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Dating scammer scofield gaus


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Name: scofield gaus


Redkey, IN

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the top picture (red shirt) goes with a different profile. the bottom picture is scofield gaus


2010-04-28, 22:25:01   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2010-04-28, 22:25:01   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2010-05-14, 18:28:34
Has anyone had contact with this scammer - larry scofield gaus?

2010-05-15, 15:15:07
This heartless man had contacted me thru a tagged. He told me that he's from Tennesse and make a business with jewelery in Nigeria. He supposed to be a widower with 2 daughters. One day he emailed me that he was robbed and he needs the money for his goods and he will pay it back as soon as he get the money from customers. Thank God, i found out early. he's using a different photos, emails and names. People like him belong to jail. I'm thankful that i haven't sent out any money. He said that he's pentecostal and a godfearing man, who would never lie to me and let me down. I'm sure, the other women were his victims too.

Here some of his pics, emails and love letters:

Hey Baby....How u doing today?Good to hear from you Again,I like all what ya said and i am intrested in you,I want u to know distance is not a problem...I have Promise to relocate or go any where for the right woman....I was born and grow up in India,My Father is from india while My Mom from Tx Irving..when my dad died my father family doesn't like my Mom,My Mom and i left India,So i follow her there to United's my 15yrs now in United state,I hope my English is not too bad?I am Not planing to go back to India,I love my life here in State and i am happy,i have my green card and everything licenced here,I am an Import and export of jeweries and Eletronics,My Bussiness brought me down to africa where i am presently with my 2 girls 6yrs of age...they are Twins ,Amy and Tammy...
Remenber i said in my message that i lost my woman ,she died of so Painful to Lose the one you Love...I hope u understand that...I sent u the pic's of my and my daughter's i don't want to send u My Late wife own...i have it though if u would like to see it....I am an Honest and trustworthy Man...I hate games and Liers...I was only hurt when i lost my Wife...and i don't want to be hurt again...there is nothing much painful than to lost the one u Love...
Do you have yahoo or hotmail ...i would like to chat with u and hear ur voice if u don't mind....please try and send me yr pic's too..I will be waiting to hear from u...take care of ur self and stay out of trouble..

Larry G Scofield

Hey Baby
Good to hear from you,this is my first time getting on this site and you were the first person i am meeting.
I love Mexican food i love chicken and beef also,well i do house work sometimes the maid do that, cos i always make sure every where is clean since the last maid i got stole my money, since then i do the cleaning myself and do some housework when i am at home..
I always got excited about Christmas,But if I had to pick something I guess it would be to have someone to share the day and year with. I think I miss that the most about Christmas not having someone who loves Christmas and makes it ,I want to grow old with someone that is serious, confident, purposeful, persistent, smart, responsible, honest, modest, kind, flexible, elegant, sociable, communicative, sensitive, gentle, cheerful, romantic, considered, responsible,someone that still believes in true love, soulmates, love notes, walks, holding hands, and talking to each other,That special someone would be attractive, intelligent, sexy, romantic, affectionate, caring, funny, confident, and family oriented, LOVES KIDS. Sorry, but they're an important part of my life, and expect the person im with to accept that. Someone who will work at keeping the relationship alive. Want that feeling of looking forward to seeing each other after work, and when were away from each other, we cant wait to go home!!! .....I want to find someone who wants to get to know me and love me for me and yes I want a long term relationship, hopefully someday i will ask That special person to marry me and we would live the rest of our life together as friends, partners and lovers.
I like all kinds of music, I can listen to most anything,like blues,oldies,jazz,r and b hiphops,I would love to go to knoxville in TN someday,Be able to share a train trip with that special someone through the mountains and valleys,that would be so beautiful to see all the flowers growing and the beautiful ocean waters.
I hate being lied to or accused of things that I’ve not done and playing games.I think the thing that upsets me the most is someone to lie to me and after they get caught not admit it.. You know I understand that we do things that are not right but when you are wrong you need to be responsible for it and admit you are wrong. Be big enough to say you are sorry. That is something I think a lot of people have a hard time doing.
I am a widow for 1yrs now,and i have 2 girls that live with me they are both right here,Amy and Tamy by name, in africa with me,she is my world and everything i have left.
I Am an Import and Exporter of Jewelries and Eletronics,I am waiting for my good's to come here so i can get them distributed ,then plan tocome home to the right woman,I would love to stop here first i hope u don't mind...I will be waiting to hear from you take care......Scofield

From the very first moment I saw you I knew that we were destined to be together. It has been so long since a woman has captured my attention so fully or made my heart beat the way you have. Your smile lights up my entire spirit. Your laughter fills me with joy, and your mere presence will warm any room. I have no doubt you are the woman Heaven has made especially for me.

