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Dating scammer Sgt. Steve Bright


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Name: Sgt. Steve Bright



Other Comments:
He found me on Match dating site. These pictures are the ones he uses, they aren't even him, I don't know who this is. He will tell you that he is in Iraq and that his parents died in 9/11. That's how I found out his lie. His parents names weren't listed as victims.

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2014-01-28, 17:35:12
MegCol from United States  
Miss Marple,

What is the HEADER?

I've tried the TITLES of two emails so far on the header analysis you gave me (THANK YOU FOR THAT) but it says 'no valid Ip address found'

May be I don't doing it right?

Is the HEADER, the Subject (Title) of the email?

Or is it something else?

I appreciate your help on this

2014-01-28, 17:35:15
MegCol from United States  
Miss Marple,

What is the HEADER?

I've tried the TITLES of two emails so far on the header analysis you gave me (THANK YOU FOR THAT) but it says 'no valid Ip address found'

May be I don't doing it right?

Is the HEADER, the Subject (Title) of the email?

Or is it something else?

I appreciate your help on this

2014-01-28, 17:55:02
Miss Marple from United States  
Header is the source in the email ,I do not know what email service you have but here are the most common ones..when you find the header in the mail,just copy and paste the header into the tracer in the link here;
and if you still do not understand post here I will guide you .

How to find email header:

Apple Mail 2.x (Mac)

Select the message you want to view the headers of.
Press SHIFT-COMMAND-H to toggle full headers for the message. (Alternatively you can click VIEW in the menu bar, click MESSAGE, click LONG HEADERS.

Microsoft Outlook 2003 (Win)

Select the message you want to view the headers of.
Right click the mouse, select OPTIONS
Headers will be displayed within the 'Internet Headers' area of a pop-up window.

Mozilla Thunderbird 2.x (Win)

Select the message you want to view the headers of.
Press CTRL-U (or click VIEW from the menu bar, select MESSAGE SOURCE)
Headers will be displayed in a new window.

Google Mail (GMail)

Open the message you want to view the headers of.
Click the down arrow next to the 'Reply' link.
Select 'Show Original' to open a new window with the full headers

Windows Live Hotmail
(Full Version)

This does not work with Safari on Mac OS X
Right click on the message. (From the list of emails)
Select 'View Source'
A new window with the full headers and HTML source of the email will open

Yahoo Mail
'New' Version

Right click on the message.
Select 'View Full Headers'
A new window with the full headers will open

Yahoo Mail
'Classic' Version

Click on the message.
Click 'Full Headers' on the bottom right of the screen
2014-01-29, 20:25:23 from United States  
Miss Marple,

Thanks Dear :)

I successfully checked all his emails out and the result is that I was able to find out exactly where he is at. Country, region, everything... and actually IP comes from a military base.

I just don't know what to think now.

I mean he is actually on a US military base.

He hasn't asked me for money, as I mentioned. If he were and scammer, how could he do that?

I mean, It would be so painful to find out he is trying to scam me, however I rather finding out that not knowing.

I appreciate your help

2014-01-29, 21:55:44
Miss Marple from United States  
Thanks,Scammers uses open proxies and goes under fake IPs couple of more questions for you and please answer me on the questions as follows:
1) What email service is he using ?
2) How long have you talked with him?
3) Is the person sending you templates (form letters)
4)If he is in within US does he say that too? or has he mentioned he is somewhere else?
5) Does he talk money ,finances?
6)What made you suspect him ?
7)Have you talked on Skype,has he showed up on the webcam ? Have you talked on the phone?
2014-01-30, 05:13:11
MegCol from United States  
Miss Marple,

Thanks for being so kind and trying to help me out on this.

1)He uses Yahoo
2) We've been chatting for 3 months
3)Nom he doesn't send templates
4)He mentioned to be somewhere else, different from what I found following your suggestions
5)Yes he has offered to help me with money which I have denied.
6)It made my suspect of him that at the beginning he asked me for to open up a bank account on USAA (a military bank) supposedly because he is overseas and needed the help on that.
7)No I have never seen him ho Skype, not talked on the phone.

Again thanks for your feed back on this.

2014-01-30, 10:22:47
Miss Marple from United States  

Thank you for your reply ,I am sorry to say but I do believe you are communicating with a scammer as military personnel do not use as their domain .Anyone suggesting strangers to open up bank accounts is a very typical scammer sign.

If he is an US soldier I am sure that the military would provide to help him out with the financial matters before he goes out on duty somewhere else ,and when you say that he has been somewhere else and the IP address says the location is within USA ,that means that he uses a fake IP to hide his real location .

Anyone who offers money online that you have never met for real eye to eye should start raising questions for you .Scammers that are involved in money laundry or scammers in general talks like this to their victims to groom them into scams . Scammers talks always about money like it is a natural thing and then it is natural for them to ask for money too.

The person has not shown his real face to you after 3 months of talking and talks about bank accounts is 100% scammer.

I advice you to stop communicating with this scammer prompt ! Do not tell the scammer what you know .Do not confront the scammer!

I am very sorry,I knew immediately when you started to post here that you are talking with an scammer .I have lots of experience when it comes to scams that are based out of West-Africa and can sense these scammers attempts very early.

2014-01-31, 16:47:25
MegCol from United States  
Miss Marple,


I want to understand this further.

He also asked me for my Paypal account info and also asked me to raise the limit on that account.

