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Dating scammer Allard Haggard


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Name: Allard Haggard



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says he is with the Army in Iraq and will retire in December and is moving back to Huston with his son. Promises he will make you happy and will love you. He will as hundreds of questions and ask you questions that he can only reply that he loves you with every breath that he takes and thinks about you every minute. Says he is a widow (did not say widower and when I questioned about husband he says he did not say his husband died it was his wife that died from cancer) I explained a widow is a woman whose husband has died). says he has a child that is being raised by a friend in Ghana wanting him to learn about the African culture which is OK but hum. This man is Caucasian and his son is also Caucasian. Then he says That 'please try and Get me a new Laptop bcos I slept on mine yesterday when sleeping and now using my Buddys laptop' he doesn't want a used one but a new one...

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2012-05-07, 12:03:34
anonymous from United States  
this m,an is now going by Chris Haggard
2012-05-07, 12:03:34
anonymous from United States  
this m,an is now going by Chris Haggard
2012-05-16, 14:09:46
anonymous from United States  
This guy is now using the email When I caught him in lies he became angry. he stated he loved me in about the third email. Said he was a widower for about 15 years then later said he had two sons 15 years and 10 years. I told him to stop writing me and reported to all his female contacts on Facebook that he is not real. I reported him to FB as well.
2012-05-31, 07:23:34
Oh my, that I am a victim of this person Chris Haggard, He introduced himself as Micheal Haggard. I lost my lifetime savings. Until now I am still crying over my loses. I pray to God this person will be captured and stop his scamming. I am an innocent. I trusted him so much...but I was taken for granted. I hope and pray this devil will be put down.
2012-06-03, 11:45:08
anonymous from Iran  
He scammed me more than anybody else . I am in dept . He calld himself samuel hagg williams .
Working as a successfull gold businessman . having 2 dautheres . He had another friend who helped him to rob my money his number is 0019724990463
he caled himself mark thomas .and promissed me a quaranteed working visa
2012-06-25, 18:14:39
This guy is also going by Mark Haggard. Captain in army. Son is staying with friend in Accra, Ghana, has no family except sister Judy in Canada. Started talking in Sept 2011 and he claims he is now in trouble with the army if he does not get home by the end of the week. June 29th. I fell hook, line and sinker for this man and sent money, it was stolen, then sent more. He is trying now to get me to sell my vehicle to get him money to get back to the states so he will not been sent to jail by the military. haha. I talked to him about being a scammer, and told him i found his photo at other sites, claimed someone stole his photos. Suppose to own house in Boston, Ma and Orlando, FL. Owns a business in Orlando, Can't find a thing in his name, Oh my gosh, the military is taking care of it. oh yes he has a Range Rover and 2008 Toyota camry. Hey ladies, he now has 60,000.00 in gold coins he has purchased in accra and is bring back to the states. He is still trying to get me to send him money. Oh, i am his one and only wife. sure like i am worth 90 billion $. not in this lifetime. just type in the name haggard and you can find him. he has changed his phone number.
2012-06-25, 22:31:26
Miss Marple from United States  
I am very sorry you are scammed,please cease all contact to this scammer,scammers never stop asking for money ! scammers scams as long there is money to get,even if you say to him that you have no money it will never stop,there are people that have been so drained by scammers ,scammers are very manipulative and can make people to do whatever for the scammer,Scammers changes names,phone numbers very often not reply his mails ...
All kind regards //Miss Marple//

I talked to him about being a scammer, and told him i found his photo at other sites, claimed someone stole his photos.

Scammers never admit their crimes,it is useless to confront them with the truth
2012-07-02, 20:19:01   (updated: 2012-07-02, 20:22:43)
anonymous from United Kingdom  
I met this man online today he is going by the name georgexxxwet1959 on Yahoo. and also mogyoorker58803
Something felt not right ,so I googled part of his chat conversation and found it was copied! He said he was a captain, mum died when he was young, is in afghan for 3 more months then will retire .Has a daughter 18.When I asked him what Georgia was like ,he copied and pasted something from google! Inconsistencies in his chatting, bad grammar etc. And when I saw him on here I knew my gut feeling was right.
I have not given him too many details and certainly not been asked for money. I am lucky I got out quick.
2012-07-03, 09:16:00
anonymous from Czech Republic

This is really big scammer. I reported his two profiles on badoo as Allan Taggard with location in Slovakia !!!
2012-07-26, 10:37:53
This man has contacted me as James Haggard, U.S. Army and is in Iraq and will be getting out in 2 months. He has 2 sons and his wife died 2 years ago supposedly. He talks about his great faith in God and how important that is to him. He is supposedly going to South Africa to get his sons where a friend is caring for them in two months and then coming to his home in Fleming Beach Florida to settle down. He will retire after serving 25 years in the Army. He talks of us meeting and seeing what God has planned for us in the future. He has send me the same pictures that are on this site. He constantly talks of his faith and is so sure of it when he talks to me and wants to help me with my faith. Be wary of this man; he is very good as he has been doing this for some time.
2012-08-10, 12:57:43
All of us has lost our trust to humanity , that is the point . I can not buy anything ,I can not goanywhere . All is because of this evil creature .
I have reported this mans email to
I advice you to do the same . I do not know any address for aol and google to report , But we should do something
He will pay for these wrong doings . I am sure . Hope that I be so lucky to hear or observe the retaliation
2012-12-07, 20:04:13
anonymous from United States  
He goes by Dickson Haggard now. I have been talking him for about four months now. Says his mother died two years ago. His wife cheated on him and he left her. Know kids but said he wants them. Has an army uniform on but said he is msrgt of the airforce and he is in Irac right now. Hasn't asked me for money but did ask me to up a pay pal account so he can have money put in. Says the same as the others will make me happy. He loves me and wants to marry me and take care of my kids too. I new something was wrong when he got upset when I wouldnt open up another account. His email is

2012-12-18, 12:23:37   (updated: 2012-12-18, 12:24:22)
anonymous from United States  
He is also going by Frank Ramos,same story but retiring in January,he has a 15 year old daughter named Lizzy ramos living with a friend in Ghana.He has asked me to send money to her.(didn't)His email so called daughter is this Chris Haggard's pictures,he has several Facebook Pages out under different names...I am still talking to him.He gets mad so easy.
2013-01-27, 04:59:49   (updated: 2013-01-27, 05:03:23)
Reading this messages it make me sick all similar stories he put it unto us. How could he call the name of God and do this evil act. I am so hurt cannot forget my money he took from me. Someday I know God is watching him he will gonna pay his penalty of sin. He told us different places in US. He is a real bastard! Praying the authorities will captured him and be in jailed forever....! Be careful ladies out there, I am sharing this because it is so painful when someone scammed us. He still have face to request more money from me via Facebook.Get lost Micheal Haggard!!!
2013-02-10, 06:47:21
anonymous from United States  
Kenneth Haggard started emailing me ,, Army Captian, wife died in car wreak, son of 14 yo. how much he loved me,, how much he wanted to come home,, what everyemail meant to him,, please do not fall pray to this as I did,, I wish that there was a way to catch him,, and put him away for life,,he goes by many names,, and send all money to Accrua Ghana to Fredrick K Benhin,, he uses medical conditions for money, and caught up in customes,,
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