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Dating scammer Sgt nobile williams


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Name: Sgt nobile williams



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2013-07-21, 20:02:42
Bax from United States  
I am tired of living my life with someone beautiful like you,

This wordage from your scammer's lies should be enough for everyone to see,
something is not right with this person's mentality. Not just a typo error!
2013-07-23, 00:02:31
anonymous from United States  
Now this man is claiming to be Sgt. Cody Nobile...he claims to have been from Fort Drum and that he is stationed in Afghanistan...he is trying to get women to open bank accounts for his military benefits to be sent to them. He claims he has two children and that he is assigned a secret mission on the border of Africa...
2013-07-23, 00:09:29
anonymous from United States  
Now this man is claiming to be Sgt. Cody Nobile...he claims to have been from Fort Drum and that he is stationed in Afghanistan...he is trying to get women to open bank accounts for his military benefits to be sent to them. He claims he has two children and that he is assigned a secret mission on the border of Africa...
2013-07-26, 20:01:46
anonymous from United States  
Page Walker

supposedly philanthropist, pipeline engineer

2013-07-27, 13:21:12
anonymous from United States  
I have recently been in contact with this man.He said he was in Afghanistan. Just today he asked me for one hundred dollars ,so he could reinstate his internet service! I knew it was a scam also when he asked me to open an account with Usaa bank. Said he did not have access to his account,even posted a document on line for me to see, saying how much he was going to get paid.The bank account was to pay for him to get his funds released.Bah! Oh he had some swet words any woman would love to hear.I might have born at night but not last night. How in the world are these people getting away with imposing as one of our own and trying to take an innocent persons hard earned money? I am telling you I am ready to kick his butt!

2013-09-06, 14:18:36
Hi there,
I just want to give a warning to everybody having contacts in datingsites.
I just get scam from a datingsite
A military with the name Russell Obrien.
After we win all my trust he ask me money for a flight ticket.
After that he said he was in malaysia and he was arrested there and i have to send money to get him free.
Pffff, i was so stupid to believe all the history and he was really professional, other guy called Mohammed help him (he was de person in the detention room who will help us to get him free).
Please be carefull, he deserves an Oscar, he cryed and also prayed with me so many times. He sing for me so much times, his voice sounds so sweet, so they are really professionals and try to manipulate you with your emotions.
The are special interested in divorced woman.

The ip numbers are: Kuala Lumpur, 14 - Damansara, 12


Facebook profile (still active, he has two)
I lost € 4412,2

De money went to these persons:
Arizah Binti Daud
Irnawatibinti Yondi Yundi
Ruzita Binti Rasol (i got this name also but i didn't send anything there)

+601133105773 Russell Obrien
+601133104143 Mohammed

Please be careful, they are professional bandits, stealing money from good people and they don't mind who will hurt and how.

2013-09-08, 08:42:27
This guy, Russell Obrien, the scammer, just contact me again, he is just shameless, he said he got the courage to contact me and that he was sorry and this was his first scam but he got in love with me and that he loved me but he can't not give me my money back….. is this crazy or not?. I said if you love someone you don't do those things to someone you love and if you make a mistake you try to fix it. I was deep in my heart hoping that he really was serious, but at the end of the conversation he just wanted to ask me if i would remove this information. He found what i posted on this site. So everybody be alert, the scammers are reading all we post here as well.

They have already a script that they use and i think it's good if i give more information for all the girls out there in dating sites who think (just like i thought) that they found 'the true love'.

They are specially interested in single mothers, close to 40 – 50 years old, they don’t mind if they have children, they will (if you let them) involve them in the story as well. Specially if you have been having a difficult life, you are a better target or if you are on the moment having a difficult time, because then you are vulnerable and they will take advantage of this. This guy is really good in psychology and will try to manipulate you and touch your heart and emotions with all the information he can get from you. In my case, i believe in God and he took advantage of this as well. So they will use anything to get you where they want.

First this kind of guys come so friendly to you, writing really polite and nice, that they want to be your friend.
After that, they try to get you out the dating site and keep the contact better on facebook, yahoo, hotmail or any IM platform.
They will keep in touch with you and they usually have a 'broken heart story'. In my case, he was an US military at special force working there for 18 years, living in NY Manhattan, Irish American, his mother was Mexican. His wife died of cancer 5 years ago when she was pregnant, when he told me that my heart was really moved and i feel so much compassion for him. He also cried on the phone when he told me that, this guy is a really good actor, deserve an Oscar. His voice sounds so sweet and he sounds like he is in the 30’s, he have an accent but you can see that he also is educated. Anyway i check him on facebook and on the net, i found some information and it looks oke then, so i thought it's safe to chat with him, but look out girls, they just make fake profiles on the net and they look so real.

