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Dating scammer Greg Smith


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Name: Greg Smith



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10/9/2010 (After looking up key words on Google “UK dating scams, OIL RIG ENGINEER”

OMG... I wish I had read this website four months ago when I first got involved with a man named GREG SMITH who claimed to be Norwegian born, of an Italian father and Norwegian Mother...Both parents dead, he was tragically (UM, right!!) widowed when his wife died after complications due to birthing his now 10 year old son, 48 years old, with 2 kids Jennifer and Calvin (15 and 10 years old, respectively. ) His poor kids were in a boarding school and he just wanted to be a family. (insert tears here…..) He was raised in the US part time (MINNESOTA of all places, went to university at University of Min and studied Mechanical Engineering and then finished further studies in CHINA to get his chemical license. He worked for Scotland Oil Rig as an employee till his then living wife complained that he was gone too much so he decided to get his international contractors license in chemical engineering and went back to school) So now is an International Petroleum or Chemical Engineer. He found me on Face Book and I wondered how my name came up. WE discussed that at length and he explained that he was new to FB and that my name came up as 'is this someone you know'... My name is Vivian and uncannily, his late wife was named Vivian (his mother , too… should have been my first clue) and that is what sparked his interest in me. We wrote only via FB email at first. I would write and he would reply. Eventually, he wrote less and less and wanted to just speak on the phone. I guess so he would not leave a trail … he called me “my love, my darling, my angel, my Vivi” but always some very endearing name. His accent was strange.. a mixture of Italian and some other stuff I couldn't place (I have spent some time in Europe and have a penchant for identifying accents but his was STRANGE) yet, he spoke no Italian as I am fluent in Spanish and speak a little Italian since the languages have similarities) He talked about being in love very soon which was my first warning sign. I protested but frankly I was flattered because he was good looking and his voice was so kind on the phone. I tried to be smart, I looked up scammers on the internet but NONE of the stories I just read on this site came up. I researched for eight hours that day but couldn't find his name (DUH... I am a Smith so I assumed that he was really a SMITH)... anyway, he asked me for money one day after a few months and I hung up on him and de-friended him on FB. He was so bewildered (ha) and called and called and FB messaged me begging me to tell me what was wrong ... why had I done this... so I figured..Ok... surely a scammer would just go away now ...I RE FRIENDED him and he agreed he should have never asked for money and would never do it again. I was too important to him... he didn't want that to come between us!
Then he asked what he could do to make me trust him. I said, make our friendship public on my FB page among other things. So we did that and he commented on photos (sparingly) and one day he posted my picture on his FB and his 'friends' commented on the post and asked who is this and he posted very openly that I was 'HIS LOVE'..... The email relationship was good but I always wanted him to be more specific (OH GEEZ) and I asked questions on the phone (he called me 2 and 3 times a day and oh was he a sweetheart. THE PERFECT man... Like he read a romance novel or something. Very poetic statements and sentiments.... always complimenting me. Then he got awarded a contract and he was short $5,000 (despite having put in $50,000 to start the contract moving forward, he said) to fund his need to go to China and get chemicals to do the job.. very vague about answering my questions and I asked for detail so he sent me the most convoluted story In writing but it seemed so true all at the same time..(had to fly to CHINA for chemicals and get them made into a powdered form to ship to SCOTLAND OIL RIG, his employer, etc. etc.)... but he got prickly when I asked him questions and he never called for long unless I raised the concern about it and then suddenly he would call me for a long chat because he 'made' time for me to show me how important I was. He began hating face book in the midst of our “relationship” …claimed he was a very private person and got angry if I told my family or friends about him …. Because every time I told someone about him, they looked at me like I had lost my mind and said are you sure he isn’t scamming…… when I mentioned how hurt I was that my family didn’t want to acknowledge him till they met him, he was angry that I said something to them. ANGRY!? Then he would say “sorry, I just don’t know why they don’t think someone could love you as much as I do”… The anger was ridiculous. Now I see it so clearly. He just didn’t want anyone keeping him from getting his money from me. He asked for money again about three weeks after the FIRST money inquiry. I think his goal may have been to get the $5,000 total. I was angry that he brought up the money again and told him so...he backed off, then would call again and eventually the conversation would come back around to it (shaking my head at my own stupidity at this point) he pressed and pressed and frankly I was in too deep this time but I said no and then he called the next day and was morose and moody and worried about the money and I felt so BAD for him. So about a week later, I sent $900. He gave me a western union location in China and asked me to put it in his workers name JING XIAN FU (which probably means “you dumb chick ' in Chinese) and that JING would take him to get it since he didn't know the language nor how to get to the Western Union location. BTW...i forgot to add that this Greg's business partner died tragically about six months ago and the dear, widowed wife and her three kids were suffering financially since his death so 'superhero' Greg wanted to help them with the contract money once he got paid. He was so NOBLE ... oh he had stories of asking a friend for the money (some one who GREG had helped before and who told him no) so he was humiliated and found out the guy wasn't really a friend and called me to SADLY relay the story... OH I FELT just awful for him. Eventually he sold his car for 1000 even though it was worth so much more ... so then he only needed 4000... and then his cousin in Italy sent him another 1000 so now he just needed a little more... later I sent him another sum and I was HAPPY to do it... silly me. I fought him the whole way as he worked and worked to convince me and frankly I am completely ashamed. He was convincing but the flags kept popping up... However his promises to me (eternal love and all that crap) Long story, short, he was going to come and visit this week... he was going to wire me the money tomorrow before he came so I would have it immediately and then was getting on a plane mid week. (tomorrow is when he got Paid for his alleged contract)... at the last minute, he conveniently got angry with me for posting that I was excited he was going to come and visit soon...also angry because I mentioned to him on the same call that I needed him to come on and prove everyone wrong because my family and friends were saying that they were worried that he might be a scammer....and I kept defending him to them (by lying that I had not sent him money. Another clue that I should have paid attention to. If you hide it from the people that love you the most, then it is NOT GOOD)