2011-10-17, 07:05:05

2012-03-03, 21:27:06
I think ladies need to watch out for a man that goes by William Hunter. Yes he scammed me out of 100.00. He is currently waiting for another 200.00. After reading all the information on here I believe he fits the desription of a scammer. Some more information, I have Scofield Gaus messaging me just recently before he'd get any money from me, I am glad I searched his name. Hurtlady.
2012-03-30, 13:46:47
anonymous from United States  
Wow this guy had a profile in Facebook. look him up his name is Charles Edward and he said exactly the same that he lives in Indiana but he has a son 12 years old and that he can relocate anywhere.
Also has a yahoo account as
I do not believe anybody, so i knew that he was fake. He just said he found me in facebook and that he liked me that i am very pretty.
If someone here can do something about this. This people from other countries they need to leave us alone. It is awful how they can just do whatever they want.
I hope someone does something to take him away from all the inocent people.
I did not get to talk to him much, so i did not give him a chance to but i am sure in the long
run he would of ask me for money.
Who ever is dating out online. Please be careful, a lot of crazy people outhere.

2012-03-30, 14:09:36
anonymous from United States  
I want to ad something else to the previous message. He wrote me a long email with 2 more pictures:

I am honest, dependable, loving, gentle, affectionate and have good friendship. I feel that WOMAN is GOD's undeserved gift to MAN and she is supposed to be loved, reverenced,protected, respected, and cherished.
I'm looking for a magic relationship, a special place in the world... you know when you are sad, when you feel alone, when the world
look out so terrible, when people punch or even kill each other.... then you need some place to run away, some play there you can

feel save, there you can feel that nothing, none can touch you, hurt you.

I'm looking for a magic relationship, a special place in the world... you know when you are sad, when you feel alone, when the world

look out so terrible, when pleople punch or even kill each other.... then you need some place to run away, some play there you can

feel save, there you can feel that nothing, none can touch you, hurt you
Trust and Commitment is the greatest key to a successful relationship. If you are committed you will always find a way to work things

out Communication... talking and open honest communication about how you feel. What makes you happy and what upsets you. If you don't

tell your partner then they can't do what makes you happy and vice versa The way a aerson treats his/her parents reveals how they WILL

treat you! If it's with love, kindness and respect, then this is what you will receive.. But if it's with criticism, defensiveness and

disrespect, then this too you will receive... EVENTUALLY... it's almost certainly a guarantee! So watch and listen to the answers you

get in their actions and words BEFORE you jump into bed I feel that a relationship should always be based upon honesty and acceptance.

When you can fully accept yourself, honesty will come naturally. This in return will leave your partner feeling comfortable with you,

knowing there is nothing to hide. If two people can see each other in full view with complete acceptance, they can build a successful

relationship from this I believe that the most important 'key' to a successful relationship would have to be 'trust'. I believe that

with trust, love will follow. However, what I have noticed is that many people think trust, or expect that trust is to be earned by

the other person when in all actuality it is something that comes from within yourself. All too many times people will say they don't

trust due to past experiences. What they don't realize is that they have built up those proverbial walls to protect them from the very

thing they are searching for...yes, there is a risk in trusting someone, but when you finally find that 'right' person, it makes all

the past experiences and lessons learned very much worth the risk All of life's little lessons do not have to be painful.... even when

they seem so at the time.
I think each should respect the other's opinion and that stupid arguments over stupid things are healthy, as long as they are

not taken too far Good communication. Never being ashamed of each other for any reason. On occasion surprising your mate with a nice

romantic date or evening together and telling each other I love you There is a lot of love and caring in the relationship
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2013-03-22, 07:31:41
well, he is at it again, He is now protraying himself as a black man with a 12 year old son. He says he is from Austin, TX and he is divorced. I met him on He says is has abusiness and he is a supplier. He does work out of Nigeria and he is presently there. I have found out about this person is a scammer because I goggled some of the messages he has sent me and the lastest message has brought me to this website. The guy he is protraying himself as is name Jmaes B. Harrison and you can find a page for him on facebook. I really felt something wasn't right because as we were IM messaging, he will write one way meaning a lot of misspelled words and begging and then it would take a while for him to respond to something I say and he would send a message that was so well written and it would have nothing to do with the topic of discussion.
All I can say is be careful. I have not given him any money or anything. My radar for deception went up when I would ask questions and didn't get a response to it or I would get back a nice message that was off topic.
2013-03-22, 18:31:40
Miss Marple from United States  
RE:2013-03-22, 07:31:41
Please post photo and emailaddress the scammer is using to warn others with.Scammers are using templates ,formletters ,poems copied and pasted from the internet to scam people with,so using google is a excellent tool find out if your online friend is a scammer in this way,no real and honest person uses formletters of course.



Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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