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Dating scammer Ken Benson


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Name: Ken Benson


Varied stories to be in London, AFrica and North Carolina

Other Comments:
Id like to take a moment for anyone who thinks that they are past being scammed to remind all that many sick scammers use emotion connection to make their 'hit' so to say. There are many scams that involve men with children, and that raises a big... what if question? If it be possible id like to make everyone aware of a wonderful team of scammers that prey on those principals and have followed them for a year... having been able to count not even on my hands the many illness of the poor son, to whom 'kind caring ladies' have gotten lured in... Ken we shall call him is age 15, is almost blind, has fx his skull, has been in a coma, has lost the use of his legs....Ken is also good at needing school items..... According to kens e mail account.... there is a pattern of women, recieving 'Mom' e mails, photos and being promised a loving family. They are good at asking for money. RUN RUN

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2012-05-21, 11:35:49
anonymous from United States
2012-07-18, 20:23:44
Please stop posting my legitimate info on all these websites. I am a victim because of you. Stop posting my name and pictures. They were stolen dummy. Why would I scam someone using my own name and pictures?! Drrrr!

As you know, I have all your info since you called and harassed me and left me the info. I have your email, address, cell, work number, picture, etc. I wouldn't post it to harass you. Leave me alone and stop wrecking my name and face just because you were scammed from someone in Nigeria and want someone, anyone to get back at.

Again, put the facts together. Here, I'll do it for you.
- the emails are from a Nigeria ISP. Not Boston
- you talked to me and you even said I clearly am not the one as my voice is totally different from the scammer
- why would I use my real name and picture to scam someone?!
2012-07-30, 14:21:49
anonymous from United States  
Please add the following names to the photos that are with this scammer...

Michael Craig and Erick Colonna on facebook......

2012-07-30, 14:22:52
anonymous from United States  
Second photo

2012-08-05, 20:31:52
Well unhappy man, who ever u are, those photos are all over the internet....and many people have been scammed....scammed by those photos....and what seems to be a miriad of names.

Fell free to hold the scammers responsible. No one that posts here has made you a made u a victim. THese forums are to make people aware that there are people out there using photos, as most scammers do photos that are stolen. Thats your misfortune.
As well as the IC3 and other resources where anyone is free to post info about scammers.

It sucks im sure to have ones photo smeared all over the internet, KUDOS to Sheran for
stepping up to the plate and posting this info in hopes of saving others.

A lesson learned to make sure that putting info on the internet is dangerous.

This is a criminal scam ring more than likely and lucky u they like your photo.

2012-08-05, 21:11:16
Did you not see this post Mr. Annon???????????????

Please be careful, the photo is belived to be a stolen photo, not the actual photo of the scammer.

2012-08-22, 03:36:38
anonymous from United States  
Last know header from SCAMMER RICHARD GRANLEY>>>