He called me almost everyday, specially in the mornings and at night, because they are really intelligent, he told me that he want to be the first person i thought when i wake up and he also called me at night, so he will be the last person i thought before i sleep. We also sleep on the phone, soooo romantic, hearing each other breath, sleeping together on that way... i was in the clouds. They just do this so you get used to them.

He told me he was in Afghanistan, he was 50 years old and he was thinking to retired, because i said that i didn’t saw myself having something with a military. So, he told me he will stop his job pretty soon. We keep in touch for 3 months, and he told me that he loved me, that he was crazy about me, he give me so much compliments, about how intelligent, sweet, beautiful etc, i was.
He told me he was a lonely man just searching for love and he has found it in me. I told hem i was scared to be hurt again. He asked me to leave out past behind and start a new life. He propose to me, even he said was too soon, he was someone that was so sure about me..... to her past wife he was getting married in 2 weeks after they knew each other. He got me so crazy in love that i just accepted on the phone his proposal, but i told him that he has to come first to meet me to my country.

He sang for me, he wrote such beautifuls e-mails, he sent me poems, he called me his “bluesky”, he sing the song from backstreets boys “as long as you love me”, everytime he called he always ask for my family (like if he minded), he was such an adorable someone and i was feeling so lucky i had found my true love.

Those kind of guys will ask you not to tell anybody about your relationship with them, like this no one from your friends or family can advice you that you are getting in problems. So, he asked me not to tell anybody because he said “we are trying to work things out first baby”. We had 2 or 3 times discussion about it, but finally i thought he was right, but no girls…. if you are in love you want to share it with your friends or family and the other person too, so if they ask you not to say something, then it’s something wrong!.

He told me he was so in love with me and sooo tyred of his job that he will stop his job, i thought first he will get retired or something like that, but he told me he will scape from the camp because it was not other way possible, yes ladies, you heard it good, he will scape from the camp and risk his life for me, to get “home” soon and be together, he told me that other guy there in the camp did the same and he was living right now with his girlfriend and was not a big deal. Now that i am writing this i think how can i be so stupid to believe this story, sounds crazy now that i write it down, but yeah….. the emotions played an important role here.

So, i didn’t knew anything about military life, so he told me he could not give me any address and that he got everything paid there so he didn’t spend any money there and he didn’t had access to his money till he will go back to NY. But he was someone that has savings and his own house, he even sent my pictures, but they are fake of course. I remember he tried to find out about my finances, we start to talk about making plans to live together, he told me how much he earned and he told me he has some money saved on the bank, after he will stop his job he will start his own business so he can have more time together, sound perfect...isn't it?. Then he asked me how much money i earned and if i had savings, so if someone ask you this, be alert!!!

So, continuing the story…. he told me he will scape from the camp, it will take him 5 days to go to Malaysia, there was safe because people speak English and he will buy a ticket to go to NY. But here it comes…it was a big problem….he didn’t had any access to his money…so i have to be the idiot who will pay his flight ticket…. And yes, crazy enough i told him i will pay his ticket. :(

The day he leaved the camp, i was thinking that it was crazy, it was crazy that he has done that and it was crazy that i agreed wit his plan, his life could be in risk on that dangerous place and anyway it has to be another way to stop his job, i was sure that was not good thing to do...and i start to search information on internet about that , i found out that abandon a duty was seeing like a crime, then i start to worry a lot. After that i didn't heard anything from him, i was so worry, and in 5 days, like he told me, i heard about him, he said he was in Kuala Lumpur, he had risk his life, he almost got killed, a group of guys beat him, but he was alive and he will never do something like that again. I was happy to heard he was safe, but i told him what he did was actually irresponsible, he could go to jail, he said to me it was not like that , when he go to NY he will resign and he will flight to me.

