before I responded to what I had thought was his first message. He definitely was targeting me. He had told me he was a widower, had 2 small kids in the UK and that he was the CEO of his own business. He couldn't even write a decent sentence and the link for his business was a dub. The link led to nowhere and his phone numbers for it were from Ghana, but the address was in the UK.

He also uses the name King Alowole which is the same as Alafin Alowole. Alafin is Nigerian for King.

In September of 2012, he had posted a message refuting the victim's claim and then after I confronted him, he posted another one posing as her saying she was sorry for what she had done. Then when I came back both posts were gone. This could have only happened if the administrator of this site had taken it down or if the poster himself took it down.

Then on his FB page, he has photoshopped pictures making it look like he has a fancy life, kids, and family. This man is a nightmare and he needs to be stopped. He ought to be ashamed of himself, but he has absolutely no morals, scruples, or self-respect. He is a disgrace to the race and to his cultures. And no, he is not that bright.

My contact with him was for about a week and I already had suspicions. It makes me wonder how anyone can fall for his nonsense, but hey, people are vulnerable and people like him exploit that vulnerability. If anyone else knows anything about this guy...... POST, POST, POST...... Make the Internet, his tool, an inhospitable place for him.
2012-12-29, 15:50:46
Miss Marple from United States  
Thank you for your posting yes the comments were deleted by us as it was probably the scammer him self behind the postings.Please post the templates he sent you and if you have more photos on this scammer too.

Scammers are liars in every way,he might tried to get a visa to enter this country or that he was only into groom you so you soft up and get you emotional and fall in love with him.
But there are scammers that actually tries to get a K1 Visa ,i read somewhere about a case some time ago a scammer that got into this country with a K1 Visa through marriage with a woman who was lonely with a child ,the woman got raped and abused and the child was molested.

Scammers are often involved in criminal activities ,drugs and money laundry ,so they are not what many women thought they to be and who they fell in love with.I advice you to ignore the scammer if he contacts you again .

//Miss Marple//
2012-12-29, 16:59:30   (updated: 2012-12-29, 17:56:26)
nunya from United States  
Thank you Miss Marple. I must say it was after reading your post that I was convinced that Andy Miller was a scammer. It was as if he followed a blueprint of the information you provided. I did not talk to him that long and I definitely did not develop any feelings for him except for contempt. I deleted all of the chats between us and he sent me a poem that I told him I know that he didn't write. He admitted to it and said he wouldn't do it again. But then I received a terse message saying he was going to Nigeria for a week. That's when I knew because the message was written perfectly and in no way was similar to all of his other messages.
I do not have any pictures of him on my computer, but he is easy enough to find on Tagged and Facebook. He uses the names Andy Miller, Alafin Alowole, King Alowole, Ola A. and Ola O. He has plenty of pictures up on his pages. And on Skype he is jofdeal. I had questioned him about having so many names and he mumbled something about it being due to his dual citizenship.
It took him a minute, but he stopped contacting me and I haven't heard from him. But here's the thing, on each site, I have reported him and I will continue to do so. I do not want to retreat. I want that this man is exposed. It infuriates me that him and so many like him think that they can exploit and use women.
Again, thank you for the initial information that saved me a lot of grief and thanks for responding to my comments. I will continue to share what I learn and hopefully save someone else from unnecessary grief.
2012-12-29, 18:44:37
Miss Marple from United States  

male - 43 years, awoshie, Ghana

andy miller
Date of birth
awoshie (Greater Accra)
Native language
jofdeal limited
Profession sterile services/ medical supplies (Other)
Looking for
Business contacts
Job offers
reading and listen to country music
Love status

2012-12-29, 19:07:42
Miss Marple from United States  
Well there are no normal persons that has 5 different names, only scammers of course !!,
2013-01-02, 18:44:25
Please tell me how to delete my comments and how to delete this account.
2013-01-02, 18:44:25
Please tell me how to delete my comments and how to delete this account.
2013-01-02, 19:39:37
Miss Marple from United States  

Please tell me how to delete my comments and how to delete this account.

If you were so convinced this was a scam why delete good informative postings now?
If you say that you are the person who have post here,please sign in to your account and make a posting here now when you are signed in ! Scammers has already earlier made postings on this thread impersonating victims which have been deleted ..please verify your self !

//Miss Marple//
2013-01-03, 01:26:42
nunya from United States  
Ms. Marple my writing style with all posts are consistent. I have been doing a lot of research on this matter and have learned from that these people can also be dangerous. I understand your concern and I can respect that, but I no longer want anything to do with any of this. This man was attempting to do a scam. We both know this. I respectfully want to delete my account at the very least and it concerns me that the only option to delete comments or/and an account is to get prior approval from an administrator. It should be left up to the poster as it is with all other sites. It truly makes me question the veracity of this site.
2013-01-03, 09:30:31
Miss Marple from United States  

It should be left up to the poster as it is with all other sites It truly makes me question the veracity of this site.

That is not true that you can delete postings on other anti scam sites just like that,i am my self active at Romance scam .com and there you can not delete your own postings . I know victims do this because of 2 reasons: The scammer has convinced the victim that they are not scammers , and secondly the scammer threats the victim. Scammers do threat when they know they are busted and those threats are often harmless ,if the scammer has threat you just block the scammer and ignore !

2014-03-09, 08:40:08
anonymous from Australia  
Andy Miller, David Horgle, and all the other names is definitely a scammer, he needs to be locked up for a long time,he scammed me I WENT TO Ghana to meet him, and he is defintiely what everyone says.
2014-03-09, 08:40:12
anonymous from Australia  
Andy Miller, David Horgle, and all the other names is definitely a scammer, he needs to be locked up for a long time,he scammed me I WENT TO Ghana to meet him, and he is defintiely what everyone says.
2014-03-14, 20:43:17
I know of a lovely lady who was scammed by this evil evil oxygen theif and she committed suicide
2016-11-24, 17:53:19
This information is very helpful
Thank you guys for saving me from being a victim to this sick man




Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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