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Dating scammer Sgt. Steve Bright


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Name: Sgt. Steve Bright



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He found me on Match dating site. These pictures are the ones he uses, they aren't even him, I don't know who this is. He will tell you that he is in Iraq and that his parents died in 9/11. That's how I found out his lie. His parents names weren't listed as victims.


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2011-11-14, 01:23:10   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2011-11-14, 01:23:10   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Sgt. Steve Bright

2011-11-14, 01:23:10   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2012-01-27, 13:44:45
This person found me on a latin website he says his name is Staff Seargent Michael Moore and that he is in Afganistan and coming home soon. He states that he was married to a woman he brought over from Ghana who has cheated on him. He supposedly has a boy named David who is 16 and in Ghana with the mother now. I knew this was fishy when his english became bad , when he mentioned he was looking for a very loving and caring woman repeatedly and when he asked he asked me where I worked, who I lived with...etc.

2012-02-27, 22:02:47
anonymous from United States  
I have had a similar thing happend with Sgt Steve Bright. Stated in Kabul and with retiring next month. Says he lives in Los Alamitos, Ca. Said he is widowed 3 yrs with a daughter named Syliva. Things did ot feel right. Want to thank you to whom brought him into the light.
2012-08-13, 08:02:20
anonymous from United States  
He now says his name is David Husctead, that his son lives in London, his wife cheated on him, he says he is in Afghanistan with the Army. Says his parents died in 9/11 that he is from Paris, Tx his email address
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Sgt. Steve Bright

2012-08-13, 14:38:03
anonymous from Spain  
Hi. My name is Marthe. For 1 week agoe a man named david m rodringuize Gen. in afhanistan came on my skype. We started talking and it was ok. He told me he lost his wife 5 years agoe, and have a son who is in med.shool in the UK. When he told me about his wife, i thought there was something wrong, but did not say anythind/. He also told me that his son(Max) was on a trip to Ghana. Afer 4 days he wanted me to send his son money, 1000$ so he coud pay for his hotell. I told him i did not have that money, so y have to do it. Then he went on, and on.. I askt him for his pasport to day, and he send it on mail. That was photo of an Gen.m.rodringuize, but not the same man on his profile. How can that be? Have a pasport that belong to an other man. Not good. He does not stopp talking about how bad women i m, and how his son not could go back to UK. Please, if enyone now who this man is, please contact me. He realy is pushy and dangeres. M. Marthemosnes@yahoo com. .
2012-08-14, 16:10:29
Miss Marple from United States  
The fake passport indicates it is an scammer you are talking with,probably some one from West-africa pretending to be this man .please block him and do not send any money to strangers online.
2012-11-27, 00:05:09
anonymous from Israel  
I placed an ad in the Personals on Tel Aviv Craigslist. This person has answered my ad as follows:

Hello i am very interested i need to know you well and get to know you i will send you more pictures of me as soon as possible.

The address he uses is, and when I googled that address, it brought up this Dating Scammers site. The name he is now using is: Steve Curtis.

Needless to say, I will not be responding to this person, therefore I do not have a photograph of him to post here, but I wanted to add to the list of email addresses he is using.
2014-01-13, 09:42:08
anonymous from Thailand  
i see in interpals and facebook he name jimmy Haeck

2014-01-13, 18:29:59
Miss Marple from United States  
Saiclone Nicholas Denteh

I am very romantic and tender by nature, I am very sociable and cheerful, always optimistic. I don't like to complain about my life, I always try to do it better. I have the warm heart, and my friends always know that I will help them if they need my help.

2014-01-28, 11:50:46  

First of all thanks for having this site.

I am currently dating online a guy supposedly Sgt. Steve Bright.

I was so surprised to read when I googled his name it appeardey dont 'Sgt Steve Bright Scammer'

I checked out his pictures on here and they don't appear to have been used already. But once, that says it was checked one time.

I do really want to get in touch with the ladies that were either scammed or tried to scam by Sgt Steve Bright, because I wanna hear their stories. Please feel free to give them my email address.

If this person I have been dating online (he hasn't requested from me money nor anything) is false, I want to post his pictures here. Because if it is the same guy, he is now using different pictures.

Please, if it is possible to you guys, GIVE my email address to those ladies that posted the comments on scammer Sgt Steve Bright, so they can contact me to help me figure it out, and then if it comes true that he is a scammer (I mean the one guy I am dating) Then I will post the new pictures he is using.

Thanks, and I feel so sorry for all the ladies that heartless men (scammers) deceive because it feels horrible to fall in love deeply to then just discover everything was a lie.

Thanks in advance from your help

2014-01-28, 14:23:54
Miss Marple from United States  
Scammers changes photos,names and email addresses all the time . Even if the person has not asked for money ,can still be a scammer which i believe strongly it is a scammer in this case trying to manipulate and groom you into a scam.

The scenarios are not always the same either ,it is not always matches to the stories as scammers are using templates that are copied and pasted online.Very often the copy and paste letters can be cuts and pieces from other template as well.

My advice to you is to be very cautious now . Google the templates please. Check grammar ..
2014-01-28, 14:36:58
MegCol from United States  
Thanks Miss Marple,

His English is very good. Don't think he is a Nigerian guy.

By the way I just want to delete my post. I feel now bad about it. And just want to delete it until I clear up all the situation.

How can I do that?

2014-01-28, 15:18:54
Miss Marple from United States  
ok,where did you met this person? I want to give you some questions to think about ,do not be to hasty about this with deleting as this is how it all starts many times .

1) Scammers contacts the victims always first.
2. Scammers pretending to be soldiers in war as Afganisthan and Iraq .
3. Real soldiers in service do normally not use yahoo or gmail .
4. Check the mails ,is the person talking about love after 2-3 mails ,is the person widower ? lonely with an child?
Check the IP ,open up header in mail ,copy and paste the header into a IP tracer .If nothing matches as location for where he his ,it is a scammer !
Scammers changes IPs very often as they are using open proxies to get fake IPs online. ,check all the mails if too many different IPs ,you are likely talkiing with an scammer .

I want you to consider all these things . There are so many fake soldiers online robbing people out of their life savings and burn people out emotionally and mentally .I just do not want this happen to you as well. Scammers has knowledge in English as well .So have you chat with this guy? Have you spoken with him on the phone ? Think seriously about this as there is an reason why you ended up on this site ,right?

IP Tracer : http://www.iptracke..alysis.php
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Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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