He told me because his name will be traced, he had convinced a girl who was receptionist at the hotel where he was staying, to use her name so that i could send him via Western Union the money for the flight ticket, her name is Arizah Binti Daud. Unfortunately i was so in love and i really believe all the story was true, specially because i checked the IP right on that time trying to find out if he really was in Malaysia, and then he was really in Malaysia, so i just really believe he had risk his life for our love, even it was not the right thing to do, but i told him, we was together in that problem and he will go to the end of that together.
I sent the money, he even sent me the ticket, which was almost like real. Please girls, if you get so far to do this, call to the airline to check if everything is real, but call the airline not a fake travel agency because i read they used that kind of tricks as well. Don’t forget that they don’t work alone, they are in a group, with more people, they are bandits, fakers, really criminals without a heart.

So, after he buy the ticket, i thought he was landed on NY. But oh, oh, i got a phone call from someone that i didn’t knew, he sound arabic, his English was bad, he was a moslim he said, his name was Mohamed. He told me my military man was being arrested trying to get aboard on a flight to NY in Kuala Lumpur and what he did could give him 13 years in jail. I was shock, worried and i almost past out but i tryed to keep calm. After that i got Russell on the phone, he was crying, begging that i had to said something tot his man, called Mohamed so he can help us. Russell sound so in panic (so good actor is he), and i ask him to calm down and i told him that i will talk with Mohamed to see how he could help us.
This guy, called Mohamed told me, he never had seen someone so in love like Russell, he only wanted to talked with me, Russell told him if he will had to die his last wish was to talk to me, and because he was a moslim and because he had a family, he will try to help us. He will talk with his boos and try to find a way out for us. He will send me all the information in a letter.

After that i got a letter, they asked me rescue money for him. I had seen television programs about Malaysia and how corrupt is the people there, so i really thought that was just money for them to let Russell free. I didn't trust the guy but i trusted my Russell. I got later that day Russell on the phone, i told him they ask me money but i didn’t had it, he ask me if i could lend some how money, he will pay me back everything as soon as he will get in NY.

The next day, Mohamed called me again, telling me that i had to tell Russell to eat, because he was spending his money on food and he didn’t want to eat anything, so you can see those people really don't have a heart, they let me think he didn't wanted to eat, this is just so cruel. Anyway i talked to Russell and asked him to eat, i told him he had to eat otherwise he could get sick and we will get only more problems.

I was so worried, i couldn’t sleep those days, i was not feeling good but i was feeling so guilty and irresponsible about all this and i really thought that he’s life was in a big danger, specially for that reason i found the way to get the money. Money that i didn’t had my self.
So, i got the money and i sent it with Western Union again, this time to Irnawatibinti Yondi Yundi, after that they even wanted to tried if i could change the receivers name (i think they had a logistic problem themselves haha) to Ruzita Binti Rasol . Anyway i was so scared that they will ask more and i told Russell if they will ask me money again i will go to the television or i will call the embassy or the Military, but i really had to get him out of Malaysia.

After that, the guy Mohamed told me everything will be all right, the papers was ready and i had the chance to talk with Russell again, we were so happy that he will be going to NY soon. I was feeling happy but still worry because i knew he will get problems in NY.

Russell called me and told me he was going in the plane. After that i got an e-mail telling me he had arrived to NY but he got arrested as well and i didn’t had to worry, he had contact his lawyer and he will help him. That it was better that i didn't write to his email because he didn't want me to get involve in case of an investigation and that i would beter write to

I didn’t heard anything from him in about 10 days, all those days i couldn’t sleep and eat almost nothing, i was getting sick, my health was not doing good, i was sooo worry that i didn’t heard anything from him, i didn’t had any way to contact him. But finally…one night, after praying to God to know something from him, i went to Google searching all kind of information and i found out that someone else was having almost the same history i am writing right now.

I couldn’t believe it, my heart was directly broken, i wanted to suicide, i almost did, i resist it to believe it, but finally i start to think rationally, i start to read about scammers and all they can do and finally my eyes went open.
I know girls, its so hard to believe it, but it’s true, there are people out there, stealing money from people with a good heart like us. But i learn my lesson in a hard way. I cried and cried and cried for so many nights, i was in depression. After that i thought a guy like him don't deserve one more tear from me, he is trash and i am valuable, i am a good woman, nobody is getting me down like this.

And like i told you in the beginning of this letter, he even contact me not so long ago, i think in the beginning he didn’t know i knew all this things, i think he wanted more money (they will bleed you till you died, in money terms speaking, the will try to get so much money from you).... but when i heard him on the phone i just couldn’t do anything else that start crying on the phone and asking him why???., why he did this to me?....i told him how i felt, i was not finish and he hang up. After that he called me again, at night, just with more big big lies, telling me he still loves me, he did it for the money but he got the courage to call me and said sorry, haha, courage, better said…”cold blood”, “shameless”, “heartless”, “cruel”.