From richard granley Tue Aug 21 13:26:10 2012
X-Apparently-To: via; Tue, 21 Aug 2012 13:26:11 -0700
Return-Path: <>
Received-SPF: pass (domain of designates as permitted sender)ZSB5b3UgYXJlIGEgYmlnIGZvb2wgT24gOC8yMC8xMiwga2VuIGJlbnNvbiA8 A8a2VuLmJlbnNvbjQ2QHlhaG9vLmNvbT4gd3JvdGU6ID4gQWjCoG5vdyBoaXR0 R0aW5nIG9uIGxhZGllcyBpbiBJc3JlYWw_IFRydXN0IG1lIEkga25vdyB3aGVy Vy
ZSB5b3UgYXJlIGFuZCB3aG8gPiB5b3UgYXJlLiA.ID4gU3RhcnQgcGFzc2luZyBvdXQgbW9uZXkgdG8gdGhvc2UgeW91IGhhdmUgc3RvbGVuIAEwAQEBAQ- - --
X-YMailISG: QCHpgxQWLDuygoJSts3jgJNPio6hT0cmFNJuYW5zP2fjuB9_oFZqW3qSg67pt8xKDfOVmZmdFhqmFkqAQPikOZj0q25UNGrLWUk76IwZNe5F 5FUWJSKKgTfhj22DRs9GwvWh6yTEZ71i2hsaDrFdRoDMq7Q1lQzEiQA3RunJjJ jJxOSfuGMAwsTWMvEHESPxxRQEIUt8GovzLI4CcY0QpQJ7F7pLY67v5SPwQJTC TC
OqnDBZkMwpcTG8nbqCCrgxkTT8Wn.glFnH__vNA2sVjJ8a3MSPdX2Vb7XpZnY26_ez8h5UGE7x03rippats7tDmciZpJGr0LjHsWQFk6yBi_rYqsNZZTNKgF gFIpQcxscZNpSVFCnWaLSz2IwHPH3nJJI4odFKBYNjX30xaApEcsDf0pWRMPo6 o6
FiPsy49fYeJRK37PHMzlcmee6lap0fgJKv5Wy.RDqOVxF3sybxr.aEPGiJWrOS_qojD8RsKXKTj8mHIOeo2DyHQIt2bkOjlqSbWm15ROPs3rIeen_PyyVrwQ wQ
6tWdXKW0ru.ak9HWkO9rPu5u2NSMLWbWfxGMt.uT1mQnfMBoQhLdy.aEznb7EIrPh48TmdOIiQgO6WCYcU5K6UkX4Udpst6MpiuL54501HveiejUTgwMg3eQ eQ_A8tIwVyhFQMp0qC3SYpTd4b64pHMQ0L4tc8XPRlK8uBzJdvvHLaWq3hDEw1 w1ZiIXIb_TKCXGmVcLCONco6ecOLbaif16dRDwyAgyJuabtlWE62FjUB4Uhy8s 8seZFWv0rgOBiEY78V8XSW7ztViu7OcTEfWxhny9FamnnkCgoMe5gTWWR7mFoQ oQ
_ijlikuAcAj1ND0aP2XGAavrgPXFr6O707TGUVc_ACGj.XtuSWDIcXIIRnsIl9szQ7UcQD9WIAFadcZtX5CLawscbTx_VGbuGdFdiBSzlIXwoHOQoHHVWxxB xBtZmvSqcPklqAZmjTV0fSFuX8i9GQQ2gbGny26ndVaHTRQoaM10fWf7mLOf9R 9R
X-Originating-IP: []
Authentication-Results:; domainkeys=neutral (no sig);; dkim=pass (ok)
Received: from (EHLO (
by with SMTP; Tue, 21 Aug 2012 13:26:11 -0700
Received: by dadr6 with SMTP id r6so149679dad.13
for <>; Tue, 21 Aug 2012 13:26:10 -0700 (PDT)
DKIM-Signature: v=1; a=rsa-sha256; c=relaxed/relaxed;; s=20120113;
h= mime-version:in-reply-to:references:date:message-id:subjectect:from:to
b= wBIZysjrlfJ5B5Nk5tywUEzPiUKVzvZGskjFCsv2ZaulEOyjynKdJvA8/E3/E3sZcfZgL
nyuaGVf1C95UUsCYSQFGigbFWzD8Or0bB4E0sHBBERb3k2Z2gX7wHt87+ opOepOeLWQJKic
dXFhRNR8OzJ4ReZIhWHi+ gj1skvG/TjfTrEAC2BwqPiBlRNb422rm7ypNeUboUbo/G81twB
haHXbdTRM2RcDt0rQRReQZM+ xM7u447AGzH1TQa5sp3tu+yKX9kMecSz8wpZQpZQpXztST0
MIME-Version: 1.0
Received: by with SMTP id pn6mr46650418pbb.44.1345580770450;
Tue, 21 Aug 2012 13:26:10 -0700 (PDT)
Received: by with HTTP; Tue, 21 Aug 2012 13:26:10 -0700 (PDT)
In-Reply-To: <>
References: <>
Date: Tue, 21 Aug 2012 21:26:10 +0100
Message-ID: <>
Subject: Re: Dumb ass.
From: richard granley <>
To: ken benson <>
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=ISO-8859-1
Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable
Content-Length: 500
2012-08-26, 18:04:08
anonymous from United States  
Please add another scam personality to the man behind Richard Granley..... MICHEAL CRAIG on facebook, with several profile.


2012-08-26, 18:05:25
anonymous from United States  
Please add another scam personality to the man behind Richard Granley..... MICHEAL CRAIG on facebook, with several profile.


