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Dating scammer Fred Wilson


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Name: Fred Wilson


saying he is American, but for sure black man not white and he is in Ghana pretending to be soldier at Gaza. He is wanted in the USA so he must hide.

Other Comments:
saying that he is American, have aliases as Uber Mich and others having the same stolen pictures of other person - it might go for the same person

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2012-03-02, 15:47:02
i am currently in contact with him I presume and I want to continue so that I can get the true location of where he is at the moment and expose himto the world.
2012-03-02, 16:13:56
this scammer is located and verified in Ghana and whenever I do not need to log in I am reporting him. He came to me twice but I knew it was him even when using another nickname so reported him.
2012-03-04, 10:27:21
anonymous from Czech Republic  
WARNING Beware ladies, this bastard is now williambill57 on Wayn, could not report him as I am not member but will ask friend to do it.
2012-03-04, 13:04:36
Miss Marple from United States  

Well my dear i have been Widowed for some years now and i think approximately 5years,my work as a General Army Commander always keeps me busy,till a got a invite to join that site dating website and i happen to find you,am a very responsible man,i just don't need a woman but a serious relationship that i can find myself into,am very open minded person and i like to laugh and i like experiencing new things.I have a 14year old son and his name is Jeffery,he is dear to my heart and my source of joy and when i meet the right woman then she is also going to be my everything and also dear to my heart and am going to treat that right woman with so much respect and dignity and also be there for her in good times and also bad times.

Real ID John Abizaid: http://en.wikipedia..n_Abizaid

Goes under several IDs as Mark Abizaid :


Karl Kantor:

Scam reports:



2012-03-04, 20:41:20
anonymous from Czech Republic  
2012-03-04, 20:44:40
hemisphere from Czech Republic  

2012-03-15, 05:22:17
anonymous from Czech Republic  

Hi, my name is Nicholas Smith. I'm a 58 year-old American male, currently in New York, United States. I last logged in on 15th Mar 2012 and I have 20 friends around the world.

We have2 things in common!
Personal Note
hello my name is NICHOLAS , and i am 58years of age , and i come from NEW YORK CITY IN USA , and am very good , hard working , caring, god faring too,I am honest, truthful good man who has a pure heart and looking for a woman, that is the same thing as me to spend the rest of my life with to the end of the world , woman to share life with, Both good and bad. thank you very much , may god bleed you .and this is my address you can add me so that we can meet there to have nice chat there okay thank you . or

Found this one today, but same piture of John Abizaid again.

Reported again on Netlog within two weeks again 3 new profiles as agent John, John Phil Abizaid and John Philip Abizaid - with the same stolen photos and reported his 2 profiles on MySpace

2012-03-20, 19:57:41
hemisphere from Czech Republic  
this scammer now uses also this mail addresses : or
sgt. Barry Moore http://www.tagged.c..438121320
and also new one Douglas David <> of course with stolen
identity and abusing photos of real US general

2012-03-21, 10:05:50
anonymous from Czech Republic  
On Wayn he has several profiles with stolen photos of general Abizaid, this scammer should be stopped finally. Hiding under stolen indentity and scamming on every possible dating site as well as on social nets. Been reported but comes again and again.

I really wonder - his profound profiles must be known already to the main dating sites and social nets. My question is why they allow him to come again when been reported ?
Where is the moral side of this sites???
Or they keep politics to have more members for every price ??? Very strange attitude.
2012-03-22, 14:12:57
hemisphere from Czech Republic  
Scammer again active as Ernest Hurley but new mail address

Ernest Hurley
That is good my love and if you here is the address to send the money to

P.O.BOX MS 520

And honey dont forget to require for the MTCN number as it need to be given at western union well thank you........i will like you to give me your yahoo ID or MSN i have really miss talking to you very much and hope you have my yahoo ID add me so we can talk more ok her is it again...( you hear from you soon my love.
2012-03-24, 08:49:48
anonymous from Czech Republic  
Hi, my name is Richard Smith. I'm a 60 year-old Canadian male, currently in Montréal, Canada. I have 48 friends around the world. Of course with stolen pictures and stolen authority of general Abizaid.

Just reported this scammer to the Wayn.
2012-03-27, 08:06:11
i am a police man who can help you get all your money back when you lost it to a scammer and i will be happy if you have all the information you send to send money to the scammer do not worry just send me a mail at and i will get back to you soon have a nice day
2012-03-27, 09:54:28
anonymous from Czech Republic  
This is really ridiculous offer. Policeman as anonymous and with such mail address ???

I would rather say it was written by scammer whom I reported on this page.
2012-03-27, 16:52:01   (updated: 2012-03-27, 16:52:43)
Miss Marple from United States  

2012-03-27, 08:06:11
i am a police man who can help you get all your money back when you lost it to a scammer and i will be happy if you have all the information you send to send money to the scammer do not worry just send me a mail at and i will get back to you soon have a nice day

@ all readers:
This is just an scam and nothing else,this is an typical recovery scam,where scammers collect victims on scam and scams them once again !! No police in Ghana or Nigeria or for that matter in UK as this domain name in the emailaddress points to would post on a anti scam site like this about recovering a scam victims lost money. this spammer has made this very same posting on other anti scam sites as well.
To all victims on scam please do not reply on this mailaddress,even if you get an mail in your inbox from someone claiming to be Police,lawyer or even EEFC ,do not reply it is for sure an scam as these mentioned authorities do not send out mails like this to people.You have to be the one who have contacted them in them first place !

All kind regards //Miss Marple//
2012-03-28, 16:27:44
whyme2012 from Australia  
Hello Ladies and Gents
I have done some investigating and made contact with this so called Policeman who wants to help track down our lost money.
I asked him how he could help me track down my money.
He told me he is a policeman from the Ghana Police Dept
I asked him how he could get me my money back and how much it was going to cost me
He asked me who did I send the money to and how did I send it.
First he told me he wouldnt charge me for this service but I was to send a small fee for him helping me, at no time did he ask me for my details so he could send my money back to me.
So I gave him a bogus name and address and he said that he had record of this person and knew where to find him and get him arrested for me, but now it was going to cost me $500.00 to do this.
I told him I would be happy to go ahead with the deal and to send me an address where to I could send the money.

Name Wilson Akampole
Address: 5224 Airport Ghana
Zip code: 23321
Wast Africa
Bank:Western Union Money Transfer

So please do not contact him, just another low life wanting to scam another victim.

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Fred Wilson
Dating scammer Wilson Akampole/Ruddock
Dating scammer Wilson Akampole/Ruddock

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Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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