(I know I know ... I am a fool). He said I violated his privacy by announcing his arrival (SERIOUSLY?) (Perhaps he was afraid I would have the FBI meet him at the airport... LOL - I wish) He basically became an instant monster on the phone and super callous (this side of him I had NEVER seen before - put on your big surprise face!)... He instantly stopped calling as much and when he did call it was brief and angry ... so then he called last night to say, I am so sorry and I love you ... I overreacted... So I was so happy... then he called today and all hell broke loose. ... We talked some more; he railed against me for doubting him and said he missed his late wife because she would never have doubted him (geez dude) and then the call dropped. (OH! forgot to add that once he left China, his phone that I had the number to BROKE mysteriously.... wouldn't answer HOW it got broken and he had tragically inhaled some chemicals - he even did some convincing wheezing) and suddenly I couldn't reach him anymore once he was 'safely' out of China and in Aberdeen Scotland. KEY piece to this story since he was always available previously. He had always said, I don't care when you call... u are my love .. anytime you need me .. call me. He always answered and was SO happy to hear from me too.) So as I take up where I left off, our final call (tonight) dropped. He didn't call back. I FB'd him and said 'hey the call dropped, please call me' He FB 'd back that he would call tomorrow. I emailed him that I wanted to end on a positive note since he had turned into a great hairy monster and he ignored me. So I wrote to him a few other times and shamelessly begged him to at least be man enough to call me and end things on a positive note if he was so unhappy ........ I then, as a last desperate attempt to convince myself that I wasn't a complete victim... I sent the nearest Western Union address and said please send me the money when you get paid. His response, to block me from his FB account. Now I cannot pull him up or message him. Okay, so MY GUESS is that he is a darn scamming son of a gun and that I am out my money. I hope like heck this saves someone else from getting mistreated. BTW very important that his area code in UK is 703 (596-2923)...when I first tried to call him, I could not get through on my cell. I found out recently that the area code has been blocked by the UK to all cell phone carriers (sprint and t mobile are two that I spoke to) due to the LARGE AMOUNT of scamming in that specific AREA CODE there. Information I could have used previously, but heck, I don't know that I would have listened then... I just thought it was a miracle and frankly I have been an idiot. Please just don't get involved with anyone if your alarm bells are going off... You have those darn alarm bells for a reason ... LISTEN TO THEM... I wish I had done so.... DANGIT. Just call me 'BITTER, PARTY OF ONE' PS - Shamefully, I might add the small tidbit that I am a big girl and that I think he may have targeted me because BIG is not always the most popular look in this world so maybe he knew I might be a little less appreciated by the opposite sex and someone who may be a bit lonely.... I hate that I proved him right. I mean no insult to anyone's physical appearance; however, I think it is wise to acknowledge that these people choose their targets with some thought as to how nurturing they may be. One final thought – and may he burn in eternal hell for this – he used GOD in every way possible against me. He posted Godly comments on his FB page and he went to “church” every Sunday and would call me after the service…. Please don’t believe anything till you meet and don’t send money. If the man is interested in you … you don’t have to “buy” or help him in any way. A real man would NOT ask for money. He tried encouraging me to take loans out and borrow from friends and I was prepared to try it but I just couldn’t do it. THANK HEAVENS. I am being very detailed in my account because I even read the accounts on the scam site and started listing things to see if they match exactly. That lasted about 5 minutes and I eventually gave myself a mental slap and said to myself (Lotus Blossom, for that is what I call myself when I am hurting to be kind, “Lotus, the man is non existent and there is plenty of material here whether the stories and details match exactly or not DOESN’T MATTER … it is all just a lie.” So GET A GRIP (said to me as well as anyone reading this.)

Here are his alleged photos: BEWARE......