What is he trying to do?

What is the scam he is trying to get me into?

I do really want to know about this.


2014-01-31, 19:12:55   (updated: 2014-01-31, 19:23:04)
Miss Marple from United States  
Scammers asks victims all kind of favors as opening bank accounts in the victims name,scammers also asks victims to send money to other victims too in the reality scammers abuses victims into money laundry as scammers has to wash their dirty money somehow. Paypal is an digital wallet and the scammer is asking you to raise your limit ,well of course he will ask you to buy things and send to Nigeria or Ghana as scammers cannot order things and have sent to to these 2 mentioned countries,no one wants to ship anything as credit card scams are more common than not common there.
The scammer maybe has in his mind to hack your paypal account or just checking you out how gullible you are and what kind of options he has with you to scam you in.

I am advising you and urging you to stop communicating with this scammer as scammers hacks accounts and in that way get over your personal information .
This person is not to be trusted at all.
Please post your information on this scammer as full name ,emailaddress,phone numbers ,photos and emails he has sent you .

Sometimes a scammer will ask the victim to open a bank account in the victim’s name or to cede control of an existing account so that the scammer or his agent can deposit a large check. The most common excuse is that the scammer wants to start a business to guarantee their future financial status but the authorities in the West African country will not allow them to leave with the check. Again, the victim becomes a potential suspect in money laundering and/or an accomplice in criminal theft.
Scammers frequently ask victims to reship goods for them to Nigeria. This is because many businesses in the world will not ship goods directly to Nigeria until full payment is received by their banks. A credit card in the hands of a Nigerian scammer is virtually worthless because no merchant will agree to send goods to Nigeria, but by using his/her victim’s address (normally in the United States or western Europe), he/she is able to order huge amounts of goods using the stolen credit cards. The scammer then arranges for either the victim or an associate to pick them up the following day and ship them to the scammer in Nigeria where they will be sold. When the credit card company fails to honor the payment, the merchant pursues the victim for the goods or the money. The victim becomes responsible for the bill because the goods were delivered to his or her address.

2014-02-01, 01:43:35
[hidden] from United States  
Miss Marple,

Thanks a lot.

I am crying and deeply wounded because I really loved this man as I never loved a man before.

However, I appreciate facing this hard truth than having to go to jail by being accomplice of a crime.

I will cry my lost. I will endure my sorrow.

Thanks be to God, that He made me realize that the love of my life, most likely was not real.

God bless you, my prayer to Him is that He might keep good men and women from falling victims of such horrible and dehumanized crime.

God bless you today and forever.

2014-02-01, 10:16:01
Miss Marple from United States  

I am very sorry that this thing has happened to you ,so many women and men gets scammed by these thieves online.You are not alone in this. It is better for you that you have found out now, than the scammer would have put you in major problems. Communicating with someone for 3 months with someone you thought was real and turned out to be a scammer instead can put anyone out of balance. I know how you are feeling as I have encountered a scammer my self once . It is very painful and will take time to heal ,but for your own health and sanity it is better you will put an end to this than get scammed so bad. Scammers do not stop asking for money ,they have no remorse or guilty feeling towards anyone. I have met so many victims here on this site that have been ruined on all their life savings ,lost their homes,lost their life dignity because of these scammers cruel ways to treat people in.

The things you need to do now if you have not done so is: Block the scammer from your email and chat as scammers are very persistent and do not give up victims very easily .I tell you all this just only to protect you from this scammer . Do not reply under any circumstances to any mails as scammers are using mail services with the ability to see if people reads their mails, and in that way can use control of victims.

Read my article how you can protect your self from scammers in the future ,as scammers are online everywhere not only on dating sites ,you meet them on all social networks sites so no one is safe from scammers.

How you recognize male scammers:
2014-02-09, 13:09:19


After reading all this, I am really sad, and worried. I'm still dating this man. He has my bank account details (even online access details), my western union, and paypal details as well.
He told me recently that he has checked my bank account and that He is putting some money in it, part of it to be send to someone, and part of it for me. He has never asked me for money.
What is he trying to do? What type of scam is he trying to get me into? Im really confused now, to the point I don't know if Im dealing with the scammer or with the real person.

I thank you in advance for any feed back on this issue.

2014-02-09, 16:48:57
DOC from United States  
Loli, He's probably using you to wash his dirty money. If this is the case your a accomplice to a crime, I would close all my accounts and cease all contact with the scammer!


2016-02-12, 18:03:27
anonymous from United States  
Yes, I have been speaking to this man for a couple of weeks, he tells me he is a Captian in the army in GAza. He has shown himself to be very sweet, until he wanted to send a box and wanted me to pay for this through what he said was a diplomatic. He said his name was Wilson Harold, he is a scammer. The email he was using is I wish that they could catch this man, I would sue him for emotional damages!
2016-11-30, 20:48:19
anonymous from Canada  

I know this is an old posting BUT, the person known as MEG or LOLI is in fact the scammer you are talking to. He is digging for information on how people are figuring out his scam.

Regardless he's at it again. He just sent me a message on a web site called :
Same picture going by the name : honestyseek98 and the following is the message he has sent me:

'hello dear how are you doing ..
I must confess,your profile has really captured my attention and i will love to share in the joy of your smile,in fact i want to get to know you if you don't mind.Wow, You look so sweet and sexy lol '
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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