2012-09-02, 21:51:32
Scammer names Brian Stanley= Thomas Courville on several sites.


2012-09-06, 08:57:42
anonymous from United States  
Well, you always think that it could NEVER happen to you! But it did! I am NOW a victim of an Internet Romance Scam. I am writing this blog to let others know that it is out there and YOU could be the next victim. Make sure that you google EVERYTHING about whoever you are communicating with. I have posted pictures of this creep (above). I have already filled out the IC3 form from the website: .

This character is, so called Steve Sloan and he is on Facebook! http://www.facebook..1060309093 He started sending me messages on July 19th, 2010. He said he found my profile on 'Zoosk' which is a dating site. He told me he was a structural engineer and he was working over the North Sea. He is 45 and has a boy who is 16 years old and goes to boarding school in London, UK. He is REAL cunning. He speaks broken english and said he was born in Belgrade, Serbia. He was an only child and he was looking to settle down.

He will 'wine' you and 'dine' you and send flowers, candy, a teddy bear and a card from your local florist! It didn't take long before he asked for money. I learned that they groom you first and then take the plug. Yes, I fell for it! I also found out that I am not the only one! This is happening all over the net! Ladies, PLEASE watch out for this guy and the other side-kicks that follow him. His email is: . He will ask you to send money to: Kelly Sloan 116 Westcombe Avenue, Croydon 3DB CR0, London, United Kingdom

I am going to try and get a forum going, here as there are not enough sites for this CRIME!

2012-09-30, 19:27:06
anonymous from United States  
I have been a victim ssglingokenbenson. Says he's serving in army in afghanistan is a widow with a son in academy in alabama. A disgrace the men and women fighting for our country his accomplice I was scammed for money for him to come home. May this man burn in hell for his lies and deceit. God does not sleep...
2012-09-30, 20:59:48
Miss Marple from United States  
RE:2012-09-30, 19:27:06

I am sorry that you are scammed ,the scammers behind all photos on profiles online pretending to be an soldier on a mission from US or UK in Afghanistan or Iraq are coming from West-Africa as Ghana and Nigeria,there are no soldiers that scams online as their mission would come to an end very fast,the scammers steels soldiers pictures from facebook,myspace or other social networksites and use them to scam both women and men,the soldiers on the photos are victims also in this scam ..i see every day that someone have been scammed in the same way you are ...please post the pictures the scammer used in the scam and some mails as there are probably more women out there who stays in contact with this scammer and can find information here on this scam.I advice you to report this scam to the FBI as you have lost money ,i do not think you will get recovered your lost money as scammers goes under fake IDs and are hard to trace ,but for your own peace and emotional recovery it can be good to do that .there are lots of people who do not even report or not even talk to anyone that they have been scammed and suffers in the silence instead .When you find time please read my article how you recognize male scammers online.Thank you for posting!
All kind regards //Miss Marple//

How you recognize male scammers:

2012-10-10, 23:50:14
anonymous from United States  

2012-09-30, 19:27:06
anonymous from United States

I have been a victim ssglingokenbenson. Says he's serving in army in afghanistan is a widow with a son in academy in alabama. A disgrace the men and women fighting for our country his accomplice I was scammed for money for him to come home. May this man burn in hell for his lies and deceit. God does not sleep...

Please post any way to contact u, or reach me at the that has been blocked so the bensons cant get on it.

I am very serious and will identiy myself.

Theya re professional scammers and need to be stopped.

2012-10-15, 22:00:36
anonymous from United States  
He has taken on a new identy on He now goes by Rober Michael Green uses and Said he was a jewlery designer and left for Canada with his son age 8 about a week after we started chatting. While in Canada his son got sick and had to take him to a hospital where he claimed he needed $9800. I told him I would ask a friend of mine who lived in Canada to help us out. When my friend sent the memo that he sent me, it was discovered what I had already believed, it was a scam. Canada hospitals are just like US hospitals and don't demand cash only. When I asked him about it, he said there were two children with the same name and birthdate. Then when I didn't want to talk to him, he acted like I lied to him and that I was the one breaking off the relationship. Good, either way, at least I got rid of him. But he now has new pictures and is on another dating site using the same Mike name.
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Robert Michael Green

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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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