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Name: John Padian


26 Old Queen Street, London. England

Other Comments:
I want to tell the story of virtual love and small female revenge.
On December, 6th, 2010 I have got acquainted on a site of Shaadi with John Padian who in a consequence has appeared scammers. It was presented by the engineer – the chemist working under the contract in England, to it of 40 years. He seemed almost perfect prince from a fairy tale: he sang, played piano, loved to go to church to pray and have dinner with my family. He wrote fine gentle letters and through any time I have fallen in love with it. He wrote that has fallen in love with me at first sight and it has this feeling for the first time in life. I understood that such fast love is improbable, but I have believed to it and have fallen in love. Three weeks we corresponded, he offered me his hand and heart, and said that a month would come to me in Moscow to marry me. All correspondence for several weeks, I felt absolute happiness! But to all the end comes. In the end of December, 2010 my prince has written that it has appeared in a difficult situation and money of £ 1000 is necessary to it. He said that apart from me to him no one can help. Here that I have understood that me try to deceive. To me costed the big forces to take itself in hands and I has thought up small revenge. I have decided to pay back this person with the same coin. I have continued to write it letters in which said that I love it and I search for money. Week I fooled him and gave to hope of reception of money. January 4, 2010 I said that I sold the car and I can send him $ 1500. He was delighted and sent me their data to send money through Western Union. After some time, I sent him a message with a non-existent name and ten-digit code that is needed to get money. He was happy and very grateful to me: in a subsequent letter. But his luck did not last long. Two hours later, he wrote that getting money was a problem and he asked him to send the information again. After that I sent him a farewell letter and no longer has to answer his letters. I took revenge on us all. I achieved what John Padian itself became the deceived victim.
Here I will place some last letters:
Mr. John Padian December 29, 2010 14:00
Hello my love, thank you so much for the encouragement. You are so sweet, baby I only hoped I could have got help from the company but they asked me to wait. My love I don't know if you have any spare cash as I need money for my up keep until the company acknowledges my request, let's say £1000, that is less than what I lost in my wallet but anything of sort will be enough for me until the company resumes. My love please do not take this personal as I am only asking you if you can, if you cannot please I don't want you to stress yourself as I know it is my problem. Any amount you can give will be appreciated as I have nothing for now until the company resumes. I promise to give back to you once the company resumes. I love you so much and I want you to know that this will not affect the love I have for you. I am only sharing my problem with you because I am stranded. I hope to hear from you soon honey,
Many hugs and kisses,

Jane January 4, 2011 3:41
Hello, my only love
I have great joy! I have found money for you. From me buy the car under the notarial power of attorney, and today from 10 o'clock to 11 o'clock in the morning I will receive money. This procedure is easy as the buyer received from me the power of attorney then itself is engaged in red tape. I so am happy! Now I should go to bank only to send you money, road. Write, where I should send money for you. I want, that you were happy. I very much love you, baby.
Take care. Your Jane.

Mr. John Padian January 4, 2011 8:51
Hello my lovely Princess, thank you so much for the effort. I really appreciate it. You will send the money through western union because it is the fastest means of sending money. How much were you able to get my love? Was it up to £1000? You will go to western union and send it to the following details. My address: 26 Old Queen Street, London. England
My name: John Padian
My mobile number: +447024086828. These are the information required to send money via western union. Baby I thank you so much. Go and make the payment and send me the details, it will only take a minute to get here in London. I love you so much baby and I hope your night was good.
From your lovely man

Jane January 4, 2011 12:03
Hello, my lovely boy
I sent you $ 1500. Sender: Jane Doe. Russia, Moscow. Code: 3490389128. Write how it went. Running away to buy a piano. I hope you're happy, baby.
I love you so much. Your Jane.

Mr. John Padian January 4, 2011 12:36
Hello my love, thank you so much for doing this my love. I really appreciate it. I love you so much and glad you bought the piano. I will practice the beautiful tunes I will play for you when I get there in Moscow, you are so sweet my love and you have captured my heart with your tenderness, I can't wait to rest in your arms. I love you so much.
From your darling angel

Mr. John Padian January 4, 2011 13:52
Hello my love. I went to the western union and they said no match found. Please try and resend the information to me again let me reconfirm. I love you so much.

Mr. John Padian January 4, 2011 14:01
Hello my love. I am the one that called you but the line was not clear enough. I wanted to tell you that I went to western union and they said no match found. I need you to resend the details with which you used to send the money. I love you so much.

John Padian January 4, 2011 14:48
Hello my love, I guess you are away to get the piano in excitement. Baby I am finding it difficult to remove the money from the western union system as they said that the information is wrong. Please my love don't be offended and send me the details again. I love you so much my sweetness and can't wait for our moment together. I love you

Jane January 4, 2011 15:12
Hello, my sad love ...
This is a farewell letter and I thought a lot about whether I should write it. I'm sure you've done a lot of evil people, many deceived. But, as, I think that the person who is capable to write such gentle letters, is not absolutely lost. Someday you will understand that in life, money, and Entourage is not the main thing. You're still very young and you have the time to start life anew. If you currently do not, then in old age you will torment the conscience and disease .. thou shalt remember the people you've made a lot of pain and you ask for forgiveness. When it's your time to die, then you're scared .. frightened by the fact that nobody knows what lies beyond. Remember: Everything can be changed until the final credits.
I forgive you. If my letter has concerned at least one string of your soul, I am happy.
Farewell. Jane.

John Padian January 4, 2011 16:05
Baby what are you saying? I don't understand what you are writing. Why are you writing all these? Explain to me please my love. Do not hurt my heart

Mr. John Padian January 4, 2011 16:18
Hello my love, why are you not picking my calls?

John Padian January 4, 2011 16:53
Please baby I need you to tell me, is this the love that you promised me? Why are you writing these words and what have I done to you? You are my happiness but why is all these coming up? You gave me fake details to the western union? Why did you do that? Anyway, I hope you will have an explanation to that

That's all ... The end of a fairy tale.

That's all I know about John Padian: e-mail «», Windows Messenger «». His mobile number: +447024086828. 26 Old Queen Street, London. England. On a site of its profile SH07703093. Three more photos of this person:




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