Please girls, be alert, don’t believe those kind of guys, they will steal your money and they will leave you with a broken heart. This kind of people don’t have a heart, they don’t mind if they hurt you, they don’t mind to get you in big money problems, they just mind money, they just mind themselves. And please, post your story here, it’s a shame that romance scammer it’s getting popular the last years and only sharing your story and all details (how much details how much better) you can give about the scammer will help to other girls to open the eyes.

2013-09-08, 16:02:38
Miss Marple from United States  
RE:2013-09-08, 08:42:27
Russell Obrien

Thank you for your great post and that you wanted to share your story onto this site , and I am sorry that you are scammed ! Please do not let the scammer be able to contact you again as he will never stop asking for money ! It seems it is accomplices in this scam too,which is very common among these fraudsters online ,they often involve other scammers to participate in the scam to drain out the victim of so much money as possible .

Scammers do not feel any human feelings as shame,guilt or empathy towards anyone ! This is what they are doing to people 24-7 .

There are so many victims that has experienced the very same as you have ,that is why people has to become more alert to these scams and not fall for these scammers that only wants to rob your hard earned money .More often women and men are suffering more from the emotional loss than the financial part in the scam ,losing the person the victims have become familiar with and created bonds for nothing has broke people down mentally .

It is very hard to deal in the psychological way with a scam as the victims do not know who has actually scammed them for real as these scammers uses stolen photos to scam people with ,so the feeling that there is no one to blame on can be very difficult to deal with . It is very hard for victims do deal with that the lost money will not be recovered either ,no justice in anything in this case.

If you have still suicidal thinkings and thoughts please seek counseling if possible ,as dealing with a scam can be very hard to deal with all alone ,the trauma caused by a scam can be enough stressful and painful to put a person in to a depression that can be hard to get out from without professional help.

You can also post here on this site ,you are not alone ! I know this is tough for you now ,and I hope you will find the thread of life soon again ...

all kind regards //Miss Marple//

2013-11-17, 17:30:34
anonymous from Canada  
So I was emailed today from 'michael nobile' . Says his wife passed away that he has a son that stays with a nanny. Wrote his whole 'life story'. He found me on instantly deleted his account 'because he found me' and wanted me to do the same. E-mail address is
2013-12-15, 07:03:05
anonymous from Ireland  
2013-12-15, 08:21:07
Your mom was cheated.
Please to show her other lists of defrauded women.
All the women are in shock ...they do not want to believe.
If a man is good and benevolent can not to believe in meanness and evil other
You stay with your mom now .... She needs you.
2014-01-07, 06:44:03
anonymous from Hickory, United States  
I was scammed by the same crook. He had me fooled for 6 months. May God stop this mean vicious thief.
2014-01-07, 13:36:45   (updated: 2014-01-07, 13:40:05)
I think I'm being scammed by the same guy only he's using the name Michael nobile. He said his wife died from lung cancer and he has twin boys age 7. He told me that he is looking for a mother, a wife and companion. Someone to take care of his children because the caretaker has cancer and her days are numbered. He said he wanted to give me money to help me out and wanted my account number but I wouldn't give it to him. Since I didn't give it to him I've hardly heard from him. The reason why I think I'm being scammed because the picture of him looking at the camera is the same picture on this guys Facebook page. I don't understand what is wrong with people these days. It's crazy and I'm not dumb the internet is full of info to find anything out about anyone. He also said he's stationed in Syria & has 2 more years to be tree before he can come home.
2014-02-06, 01:31:56
anonymous from Thailand  

2014-02-07, 08:15:47
I am new to this so I will do the best I can...

I have looked above and there is the same guy that has been talking to me on here multiple times. Sgt. Christopher Nobile is what I know him as. I see a lot of things about him, so I will add mine. He is now on and is telling people or at least me that his name is ' Christopher'. The pictures above are the same ones used on the dating site. He is vague on some areas and will reel you in very quickly. I can't add a picture, but if you look at his name on here you will find one.

He is very good at scamming you, so please be careful. I hope this gets out there so that others can see this.

His yahoo that he was using for me is: this is also his yahoo messenger name. Thanks!!!! Be Careful!!!!
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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