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Dating scammer daniel fern


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Name: daniel fern


Rochester, MN

Other Comments:
This guy is a very believable smooth talker. He is totally in love with me, and has never asked for money. He suggested tonight that he wants me to come there. I have a feeling this is where the illegal money orders will start coming in. I had him checked out and found 2 other people that have the same story with him. He is from Rochester, MN. Has a daughter and a grand son and deals in Antiques. He told me he is in Nigeria now. waiting for a shipment...Thank you for the warnings that I found on this guy. I was believing him. even tho he never asked for anything, yet. Also goes by skyfern, dfern, on dating web sites!


2011-10-03, 11:21:02   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2011-10-03, 11:21:02   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2011-10-03, 11:21:02   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2011-10-03, 23:36:35
anonymous from United States  
IP Lagos Nigeria
2011-10-10, 01:34:44
2011-10-10, 01:48:35
anonymous from United States  
LADIES! Stay away please from Daniel Fern, Rochester M.N. He told me in love with me & want to spend the rest of his life with me.Sooner or later asking for money.He is a con artist & lying lying everything also he can be dangerous!!!
2011-10-11, 21:34:08
anonymous from United States  
He is not in Rochester, MN. These photos are not from the real picture. They are stolen from another innocent victim. The real person behind the photo is a professional scammer living in Nigeria. He has never been to the US, nor will he be. He is a criminal so block him from contacting you and get away.
2011-10-12, 19:19:05
anonymous from United States  
Yes this picture is him Daniel Fern from Rochester M.N. least I believe very much!!!The same picture has on Netlog also send me. haveBefore he was in Malaysia and now move on to Nigeria.I met him on the Netlog .com.He is a layer --lying .He told me fall in love with me send me so many romantic love letters--he told me want to spend his rest of his life with me, he cant live without me etc...etc..He has a daughter & her family in Spain.I don't think he is even widowed.The third week started asking money from every day: me told me he last his credit card.Please ladies don't believe anything he telling you bee smarter.I don't send any money to him.He is a smooth talker say and do anything for the money.He should be off the real world don't use any more women just make me sick!
2011-10-13, 15:13:57
anonymous from United States  
This is Daniel Fern Rochester, M.N. real picture I saw him on webcam, wasn't clear the connection but looks like him.I met him on sweet talker.His user name is skybreeze 111 on Netlog he also on several dating website like Badoo but this not working anymore, his name is there bravoheart also also using several different names like skyfen, skydan etc.His e-mail address is dfern84@ also told me he is very much love with me and cant live without me--I'm the best thing ever happen to him don't ever let him go.Coming back the country of course soon as I send him the money what he was asking for then moving in my state & spend the rest of his life with me.Started asking every day the money I was told he last his credit card & cant pay off the antiques stuff what he bought on business trip in Malaysia and the guys after him.I NEVER SEND HIM ANY MONEY, THANKS GOD!!!!He is lying---lying about everything & using innocent women we need to stop him!!PLEASE LADIES DON'T BELIEVE ANYTHING WHAT HE IS GOING TO TELL YOU.He has a daughter and her family in Spain if he is really need help has a family for him.I believe looking back everything was a lie what he told me.Even I broke up with him because I got concern he only after the money still don't let me go try and try again.He can be dangerous watch out everybody please!!
2011-10-17, 21:11:50
Daniel Fern, Rochester M.N.54 years old( his B-day is 10/15/1957) was fooling me for 2 months.He is a sweet talker.I met him the told me immediately he is in love with me want to spend the rest of his life with me.He last his wife 6 years ago in car accident, he has only one daughter & her husband and grand son in Spain. He went to Malaysia for business trip.Pretty soon I was told he last his credit card & ask me some money.I told him I don't have any then started begging to me ask family, friends anybody.Luckily I don't send him any, because I started thinking he is lying--lying everything and I was right I found him online as a dating scammer .Also I found him sign up several dating site on the Netlog his user name is: skybreeze 111, Badoo, Sugarsugar .com as e-mail address is dfern is also on the also using the Yahoo messenger this is his favorite .
2011-11-24, 23:14:01
anonymous from United States  
I met him on dating website.His name is Johnny Morgan 58 years old (03/22/ 1953) from L.A. CA.
After few weeks we exchange personal e-mail also talking on the Yahoo and Windows Live messenger.His e-mail address is morganjohnny 19@ also use the same both messenger and he love to chat.He is a smooth talker send me so many romantic love letters told me he fall in love with me want to spend the rest of his life with me he cant live without me.After 1 month he told me need to go away for 3 weeks business trip to Ghana because he deals with Antiques.Before he left the last minute ask me buy computer for him and send it after him...I told him I don't have any money.When he got there found after all internet connection because he contact with me every day.One week later told me (but of course ask me every day the computer) he last his credit card all I.D. everything and ask me for money.I told him the same I don't have any and why don't you turn to family best friends, business partner--I never got answer to that he was changing the subject.After that he started the 'starving game' he going to die there don't have money for food and begging to me send money just food.Luckily I turn him down again.Yesterday he was contact with me after all I told him please live me alone & finish with you.Now asking money for airplane ticket because he want to come back.Meanwhile I was watching him closely in both messenger he is talking keep himself busy the next victim the only reason I haven't delay him because I was checking on him-but now I going to I getting sick of him.He still telling me love me I'm love of his life.He is lied to me so many times CON ARTIST & JERK!!Please ladies stay away from him--he is aggressive after little while if he don't get what he need.Sorry I'm not able to provide picture of him I will try later.
2011-11-26, 14:50:11
Well-well Johnny Morgan just contact with me recently...yes right he is a sweet talker.Thank you so much lady your warning I going to get rid off him immediately.
2011-12-10, 10:34:59
anonymous from Minneapolis, United States  
I was scammed by 'Daniel Fern' also for about two months. Same story....from Rochester, MN and in Malaysia to pick up antiques. As soon as he started asking me for money I stopped communicating with him.



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