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Dating scammer sgt kingsley edwards


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Name: sgt kingsley edwards



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2012-07-28, 17:51:19
anonymous from United States  
well here is another picture

2012-07-28, 17:52:42
anonymous from United States  
and another one
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Mitchel Bright

2012-08-15, 08:45:54 from United States  
This man also goes by Phillip Edwards. He sent me most of these same photos. With me he had a 14 year old daughter staying with a family friend in Africa. He had me talking with his daughter. So seems like a family thing. He was stationed overseas. and of course coming home soon to retire. When it got time for him to return to the states, his daughter came down with medical problem and needed help to get her out of the hospital.
2012-08-23, 14:11:00
anonymous from United Kingdom  
I have been talking to this man now since November last year, he has asked for money but i have refused to pay it to him. He was due to meet me on the 14th of this month, when he was due to turn up i recieved an email from someone calling themslves the General telling me he had been kidnapped and that i had to pay a ransome of £12000.00 to which i have refused to pay. He told me his name was Keith Edwards and that he was 46 years old from San Diego.
2012-08-23, 18:23:46
Miss Marple from United States  
please post this scammers current emailaddress and phone number if you have one,yes this is a scam ,please block this scammer he will never stop asking for money !

These 2 Threads posted in the links are the same scam same stolen photos ,i will request our admin to merge these 3 threads in 1 and same is the very same scam with same photos with multiple names..

All kind regards //Miss Marple//

Dating scammer Keith Edwards:
Dating scammer Mitchel Bright
2012-09-01, 11:28:43
loyal1970 from United Kingdom  
I have been talking to this man for nearly a year saying he was in Afghanastan, he claimed he came out of the army last month saying that he was coming to me, i now have recieved an email stating that he has been kidnapped and are demanding £12,000.00, i havent paid any money to him but i have the same pictures that are on here.

2012-10-21, 14:18:40
anonymous from United Kingdom  
i also have been chatting with the man in the pics, calling himself Sgt Keith Edwards, half spanish, half california, a widower with a 14yr old daughter, who lives in the uk, hw was retiring in september, but still no sign of him, then he has to pay to get back, he writes poetrey, sends emails promising the world to me, he has asked me for money, and also told me his facebook had been hacked, and his pictures being used, he promises he is who he says he is,

2012-10-21, 17:23:02
anonymous from United Kingdom  
i recieved some off the photos, same story as the other people on this page, he says he is Sgt Keith Edwards in Afganistan, retiring to come back to the uk, to his 14 yr ld daughter, Using the email address Phone Number 07908217802 i have been talking to him since 16th August this year.
2012-12-20, 09:39:44
anonymous from United States  
the scammer says his name is johnny Edwards from naples florida the email is johnnyedwards2012. he is a scammer. smooth talker. talked for a month and then asked for money. I asked for his address in florida and the house is for sale.
the real man in the photos is sgt ralph edwads I feel bad for the guy that his pics got stolen
2012-12-21, 10:10:19
Miss Marple from United States  
post the money asking letter and emailaddress the scammer is using ,do not tell the scammer what you know ,just block the scammer !
2013-01-09, 10:29:55
anonymous from United States  
well is been over a week and yes ladies, i to have been played the fool, i did send him 100.00 wester union for his daughter, now he wants 217. oo for her school, but i talked to my son who is an MP in the military , and he sent me this info, wow what a shocker and to think that us beautiful, smart, intelligent women falling for this crap, thank everyone for posting. thats the only way to stop this. and to the real thomas willson edwards, i thank u with every cell in my body for your service and im so very sorry that this happened to you and your family, styf safe and god be with you always.
2013-01-09, 15:16:07
Miss Marple from United States  
Yes keep the wallet closed to strangers online whatever the reason is when anyone asking for money online,the scammers are professionals into scam people .Post the money askin letter here with a emailaddress,block the scammer as they never stops asking for money.
2013-04-08, 19:29:12
Hi I also have been talking to this man. But he is going by Stev Edwards now and has a 15 year old son living in the Netherlands. It just breaks my heart that the men theat are risking their lives for our Country are being used in such a way. Why cant our Government protect them from such Identity theft. I would be honored to meet and marry a man in such great dedication to out country. Shame on these people. Find a real job and stopp using our military men to scam women.
2013-05-26, 17:27:12
anonymous from United States  
This man tried to scam me as well. Going by I am glad I found this site to check these jerks out. I only hope the man in the pics knows what is going on with his pictures. I feel sorry for him. Served our country and some slime ball uses him for his ill gotten gain. Promised me he loved me, tried to get me to send $1000.00 and send food to some daughter in school in Accra through Another scam! I hope they find out who is using his pictures and put him away forever!
2013-06-16, 14:41:07
anonymous from United Kingdom  

When you talk to people on internet look for origin of email address, from where you are receiving mail. Windows messenger is great. Always look form where a request is coming from. That is how I found that person who was using this same pictures, but calling himself Steve Edwards, actually sending mails from Ghana. I had a fun, I pretended for about couple weeks that I am not aware of scam. on the end I told him and called him Peter Pan. Sod who was communicating with me explained that all the scam is originated in USA and run by 'white man', he and others were working on commission,
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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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