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2012-11-25, 14:59:03
Miss Marple from United States  

Thanks for posting ! Do you have any mails from this scammer?? please post here the introduction and asking for money letter.The photos you posted reminds me of someone i have seen before a celebrity?? yes the man on the photos has nothing to do with any scams,this is probably a Nigerian scammer that operates out of Malaysia behind all this and has stolen these photos to scam women with.
2013-02-14, 10:47:34
anonymous from United States  
I believe I am being scammed by Antonio Lucio. Same story - parents dead, father Italian, Mother Australian, Wife died of an automobile accident. 14 year old daughter. Oil rig environmental engineer. He is Italian, but moved to NYC... Left for a contract on a Chevron rig a week after we met online. Chatted, then emailed, then phoned and texted. Please let me know if you have had a similar occurrence. Thank you!
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Richard Williams

2013-02-14, 12:22:14
OJAS from United States  
2013-02-14, 10:47:34 anonymous from United States
I believe I am being scammed

Absolutely! Everything you say point to scam! Soon there will be an "emergency" and you will have to rescue him with your wallet!

Post scammer email address, and from the Headers, the X-Mailer and Sender IP trace. Most likely it will show Nigeria!

2013-02-14, 18:57:41
Miss Marple from United States  
RE:2013-02-14, 10:47:34
anonymous from United States
This mans photos are used in scams by Nigerian scammers,check the links below here,i advice you to cease the connection ,if you are scammed out of money scammers never stops asking for money,the man on the photo has nothing to do with any scams as his ID is stolen.Please provide more information as emailaddress the scammer used to contact you with,money asking letter with a header ,phone number if you got one the scammer used.

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Richard Williams
Dating scammer Mark Henry, Henry Mark

2013-04-04, 12:57:02
i am from winnipeg, manitoba canada... i have been scammed... and now i know what to watch for on the dating sites though...

i was new to the dating websites after my husband passed away... and i met a man named Paul Collins. He was soooo handsome from his pics, but they did look like acting or modelling photos somehow... but i did wonder about his not that great english, and his accent when he phoned me... we talked online for about 6 weeks while he supposedly was in Nigeria as an engineer building roads... then he was coming home to windsor, ontario... and then to visit me... well he first got robbed, then he never asked for money until he3 tried to get his plane ticket and he disn't have enough money cause he was robbed... so i was very wary, but i sent him the money $550 for the rest of his plane tickets home...
However, on his way to the airport, he was in an accident, and was at the hospital supposedly!! i even got a phone call and an e-mail from the supposed hospital that i couldn't find anywhere... called Hysteria which i found was in an X box game and that's all i could find... but he said they wouldn't let himm leave as he owed a bill and coujldn't pay until he was home... as he got paid by a cheque which he couldn't cash there... Well i said i am not rich and i cannot help him... but he still begs, and calls me and writes me... and that's been about a month ago now... and still insissts that he is who he says.. and will pay be back everything he borrowed... etc. etc..
Welll i really want to believe him, that's the hard part, and that's what they pray on i guess... So please beware out there ladies (and men i guess)... Be careful who you let into your lives...

2013-04-04, 19:26:53
anonymous from United States  
Very Good Choice Maam!
I assure you that this realization has taken you past the emotional event.
Opening to you a concious life, free of extreme pain. Free of greater loss!
2013-05-26, 06:43:23
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Unbelievable! I have recently been scammed and joined this site. I am finding increasingky disturbing to read so many comments on us poor, innocent, vunerable women! Remenber ladies dont feel bad or punish yourself or think ' oh im a big women thats why they did it' - no we are victims who simply wanted to fall in love and be loved. My pic i had of my scammer was a kind, happy, loving guy whi would go the end of the earth and back. He wrote poems, spents hours on fb, landed a huge contract in end he wanted money for materials. I almost sent money but when he left an account name it was a nigerian name. Alarm bells started ringing. Its funny really cos when i first spoke to him i thought i recognised a nigerian accent but kind of american too. The voice didnt matc h pic. Anyhow I was inutually upset but because he is a scammer!! Remember this please ladies!! We must be aware!! We are worth more than how these scumbags are treating us!!! I read there is a website links to FBI called - apparently you can claim losses.

Be strong and remember the pics we hv are stolen identities of innocent victims too
2013-12-09, 21:36:51
anonymous from United States  
I was just scammed by a man calling himself David Gomez davidsondaniel Google voice phone number 323-362-6854. He claims to own a home in Long Beach and work on an oil rig off the coast. The words in this report are verbatim to the scam he has given me. Asked for an iPhone first then $5000 to secure his contract he just won for offloading oil to Japan. All full of sweet words, angel, darling, love. Claims to love me after 2 weeks and wants to marry me and send my son to college. Asked me to take money out of my retirement account so we could start our life together. Luckily I am not in a position to loan money to my best friend much less a stranger. BEWARE. So thankful for my friend for finding this article. It is exactly the same and allowed me to stop all this before I made a mistake.

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